Hitsugi no Chaika
Vol. 4 Chapter 3

Author: Sakaki Ichirou
Source: Imported

Night had long since changed daily.

The forest on the hillside plunged into deep darkness.

Toru lit a small flashlight while continuing to await the return of cancer.

Opposite him sat still red seagull, followed closely behind him.

– …

Toru surprised her restlessness. It’s one thing – just watch, but a high-pitched, piercing eyes should take a lot of effort. Maintain it for a long time, just as hard as trying to be angry 24 hours a day.

By the way, he again plunged the needle into her, and again she stopped moving. Generally needle paralyze a feeling, but the muscles retain mobility, so over time this condition can get used to and learn to walk.

Therefore, the Torah, too, did not take his eyes off her.

They were silent, and all around them was getting darker …

– Name ….

Torah thought misheard.

But it dropped the word red seagull.

The same red gull, all this time I try to speak as little as possible, despite the inquiries Torah and Akari, suddenly spoke up on his own. Apparently, she was tired or drilling gaze silently Torah or she is tired or her mood changed. Hard to tell.

– Name? – Asked the Torah, slightly leaning forward. – What’s the name?

– Your. Name.

– …A? Ah, I got it.

Before him, only now realized that he had not introduced himself.

– Someone else’s name. I asked. Himself. Do not introduced. Impolite, – said acidly red seagull.

– Hey … do not forget, you are a prisoner, – reminded her of the Torah. – You understand that in this situation of courtesy and equality of the question?

Red Seagull behaved somewhat arrogantly – perhaps, affected what she thought she was a real princess. Of course, the White Gull also regularly complained about the rudeness Torah, but did it very differently.

– Rude. Introduce yourself. I demand – I repeated stubbornly Seagull.

– Well, well, – Thor shrugged, knowing that trying to reach her useless. – I – the Torah. My sister – Akari, this is the girl who was here.

– Saboteurs …?

– What are you attentive – Thor grinned.

He specifically gave his name … but it was not so important, because she already knew who he was. Once she saw that he fights with throwing knives and stilettos-komboklinkov with chains attached to them, and not the weapons of ordinary soldiers and knights, she could easily guess about it.

– The unique weapon. Techniques – Seagull red eyes narrowed. – Subaru? ACURE?

– A lot of you know about us …

While there is nothing surprising in the fact that the warrior is aware of the two largest schools saboteurs.

– By the way – the Torah did not answer the question of red Seagulls and instead looked to the ground beside him. – Your weapon is also very rare.

Under the left arm Torah lay sheathed Serpentblade red Gulls.

– Where did you find these weapons and where he learned to use it?

Owning serpentine blade is difficult, hard to care for him.

It is known that the simplest and most durable weapon – it’s just a steel club. Serpentblade also has so many moving parts that it needs to be repaired after each battle, or he will break down quickly.

– …

– In silence? I thought it a secret does not necessarily hold.

Or with this snake blade connected a secret?

Red Seagull some time looking into the eyes of the Torah, and then abruptly looked away and threw:

– Memory. No.

– What? .. So you do not remember, or what?

“What is she faking it as a child?” &n

“No memory?”

Is White Gull is not talked about it yet?

Two girls calling themselves gulls, and both with amnesia.

“Of course, they are only two, and this can be attributed to chance, but …”

Is it a coincidence?

What they called themselves gulls, they sought the same and looked the same way – not so strange. But it is quite another thing, if they both have memory lapses. Daughters of Emperor Gaza do not have to suffer from amnesia.

“Or … it is still necessary to justify the discrepancies?”

What if white and red Seagull – a fake one?

They might well think that the questions on the topic of how they managed to survive the fall of the Empire and all subsequent years, may put them in an awkward position. However, if they insist that “lost memories” and “do not remember”, it is unlikely that anyone would try to find out.


“Similarities and differences…”

Seagull White – the magician.

Red Seagull – swordsman.

Their strikingly different skills. But if they are both presented heiress Gas, does their skills should not be the same?

Emperor Gas – famous magician, but also talked about him and what he consummate swordsman, able to overcome any master any country. In other words, by itself, the fact that this girl – swordsman, is not suspicious.

But why two seagulls so different from each other?

