Hitsugi no Chaika
Vol. 4 Chapter 2

Author: Sakaki Ichirou
Source: Imported

Rays barely had time to rise above the horizon of the morning sun painted on the ground of the abandoned city of innumerable shadows.

Its shape, long ago abandoned the residents gave to feel the spirit of those days when this place prosper … but at the same time reminiscent of the beginning of rotting corpses – here and there were visible traces of destruction and the road littered large stones.

Most likely, the city has suffered not only from the war – here had obviously worked arsonists, looters or anyone else. We can say that the body is already isklevali vultures.

Due to lack of residents filled the once city arose oppressive feeling of desolation. Perhaps even stretching endlessly wasteland or desert would seem not so dreary.

And why … why this girl is so clearly stood out from the city.

– Give. All. Your. Things.

This order she rapped in a voice that seemed to read out the words of the script, not really knowing how to read.

The manner of speech in the words point to the fact that she was not used to talking on a continent-wide dialect. And if you remember the color of the eyes, it can be assumed that she, like Seagull – a resident of the north.

Many northern countries, led by the Empire and gas has its linguistic system. Serious impact on the language of any country have the conditions of life in it. For example, a country, a little familiar with the snow, there is no need to invent a variety of words and phrases that describe it, but in countries where daily life is inextricably linked with the snow, the ability to correctly describe the situation sometimes is vital, and so there appear a variety of “snow” words that allow to effectively convey important interlocutor thought.

But, going back to what is happening …

– This is a robbery, is it? I must say, nothing of value we bring there – the Torah said, probing the soil.

Of course, he lied. Gulls have been in possession of a lot of money, and most importantly – in its coffin kept “the remains”. And they must be even more expensive than gold.

Thor tried to find out whether the enemy attacked specifically at “Chaika Trabant”. If so, she should immediately refute his words.

– …

But she said nothing.

Instead, she stepped forward and slightly spread her legs.

Obviously, she could not wait to rush into battle. She got in even simple, but still fighting stance.

Secrets of the many techniques of wings in the correct feet. This was especially true swordsmen – without solid support will void any sway.

– Seagull. Collect Gundo – muffled said Toru, not taking his eyes off the enemy.

– A car. Ram. No? – I asked him Seagull.

“Why do not we rush forward to” Svetlana “and not to push the opponent out of the way?” Even if they are not crushed to death girl, she would not be able to keep up with the machine.

– If they were waiting for us, we could adjust the trap or ambush.

To begin with, what is the sense of persecution came not from the girl.

In other words, opponents have been at least two – and one girl who was sitting at the unit on the tail of the Torah. If we assume that the opponents are a team, the woman lured into a trap squad Torah, and the pursuer followed their movements.

In general, somewhere nearby hiding someone else.

Maybe inside abandoned buildings. Perhaps among the rocks.

Hide here is simple. Especially comfortable look of the tower near the road – apparently, they have built in time for the time, to maintain order in the city. From there, you can fire at the Torah detachment and arrows, and magic. But if the enemy is able to act quickly, the detachment of the

And most importantly – the girl acted suspiciously open. Torah even thought, and whether its role was limited to distraction.

Another one of the traps of options – to dig a hole in the middle of the city and cover the stones, so as not to be noticed. Enough deep hole can catch not only human, but also the “Svetlana” and pull it out to be not so easy.

– Realized – Chaika said gravely and pulled the coffin beneath his feet.

In it she kept her favorite Gundo … their weapons disassembled.

Seeing this, the Torah’s eye turned to her sister in the car interior:

– Akari, Seagull on you.

– As you say.

Akari nodded and swam forward, emerging from the cabin. At the same time the Torah jumped from the car, like changing places with her.

“I do not like it. It should in fact be the opposite, “- mentally I complained to the Torah.

Usually it is the saboteurs prepare traps and ambushes.

On the other hand, fighting on the side of the attacked they turned bad. In traditional face to face battle the advantage is not on the side of saboteurs.

– If you do not go, you’ll have to remove – the Torah said, approaching the enemy.

Between them it was a little less than 20 steps. Before you snatch stilettos with a view to slash the enemy or throw forward and try to take it with his bare hands, it is necessary to approach to a distance of about 5 paces … if you talk in terms of the average person.

“Try it in our opinion, is that it?”

As already mentioned, saboteurs – specialists in a surprise attack.

Thor took the hilt komboklinkov clearly visible movement.

Unlike conventional weapons, komboklinki contained within a mechanism. Most often placed on their hilts emblem, which must be combined with the stigma on the palms host blades to allow the energy to flow in the blade.

Thus, the blades are an extension of its owner’s hands.

Use them becomes as easy as relatives fingers.

In other words…

– Get away. Otherwise, I’ll take you by force, – he said in the Torah, Right removing the blade from its sheath.

Opponents could not help but notice that the Torah, their prey, exposed stylet (if they have noticed that this komboklinok hard to say). On this basis, they can figure out how far away he starts to attack.

“Oh, and they will be surprised when such a close range blade fly into them.”

To handle komboklinka Torah wire was attached, and it, in turn, counterweight.

This Torah could not only throw the blade, but also to change its trajectory in the air. Usually released from the hands of the blade can not be controlled, but Thor was able to move almost freely thrown stiletto.

Of course, the strength of the cast much lower than that of a conventional strike.

But the benefits of these was in the first place, in the surprise effect. It is unlikely that the enemy expects saboteur metnet blade, initially for not intended. This bias is seen as a weakness, which can be used … and it was so clever tactics saboteurs and famous.

– …

She stood in the more distinct the rack.

She took hold of the handle of the sword (by which, it was also a sword komboklinkom) and slightly bent down. Although affected areas long sword was not less than 10 steps, the girl is already prepared to snatch the blade at any time.

– !!!

You’re exactly 10 steps.

Barely noticed as she jerked the Torah immediately made a quick step, grabbed the blade … and threw.

And in the next moment …

– What?!

– A?!

There was a two surprised voice.

Girls and the Torah.

Komboklinok commandos flew just a girl.

But something very vibrant flew in from the side and knocked. Thor knew instinctively that now that something will fly up to him, and to protect the left komboklinkom.


On a deserted street there was a loud clang of metal.

Torah came out of the bar, pulled the steel thread, and as soon as he returned to komboklinok hand, immediately jumped back. It is foolish to attack the enemy when you do not know the radius of the attack of his weapon.

It seems the same and decided girl.

By the way, the Torah does not expect such an attack, and protect him from it only helped that girl very surprised flying stylet and lost its rhythm. The fact that the Torah was able to defend himself from an unbalanced rack only one left blade, can be explained only on luck. Full attack the girl, of course, would fall on the Torah.

– Serpent blade … – handed the Torah.

And at the same time can not be long guns, attacked the Torah, beginning with the metallic sound shape, turning into a sword usual length in the hand of the girl.


Strictly speaking, it is not even a sword, but rather a whip with blades attached to it.

Through the small blade skipped wire or a thin chain with which a fighter and manages blade. When folded, it is a weapon similar to a normal sword, but attack may be at a much greater distance.

Furthermore, in the case of the first reflection side attack leads to a twisting of the blade whip and another attack. And if it is done in the form of weapons komboklinka, the owner and all can consciously control the movements of the whip, turning the blade in an extremely dangerous weapon.

– For the first time I see – said the Torah with enthusiasm and even awe.

Of course, he saw the snake blades during ACURE life … but it showed for reference only, they say, it happens and such weapons. In this battle, it is not easy to meet.

Firstly, these blades are difficult to master, and secondly, it is capricious, and require regular maintenance, in the third, strongly lose traditional blades in close combat, because of which earned fame “unfinished” weapons.

However, if we consider Serpentblade it as a whip, not a sword, but still give it into the hands of an experienced fighter, he abruptly turns into a dangerous weapon. A skilled fighter can disperse the tip of the whip to supersonic speeds, it is not accessible to the sword. Even the usual whip blow at this speed tearing flesh and breaking bones, and even the blade snake sword can and does inflict a mortal wound.

