Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince
Vol.1 Chapter 3

Author: Bad Bucket
Source: Stabbing with a Syringe

This chapter contains languages, images and other stuff inappropriate for young audiences. Please be sure that you are 18+ years before you proceed. This chapter is not safe for work. Be aware.

Putting her hands on the tree, Cecil stuck out her butt.

Because she is originally from a well-born family, it looked very elegant. And because she is also well-liked by my father, her reputation from her surroundings is high, too.

And now such girl now has her beautiful buttocks sticking out to me, neither the elegance nor the reputation in it. “Allan-sama … when I started serving Allan-sama, my aching below has not stopped.” She seems to have certain knowledge about sex, but I do not know whether she knew how to please a man yet. Perhaps she’s inviting me is because she’s so excited that reason doesn’t work on her already. To say it bluntly, there is not the refined and elegant Cecil anymore, just a woman in heat. Though she usually wear clothes with high degree of exposure, she is not at all a sexually assertive person. She has awakened just by doing the titfucking. Supposing, then she might be a pretty girl with a tremendous potential. “I have also studied to some extent……that thing is inserted here, am I correct?” Still in the posture that pushed out her buttocks, Cecil has begun to take off her underwear. Her ass also has a great shape as her chest, and with only a small difference in between. Even looking at this figure is a destructive force that would leave you stunned.

My stiff dick has completely regained its firmness and is in its battle position. Once I get into the battle position, this horny bar wouldn’t calm down as long as it doesn’t do her completely. Cecil is also similar to me. “Allan-sama, please put it in…” Chupaa, it resounded as she expanded her most intimate place, appealing to me. Was she completely turned on with just the tit-fuck only? Viscous love fluids from inside her are leaving threads as they fall to the ground. Acting like this, in the center of the forest, with no one around. I think it’s all right if I attacked a little rougher than usual.

Well, I think it won’t calm down if I didn’t attack rougher anyway. However, the other party is a virgin. I might have said attack, but these things should be done gently at first. “Cecil, are you really fine with me?” “There is no other way other than with Allan-sama… plus, I have been dreaming of this for a long time” “With me?” “Yes…… A situation where the Allan-sama nonchalantly approaches me in a cool and friendly pace, everything is perfect. “ “Well, if you say it like that …what a really a good woman, you are” “I love you, Allan-sama …” “Then, let me fill you with a lot of that love.” I put my finger and felt her intimate place that has been exposed, loosening it slowly. “Aauu, Aah, AaAaAah……Wh, What iss thiss……” “Does it feel good?” “Ahnn … it’s totally different from touching myself…” “……” Cecil may not have noticed it, but she blurted out that she was doing masturbation casually. Imagining such a cute girl masturbating … she is really the best! “It’s possible to insert it at once, but I’m quite huge. First of all, we have use fingers to loosen it.” “I will leave it to Allan-sama” I then put two fingers and move it within the squeeze. “Auuuuh.” As if something hit her body, Cecil felt it, as she moved with a sudden twitch. Only a little stimulation is given, but a large amount of love fluid overflowed from inside her and it made a squishing sound. I also like to love her fully with foreplay, but as expected, even I could not endure after seeing it. Given the fact that it’s getting wet enough, I guess its okay to put it in.

“Allan-sama … your fingers……I can’t help it anymore! Please!” Cecil also says it too. Shall I insert it soon? “Okay, then, let’s put it in.” “Yes”