This is also a chance? And if there are other gulls … who are they? Magee? Sword? Someone else?

– …

Thor looked back on the red tea.

That is not going to give up, I looked back.

– …

– …

Yet for a while the Torah and red Seagull pointless drilled at each other.

And then…

– Watch out, brother! – There was a cry, and then – whoosh of flying metal.

– Ah ?!

Thor unwittingly demonstrating their agility and skill level, jumped back from a seated position, using only the ankles and knees, then rolled on the ground. And just in time. He felt the gun flashed right next to his head.

As soon as he turned forward, he saw that from the place where he had been sitting, sticking an iron hammer.

Of course, the handle of the hammer clutched Akari. She immediately pulled out their weapons, even stood up and said:

– I’m back, brother.

– Yeah, with a return … that is, ugh, what are you doing again ?! Each time the same! – She exclaimed Thor, rising to his feet.

– I barely had time to save you, – continued Akari, picturesquely wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Naturally, it was not the face of indifference and sweat track.

– To me who saved you from! I have many times those words mean!

– And what is worse – you yourself did not see the danger – Akari responded quite evenly.

– What are you talking about?

– Brother. Do you even realize that you are now doing?

– What?..

As he thought, after talking with the red Chaika he just looked at her.

– Did I do something strange?

– Have you looked into each other’s eyes.

– …A?

No, by “mutual drilling looks” really could pass for “looking into the eyes.”

– If you continue so look at each other … – Akari said, raising his finger, – to love was born between you.

– Love …? – Repeated red seagull, frowning as if he did not understand what it was about.

It is a natural reaction. But the Torah, accustomed to the antics Akari, he immediately said:

– Do you think that love comes so easy ?!

– In the eyes, looking at each other …

Akari looked off into the distance and spoke in verse.

But all the same indifferent voice.

– Flowers are born of love.

– What? There is no such.

– Brother. Why are you so sure?

– No no. This I have to ask you “why” you say – handed the Torah. – And in general, if love comes so easy, no one would because she did not suffer. People have fallen in love during the duels. And on the battlefield armies face each other in the eye.

– What’s wrong?

– What do you think is happening on the battlefield ?!

– Many men panting and looking at each other.

– … Well, no, it is something, of course, so, but … – Tohru felt that Akari had just smeared it for the battlefield, but it was not going to give up. – In short, it is nonsense.

– OK, bro. So, are you ready to swear that love and will arise from this not? – With these words Akari stood exactly in front of the Torah.

He did not just feel her breath – they are almost touching noses.

– Hey ?!

– Do not take your eyes brother – seemed to her such a situation is completely satisfied. – If you speak the truth, the pereglyadyvaniya even at this distance to nothing lead.

– Ah, well … n-well, yes?

– Of course, if you prove to me they are right, brother, I am happy to admit my mistake and apologize as you worship at his feet.

– No, you can not bow down to his feet.

– Then I lick them to you.

– And do not lick too right!

– Then … – Akari’s eyes widened so sharply that if the eyelids were able to click, make sure you have done it.- What do you want me to lick you ?!

– I do not know!

– This means that the entire body ?! Whole body, huh ?! Here are some rewards you ask, brother ?!

– Leave me alone already by the idea to lick me!

– Of course, I agree to the fact that I have licked you!

– I will not!

– So, brother.

Akari looked at him so intently and with such a short distance, as if about to perform in front of the hole the Torah. Of course, neither of which the nascent love in such circumstances there could be no question, but to look into the eyes of a person standing close unpleasant. Even if this person – your little sister.


– M! Brother, you looked away.

– You know …

– You lose, brother. Come on!

Akari spread her arms to the side, and on the face of it still was not a single emotion.

– What’s a “come on” ?!

– We agreed that the loser licks clean the body of the winner!

– About what you and I do not agree! – Toru cried so that he nearly severed blood vessels in the head. And then … – So … there, Akari?

Toru exhaled slowly, gradually knocking jumped up pressure.

– Well, – nodded Akari. She knew the Torah and knew that more fun is not over it, or he really gets mad. – The letter is lost.

– So, they really came back.

