His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 985: The Truth Beneath The Truth (15)

Author: Purple-Red Beauty

Qianxun stood up and looked at Su Ya. "Right now, whether or not it has anything to do with you, it's clear that you guys can no longer stay here. All these years, you guys have been buying property outside. I believe that even if you leave the house, you guys won't be homeless."

The stage had been set – there was no way for them to continue staying.

No words seemed to be able to salvage the situation.

However, Su Ya did not want to give up. She believed that Old Master Su's doting for her over the years stemmed from true love.

Because she had been crying so badly, her eyes were swollen and red as she looked at Old Master Su pitifully. "Grandpa, no matter how you treat me, you'll always be my grandpa in my heart! My dearest kin! Do you remember how there was a typhoon around this time last year? Roughing through the rain, Uncle Wang and I sent you to the hospital and I was praying the entire journey, telling the Heavens that I would be willing to trade half of my lifespan for your wellbeing…"

Those words were heart wrenching and touching.

Xu Yafeng bawled and complained as well, "Father, this issue regarding my auntie is only known to me and Dongqian. Back then, I had to marry Dongqian because of my background. However, we did not continue communicating with this auntie of mine! All these years, we hadn't even met her once, merely sending her money. At the same time, the kids know nothing about it at all! In their hearts, you are their dearest grandpa – their closest kin!"

Old Master Su's expression softened – it was clear that he was giving in.

Qianxun wanted to head up and reply but Su Qiudao held her back, shaking his head for her to refrain from speaking so that their father could make the decision on his own.

Right at that moment, the doctor walked out from the room.

Qianxun was the first to spot him as she marched over and asked worriedly, "How's everything?"

He sighed and shook his head.

Qianxun's face turned pale instantly. "You mean that… the baby's gone?!"

Subconsciously, the doctor turned over to Lu Yanchen only to be met with a lethal and cold, sharp gaze. He then nodded his head right away. "The child… is gone."

Gone…! There's no more child! This can't be a lie, right?!

Everyone's expressions turned to disbelief, especially Su Ya's. "How could this be…?!"

She hadn't touched Shi Guang at all! How could Shi Guang have lost the child?!

This must be a lie! A lie!

She wanted to expose Shi Guang. "Grandpa…!"

"Speak no more," Old Master Su cut her through her words, his gaze frosty. Every bit of warmth that was present moments earlier had disappeared entirely. "You guys can leave!"

Looking at Old Master Su turn his head away from her, Su Ya's entire body slumped down as she grit her teeth.

Xu Yafeng's face was dismal with hatred… a single look was enough to tell that Shi Guang had backstabbed Yaya.

This old good for nothing! How biased can you be?!

"Father, you've watched Su Ya grow up! Don't you know best what sort of a person she is? How could she do something as such? Or are you turning your back on her just because she isn't blood related to you?!"

Xu Yafeng was vengeful right now and did not think through her words.

Instantly, Su Ya's face turned frosty cold as she snuck a glare at Xu Yafeng, warning her not to spout nonsense.

As for Old Master Su, his expression was steely as he glowered at Xu Yafeng.

Realizing that she had spoken out of line, Xu Yafeng tried to salvage the situation. "Father, I'm just trying to say that Yaya loves you! She sees you like her real grandpa!"

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 985: The Truth Beneath The Truth (15)