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Chapter 199: That Wasn't A Test, That Was A Threat!

Author: 公子衍

What Ding Mengya had done to her was a very common affair in all wealthy and influential families.

However, no one had ever apologized for it.

She got all tensed up. Si Jingyu then said, "Nainai, despite whatever I say right now, it would seem as if I'm coming up with excuses for my mother. As such, I would like to apologize first. Back then, that test was an insult to your moral character. No matter what, it is my mother's fault."

Upon hearing this, Zhuang Nainai felt her heart ache and her whole body become stiff.

She didn't know what to say or do. She only felt her emotions stirring up in an indescribable manner while sour and bitter feelings flooded her like a great wave.

She tried very hard to keep calm as she swallowed her saliva. While suppressing all her complicated emotions, she continued to look at Si Jingyu as she wanted to listen to what Si Jingyu had to say.

Si Jingyu straightened her body. "However, there is a reason as to why my mother had done that."

At this point, Si Jingyu paused for a while and then continued while letting out a sigh, "I guess you've never heard about my father before, right?"


Si Zhengting's father?

Zhuang Nainai suddenly realized that ever since she met Si Zhengting, be it five years ago or five years later, he had never talked about his father.

Si Jingyu continued, "Initially, I didn't intend to say this because family scandals shouldn't be publicized. However, since you're a part of this family now, I won't keep this matter from you any longer. When my father was younger… he abandoned us and ran away with his 'true love.'"

Upon mentioning those two words —"true love," Si Jingyu sneered, as if it had happened to herself.

As soon as Si Jingyu finished speaking, Zhuang Nainai was stunned. How was this possible?

Everyone in the Imperial Group had the surname Si. In other words, Si Zhengting succeeded his father's career. The Imperial Group had always been passed down in this manner. Until now, Si Zhengting appeared to have the most shares, right? It didn't seem like the shares had been distributed before!

Upon seeing Zhuang Nainai's puzzled look, Si Jingyu explained, "That year, when my father wanted a divorce, my mother had only one condition for him — to leave the marriage with no possessions or properties. Yet, unexpectedly… he agreed to it."

He agreed to it?

Zhuang Nainai was in deep shock!

Under the leadership of Si Zhengting, the Imperial Group had indeed attained greater heights. But even 10 years ago, the Imperial Group had always been amongst the top five big corporations in Beijing!

Despite that, Si Zhengting's father had agreed to leave the marriage with absolutely nothing?

That "true love" must have really been his one true love!

Upon seeing Zhuang Nainai's reaction, Si Jingyu laughed bitterly. "You're greatly shocked as well, right? From then onwards, my mother had never believed in love."

Zhuang Nainai bit her lips.

Si Jingyu glanced at her. "When my mother heard that Zhengting was dating a girl, she immediately feared that you were deceiving him, that's why…"

That's why Ding Mengya could do this to her? That's why Ding Mengya could drive straight into her mother?

That wasn't a test, that was a threat!

All of a sudden, Zhuang Nainai's chest heaved violently. She immediately stood up, ignoring the pain she felt in her ankle. "So, what point are you trying to make by saying all this?"

Even if Ding Mengya were so emotionally scarred from her previous relationship that she couldn't trust anyone else and wanted to sound Zhuang Nainai out, that's fine, Zhuang Nainai could even forgive her on account of Si Zhengting. Yet, how could she do that to Mother Zhuang?!

At that time, Zhuang Nainai had just graduated from high school. Did Ding Mengya even know how arduous her life had been without Mother Zhuang?!

Hello, Heir
Chapter 199: That Wasn't A Test, That Was A Threat!