“Letter” Akari called Torah proposal to exchange hostages addressed to Spear Mercenary. “Up the river in the west, near the waterfall, tomorrow at sunset.” More in the letter does not mean anything to accidentally has found his man did not understand.

– And here it was, instead of the letter.

– ..

Akari pulled out his hair ornament in the shape of a butterfly.

He wore on his head a white seagull. Most likely their opponents returned to the “Svetlana”, thinking about the same thing, about which the Torah.

– Hail – Toru said, turning to red tea. – Looks like your friends you have not given up.

– Of course … – she replied with an injured views.


People, for the most part, can not move across the plain faster horse.

Why, almost all four-legged animals are able to run faster than a human. People who try to beat them, forced to rely on machines and magical engines. Coaches and athletes are inferior in speed of wild horses, and just because of the excess weight of the person.

Does this mean that a person will never be able to overtake a wagon or a car on my own two feet?

It turns out that it can, under certain conditions.

How easy carts and cars go over the plain, is as hard to them to cross bumps and steep slopes. In other words, when on their way there or mountain ravine, they are forced to make a considerable detour.

However, some people have skills that allow them to move to the target along the shortest road. They climb the mountain, slide to the bottom of the ravine, and use all sorts of devices in order not to collapse from its path. Initially, these techniques developed hunters and trackers.

Perfectly owned by them and scout Leonardo for a couple with a magician Mateus.

And also, most likely … those people whom they pursued.

Around Perimeralya full of mountains, which severely limit the routes trucks and carts. If Seagulls squad ran away, leaving the car, you probably went straight into the mountains, fearing persecution by the Gillette group.

– … By the way, Mr. Matthews.

For a long time Leonardo Matheus walked in silence, but then Leonardo suddenly remembered something and spoke.

– What? – Said Mateus climbing the hill.

For himself, he was carrying a bag, in which folded Gundo, as well as many stores to single missions – food, ropes, steel and so on. The bag was going for hikes with overnight stays and out very heavy.

– Remember, we discussed the fact that “The Seagull” call themselves a few girls?

Leonardo was also light.

He had with him did not have anything resembling baggage, and he was right behind Matheus so easily, as if it does not slope.

Of course, Matthews – also an experienced climber, and his movement can not be called clumsy, Leonardo simply walking down the mountain carelessly, as if on a city street, causing worry.

– Was the case – confirmed Mateus.

According to a just “Kleeman” self-appointed Gulls had a few, and some have already caught or the agency itself or other organizations.

It is an indisputable fact, as described in the reports. But…

– But while he was alive emperor gas, no one knew anything about her daughter, not even his wife.

– Still, the Empire carefully guarded its secrets.

Empire Gas more concealed not only from other states, but also from its people, especially when it came to the emperor. Furthermore, most of the subjects of the Empire had never seen the Emperor alive and knew him only from pictures and statues … and according to rumors in his eyes did not see even the people who worked in the castle.

There are speculations that the “Arthur Gas” – nothing more than the image and name of the people who make the ascent to the throne of the Empire. It may not be the same person to live and rule the country for more than three centuries.

Because of this secrecy, the townsfolk did not even know whether there is the emperor’s wife and daughter, not to mention how they look.

And yet…

– Have you ever wondered … about why all of a sudden, five years after his death surfaced name “Seagull”?

Leonardo spoke so casually, as if the conversation was about sheer nonsense.

– I do not give rest. All that we know about it – it’s silver hair and violet eyes. And the fact that the same hair and eyes at the Emperor of the Damned.

– It is, however, also anecdotal reports.

Of all the people living outside the Empire Gas, the emperor saw only the very special detachment from the “eight characters”. Officially, they say that they have left no trace of the corpse, and, but in fact each of the “Heroes” took away a part of the remains. But be that as it may, the emperor still nobody saw.

The same silver hair and violet eyes remained only in portraits.

– Truth is only known heroes.

– … Are we wrong somewhere at a fundamental level?

– Wrong? – Matheus stopped and turned to Leonardo.

The animal’s ears twitched slightly Leonardo, and the tail began to wiggle (which happened every time he thought). Then he said:

“Gull” more. Therefore, we believe that among them one real and the other fake … but is it?

– What? – He held Mateus, frowning. – Got it. Do you think they can be a fake one?