– Shit … it’s not funny! – I threw the Torah, rising in the rack.

Not that he miscalculated badly, but he could not imagine that suddenly meet with the enemy, using Serpentblade. If the Torah is not flung his blade … or if his attack is not surprised by the girl and knocked her off balance, the whip snake blade could become entangled in the Torah, and cut it into pieces. Toru had something to reproach himself.

– … We dance, – the girl said softly.

And at the same time in the direction of the Torah flew another blow serpentine blade.

A single blade is divided into a dozen smaller blades and was extended several times. Between the blades shimmering blue aura, it was confirmed that the girl used komboklinok and control the direction of the attack.

– .. – Torah ducked and dodged the attack flown side, but …

– Poor! – Replied the girl, and at the same time the blade tip of the snake suddenly turned.

Forced change the trajectory for almost a right angle. Toru rolled on the ground in front of him and crossed swords caught the edge. There was a ringing metallic sound, and the blade stopped just outside the Torah body.

– I almost missed! .. – Dropped the Torah, looking at the blade snake sword in front of him.

She waved her right hand … probably going to fold the blade for the next attack.

– M … ?!

– That’s really not!

Continue to hold the tip of the blade snake crossed stilettos Torah to his feet.

Serpentblade trembling, desperately trying to lay back … but the island, sandwiched by two komboklinkami not moved.

Naturally, when the young saboteurs ACURE showed Serpentblade, they were told, and how to fight against it.

– Now you’re virtually defenseless – with a grin said Toru.

Serpentblade dangerous while moving. Stretched out and stopped the whip is not terrible. But while the Torah holds an opponent’s weapon, he can not enjoy their stilettos.

– Thor !!!

He heard the cry of seagulls behind him, but did not turn around time.

This girl with snake sword was a strong opponent.

At least she knew the peculiarities of his arms and knew how to use it. Invincible her, of course, not name, but to fight with him, it will not allow half-heartedly.

– Do not help! Look around you! – I called the Torah in response.

Of course, through the magic of Gulls, he would have easily defeated warrior. But at the same time they would be vulnerable to a possible ambush.

It is not known how many opponents sitting in ambush, and have opportunities Akari also has a limit.

The strength and versatility of the magic was necessary for them, not him.

– .. – Exhaling sharply, Tohru rushed forward.

By reducing the distance between himself and the enemy, he eased the tension of the serpentine blade, and he abruptly tried to emerge.

– .. – Surprised girl gasped.

Toru fled, not yielding to the emerging serpentine blade speed.

Like the sword in the hands of iai style fighter, Serpentblade vulnerable all at the time of the return after the impact. We can say at this moment is dead sword as a weapon.

– Kx ..!

She immediately reached out his left hand to his belt, preparing to grab a spare short sword, but seriously miscalculated.

– ..

Torah was already in a radius of attacks.

There was a call … even piercing metallic sound.

Both the blade flew out of the girl’s hands.

Short sword she had not had time to really grasp and Serpentblade by virtue of its design strength did not differ … therefore protect themselves from attack Tohru ran and she was absolutely nothing.

In general, it is best Serpentblade suitable for surprise attacks.

Most likely, the majority of his opponents girl won the first attack. And that’s why it was worth attacking and defending sides switch places, it immediately demonstrated its weakness.

– Kx ..!

She tried to turn around, and tried to put the Torah chop.

It is specifically tried to attack weak (so that if the girl will be allies, it would serve as a hostage), but his shot failed. She was surprisingly nimble, and Toru blade cut only a part of her clothes.

Namely – he cut her hood.

– ..

The girl’s face exposed.

She is…

– What?!

From surprise Torah movement slowed.

The air flashed the girl’s hair.

Their shiny silver color immediately imprinted in the eyes of the Torah.

Violet eyes. Silvery hair.

It’s like …

– Brother !!!


Creek Akari gave the Torah to life.

He stayed in prostration only a moment, but for the moment, the situation had time to change dramatically.

Please notice the quiet hum of the Torah.

Something happened with standing near the road towers. Looking to the sky slightly lopsided structure … and then at their bases ran the crack.

Both towers collapsed.

Hail of debris … went straight to the “Svetlana”.

– Akari !!! Gull!!! – She exclaimed Thor, immediately turned to the car.

Naturally, the two buildings can not be destroyed by accident. Most likely, this was and “trap”. Judging by the fact that the explosion was not observed, they are not destroyed with gunpowder, and using spells. If it is good to study the structure of the building, the magic it can push to destruction.

Avalanche debris flew into the car.

It is unlikely that she would be able to break the “Svetlana”, a strong military machine, but the danger threatened standing on the driver’s platform Akari and Seagull. Hiding inside the machine is dangerous too – stones can simply immure them.

Torah was so nervous that the time for it has slowed down.

Akari is, once the face of danger, reacted immediately.

– Sorry.

– Nha ?!

Having only one word, Akari sharply kicked Seagull, throwing off her from the car.

The combination of power and ease of Akari Seagulls sent last in the arms of Gundo flying at a very fun track. At the same time Akari using recoil, he grabbed the coffin Seagulls and jumped in the opposite direction.

The next moment, the machine hit the rocks.

dust immediately hid happening.

Torah never saw Seagull and Akari.

– Heck…

He quickly turned around.

His priority – protection of Seagulls instead of catching girl with snake sword.

Undoubtedly, the destruction of the towers of magic or something similar – working fighters in the ambush.But this trap is very unreliable.

If we assume that a magician has destroyed the building in order to make a veil of dust and confusing the Torah, then after that under the cover of the veil to fight should join the melee fighter.

“Svetlana” shared Seagull and Akari. This means that a melee fighter – a direct threat to the Seagulls …

– ..

Toru felt almost animal fear and jumped aside.

A place where he had been standing, flew Snake Island blade.

Apparently, similar to Seagull girl had raised her arms and tried to counterattack.

Thor turned on the spot and grabbed the warrior look.

But in the next moment …

– Thor !!! – I heard a cry like a cry from somewhere in the veil.

– Damn! .. – Dropped the Torah with annoyance.

The ambush did someone sat. And that someone is headed straight for The Seagull.

A gust of wind, as if waited in the wings, raise dust blew … and opened the Torah view Seagull, Akari, and the above-mentioned “someone.”

– Just as I thought … – murmured the Torah.

Seagull was the right of the half littered with stones “Svetlana”.

Akari – left.

And next to the Seagull was a man grabbed her arm around his neck.

He looked quite young. Rather, it was not yet thirty.

The narrow eyes, a large chin, seeming stiff red hair … seemingly mercenary.

He was wearing light armor, Head guard, and in his right hand he held a spear … an extremely long and horrific kind of tip. So you can not just chop the enemy, but also to shred horizontal attacks. Dangerous weapon with a rich arsenal of techniques.

– Ka-ha-ha, – he smiled male mercenary, holding Seagull left hand.

His laughter sounded surprisingly open and lightly. He did not look like a triumphant smile of the winner in the decisive battle – so much fun to laugh at people who are just lucky in gambling.

– In short, I caught the white.

Under the white he apparently meant Seagull.

Although she did not wear all white, silver hair Gulls, pale skin and clothes were left feeling really white. Girl with snake sword, in spite of the same color of skin and hair appear red because of his clothes.

– …

Akari sharply bounced off the ground and jumped “Svetlana”, rushing to the Seagull. Of course, it is already on the move beginning to swing his favorite hammer.


– M ?!

There was the sound of impact.

And at the same time at the place where Akari was going to land, there was a pit.


Entrenched not know where the magician has issued combat spell.

Naturally, the aim at the nimble Akari had not happened. Her every movement required spell tuning, and at a rate she would have never ended.

