His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 670: Loving Yet Not Understanding (6)

Author: Purple-Red Beauty

The reason why Shi Guang returned to the dorm to stay was merely for peace of mind. If Lu Yanchen were to come looking for her, she knew that she would definitely return with him.

But even by the time her training had resumed, he had not appeared looking for her.

Because her entry into the national team was already determined, she only had to take part in a 200m Freestyle event for the competition at the end of the month.

There was not as much hype about this as the Champions Cup. Because it wasn't a weekend and Shi Guang was not taking part in the event before hers, not much of her fans knew that she had an event. Thus, there weren't that many spectators.

Despite her troubled mind, Shi Guang still managed to clinch 1st place.

When she held onto the trophy, her mind wandered toward whether Lu Yanchen would make contact with her today. After all, her 1st place title was already announced on the internet.

Yet, her phone was still silent.

Standing at the back entrance, she looked at the spot where Lu Yanchen had picked her up previously and felt a sense of dejection when she didn't see his car. Lowering her head, she watched the tips of her toes, wondering sadly if Lu Yanchen might just choose to ignore her forever.

Suddenly, a lollipop appeared before her eyes. Thinking that it was Lu Yanchen, Shi Guang smiled… But, it was Rong Mo.

A trace of disappointment flashed by her heart. "It's you."

She had not gone looking for him ever since the argument with Lu Yanchen.

"You don't like eating this?" Rong Mo waved the lollipop in front of Shi Guang. For some reason, she could not help but go and buy a lollipop earlier on when she caught sight of how sad Shi Guang was looking.

"I do, quite a bit. Thank you!" Shi Guang smiled at Rong Mo as she took over the lollipop. It was a smile ever so radiant and beautiful.

When Rong Mo saw that smile of hers, a familiar scene flashed by her mind. It was that of a small girl who was smiling in the same manner as Shi Guang as she too held a lollipop.

That was her younger sister. Was the reason why she had this feeling of closeness toward Shi Guang because she resembled her younger sister?

"You're waiting for someone?"

"Yeah," Shi Guang hesitated for a moment.

"I'll wait here with you?" Rong Mo smiled.

Shi Guang was puzzled. "Huh?"

Rong Mo did not know why she wanted to wait here with Shi Guang—the same way she did not know why she wanted to buy a lollipop.

"I think you'd better not. I'm only here to take a look for a while and I'll be heading back soon." Shi Guang popped the lollipop into her mouth before taking it out and smiling. "Thank you, this is really nice!"

"You're waiting for your hubby?" Rong Mo asked gently.

"That's right, but he might not come because he might be held up by something," Shi Guang smiled as she spoke, yet, it was a bitter smile. "Probably still angry or something."

Her heart was really heavy. With Rong Mo around her, she suddenly felt like spilling some of those troubles.

Rong Mo consoled, "It's very normal for couples to fight."

Shi Guang smiled blankly and lowered her head. "Do you know? Most marriages start out of love and are always sweet at the beginning. But in the end, even if they had started out of love, they end in divorces."

She had heard stories of people turning into bitter enemies after being in love as well as people being broken up with mercilessly without any rhyme or reason. She was afraid that… things would turn out that way between her and Lu Yanchen one day as well!

Should that day really come, she might as well leave first before they turned into enemies!

Memories were always the most beautiful!

But, even as she thought that way, her heart was still heavy, not wanting to separate at all…

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 670: Loving Yet Not Understanding (6)