– That, too.


– It may be, and vice versa, – Leonardo shrugged.

– On the contrary .. – Mateus clearly did not understand the meaning of his words. – What are you talking about? You mean, they’re all real?

– Yes, – to his surprise, Leonardo immediately confirmed the hunch.

– …

Matheus sadly looked at him.

Then a long sigh, as if to say “I told you what played up?” And walked on.

– Well, just to name all these perhaps too much – said Leonardo, too, kept walking. – But what do you think on the fact that this may be a few?

– Complete nonsense.

– But still … it is possible that “The Seagull” as “Arthur Gas” – is not a name, but a kind of title, – with these words of Leonardo Mateus overtaken, turned to face him and went backwards.

– … – Matheus squinted.

– Apart from the usual cheats, some caught Gulls committed suicide, because of what they really could not interrogate.

Agency “Kleeman” really has already managed to catch a few “Gulls”. And some of them are really committed suicide before they were questioned, and therefore know little about them.

– It may be that all of them – the real “Seagull”?

– In short … – Matheus said slowly, digesting the words on the go. – You say that all the daughters of the Emperor of the Damned Seagulls name ..?

– Well, roughly speaking, yes. I think about whether it’s possible … – Leonardo confirmed.

Although he walked back down the mountain road full of obstacles, but it is not to lose balance.

– The emperor in fact it may well be a harem of two dozen women, is not it? All of them could have at one and the same time, and all the daughters could be called Seagull. In this case, all of them – are real.

Often kings, to think about the heirs acquire multiple wives, resulting in a score of princes and princesses can go to the top ten. Sometimes they are brought up in secrecy apart from each other in order to protect potential successors from murderers and political intrigue.

In addition, the common belief that to understand the Cursed Emperor common system of values, including the emotions and traditions, it is impossible. It is likely, he always considered their children solely as “the future of the emperors” and raised accordingly.

– As for the silver hair and violet eyes – you can play them on the same technology, which produced mixed blood, is not it? At the very least, change eye color and hair seems much more simple achievement, rather than the creation of men with animal ears and tails. And if Arthur Gas tried to create a successor, it might well be tempted to his daughter looked convincing.

– So you think … that he changed the face of their children even before they are born?

– People – such creatures that can throw “morality” in the face of benefits – Leonardo smiled slightly.

His face, still resembles a child’s face, ran a shadow.

For Leonardo … mongrel, whose mother had sold him when he was still in her womb, these words had a very heavy sense. But…

– Do you regret it? – Said Mateus. – What if you’re right? Then you begin to sympathize with this Seagulls?

– I? What do you – Leonardo grinned and shook his head. – From these feelings I have for a long time there was nothing left.

– … I guess I’ll have to tell you this, – said Mateus and his tattooed face darkened.

Once he was a monk in the monastery of the mountain … but when he frowned, then looked so severely that he resembled a “former bandit.” It’s hard not to notice the threat from his marred face.

– Your powers of observation and shrewdness really commendable.

– Thank you, – thanked him with Leonardo nonchalantly.

– But that does not negate the fact that you’re still a boy.

– …

– So behave like a boy – get angry, cry, laugh. Not here depict enlightened. You deprive working adults like us.

– …

Smile Leonardo did not even flinch.

She clung to his face like a mask.

– Yes, you know, man?

– Yes, you know, baby?

– …

Leonardo could not think of a response.

– I do not care, Blood you or someone else. You’re still a boy. You have the privilege – you can enjoy open, angry, sad, and joy. The value of this privilege realize only when you lose it.

Matthews said in a low voice. It seemed as if he threatens to Leonardo, rather than lecturing.

– … And so when you start to feel sorry for her, bring her back anymore.

– … – Leonardo for some time, surprised looking at Mateus, and then … – It’s hard to believe how much you love to read instructions.

– It’s not that I love or not. I said what I need – parried Matheus.

– …

Leonardo moved again for Mateus back.

And then they went on silently walk up the hill.


There was a low moan.

Seagull woke up in a corner of the hut was plunged into darkness.

It was well after midnight, and was standing inside with the windows closed izbenki darkness reigned. Seagull blinked and waited for his eyes a few times to get used to it … but all she succeeded – fuzzy silhouettes around.