But if they had already decided that they would fight here, the magician knew most of the necessary parameters – temperature, humidity, position of the stars, the flow of energy and so on. Since he had only to make minor changes to indicate the goal, he could cast spells relatively often. Of course, the “relatively” is the keyword. In addition, the magician should be sufficiently experienced.

Calculation Akari was not justified, failed to land it properly, and it knocked out of balance.

And then … the next spell worked.

Akari like going into the ground invisible hammer.

– Ki …

She forced herself to roll on the ground and barely got out of the pit.

After it flew a few more spells, we stayed in the land of the new holes and re-Akari department of Seagulls.

– Bad…

Thor was engaged battle with the warrior, and Akari gave no closer to Seagull invisible magician. Naturally, Seagull in itself would not be able to escape from the grip of the Lancer.

And here…

– Do not look. On both sides.

With these words in the Torah again flew blade snake sword.

Thor took a hit stilettos.

Or rather … he wrapped an impact on them.

– ..

From the girl’s eyes widened in surprise.

If he hit one wrapped stiletto, he would have hit the rotating tip. But the Torah has used two. Blades tangled around them, like a thread on the spindle, and the Torah with the force pulled them.

– Ki …

The girl outsmarted her own production.

Probably, she decided that now she will pull out of the hands of the weapon.



When she noticed that the Torah komboklinki let go and grabbed at throwing knives, it has not been able to escape.

This time he attacked seriously. He had already understood by the movements of the girl, that all its vulnerabilities protected chain mail.

As expected the Torah, there was a ringing sound, and she staggered. Taking advantage of the moment, he immediately jumped to her and put his neck another throwing knife.

– E! Hey Hey hey!

Naturally, grab Seagull mercenary could not help but wonder.

– …

But the Torah is not paid attention to the voice, and immediately twisted arms warrior.

And he did it so that entrenched knows where the magician was able to notice it.

Apparently, the magician caught the essence of the gesture as a magic Akari shelling stopped.

– So, – Thor turned to Spear. – Would you let Seagull … or rather, our “white”?

– No, first let go of our “red” – he replied quite calmly.

– …

– …

Torah and the spear carefully looked at each other.

Each had the hostage.

Naturally, the ideal – so they let them go at once, but everyone knew that this will not work. In the end, this Lancer squad attacked the detachment of the Torah. It is unlikely that they were going so easy to let go of The Seagull.

And besides …

– Brother! – Alarmed cried Akari.

Torah immediately looked in her direction.

And there … or rather, behind her, where she was pointing a finger, something moved.

He clicked his Torah.

The familiar white car. Of course, from this distance he could not make out the logo … but it’s probably a detachment of Gillette.

He did not know whether the time to notice them.

But if the situation they intervene and, it will be very difficult.

– Ty … – clicked his spear too clearly.

It seems that he thought the same thing. Whether he was aware of the detachment Gillette – any intervention of a third party in this stalemate would lead to serious problems.

Continue to hold the Seagull, lancer stepped back.

And in the next instant.


Another building began to crumble with a bang.

This time it was the home, not the tower, but the air of dust rose again, blocking the view. No magic in this dust will not see anything, but the magic of the Torah did not own.

– Heck…

It seems Spearman agreed that the situation is too much uncertainty, and it is better to retreat temporarily, than to try to save his ally. This solution may seem heartless, but it is quite sensible.

And if so …

– We will do the same.

– A wise decision.


Ran up to the Torah Akari immediately cut down Woman aim blow.

Apparently, she was very surprised that its allies threw it on the battlefield and fled as instantly lost consciousness. Taking arms limp body, Thor is forced to withdrew from the battle with cancer.

– …

Then Thor frowned.

Beja side Akari noticed it and asked:

– What’s up, brother?

– No, no … – Thor shook his head slightly.

He could not clearly express this feeling in words.

Just the feeling that the girl he keeps, weighs as much as the Seagull, gave him no peace.


“April” stood near the entrance to the abandoned city.

However, the “entry” – the notion of conditional. From the former gates leading into the city, almost nothing left, and with them gone, and the city boundary line. Judging by the black marks on the ground, the gate was burned during the war.

These ghost towns is not uncommon to Ferbiste.

During the war came and killed countless towns and villages. Many of them now stood ruins, abandoned to the mercy of the elements, and served as a silent reminder of the cruelty of war.

– What is it? .. – Asked scowling Nicholas, leaving the “April”.

The road in front of them filled up with rubble of destroyed on both sides of the street buildings. In addition, under a mountain of stones could be seen piled up with the car.

– It seems that this military truck – he muttered, looking at the car.

Following this, from the “April” were Leonardo, a young man with animal ears and tail, and a bald magician named Mateus. Gillette decided to send a detachment of three exploration to assess the unusual situation and Alberic, Vivi and Zita were in the car.

– These blockages very fresh … – Leonardo said, picking up one of the stones.

– So what is this roar was – Nicholas grinned.

When they heard the roar, “April” was behind a smooth, but still turning, and they did not see what happened … but it’s good to feel the earth trembling.

– This, of course, so … – said Leonardo, rolling stone in his hands, as if gauging its weight. Finally, he showed it to Nicholas, – But, apparently, not the buildings collapsed.

– Hmm .. – Nicholas frowned and took the chip in hand. – Are you sure?

– I think so too, – Mateus confirmed approached from the side. – Weathered rocks covered with cracks on all sides, but this looks like it chipped highly directional momentum. And given the fact that no smell of gunpowder, most likely it is … magic from him.

– Hmm …

Nicholas looked around.

There was no one near them.

As already mentioned … in the course of the war a lot of towns and villages and had to be born and die, leaving behind these remains. In most cases, these ruins have long been plundered, and now only the wind dwells in them and, often, dangerous animals. The danger represented by the building, and grow old with time.

In other words … decent people to such places is not approached.

Who and why it needed to come here to destroy the magic number of buildings?

– This machine … is quite old, but still quite recently on the go – Leonardo pointed to the cluttered car.

– Someone came here on that machine?

– Apparently, yes – Leonardo agreed.

– Someone fought here by magic?

– Perhaps – this time already agreed Mateus.

– … – Nikolay a while frowning on the machine. – If I remember correctly … the daughter of the Emperor of the Damned – the magician.

– Strictly speaking, the magician – this is the “Seagull” that we pursue, – Leonardo said.

It is known that the sea gulls call themselves a lot of people. Sometimes there are also girls-mages. You can not judge that the daughter of the emperor Strip – mage, because the magician was a kind of “Chaika Trabant”.

– Hmm … – Nikolai handed with his hands folded on his chest.

And then…

– Let’s go back. Perimerala drive to the detour – he decided.

Of course, he commanded a detachment of Gillette Knight Alberic, but he often shift the shoulders of Nicholas, an experienced mercenary work relating directly to persecution. Therefore, the solution is now also took it.

– So … we’ll just leave it here? – Leonardo pointed to the car.

– What is the meaning to dig the car? Perhaps somewhere there is necessary to us, “The Seagull”, so I’m not going to hang around here.

– But do not you think that we need to split up, the officer? .. – Said Mateus. – According to information received from the staff … it is better to move the two groups.

– What, right now ..?

– If you find at least some traces, we will be able to Leo in a way to hunt down our goals.

They Leonardo often had to operate separately from the rest of the squad and engage in exploration or communication.

– Besides, I remember that we have already discussed the separation unit – said Mateus.

– … – Nikolay some time silent. – Hmm …

Then he looked at the car.

Still, this buried under the rubble of the car gave him no rest.

If we assume that it belonged to Seagulls squad, it turns out that they were here in the situation, forcing them to give up transport.

Maybe this is a chance, the likes of which the detachment Gillette will have to wait a very long time …

– I can count on you ..?

– Of course.

– Yes.

Matheus Leonardo nodded in unison.


Deep forest thicket on the hill.

Squad Thor moved here.

Even in broad daylight was dim here – lush crown densely growing trees covered the sun, and the light reached the ground a thin thread. Through this shadow there was no low trees or tall grass. Often in such forests it is easier to move around than in the meadows.