“Open your legs so it’s easy to put in and lift your ass high” “Like this?” Cecil extended her legs to expand more her crotch, and raised her butt. Because the curve from back to buttocks is really alluring and her waist is so slim, I almost ejaculated myself just by looking at it. Thinking that this body can now be my own, my sex shaft became harder than before. I grabbed my horn and hit the crack. “Haaahaaa…… Allan-sama’s hot thing……Nnnn, it’s hitting me” “I’m going to put it further” “Y-yes …” While holding her waist with one hand, I inserted my horny stick. Little by little, it swallowed my entirety as I push it in. After a while, “Nnn … it hurts, but just a little bit” I seem to hit the hymen. I have many experiences with virgins…. I put in little by little so as her not to feel pain. “Ha…… It’s entering…… come, further” “I know it’s your first time but… it’s really pretty tight” Though my horny stick is really big, Cecil’s pussy is pretty narrow, too. In an instant her pleats entangled with the head of my penis, giving it quite a stimulus. It feels so good that it is likely I would launch even if I did not have to move my waist. “I will go deeper” If I stop here, it won’t do anything. I grabbed Cecil’s slender waist and pulled it towards myself. Bachin. It sounded as my hips and Cecil’s ass meet, and I reached her deepest place.

“Ah, ugh……Ooh……!” Cecil trembled slightly, as if electricity had entered her shoulders. Her breathing is so rough and haggard, perhaps she was not able to win to the pleasure. However, that was also the same with me.

“Is there any pain?” “No…… Actually, this is the first time I’ve felt something so good” “Then I’ll make you feel even better” “Eeh……?” I who cannot endure anymore: without getting Cecil’s permission, waved my hips as much as I like. Oh yeah, I’m a prince, so I don’t need the permission of my followers. I feel sorry for Cecil, but I think she’ll have a good time as well. I shook and waved my hips while standing at her back.

Every time my horny stick is inserted in her rear, her plump butt jiggled in waves, as she gave a series of horny moans. “Aaaaahhhhnnn, Allan-samaaaaaaaaaa!” It’s almost similar to a scream, but it excites me even further. Once I get excited, a creature called myself gets even more violent. I was making splotching sounds with the force that seem to forget that the other party was a virgin. “It’s amazing …… such thing … aaaaaah! “Do you feel it?” “No, this is no good … this is too much…… if this continues…I’m gonna go crazy about Allan-sama!.” “That is good for me. I’m looking forward to see you like that.” “S, Such thing is……! Too shamelessness for mee!” “there is no such thing for a good woman like you, If a woman of your caliber goes crazy by my body, I couldn’t get any happier as a man” “But … But……!” Apparently she’s still ashamed. “Aen’t we childhood friends? There is no need for……secrets!” “Nm n ah ah ah … …!” As soon as I plunged deeply into her deepest place, the insides of Cecil’s vagina became tighter than before. Uh … this is bad. Even though I have ejaculated with her titfucking earlier, Cecil’s vagina is quite narrow. If I came now, there won’t be any left for later. “Cecil, can I put it out one more time?” “I-I don’t care anymore … do whatever you want with me” “Then please bear it with me” “Eh? Why?” “I~diot, I know everything about you.” It might be a pretty stupid line to say, but I understand when a woman is about to come just by feeling the degree of contraction of the vagina. It was from the rich experience I’ve gained in hundred battles with women after all. “Oh, I understand …. I thought that is not good to come ahead of Allan-sama.” “I don’t mind, though I’m happy. But I rather like to see in full the moment when woman comes. Again and again, no matter how much” “Haaahaaa … Haaa,haaa …Geez…… That’s too much.” “Then I’ll start” “Ah ah ah ah ah Aaaaaah! Im, I’m, I’m, I’m cumming!!” “I’m going to cum too!” Pulling her ass further towards me, I came. Cecil also climaxed at the same time. “Cuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnnnggg!!!” Cecil put pressure on her fingertips so that she won’t fall off the tree. I was also trying to hug Cecil from behind. “Haa Haaaa…… Allan-sama’s hot thing is pouring at me. “ “How do you feel?” “I have never experienced such a pleasant feeling” “I’m glad” When I said that, Cecil seemed to have recovered consciousness and noticed a certain thing. “Allan-sama……that……is still throbbing inside me……” “Did you know? I cannot just be satisfied once.” “Eeeeeh!?” I also love watching that astonished face of Cecil’s.

Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince
Vol.1 Chapter 3