– We … we …

The groans were still ongoing.

Sometimes came a rustle. Someone was moving.

– Selma ..?

Seagull is not immediately determined who owned the voice … too groan did not comply with a cold-blooded nature of this girl. Her anguished voice trembled now and then, and it seemed to be heard undisguised emotion.


– Do not pay attention – suddenly heard another voice.

This she identified immediately. David.

– Since it is a constant.

– Constantly?

– Approximately every three days.

David’s words sounded as if he had long to live with it.

Of course, in the dark gull could not see any faces David nor his own.

– I’m sure she was reminded again how our unit was killed.

– …

Seagull remembered the words of Selma.

“Shortly after our unit was killed …”

In other words, Selma lost all his comrades.

Naturally, Seagull did not know how it happened. But if even a few years later the memories visited her so often … it certainly was a terrible tragedy.

After her nightmare continued even after the war ended.

– David … too?

– A? Yes … I was with her in the same unit, – a voice was heard from somewhere in the darkness.

Then a while back heard only groans Selma …

– Just … I do not know why we call it “detachment.” After all, once we were village – David continued to ease, as if these words suddenly came to his mind. – A village on the border of the country, where they lived mainly hunters but loggers. That’s only during the war borders are often shifted.

Moreover, often the boundaries are expanded and compressed several times.

And in this case … the question arises, what about those people who live on the border.

More often than not, to gain a foothold in the new territory, the country sought to flood the village seized by settlers … and they inevitably come into conflict with the local population. And because the problem of immigrants included the protection of the new border, among them is a lot of aggressive and armed to the teeth of people.

As a result … the new inhabitants sometimes used violence and started to rob and kill the old.

Often the indigenous inhabitants left their homelands for fear it.

It seems that David Selma lost our home that way.

Not knowing where to go, they were trying to find a new place. Then, to earn a livelihood, they have started to help the troops … and as a result, all have come to regard them as mercenaries.

– In our village there were many good climbers. So it turned out that we can work trackers. So we lived, wandering and helping the troops.

At its core, trackers – just working in the forest people who have become soldiers.

Unlike ordinary soldiers, they relied on the terrain to ambush. They know how elusive soldiers capable of driving the enemy troops by the nose. Sometimes they have committed tracking and destroying enemy trackers.

– Of course, newcomers, like us, could not suddenly become mercenaries … but we had a good teacher.

Together with them in the village lived an old retired military.

When they were expelled from their homes, he assembled the villagers, taught them things that would have helped them to become mercenaries, and even coached. As a result, the villagers turned to David squad of elite mercenaries. During the flight from the countryside, they lost a lot of people, but because of training were able to live on.

– We owe the coffin of life father. We are all grateful to him. Without it, we’d all drop dead in the wild lands or have stumbled on the army, which would have pereubivala. Therefore, we owe much to him, – said David, remembering the past. – We decided that once it is sure to pay off the debts. But he laughed and shook his head. “It is better to pay off someone else. I once said so, too. So I you and taught. “

He gave them these words as the children pass the instructions of parents grandchildren.

Someone someone help, so that he could help someone else.

This helping hand … can stretch very far.

Actions of this person helped to survive to the next generation, and to instill in them the same freedom. Even if one day he was killed, his life would have turned out to be neither vain nor meaningless.

– But it does not matter whether we were going to pay the price with his father or with the “next generation” … almost all of our dead and not returning the debt. And the father too.

The chain was broken. Gone into oblivion those who were supposed to pass knowledge on. The sense of loss.

And then…

– Survived only we Selma. Therefore…

David took a short pause, as if hesitating.

Perhaps he regretted that too much said.

– We needed someone. Someone “next” to the life of the father of all living in our village were not in vain.

– Red Seagull?

– Yes … – David recognized surprisingly straight. – Frankly speaking, we would be amiss anyone. We have hung a huge debt, which we could not pay. We wanted to find someone, anyone, who would be able to share with us this burden. And then we suddenly encountered a seagull.

Lonely fallen princess of the country, trailing behind a coffin. Without friends. Without memory.

Undoubtedly, David and Selma decided that “paid off” with it, because otherwise she would probably have lived long.