Of course, walking on fallen leaves covered with soft ground, besides the hillside, is not easy, but on the other hand, leaves steps do not leave traces.

– What do we do something … – I said Toru, crouched in a huge tree roots.

Although they reached the forest, ghost town nearby. It can be reached in half a day.

They could no longer use the “Svetlana” – the car filled up with debris, and its driver, Seagull, taken away.Inside the car is still a lot of supplies.

Naturally, the very “Svetlana”, and remaining in it to throw the cargo did not want to. But that’s why they are known as opponents disappeared near her.

But the very first thing to think not about this … and on the return of Seagulls.

And for that …

– It seems that the first thing we need to talk with her – said the Torah and turned to the same girl, battling snake blade.

She was lying on the ground … or rather, on the cliff directly in front of the Torah.

Though on it and there was no shackles, she did not even try to get up and was like a broken doll … but it does not mean that it just left.

They plunged into it immobilizes a small needle.

Typically, these techniques are used in medicine, but also suitable for military applications … And specifically this point is sometimes called “point of neutralization.” There are several points on the body, but the Torah chose the one that suppresses the body sensations.

It is amazing how much people’s feelings affect their movement.

Ordinary person hard to go straight with your eyes closed. Even to get to his feet, a man relies on vision to maintain balance. It’s not just about vision. Having lost any part of their feelings a person may completely lose the ability to adequately move.

This is what happened to the girl.

Though she was conscious … but she could not even sit up. Deprived of the usual senses, she did not understand what part of the body and how to strain.

– …

Her violet eyes glowed ominously and carefully looked at the Torah.

Expression of the charming girl’s face demonstrated the severity of nature.

Facial features, she reminded Seagull (as well as eye and hair color), but if she has always seemed a little frivolous, this – constantly tense.

– What’s your name? – Toru asked for the fifth time.

– …

But again, the answer was no.

The girl was silent. Moreover – it is not even her head.

She just continued to watch her violet eyes on the Torah, then at Akari. It seemed as if intended not to reduce them to look for a moment. Naturally, the immobilization did not prevent her to speak, so that failure to respond was fully conscious.

– There’s nothing you can do. It is nothing to do, – he said standing next to the Torah Akari, folding his arms and looking round for a Woman look. – It seems that would have to be tortured.

Her words were unexpected. Her beautiful, but face expressionless as always did not reflect a single emotion … but the Torah for some reason thought that it looked a bit happier than usual.

– …

Naturally, she grimaced.

Tracing her reaction corner of his eye, Toru said irritably:

– Wait, why just attempting something …

– Hail brother. I know you love to torture.

– I do not like!

– But, brother, you’re like to link girls and beat them.

– I told you, I do not like.

– But, brother, you’ve told me himself how dearly love to bind the girls and beat them .. What happened to your hands reach spank their priests, and in the form rope you first thought, “That would be some girl tie”! …

– …

The girl looked at the Torah with some contempt … and maybe not. Toru decided that it seemed to him.

– Stop talking nonsense! How is it that struck you on a story about your sadistic inclinations? – Toru asked, banging his fist on the trunk of a tree.

– Hmm .. – thoughtfully replied Akari. – So … I dreamed it?

– Ever, you say? .. – Regretfully handed the Torah.

“Am I supposed to be responsible for the words that are uttered in her sleep?

And generally speaking…”

– What do you dream of such dreams?

And what a savage her dreams instead of the Torah?

– In my dreams, my brother is very decisive. He now and then rushes to the girls. Do not have time to blink an eye as he already raped – Akari said, clenching his fists tightly. – I can not help but admire his speed …

– You call that determination?

According to the Torah, he gets the usual maniac pervert.

– Do you think he is indecisive?

– Yes, it’s not about that.

– This is probably due to the time when my brother rot at home.

– …

In the Torah it is not able to say anything.

Yes, he really was a time when he believed that “the work is for losers”, fed by sisters and sat at home all day. Maybe Akari started to see such dreams, because I wanted to see his brother decisive, contrary to dull a person from reality.

– And in general, it is because you told me that “life is short, so I always look forward”, while another tore the clothes from the girls.

– I said that’s enough to confuse me with the type of in your imagination! – I exclaimed the Torah and looked at the girl.

She continued to look at the Torah and Akari, but her eyes became cold, contemptuous broken after this conversation. Indeed, if we believe the words of Akari, then it turned out to be hopeless pervert Torah-sadist.And decide who to believe – the Torah or Akari – had, in the end, the girl.

– But … if it will be silent and have to go to the rough methods – With a sigh, he said.

– Yeah. Blazing needles under fingernails, for example.

– Wow you suffered!

– I thought it was a neat way to get hurt than kicks and punches …

– It may be so, but … I think it’s a sadist you’re here.

– I’m ready to love all that loves my brother.

– I repeat – I am not so interested in this!

– …

Girl Overlooking the Torah view grew colder and colder.

Although, of course, it is unlikely she began to look at his adversary with kindness.

– Whatever it was – the Torah folded his arms across his chest. – If she does not want to say the name, will have to come up with. Do not call it the “hey, you.”

– Trust me, brother. We with my literary talent give her rightful name – Akari said.

– Talent? By you? – I was surprised the Torah, but remembered that she once said that in his spare time wrote an infinitely long novel about the forbidden love of brother and sister.

However, if you put the content aside, then it really should be a lot more experience in the literary fact, than the Torah, and he really had time to think that the choice of name you can trust her …

– … Sticky.

– …A? – Torah does not even realize that this is the “name”. – Wait a minute. Are you serious?

– Yes. Name: Adhesive. Good, is not it? This name describes the fine on all sides.

– …

Thor looked at the girl.

It looks like she did not find the name of the “best” and certainly do not enjoy it, judging by the way her cheek twitched.

– It seems that she did not like.

– Here are fussy – Akari shook his head. – Then slimy.

– …

Thor was silent. Girl said nothing.

Rather, it is difficult to say, as a general name can respond.

It does not even seem human.

– To be honest, this version was almost won Goo. I like the association due to the word expressing surface gloss, smeared with something sticky, but still sticky association with the state I liked more, although they were almost equal.

– How did you get all this for a second thought? – Dumbfounded he said Toru, then turned back to the girl. – It seems that nothing can be done.

– …

– You will be sticky.

– …

The girl remained silent with dejected.

Thor took it as a sign of agreement and continued:

– Well, sticky. Now that we have dealt with your name, let’s deal with those who you are …

– … Bogdan, – she said quietly.

– Hmm ..?

– Seagull Bogdan – repeated girl with extreme displeasure.

– What? What did you say about Seagull, sticky?

– Seagull Bogdan! – The girl fell almost shouting. – Mine. Name!

– …

– …

Torah and Akari looked at each other.

– Seagull?

– … – … The Seagull girl nodded.


The same name as that of the girl, traveling with a group of Torah.

But can there be a coincidence that they both the same silver hair, violet eyes identical, similar age … and now the same name? Maybe she had an especially well?

– Who are you?

– …

Dressed in a red seagull he looked away in exasperation.

Apparently, she could not endure the humiliating name, but the rest was going to remain silent.

– So after all the torture, – Akari nodded and turned to the Torah. – Have fun, brother.

With these words, she even gave him the needle.

– I?! – Exclaimed the Torah.

– I believe that my brother perfection manifested even in how he will torment screaming, crying girl, stabbing her needle under the nail.

– It tries itself.

– Nonsense. So I stripped the brother of pleasure? I would never go to such blasphemy – Akari shook her head, as if pretending amazement.

– Admit it, you just do not want to.

– …

– I want as much as possible to leave this option at the most extreme case.

The majority of people can not stand the torture.

Even the most persistent person can not keep his mouth shut when it comes to this torture. Of course, it happens that the torture go so far, that the prisoner dies or commits suicide, unable to bear the pain.

Of course, the saboteurs are not considered cruelty something reprehensible.

