His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 673: Loving Yet Not Understanding (9)

Author: Purple-Red Beauty

Su Ya was getting a manicure done when her mother called her. Upon finding out that she was headed to seek out Su Liping, she could not care less about her nails anymore as she grabbed a taxi over to Xiangzhang Road instantly.

When she got there, she found out that today was the grand opening of Su Liping's salon. However, a crowd had already gathered with rumors of a fighting going on between the wife and a third party.

Instantly, Su Ya felt like her head was about to explode.

She cut through the crowd, and sure enough, there were two women scuffling at the side of the road.

When she caught sight of the woman that was being pinned down on the ground, her head nearly swooned—it was her mother, Xu Yafeng, who was completely outmatched by Su Liping. Even her classy hairdo was now in a ruckus as she was held down with a deadly grip.

Su Ya had never once witnessed her mother in such humiliation ever. With complete disregard to everything else, her first thought was to rush forth and peel Su Liping, who was on top of her mother, away immediately.

As Xu Yafeng was supported up, she rushed up ahead and threw a tight slap onto Su Liping's face without a single word.

"Su Liping! You cheap shameless sl*t!"

Su Liping's face reddened with a dark red imprint of a palm shape.

Not someone to take things lying down, she raised her hand and wanted to retaliate. However, Xu Yafeng grabbed onto her hand and the both of them broke out into a scuffle yet again, looking just like crazed wives.

A kick here and a slap there, there was completely no elegance left in either of them as their hair and clothes were tugged at.

Honestly, these were just insane wrenches ripping at one another's throats!

Su Ya could only watch the entire event unfold with gaping jaws as she realized that there were even mothers and daughters of the affluent circle nearby. Seeing that, she could not wish for more than to faint over and die.

With this, it was likely that their family would turn into the biggest talk in town, and her grandfather might truly not give a hoot about her father anymore.

And above all that, what she could not tolerate the most was that she caught sight of her father—Su Dongqian—in the crowd watching.

Su Ya was about to explode from anger as she rushed toward him and barked in hushed tones, "You don't think that this is embarrassing enough? Hurry and go separate them!"

Su Dongqian was rather fearful toward this daughter of his.

When he caught sight of the two berserk women, he felt a sense of cowardice as he called for two security guards to head up before the two of them were finally pulled apart.

By now, both women had a bird's nest for a hairdo and their clothes were all tattered. Their faces even had scratch marks with blood on them.

Honestly, there was no image left for either of them.

Looking at them, Su Ya could only feel a sense of shame engulfing her.

Suddenly, Yan Zi appeared through the crowd. When she caught sight of everything before her, she asked Su Ya, "What's going on?"

Before her sentence was even completed, Su Liping and Xu Yafeng were yelling once again.

"How dare someone like you hit me, Xu! Why don't you take a look in the mirror at who you are!"

"Better than you sl*t! Shameless, smelly sl*t!" Xu Yafeng's chest was heaving up and down, snarling through grit teeth, "Why don't YOU take a look at that cheap, shameless disposition you give off…? With a face that old and full of wrinkles, how dare you go about seducing men just like a public toilet bowl? Disgusting!"

Su Liping was almost pissed to death by that insult.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she yelled out, "I truly don't know what you are talking about! Don't go about slandering others!"

"How disgraceful!"

Amongst the bunch of rich mothers, one of them bore a dark look on her face as she brought her daughter to leave after casting that remark.

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 673: Loving Yet Not Understanding (9)