– …

Seagull blinked and tried to see into the room.

But she saw only the dim outline of the figure of David, and the person has not seen. She did not even know whether he or she is sitting looking back.

– After the war … – he whispered softly Seagull.

The long war left behind. But it was so long and so much influence on people’s lives … that her time was born a lot of those who have trampled on the ground, unable to step into the future.

Gull. Torah and Akari. David and Selma.

Let everyone has their own story, they all – hostages of war yesterday.

– …

yesterday hostages fought with each other, trying to take away the remains.

Although … may, in fact, the war is still not over.


Water roared without stopping.

Spray resembled the rising smoke and filled the air with coolness. Despite the clear weather, stood the last few days, there is always wet, like after a rain.

It’s a waterfall.

Forest trail, which rightly fit the word “animal”, took place just past the waterfall pool, then again went to the mountain forest.

– Well … – I dropped the Torah on the move, looking back.

Right behind him were red and Akari Seagull. Hands tied behind last. Paralyzing needle pulled out, and she was. However, after a day with reduced feelings she still went to work.

– So, the exchange of hostages … – he had heard the sound of water and felt her scent. – The problem is the magician.

– Yeah, – Akari nodded.

We can not exclude that the magician was going to attack them during the exchange.

As for the unit Gillette, they specifically chose a place where no one will call in the car, not to worry … but on the other hand, to hide on this path easy. Sure, the mage opponents have sat down in a secluded place and aimed at Gundo squad Torah.

– In which case the act on the plan.

– As you say, – said Akari, hand on heart.

And then…

– …ABOUT. Here we are, then. Fine, fine.

Spear was already waiting at the waterfall.

to him stood a seagull with his hands strapped to his body with a rope. As soon as she saw the Torah as her face lit up.

– Thor! Akari!

– Are you okay? – Toru decided not to respond to Spear.

– OK! Complete! – Seagull exclaimed, jumping in place.

Although the Torah and felt relieved he did not relax and stared around.

“So. And where is this magician? .. “

If their opponents would be able to overcome the Torah and Akari, it would have received and gulls, and remains, without any exchange of hostages. Thor did not believe that they are really going to be honest change.

– That’s when I somehow disappointed – lancer tapped his shoulder and grinned. – I thought that once you have chosen a place, then at least a couple of traps put.

– Wow, a self-confident, – said Thor with an ironic view. – Do you think the traps ‘no’ simply because you have not found them?

– And then – immediately responded spear.

Apparently, the magician has already carefully examine all.

Toru closely followed the gaze and thought spearmen.

“Large-scale or standard spell trap can harm and red Seagull”.

Therefore, if the magician at this very moment was hiding and was planning an attack, then obviously not prepared mass destruction spell.

“So, it is aiming a fatal blow.”

For any precision magic desirable good review.

Therefore … places where there may lurk a magician, not so much.


“Where are you…”

Torah has already noticed a silhouette Gundo, lurking among the trees in a small distance.

In general, sudden attacks from the shelter – Specialization just saboteurs.

Toru advance posted small surprises in places where he would hide.

But it is not a trap, but simply poorly secured a handful of twigs and leaves … which is easy to determine that a person passed on the road. Now he had only to check whether the “surprises” have worked, and on their basis to understand what happened to the magician.

And it does not trap prepared deliberately.

He hoped to lull opponents.

Thor guessed that spear and his friend in advance make sure you have the pitfalls … and if they suddenly something will be able to find, then the exchange may withdraw. In addition, there is a considerable chance that the trap will not get the enemy, and the white gull.

“Magus, I found … I guess. Maybe he’s smarter than I thought. “

What if he had not found himself a magician, and like him a bait?

There is a way of distraction – set bait somewhere in a visible place. Perhaps the Torah saw her again, but meanwhile the magician hid in another place. Of course, to deal with such a distance, the man or not, he could not even.

“That’s why I do not like to fight against the magicians” – mentally complained to the Torah, still staring at the opponent.

– So … what about our Seagull there? OK? – With curiosity in his voice he asked spear.

– … Of course – he replied with a few red Seagull offended views.

– Yeah, well, really well. I still can not find the place itself, I thought, if you do not try, do not humiliate Lee. I see you surprisingly well treated.