Rather, most of saboteurs still possessed of common sense and ordinary emotions. They just know how to disable them, if necessary.

This means that they are able to define the boundaries of this very necessary.

Thor knew more effective torture – they were taught this.

But … what he knew about them, it did not mean that he liked them. Torah is not a sadist, enjoying the suffering of girls. In any case, it is for this not to notice.

And besides …

– To be honest, this is not the best solution.

Torture – a good way to get someone to “crack”.

But no one can guarantee that will be able to elicit accurate information.

The answer will be given only in order to avoid pain, and it is easy to come up with some excuse that can not be verified. Often, the victim simply responds as the officer wants to as soon as possible to stop the torment.

In such cases, there is no meaning in the torture.

From them have sense only when you can check on the accuracy of all information received. However, the Torah was not on it neither the strength nor the time.

But at the same time…

– However, we can not just sit here and wait until the mood will be with you. Our Seagull also in captivity.

– …

Naturally, red seagull silent.

But it is her violet eyes looking at the Torah with the call.

Tohru sighed and took out a throwing knife.

– I see … then there is no alternative.


The hostage has sense only as long as he is alive.

Conversely, the captured and live person perfectly suited for the role of a hostage. Naturally, not all people have equal value, but in contrast to the art, the value does not fall hostages from small injuries and damages.

Therefore, when the hostage is a pretty girl, her captors often try to extract for themselves an additional benefit against her will.

– …

Chaika Trabant trembled.

She sat on the floor half-naked.

Black and white garments that covered her body, lying near the wall, and on it the most was just underwear.

Naturally, she undressed herself.

Lost in the hills house where she was hiding a short distance from the abandoned city.

Most likely, this lodge belonged to the forester. In such houses do not live year round, and the owner appears to them only during the season. The stale air smelled of mold, and the furnace did not help dispel the feeling of cold and lifeless.

– Heh …

Right in front of Gulls on a chair I sat a man, leaning back.

Long face, large chin. He looked older than the Torah, but under the age of 30. It can still be called young.Of special signs, in addition to high growth and broad shoulders, you can also select the type of hard red hair.

This is the mercenary spear, seized Seagull captured.

– Heh, heh, heh … – he smirked, eyeing Seagull half-naked eyes.

– …

Seagull trying to close his hands on the man’s body look. Appearing in his underwear she was not shy in front of the Torah – it is difficult to say, because of the coolness or forgetfulness – but the gaze of the man she obviously did not like.

– Fine, fine. Truly wonderful – he said with a grin.

Following this, he held out a spear and caught the edge of the folded clothes on the floor Seagull. He poked a little bit in it, but heard only a faint rustling sound. So far, in addition to this, the man did not do anything.

– You seem to have no stashed weapons or there are no other surprises.

– Improper … – muttered Seagull.

– A?

– Improper. Handling – she said, looking askance at the man.


– Hmm? Really?

The man’s face remained calm, as if he did not feel guilty. But he was not a humiliation Seagulls enjoyed.And if he was going to abuse her, then I would not leave wearing the underwear.

– I’m good, – he said with a half smile. – You fought so much, and I’ll never tapped.

– …Clothing.

– Well, you know, we do not want to get nervous and wonder if you hide somewhere knife. So I carefully checked. Well … it turned out that you have a very personal and was not, and that’s fine. And now…

– Now?..

The man narrowed his eyes and grinned. Seagull frightened leaned against the wall. Who knows, maybe now he wanted her to dishonor?


– Can you calm down – the man said incredulously gazing at him Seagull. – That’s all I’m not going to pull off you.

These words he spoke even with some pride.

– Girls with small breasts do not interest me. And the little girls – too.

– H … – momentarily froze Seagull with wide-eyed, then blushed and cried, – N … n-smart aleck!

She herself complexed about the size of their breasts.

– Hmm? You would prefer that I became interested in you? – Said the man, smiling and licking her lips.

– We … – Seagull immediately shook her head.

– Still, female breast …

The man stood up and stretched his left hand to the side. When she touched the breast veiled cloth as he unabashedly grabbed her.

For the breast of a girl standing next to him.

– … Should be like this.

He stared at the Seagull, and the fingers of his left hand as if to live their lives, playing with the breast of the girl. I must say … that such a grip without a single glance in the direction of the chest spoke eloquently about how a man accustomed to this action.

– Yes. Perfectly. Truly fine – man boldly nodded. – It’s a feeling of maturity, but not over-ripeness, filling his hand! Here it is – the chest! Here they are – boobs! Here they are – the skins reviver! I am sure that the fingers are given to us precisely in order to fondle them!

– …

Gull said nothing.

In part, she was stunned, and partly – scared. Most of all she feared that careless movement will provoke it into words in the spirit “and now let me caress your”.

As for the girls, followed by chest held a man …

– David ….

… It is for some time silent, did not resist.

– A?

The man put his spear against the wall and turned to the girl.

Judging by the fact that she had just said his name was David.

– What, Selma, would you like me to the second breast squeezed? With joy. You have two breasts, and I – two hands.

– …

– Well, really well, then I heartily second today oblaska …

But at this very moment …

There was a rasping sound, and the face of a man acquainted with the thing in the girl’s hands.

Namely, with the butt Gundo.

As weapons Seagulls Gundo it looked old, but well-used – in spite of the grown old wooden parts, on metal, and there was no trace of rust.

Judging by how this girl named Selma skillfully and routinely handled with Gundo, it clearly belonged to her.And because other people were not close, it turns out that it was she who fired at a detachment of the Torah from the tower.

– Fool – Selma said, squinting.

She – adult woman with dark skin.

She looked about the same as David – something about 25. Just the age when “girls” are beginning to get rid of this title and become women.

It’s about these girls say they are “in the juice.”

Her long red hair hanging from the back by two braids. Selma body also fully consistent with the age and possess a much more curvaceous than the seagulls. She wore gray clothes, through the cut-outs which could see the tanned thigh.

Her beautiful, simple face particularly stood out eyes and golden tinted scarlet lipstick.

In general … maybe this kind of girls do not Raziel spot at first glance, but zasmotrevshis person reveals all his seductiveness. An attractive and seemed languid lethargy, accompanied by her actions.

– You’re, like, not on male mating. Think a little about chastity.

– What? .. – By hitting David stumbled, but quickly regained balance … and naturally embraced Selma’s shoulders. – What are you currently a shy? We’re with you so many times …

– I do not remember when I fell before cheaply to sell itself as uncomplaining toys.

– Fine, fine, really fine. The hardness of your character excites me even more …

– …

Noticing that Selma again raised her Gundo, David immediately calmed down. It looks like it blows is not painless.

Sighing, Selma Gundo down, and then completely gently put it to the wall. Then she slowly looked from David to the Seagull.

– Still … where did they go?

– It seems that “the remains” is not with her, – said David.

Apparently, they were not only stripped Seagull in search of weapons – they looked, if she does not hide “the remains”.

So, they – not mere bandits or robbers, and Seagulls squad attacked, fully knowing who they are dealing.Moreover, if we remember the word “devote all your stuff”, it turns out, that their goal – not catching seagulls, unlike unit Gillette.

Who are they?

Maybe they are looking for “remains” in order to sell them?

– Most likely, they were inside her coffin – Selma said, glancing in the corner of the room.

– ..

Only now Chaika noted that there was a tall box that can accommodate a person.


It seems that they also collect “relics” in order to put them into the coffin.

This coffin, as opposed to Gulls coffin, there was no shoulder straps for carrying on the back. Instead, for him were attached small wheels for transportation on the ground, and chain together the rope.

– Since it has no “remains”, it is to us, in fact, not needed – angrily handed David, scratching his cheek. – Maybe sell her slave traders? Probably will go for a lot of money …

– Fool. How do you plan to save our Seagull? – Immediately protested Selma.

– ..

Seagull frowned and thought about the meaning of her words.

“Our Seagull”. She spoke as if Seagull was theirs.

