His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 672: Loving Yet Not Understanding (8)

Author: Purple-Red Beauty

"My hubby is rather petty and extremely possessive. He doesn't like me getting too close to other men," Shi Guang spoke sternly.

She then asked again apprehensively, "Are you sure you're a man?"

Even though Rong Mo could not deny that she felt a strange sense of closeness to this Shi Guang girl, she still could not bring herself to trust her fully. Furthermore, she had already told herself beforehand that before she knew who she was, she would not tell anyone—other than granny—of her identity.

She then smiled warmly and nodded her head. "Of course! If you're not afraid of your hubby getting jealous, we can go for a sauna together."

Shi Guang laughed out awkwardly, "I'll pass on that."

This was truly not her sister. Otherwise, how could she have not recognized her?

If so, where was her sister?

Chu Mubei sat on the driver's seat and watched Shi Guang and Rong Mo who were conversing. He then turned around to look at Lu Yanchen, who was seated beside him. His lips were pursed tightly, causing the surroundings to get frostier and heavier.


That word seemed to have been snarled from Lu Yanchen's mouth.

Chu Mubei was somewhat exasperated. "They're merely chatting. Besides, the reason why Little Sister Shi Guang is even talking to him is all because of Mo Feifei."

Lu Yanchen lowered his head and supported his forehead with his fist before sighing, "Sigh, drive!"

For the past few days, he hadn't looked for her because he wanted to calm himself down. Remembering that she had a competition later on, he decided to not disturb her and wait for it to end before looking for her once more.

Yet, despite his tormentous days, she seemed completely fine—seemed like he was the only one who was troubled.

When they had returned from grandma's place the other day and he had hugged her, she was feeling miserable. He too was shivering all over, telling himself to take it slow and that things would eventually get better one day. Besides, she had saved his life even.

Later on, they too had subconsciously been telling the other party that they were worth their trust, and that things would change for the better eventually. But… the logic might be sound, yet there lay a dead knot in their hearts.

She couldn't cross that gap.

Toward them, there was always that gulf within her heart.

He had spent much time convincing himself as best as he could, but all his coverups were destroyed by her truest thoughts.

At times, he felt that understanding her was a good thing. Yet, he would lament at times about how good things would be if she had never ever saved him.

At least… she wouldn't be in such pain right now.

Right at that moment, Chu Mubei's phone rang out. The moment he clicked on the Bluetooth earpiece, a man's voice rang out, "Young Master Chu, Xu Yafeng has set off, heading toward Su Liping's salon."

"Alright, got it!"

The moment Chu Mubei hung up, he glanced at the icy cold Lu Yanchen and asked while driving, "Old Lu, wanna catch a good show with me?"

Lu Yanchen glared at him, his eyes narrowing darkly. "…"

"Hadn't you asked me to arrange for a good show earlier on? Today's when the climax would be happening. Let's go watch together," He said as he gripped the steering wheel.

15 minutes later, he stopped the car beside Xiangzhang Road before a high-end salon that had yet to open. Looking at Lu Yanchen beside him, he sniggered evilly as he nudged at the latter, "Don't get anxious now. Some setting up has to be done before the show's opening."

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 672: Loving Yet Not Understanding (8)