Hello, Heir
Chapter 198: An Apology

Author: 公子衍

After Shi Jinyan's silhouette disappeared down the staircase, Zhuang Nainai distinctly sensed that Si Jingyu had heaved a sigh of relief.

She smiled at Si Jingyu and was about to head towards her bedroom. Wearing a pair of stilettos really made her look so silly!

Just as she turned around, Si Jingyu said from behind, "Nainai, please come in."


Zhuang Nainai turned back.

She initially thought that Si Jingyu was merely trying to come up with an excuse, but it seemed like Si Jingyu really had something to say to her.

Zhuang Nainai got all tensed up at once. Was this yet another warning for her to bear Si Zhengting a child?

She subconsciously felt sick and tired.

Taking into account that Si Jingyu was Si Zhengting's biological older sister and that she was living under the same roof as Si Jingyu, she had no choice but to lower her head, follow Si Jingyu from behind, and walk into her bedroom.

This time, Si Jingyu had already learned her lesson. Only after making sure that the door was closed tightly did she turn around.

Si Jingyu's bedroom looked similar to the master's bedroom. The enormous luggage was placed at the center of the bedroom while the clothes in it were piled up in a disorderly manner. Si Jingyu had probably rummaged through her clothes, and thus, it was all over her bed.

One could tell from this casual-looking bedroom that this woman couldn't be bothered with the small details.


Zhuang Nainai suddenly realized that there was nowhere for her to stand or sit.

This was because Si Jingyu's belongings were all over the place, be it on the bed or on the sofa!

Zhuang Nainai was already very sloppy as she frequently threw her belongings everywhere. Yet, barely five minutes after entering the room, Si Jingyu could make such a big mess. She was simply a genius!

Zhuang Nainai twitched her lips. Meanwhile, Si Jingyu also appeared to have finally understood what was going on. She immediately took off her shoes, wrapped herself up in the bathrobe, and rushed across the room. She picked up the clothes on the sofa, threw it towards the bed, and clapped her hands. "Here, Nainai, you may sit here first."

Zhuang Nainai was speechless.

Unconsciously, she suddenly felt that this Sister was quite adorable.

Si Jingyu was tall and slim. Wearing a bathrobe had exposed her small calves that seemed so fair and smooth. After Zhuang Nainai sat down, Si Jingyu lowered her head. Her long, dripping wet hair hung down, almost touching the ground. She then dragged her enormous luggage towards the corner of her room.

Finally, there was space in the middle of the bedroom. She then heaved a sigh of relief, immediately looked towards Zhuang Nainai, and waved her two arms. While laughing, she said, "I have too many belongings and was busy looking for my underclothes just now, that's why…"

Zhuang Nainai laughed.

Only then did Si Jingyu let out a sigh of relief. She walked over and sat beside Zhuang Nainai. She didn't seem to know how to start the conversation. After quite some time, she suddenly stood up and bowed to Zhuang Nainai.

Zhuang Nainai was so startled by Si Jingyu's gesture that she immediately jumped out of her seat. However, she had forgotten that she was wearing a pair of stilettos and had even sprained her ankle a moment ago. This movement hurt her leg so much that it turned wobbly. With a bang, she sat down on the sofa again.

Just like this, she officially and surely accepted Si Jingyu's bow.

She was dumbfounded. After staring at Si Jingyu's deep bow, she stood up and straightened her back with a very solemn expression and serious attitude. It made her feel like it was an especially serious moment right now.

Shortly after, Zhuang Nainai heard Si Jingyu say, "Nainai, I apologize to you for what my mother had done back then."

Apologize for what had happened back then?

Zhuang Nainai immediately clenched her fist as she felt a tingling pain in the rim of her eyes. She straightened her back perfectly as well.

Hello, Heir
Chapter 198: An Apology