– We need to exchange hostages and return our Seagull. For this we need the girl.

– Yeah … if our general still alive – David smiled sadly. – In general, we do not need to play in a fair exchange.Ambush, and our return is still “remains” to get hold of.

– You do not think it would be so easy? – Selma coolly pulled down too optimistic to hit David.

It seems that’s how they live … forever cheerful and cold-blooded, David Selma, keep it in check. It may seem that David simply prevents Selma, but he did his job with the soul. It often happens that alone is not enough composure to succeed.

– And even if we succeed, our advantage to leave this “Seagull” alive. It may come in handy in the future – added Selma with a half smile.

– The role of the double, huh? They are in fact the same eyes and hair.

Violet eyes and silver hair.

Individually, these features can, and met, but together – is extremely rare. Because the chances of finding a man describing facial features are very small, if someone and will look Seagull, you will rely primarily on these features.

And so a double with the same violet eyes and silver hair could be very useful.

– If it is to mow and change clothes, kupyatsya almost everything. “The Seagull” are looking for a few countries and organizations. If you give it to them, from us for a long time will be left behind.

– And that, for the sake of it, we constantly carry with them?

– No one said that it should be safe and sound – suddenly said Selma. – Can it be put down and shut in a coffin.

– Ah. I got it.

David agreed with quite nonchalantly.

– …

If still quite recently Seagull feared being raped, but now these fears were replaced by others. But she could do nothing but sit by the wall and hide behind his hands.


The first thing the Torah throwing knife ripped stomach.

Guts immediately fell out, as if trying to crawl worms. Torah immediately cut off and tossed them aside.Following this, he got a finger in the incision and pulled the other organs, to cut with a knife and.

Finally, he notched the skin to start filming her.

He worked quickly.

Saboteurs learned to carve the body, and they are as easily managed as with the carcasses of wild mice, foxes, deer and bears, as well as with the bodies of people. Animals Burke to get to their food and hide. People – to efficiently get rid of the bodies. Knights and other traditional warriors dirty hands in such work did not like.Therefore, for such unpleasant affairs hired saboteurs, and hence the same is their fame as a master of all trades (at least on the battlefield).

Now the Torah butchered wild rabbit, which they were going to have.

“Now you can eat – eat” – one of the basic rules of life in the war. Before you think about the return of Seagulls, the Torah and Akari decided to have lunch.

That’s just … the food they left strewn on the “Svetlana”, and with them in the Torah almost nothing was not.Of course, you can print the supply of “Soldiers of balls” – rolled up into a ball of dry pellets containing all the necessary nutrients … but to spend it is not wanted.

Therefore, the Torah Akari left to look after the prisoner, red Seagull, and he engaged in preparing the meal.

– Akari, you’re prepared for the oven?

– Of course – she pointed at his feet.

There was a small stone oven for roasting and stewing meat. There is nothing difficult in it was not – Akari just piled stones and covered them with earth. In principle, you can fry the meat on the fire, but the fire could give them light and characteristic odor. Oven allows at least partly cover the light, the smell and the smoke, reducing the chances that they will find.

– So-o …

Toru sprinkled thinly sliced meat with spices and put it in the oven.

Immediately there was a slight odor of meat – seem to strongly warmed oven. Thor tried to cut into the meat thinner as the time to cook it faster.

– Soon the fire.

– Uh-huh.

– …

Akari nodded and red Seagull silent.

Her violet eyes still full of hostility, and never looked at the Torah.

By the way, they have postponed the questioning. If she continues to remain silent and have to go to the torture and other harsh methods … and much of them will let you down, even the power of the red tea.

Gu-y …

Growled the stomach.

– Brother … – Akari said, frowning slightly. – Once you have strange snoring.

– I am not sleeping!

How she managed to take all the characteristic sound of snoring?

– And in general, it’s not me.

– And I do not. What an amazing coincidence.

This means that the sound is only one person could publish.

Saboteurs have amicably looked at the red tea.

– …

Once in the spotlight, she tried to look away …


Her stomach again reminded of itself, this time a longer sound.

– …

Seagull stubbornly continued to look away, but her pale face, and especially the ears burst into a thick paint that could compete in brightness with clothes. Toru exchanged glances with Akari, then went to the Seagull, bent down and asked:

– … Hungry?

– …

– Hungry, yes?

– H … not hungry! – Seagull snapped.

– Clearly, – he said Thor, looked away and stood up. – Let’s go there, Akari, and I’m already hungry.

– Uh-huh. I’m also hungry – Akari nodded still flourish.

Naturally, like brother and sister, they acted very smoothly.

– It is unlikely that we will have enough of a rabbit that you got, brother.

– Yeah, you eat a lot.

– Are you even more.

– In short, let us have more.

– Uh-huh.

With these words, the Torah and Akari pulled from the oven roast meat, pinned it on throwing knives and began to eat, looking at the corner of his eye still blushing red Seagull, stubbornly staring at the ground.

– It seems quite a bit of added spice, and how it happened is quite good.

– Oh, brother. You’ll be a good wife.

– Option to become husband … I do not have?

– Nonsense. I believe that you – the best wife in the world.

– I think you are deeply mistaken.

They also talked for some time about anything, and then …

Gu y.

Again he heard rumbling.

And loud, as if to insist not to be ignored.

– …

– …

Torah and Akari again looked at the red tea.

– Would you?

– … – Red Gull said nothing.

Toru speared a piece of rabbit meat in the throwing knife and handed it to her. That for some time looked away, trying to ignore the meat, but the …

– Ki …

… Finally I broke down and turned to the Torah.

However, due to the fact that her feelings are still not working, get up on your feet did not work. She tried to raise his hand to take the meat, but even here the feelings brought her, and she could not grab the knife.Fingers persistently fall in the air.

– Um … – complained handed Seagull.

– Yeah, let’s better this way, – said the Torah and held a knife edge with meat impaled himself to her mouth.

– …

That is still some time looking at the meat, fighting with myself … and then grabbed it with his teeth and began to chew on so furiously, as if she had a blood scores with him.

– …

– Delicious?

– …

– Clear. So tasteless. Well, eating the rest of us …

– The tasty … – muttered in response to the red gull.

Thor grinned, chopped knife on another piece of meat and then handed him a red tea.

– Come on, open your mouth.

– …

– Look, the food. Say “ah.”

– …

This meat Seagull also chewed by an animal eagerness.

And then I swallowed, still reproachful look at the Torah.

He again chopped meat … and the process is repeated several times.

– Brother … – suddenly she filed Akari’s voice, which obviously had an idea.

– A? What?

– That’s what I want.

– …How?

Turning around, he saw Akari folded her hands in her lap and pulled her head toward him.

– What are you doing?

– Ah.

Akari closed her eyes and opened her mouth, as if expecting something.

Smer his sister look, Toru said coldly:

– … If anything, your hands are working.

– Really ?!

Akari’s eyes widened as if it really shocked his words.

It looks like she wanted Torah also fed her. However, if the red Seagull they paralyzed the feeling that she did not run away, then Akari body worked normally, so the Torah was not going to indulge her whims. Yes, and there are with your hands easier.

– If you say so, my brother, – submissive tone said Akari – contact me. Come on!

– You’re absolutely gone mad ?! – She exclaimed Thor, seeing in her hands nowhere who had taken a thin rope.

– If I tie your hands, then you’re going and I put food directly into his mouth?

– No, why do you …

– I want to feed my brother, – she said surprisingly loud for such words.

– Feed … you’re not an animal.

– For the sake of a brother brought a meal to my mouth, I’m ready to become an animal.

– Do you even know myself, what say?

However, such talk to them – it is extremely commonplace.

As for the red seagull …

– …

So she continued to watch over them, silently chewing meat.


Despite all the words addressed to her it is not so terrible.

Anyway, to lull her medications until they were at the time, and even removed the shackles so that she could eat. Of course, the dishes she was not allowed (because it could amiss for the role of weapons), so there had to bare hands and under the watchful eye of David spearmen.

