His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 671: Loving Yet Not Understanding (7)

Author: Purple-Red Beauty

"The reason why people who were in love ended up in divorces is due to their personal reasons, not because of love. Therefore, you should not compare yourself to them," Rong Mo's lips curled faintly as a gentle breeze brushed his hair. Because his hair were somewhat long, the movement brought with it a sense of beauty.

Recalling her sister, Shi Guang realized that there WAS quite a difference between him and her.

"Those who are in love would often fear gaining or losing something. Do you know why that is?" Asking gently, Rong Mo smiled at Shi Guang and consoled her, "Because of love as well!"

However, Shi Guang was no longer listening anymore, and was instead consoling herself.

Could she have been mistaken? Was Rong Mo truly not her sister?

As the wind got heavier, Rong Mo asked upon seeing that Shi Guang was merely wearing a thin set of athletic wear, "Aren't you cold?"

Shi Guang was just about to reply with a no when she broke into a sneeze. With that, she rubbed at her nose awkwardly.

Removing the coat of his suit, Rong Mo placed it onto Shi Guang's body, causing her to feel even more embarrassed. "It's fine, it's fine!"

"Just wear it," Rong Mo said as he adjusted the coat. "I'm still wearing a sweater."

Shi Guang's face was lost, her eyes somewhat dazed as she asked in a testing manner, "Rong Mo, do you know that you really resemble my sister?"

Rong Mo's eyelids twitched immediately. Hiding any needless expressions, he chuckled out, "You have a sister?"

Shi Guang nodded her head. "That's right. She's… nice, really nice. She's also super beautiful. Not only that, she is a genius. Since we were young, I've never ever thought that there was anything she couldn't do."

As she continued, her heart galloped as though it was about to leap out onto her palms. Unable to contain herself anymore, she blurted out, "Are you my sister?"

Rong Mo met with Shi Guang's eyes, his emotions complex.

She did not know who she was, neither was she certain if she was Shi Guang's sister; but, she presumed not. After all, even if she had a younger sister, she should only be around 12 years old.

Chuckling, he reversed the question, "Your sister is a man?"

Shi Guang shook her head. "Of course not!"

Rong Mo's lips curled. "But, I'm a man."

"Are you really a man?" Shi Guang's face was filled with dejection and impossibility, not willing to accept the answer.

"Do you want to give it a feel?" Rong Mo lowered his gaze toward his crotch area before smiling at Shi Guang.

Instantly, Shi Guang's fair, petite face blushed out with strains of amber, so shocked that her soul nearly flew out of her. "N-N-No! It's fine!"

When the thought of examining Rong Mo's body came to her mind previously, it was merely to paw at his clothes at the most. Who would dare touch him at the crotch?

If he were truly a man and not her sister… If Lu Yanchen found out she had touched another man at that area, someone might just end up dead!

Bemused by her expression, Rong Mo suddenly felt his hand getting itchy, wanting to fondle her on the head. By the time he realized that the thought was crossing his mind, he had already extended his arm and brushed her hair in reality.

Shi Guang jumped back and said in a serious tone, "If you're truly a man, let's not meet anymore in the future."

"Why?" Rong Mo asked in amusement.

"My hubby is rather petty and extremely possessive. He would not like me to get too close to other men," Shi Guang replied sternly.

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 671: Loving Yet Not Understanding (7)