History at the Library
Chapter 42

Author: Seol Leesoo
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

Vivian was a maid who was under the possession of the Royal Family. She knew very well herself that she wasn’t in a position where she could shamelessly act without a line. Though it was his fault for stealing her notebook, contractually, the Grand Duke’s words were law.

However, Aidan leisurely passed over even her offensive greetings earlier.

Vivian thought that it could be totally possible that the Black Grand Duke was unjustly accused and be the victim of the rumors. In reality, the Black Grand Duke could be a very elegant, well-mannered, a bit silent, but a sweet person.

However, there was a saying that a chimney didn’t smoke without reason. There was no way such vicious rumors followed after him without him doing anything. It was possible that he was acting so sweetly because he had an ulterior motive.

I knew he would have more layers under everything even as I continued to peel. I…….

Vivian lamented herself secretly. I’m a stupid idiot. She wasn’t some moth that threw themselves into flames, so why would she approach him while knowing full well he was dangerous and make this situation occur.

“However, why would you reveal your identity?” She felt as tortured as Pandora, who learned a secret she didn’t want or need to know, all due to her curiosity.

“Since I discovered Vivian’s identity, I thought it only right for me to reveal myself as well.”


“Aren’t you Perdi?”

“W…w..what are you talking about?”

Aidan looked straight into Vivian’s eyes and asked, “You’re not?”

No matter how much she attempted to deny the claims, she was already a wild animal who had fallen into a trap.

“If you’re not Perdi could it be possible that the contents of this notebook be your sexual fantasies?”

“…… What?”

“How unusual. They were rather aggressive.”


How were they sexual fantasies!?! How could he define such pure works of literary art in such a manner? In a single word, Vivian had become a pervert who carried around a notebook where she wrote her sexual fantasies in. At least call them sexual curiosities!

“The content written inside are situations I created, in other words…….”

“Especially the very last sentence, ‘I found a method to humiliate that Thatcher. But it’s a little insufficient with two rounds of materials, so should I secretly watch some more?’ makes a lot of implications on your sexual preferences that can’t be hidden…….”

“Ahhh! It’s not like that! Don’t you understand creativity? Creativity?! It’s all just a novel!”

“Right, Perdi.”


Vivian diligently turned the cogs of her brain, but in the end, it was spilled milk. Aidan smiled coldly and the corners of his eyes softly curved as though he had already expected it.

Vivian was astounded by the fact that he was able to pick out that she was Perdi. Of course, she had unfortunately gotten caught with the Sensuality Within the Obscurity, but normally most were unable to obtain even a small hint from them. After all, the structure of her previous works of literature was totally different from her newest novel.

“Just how did you know?”

“The style of writing and narration perfectly matches each other. Even the words most often used overlap.”

Aidan’s explanation was that after reading many books, he had been able to analyze and pick out the characteristics of an author’s writing style automatically. To think that was actually possible. As Vivian gave up on arguing she wasn’t Perdi and let out a sigh, he said words that she couldn’t believe. (T/N: I wish Aidan could analyze the texts from my humanities classes instead of me.)

“I can even name the authors that have impacted your life the most as well.”

“You can go that far? Isn’t that a quality of a monster?”

“That’s something I hear very often. Should I try?”

“N, no. It’s alright.”

It was surprising that the Black Grand Duke was a person who possessed a useless, detailed power.

It was hard to sort through the malicious rumors about him from each corner of the Empire, but when had he the time to reach such an advanced stage of reading books? Vivian thought that the world was worth giving another glance even after living for a long time.

No, in the first place, why is he acting like a scholar?

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History at the Library
Chapter 42