And now…

– …

Seagull with a newly dressed shackles again sat down against the wall. It is followed by Selma, is located on the floor against the opposite wall.

It might seem that the girl-magician sleeps with his eyes closed, but it is not so. Value Seagull though slightly stir as sensitive Selma immediately opens the eyes and checking whether their prisoner on the spot.

David was not.

After dinner, he went somewhere.

Selma watched it alone. Seagull at first tried to think about whether to run away, but she did not give the slightest opportunity.

Mages do not have to be frail and not understand the martial arts. And just Seagull clearly lost on division. In addition, we must not forget about the irons. Try to attack Selma, knock it and escape is almost impossible.

And that seems to read her thoughts, because …

“Do not panic and wait for his chance – the same tactic,” – said Selma as if someone quoted. – Especially if you believe your allies.

– …

After hearing these words, Seagull blinked.

Painfully, these words like the voice of the teacher or mentor – the hostages and prisoners usually do not talk so. While on the other hand, these words can mean and veiled order to behave more quietly. Trying to calm the rough can cause even more resistance.

– … Oh, hell, – Selma shook her head. – Forget. Habit.

– The habit ..?

– I told you, forget – Selma frowned.

Of course, you can not just forget something that you ordered.

Seagull thoughtfully looked away. Selma hesitantly stirred … and then continued:

– To be honest, you are so much alike that I was forgotten.

– Similar? Like? Who!

– You and … Seagull.

– Mmm?

Chaika called herself. How can it be similar to itself?

– How it all confusing, huh? I’m talking about our girl … the one that kidnapped your friends. It also called Seagull. Moreover … – Selma spoke slowly, as if in the course of assessing their words. – “Daughters of the Emperor of the Damned”, collecting the remains of a few. Definitely not one and not two. We have heard about at least three … and in fact they probably even more.

– ..

Seagull eyes bulged.

Once Frederick asked her whether she was the daughter of Emperor Gaza. She herself had never thought about it, but from the perspective of an outside observer Seagull really could not prove it.

She herself thought of herself “Chaika Gaz”, relying on their own memories … but such evidence can not convince other people.

– To be called “Seagull”, you need to have purple eyes and silver hair … but at the same time, this means that if a girl calls herself “The Seagull”, refute her words seriously. Good or bad, but the Empire Gas was a great power, and heir to the Emperor of the Damned would have gained considerable power … so I’m not surprised that so many divorced “Gulls”.

– …

Seagull felt discomfort and erznula.

She thought it had just been named an impostor.

– I see you did not know about anything.

– … Mmm.

– In short, silver hair and violet eyes – all that is needed to be called “The Seagull.” But, as I say … you are like our red Seagull Not only that, but something else. That’s why I was forgotten …

After that Selma was silent.

“Forgotten”. So, she said that was not going to.

– Red … Seagull – Seagull repeated thoughtfully. – Believe … allies?

– Yeah, something like that – Selma nodded.

Even Seagull knew that they were trying to save David his red Seagull. Hardly mercenaries recently got acquainted with the owner, would become so attached to him.

– Together act. Long?

– You ask how we know each other .. Somewhere half a year, – said Selma, slightly squinting. – We met soon after our unit was killed …

– Killed …? – Seagull involuntarily frowned at the ominous word.


– Yes … a common thing – Selma said, looking as if he had not loved to talk about it.


They decided to set up an ambush in the ruins, because the streets of the abandoned city is much more convenient timber.

Walking through the forest, people inevitably leaves traces.

It’s not just about the footprints. Broken tree branches, animals and insects reaction also serves as proof that a person was held here. The soldiers, accustomed to fight in the forest, perfectly knew about it because not only easy to anticipate the ambush, but could guess about where entrenched opponents, and how many of them.

But in the city of human footprints is not suspicious.

This was especially true of cities abandoned – untidy and desolation perfectly camouflaged ambush. The chances to discover the city and driving skillfully hiding quiet man almost none.

Wood easiest to hide in the woods. A man – in the city.

Never mind that the city – just a lifeless ruins.

So David taught.

– Long time since I was here not – he muttered grimly, moving down the street.

The city in itself produced an ominous impression, but it seemed even more terrible after sunset. At night, he became like a huge cemetery with a cold, musty air.

Once it is here that killed a detachment to which they belonged to Selma.

– Father …

It may seem obvious that ambushes are often held in places that the enemy army can not bypass.Mercenaries, without going into the regular army, are often moved from one battlefield to another. The most common job for them – the emergency aid the frontline, where necessary reinforcement troops. Due to the urgency of this, they often had to move in a straight line.

David Selma and then was not twenty.

– You told me to “forget about your heart” … but it also happens that it is impossible to forget about it, my father – said spear completely sincere, almost boyish voice.

David approached the spot where the car filled up squad Seagulls Trabant. He was convinced that next to her was empty. Most likely, that white car left somewhere further, so nothing found.

– Looks like Selma was not mistaken … – David said, pausing.

On the machine body, a little peek out from under the rubble, could be seen the inscription: “Svetlana”.Apparently, this is the name of the machine.

And next to him, to the stone …

“Up the river in the west, near the waterfall, tomorrow at sunset.”

… Crepe paper sheet pierced by a small throwing knife.

By the knife they helpfully primotat little silvery hair.

In other words, those commandos that kidnapped “red Seagull” David’s detachment, the proposed exchange of hostages.

– Hmm … – David pulled out a knife and took her hand in her hair. – Still, I can not leave her … hear, father? I can not.

David put the letter in his pocket, tied to the propelling blade that brought with it … and then turned around and went in the opposite direction from “Svetlana” side.


Despite all the circumstances … he decided to return first thing in the Seagull.

And it is better to find out who their opponents are, and what they are planning.

Of course, under that “Chaika”, which is intended to return the squad Torah, he knew Chaika Trabant.However, as to distinguish them by the names of the Torah and did not want to Akari, they agreed to call Chaika Trabant “white”, and Seagull Bogdan “red” because of their clothes.

And at this very moment … the only way to at least learn something about their opponents – the same red seagull.

That’s just …

– Your silence does not help the cause, – said Thor, sitting right in front of the red Gulls.

By the way, from her paralysis and could not deliver.

Her hands still helplessly hanging, so Thor himself had to sit it and relies on the roots of a tree, like a broken doll. Gradually red Seagull beginning to get used to this state and have learned a little nod and wiggle your fingers … but it was worth it to try to get up and run, she immediately lost his balance and fell.

– We want to regain our companion … our “white” Seagull. You want to go back to your friends. Yes, probably, in the end we damn it again, but this is only because we want to get everything back in its place, is not it? At this rate, the situation itself does not unravel.

– …

Red Seagull silent.

Extremely stubborn girl.

“It’s not like a white … but, no.”

They may differ in ostentatious stubbornness … but if you think about it, and a white seagull had the same inflexibility. In the end, only the truly stubborn man could go in search of the stolen remains of who knows to “bury his father.”

– By the way … and the purpose-then you what? You suddenly appeared out of nowhere and demanded all our things … But if you choose us, obviously not looking for money. For their sake, you would attack the goal easier.

Though “Svetlana” at the time and left, at least for her, and there were no weapons … it was still a war machine. The man who goes on such transport is likely to be armed with much better than a foot traveler or passenger carriages. In addition, since the machine could only manage a magician, attackers must prepare for battle against the Magic.

– I have two … or rather, three possible explanations. Namely, if the case is not about the money, then you are trying to stop us either, or kill some of us, or something to pick up.

And something that is only for them.


– …

Face red Gull jerked … but she said nothing.

Tohru sighed and continued:

– , you and our companion – Seagulls. Both silver-haired, violet eyes … both say bad continental dialect.After so many matches it is easy to guess that you, too, as our white, consider yourself a daughter of Emperor Gaza.

– …

This silence can be accurately called a sign of agreement.

