History at the Library
Chapter 40

Author: Seol Leesoo
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

“Conman, scoundrel! Return my notebook before I report you to the guards. If you don’t, I’ll have you placed in jail for robbery.”

“Doesn’t that mean you’ll report me no matter what I do?”

She had just spat words of humiliation at him, but he responded with neither agreement nor disagreement but was rather –  calm. She had expected him to be at least a little flustered, but there wasn’t even the slight bit of agitation on his face.

They were neither excuses nor questions why. As a result, Vivian felt like her insides would burn into mush. However, the fate of her notebook remained at large,  so Vivian couldn’t dare to stimulate him and merely let out a sigh.

“Just how exactly didn’t you enter here with a false identity? Do you realize that if I report you, you’ll be executed by a death penalty?”

“Since you explained this to me so kindly, it seems unlikely that you will report me.”

“You said you would return the notebook to me,” Vivian narrowly maintained her calm as she expressed her opinion in emphasized pronunciation. As long as she received her notebook, there would be no bloodshed.

“I’ll generously overlook the fact that you’ve attempted to take advantage of me. Though you may have already realized, to be honest, I approached you with an impure intention.”

Was this what they called retributive justice? The fact that her intention of using him as material for her novel had slowly become sincerity, is something that would forever remain a secret.

Rather, it was a relief that it had occurred before her emotions ran deeper. It was horrifying to think that she would have fallen deeply in love with a fraud and wouldn’t have been able to fall out of love with him.

“Aren’t you curious about who I am?” It was a calm question that still held no realization of the seriousness of the situation. Vivian’s face grew stony.

The identity of the man? If he was a noble, he was someone who truly had no care for his life, and if he was a commoner, he would be getting a very heavy punishment. However, even if she was generous a hundred times over, he didn’t look like a commoner.

“From my point of view, your identity is a conman who has nothing to do at all,” At Vivian’s bitter appraisal, he let out a puff of air in humor and responded.

“It’s not all that wrong of a judgment.”

“And a thief to add to that.”

“I didn’t think to steal…… but I suppose there’s no use in making up excuses anymore.”

Finally, he pulled out a notebook and placed it firmly in Vivian’s hand. He did so obediently without even the need for threats.

At the unexpected situation, Vivian was confused for a while. It was because she believed he would use the notebook to blackmail her or negotiate for gain. However, due to the man’s next actions, her precious notebook slipped from her hands.

Ray, no, Aidan took off the robe that was wrapped around him. The thing that caught her eye even before the dark, black hair that fell down softly were those light blue eyes. Vivian recalled the eyes she had met gazes with once upon a night, and chills ran down the back of her spine.

His Majesty?

In that short moment, Vivian mistakenly thought that figure, who looked so similar to the Majesty, as his Majesty. Could it be that he had come to punish her for spying on him?

Vivian almost fainted on the spot and soon discovered the color of his hair. Those locks were so dark that they weren’t merciful even to the slightest bit of light. In fact, when stray rays of light hit them, they were dyed slightly in blue light. The man who melted perfectly into the moonlight with the darkness as his background.

Vivian stood frozen and as her mouth gaped as though she had been struck by lightning. It felt as though her spine was tingled with a bad omen and her blood was cooled down to absolute zero.

“B, Black…… the Black…….”

Whether she was appalled or not, Aidan continued speaking, “I don’t prefer that nickname. Please call me Aidan instead.”

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History at the Library
Chapter 40