Warlord nodded flourish.

It is difficult to say whether he could not find a place … Anyway, he spoke as if he wanted to be humiliated and tortured.

– How dare you, – said … oddly enough, Akari.

It is, as always, looked indifferent, but I heard a slight resentment in her voice.

– My brother never would not humiliated and tortured hostage!

– … Hey, you – quietly said Toru, looking at his sister’s eye. – Who are all advised me there to torture her?

Moreover, she said, as if the Torah had for torture unhealthy interest.

– I can, but when other people say so, it’s annoying.

– Something is somehow … – sadly handed the Torah.

– Okay, it’s not important – continued spear sweep shoulders. – “The Seagull” Let’s change.

– Yeah, let’s – said Toru and stepped sideways.

Akari pushed Seagull red, and she took three steps forward.

And then…

– So, wait, – Spearman, squinting said. – What it is?

– Just in case, – he said the Torah and lightly tapped the back of a red Gulls.

… It was a small backpack. On one side of him stretched the cord, the hand goes to the Torah.

– What? Present, or what?

– Yeah. Take it, do not hesitate – Thor grinned, baring his teeth.

Let him only win back the vile scoundrel, a word of this, however, took a threatening tone.

– It is gunpowder made personally my esteemed sister.

– …What? – Naturally, there spearman was unable to hold back a surprise.

– If you try to shoot us in the exchange, or we fall into the trap, I pull the cord. We are all organized so that this powder turns. Of course, the red Seagull with tear to shreds. Actually … there is so much of gunpowder that tear us all.

– …

Lancer squinted and looked at the red tea.

She nodded briefly.

She acknowledged the veracity of the words the Torah.

While they were here, the Torah gave her a small demonstration with a pinch of gunpowder. Naturally, after the news that they have with a powder, it does not even doubt that the powder is filled and a backpack, which she put on.

– You’re kidding – handed spear. – You are then themselves …

– We – saboteurs, remember? – Toru smiled. – Who do you think you are dealing? We, saboteurs, cheaply sell their lives and the lives of the enemy in order to fulfill the goal. If you kill us, you probably will finish off and a white seagull. So, we will die together.

– Oh, you … you do everything right in the head? – At the spearmen clearly twitching eye.

– How much do I repeat? – With a smile said Toru. – We – saboteurs.

Of all people, and the mercenaries should definitely be heard about the saboteurs.

They need to know about these fighters special purpose non-standard system of values that can easily take up a job that does not want to perform the traditional knights.

“Dogs” and even “mongrel” That’s why they were called.

Some feared that title, considering that saboteurs have superhuman powers.

– We know that you have at least three. Naturally, we noticed that you have a mage. I do not know where he was hiding, but he certainly intends to kill us, and that you have taken away our Seagull and our “remains”, – the Torah said, looking around.

– … – Of course, the spear did not.

– And in any case I would say that we’re a little worked and over the remains. If you will take half a day, but we do not go back, work the bomb.

Despite the fact that in everyday life has entered the use of mechanical timers, saboteurs, such as the Torah, the method is easier. The timer can be done with candles and rope: when the candle burned enough, then set fire to the rope, and that in turn – gunpowder.

– In the end, nothing will be left of the remains. What it tells your “Seagull”?

Thor looked at the red tea.

As she stood back to him, he did not see her reaction.

But the “collection” remains extremely important to her. Judging by the hatred she felt for the “other Seagull”, collecting the remains, it is akin to the meaning of life.

– Oh … – complained handed spear.

And that’s fine. When people are angry, you make mistakes. However, if too annoy him, the exchange does not take place, so you need to know and measure.

– Let’s first exchange the hostages. What will happen then … then we’ll decide.

– … TN – tsoknuv language spearman looked first at the Torah, then at Akari, then the red Seagull … – Okay.

Then he nudged the white tea.

– Um … – she replied briefly and strode forward.

However, it went ahead and red Seagull. Naturally, her still stretched unwound cord that was holding the other end of the Torah.

The cord was thin, and as soon as the red gull have reached the spearmen, who could cut through it without difficulty.

– Go ahead, – said Torah after red tea.

That, in response to a moment turned …

– …

And she opened her mouth as if to say something.