Thor’s eyes narrowed and he added:

– However, I have no idea which one of you is real. Maybe so that both of you – a fake …

– White! – Blurted suddenly red seagull, raising his head. – Impostor … white!

From resentment, even her pale face flushed.

Apparently, she did not much like what it was called an impostor.

– The real … me!

– … – The Torah brought eyebrows again looked Seagull red eyes, and then said with a sigh, – Well … all fake so they say.

Although, the present would have said the same.

– White. True. Evidence?

– Nope. Like I said, maybe so that you both – a fake.

– …

Red Seagull blinked.

Rather, it is believed that the Torah is now start to protect the white and insist that it is real. However, the Torah itself does not matter whether the real gull Gaza Emperor’s daughter.

The important thing is that the white gull gave him the meaning of life … or, more precisely, it showed by its actions, when their lives hung in the balance. Torah is deeply impressed with the way it worked was to his goal, despite his weakness, nor the fact that she resisted the entire world.

Red Seagull for some time frowning about something thinking …

– My fake … – she muttered then, looking down. – Collect the remains of his father. Unforgivable.

– That’s what I thought – Torah scratched his cheek with the index finger. – So, your goal – the elimination of our Seagulls?

Red Gull insisted on the fact that it is – real.

Surely she considered enemies of all other gulls who called themselves the daughters of Emperor Gaza and collect his remains. If she considered herself fully present, all run hither and around the world and collect the remains of “counterfeiting” should be extremely annoying her.


– Or “remains”?

Thor pulled a fist and tapped the lid of the coffin Gulls.

Face Seagull trembled, and she immediately looked at the coffin.

All clear. That is its true purpose.

– So you’re going to “remains”?

So that’s why she ordered them to leave all their belongings.

And the white and red Seagull aspired to the same. And as the coffin was white gulls here, the opponents will not kill her. They have not achieved their goal. And kill the gulls, which can be used for sharing – not the best idea.

– You want to bury his father, too?

The problem of white gulls came down to it.

The remains of Emperor Gaza – precious treasures, but white Seagull is never cared. Besides, she did not try to use them to proclaim himself the legitimate heir to the throne of the Empire. She was only trying to do his “child” and the duty to bury his father … at least, it looked like that.

– Confirm … zhdayu, – said the red gull with a sour look.

Apparently, since I came to this, the silence is meaningless.

She raised her head, looked the Torah in the eye and said firmly:

– The remains of his father. Collect all. And then … – Red Seagull slightly narrowed. – I’ll kill everyone.

– …What? – From the Torah’s eyes widened in surprise.

– All those who killed my father. All those who threw him and fled. All.

When the red Chaika said these words, her eyes shone with the purest, completely undisguised hatred and revenge.

“Wow, look! ..”

Toru felt awe.

Typically, hatred is born in the brain fog.

All the people and animals from birth are able to feel angry, but this feeling is almost never develops into hatred. We can say that emotion is not inherent in living creatures.

Of course, sometimes the circumstances are so interwoven and that it is still there, but the hateful look at it necessarily looks muddy or distorted.

However, the emotions of this girl … terribly clean.

Quite often come across people full of intense hatred. But never before the Torah had not seen the man who seemed born to full of hatred and resentment, which would so sincerely hated someone.

“This is her complete opposite …” – Torah thought, remembering the white tea.

Seagull acted, driven solely by the desire to bury his father. You could say she did not think about anything else. In a sense, she expressed the opposite extreme – totally fueled hatred of the “heroes” or anyone else.

But the red Seagull filled with revenge directed against the “heroes” and against people from other countries and fleeing vassals of the Empire … and maybe the world.

“In a sense, it is probably the right …”

Revenge Red Seagulls seemed not only compelling rationale for action, which was not at the White Gull, but also a much more robust reaction to the girl whose father was killed enemies.

“Something bit me …”

At the same time this kind of Seagulls capable, without batting an eye, to announce that he was going to “kill all”, called in the Torah unusual feelings. That Seagull, with which he traveled, looked much more relaxed and not for anything in my life would not say such words.

– Gull and Seagull …

Empire Gas, once a great power of the North. Seagull, the heiress to the throne of the Empire.

As you might guess by persistently with which it pursues Gillette detachment, the very fact of its existence Ferbist could plunge into another war. On the continent have enough people who dream to revive the Empire Gas and gain power. For all these people Seagull – a gift of fate that can become the head of the movement.

Her life affects the future of the continent, and no matter what she thinks about it.

Of course … that such a person has and pretenders.

If you think about what is happening in terms of the reaction, worthy daughter of Emperor Strip, then this Seagull was more like just red. Surely the spear and the unknown is a magician served her just as the Torah and Akari were white Seagull.

Perhaps … the girls who called themselves “The Seagull”, even more.

And, most likely, they are looking for “the remains”. Even if the part is not doing it with fanaticism, but all of them, being next to the remains, probably would have demanded their own, declaring himself the legitimate heir.

Until now, the Torah only thinking about how they will look and prosecute people who own remains to pick them up … but now, it seems, will have to take into account the fact that the search for and pursue their own will.

The persecutors and the persecuted.

True and false.

– Wow situation … – he muttered the Torah, expressing dwelt therein vague anxiety.

And then…

– Um … – suddenly spoke up red seagull.

He sounded unhappy, moaning … and if you listen, even pained.

– What?

– …

Red Seagull looking at the Torah, blushing.

Not that it has something to do with it … but her eyes became shriller than before.

– What?

– … T.

– What? If you want to say something – speak clearly.

– … Le … t … – Chaika said, blushing even more.

– A? What is wrong with you? Say already clearly – Torah voice was irritated.

And then zalivshayasya paint red seagull cried:

– Restroom!!!

Well, it was expected. It is eaten and drunk must go somewhere. But her feeling paralyzed – though she felt the urge, their own red gull could not go to the toilet.

– And … and … ah, – the Torah puzzled scratching his cheek.

Of course, he could at any moment to deliver the red Seagull from paralysis, but then she could attack him.But if you do nothing and leave it in place … will not look good. And the Torah, and red Seagull well aware of how extremely unpleasant result of this is over.

– With them! Fetter!

– No. I can not.

– Pervert!

– And why is that?

– The toilet is right here! Looks! Requires! The sexual pervert!

– W … what ?! Yes painful need someone to watch you go to the toilet! – Word for word, and now the Torah began to cry on the red tea.

– With them! Fetter!

– I told you, I can not.

– Patience! Limit!

– No, wait a little! – Toru panic reached a hand to the Seagull.

– Do not touch! Pervert!

– Yes, you shut up!

Thor took the red Seagull on his arms, carried her into the thicket of grass nearby and re-seated. Then he pulled out of her neck, both sticking needles.

Now it has to unwind paralysis.

– Um … – again handed Seagull.

Apparently, unexpectedly returning sensation overwhelmed her. Then she blushed again and looked askance at the Torah and said:

– Get away. Somewhere far away.

Apparently, she had in mind a place to which not got no sound, no smell.

– You do not think that I would agree?

– Pervert!

– I’m telling you, I’m not a pervert! – Exclaimed Thor, dissatisfied with the fact that all the girls around him sought to put him a pervert. – Damn it. In such a time …

By the way, I went to check Akari “Svetlana”.

Therefore, the Torah followed the red Chaika alone.

– I do not look at you, so what to do, come on his business.

– …

Seagull looked unkindly on the Torah … but eventually gave up, turned his back in the grass and zakoposhilas. In general, the grass would not have given the Torah to see the lower part of her body, but it is, nevertheless, also decided to turn away.

Of course, turning his back, he gave her a chance to escape or attack … but any sharp movements in the grass would have given her a loud sound. Let the Torah and did not look at her, he could hear everything perfectly.

– … Pervert.

– OK OK. Let me be a pervert. Come quickly, – he said with displeasure the Torah, trying to drown the hearing and smell.

Hitsugi no Chaika
Vol. 4 Chapter 2