– What?

– …

But it said nothing.

Again turning forward, red seagull walked toward the Lancer.

The distance between the Seagulls gradually decreased. 30 steps.

Two srebrovlasye girl walked towards each other.

And here…

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language!

– ..

Seagulls dumbfounded frozen.

At the same time the Torah and Akari drew their weapons.

The voice was not human, but he clearly was reading spell.

– Fail ?! – Said the spearman.

But it turned out…

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language!

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language!

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language!

– Uh, hey-hey-hey!

What is happening amazed everyone.

Feil is not one and not two. It seems that they were surrounded.

– Kokatrisy ?! – Dull said the Torah. – Poor … too many of them.

Feil dangerous in themselves, but what is even worse – they still have not seen them.

Exactly where they had taken refuge – is unclear, but it is well hidden kokatris even dangerous magician.

Auta, Maag, photochemical!

Auta, Maag, photochemical!

Auta, Maag, photochemical!

And in the next moment …

On all sides collapsed iridescent line.



So called beasts, capable of using magic.

On Ferbiste there are seven known species Feil, each of which has a strong magic. On the one hand, people are afraid of these unusual creatures, even more than the tigers and wolves … and on the other, they are often used as a living weapon. To do this, use magic or mind control, or just conclude with Fail “contract”.

Under the control often take “ortorosov”, turning them into fighting dogs.

The contracts concluded with the “Dragoons” to join the ranks of the riders on the dragoons.

In any case, that are capable of using magic feil already fundamentally distinguishes them from all other animal. In general, they should not even treat animals – this is a special category of living beings, which only takes a shape resembling animals, lizards, birds, amphibians and so on.

Kokatrisy considered the weakest of the Feil.

If we compare them with the rest of Feil, the kokatrisy have neither impressive size or vitality. If we compare them with conventional animals, then they will give up resistance, even cats and dogs.

However, the danger posed by Feil, is not proportional to their size …

Magic, which is owned by these creatures, could easily wipe out any attempt to compare the strength of animals. Feil Magic is not as diverse as human … and therefore more frightening. It is as primitive as strong.

And specifically kokatrisy owned magic …

Auta, Maag, photochemical!

Once finished kokatrisy cast spells, their crests lit up.

In size they resembled most owls. About them resembled huge bulging eyes and a head that can be turned completely on soft necks.

However, unlike the owls on their heads kokatrisov grew crests.

In general, the “ridges” the authorities called for their similarity with cockscomb, although in fact it was probably the horns. This long growing body of neck and shining blue when kokatrisy used magic. Such magical authorities also have other Feil: unicorns in this horn, and at ortorosov – side of the head.

The faces appeared kokatrisov magical diagrams.

They turned slightly, and then abruptly emitted rays of rainbow light, pierced the void.

However, they were not included on its original goals, instead hitting into the lake at the base of the waterfall.

Their goal – the young saboteur – quickly dodged the attack. In fact, avoid getting magic attack is possible if you know exactly what it is aiming at you. This is one of the reasons why the mages useless in close combat.

Rainbow light touched the surface of the water.

And then…

– An eerie sight – said Leonardo.

He sat on a long branch of a huge tree that grew some distance from the waterfall. On the other side of the trunk of it is located Mateus, compressed in Gundo hands.

– Maybe, like animals and they are weak … – I muttered Mateus.

His voice and face almost did not express emotions, because a large part of his mind was engaged in maintaining the mind control spell. The fact that Mateus all have the strength to talk while driving dozen kokatrisov, indicating its originality.

– … But their “look” – a deadly weapon.

Leonardo Matheus and watched as the water started to jump out of the fish.

This in itself is, perhaps, not such a terrible sight.

But fish do not just jump out of the water – they alone were thrown on shore. It seemed as if they were running on the water.

And as soon as they touch the ground, they immediately died away, and calmed down only continued gasping for air.

Magic kokatrisov.

Poison magic.

They hunt with poison. Moreover, a specific poison, acting on the nerves.

kokatrisov Magic used the scattered elements in the air for the synthesis of liquid venom, which they then was fired under tremendous pressure. These creatures had neither fangs nor claws, but were able to shoot poison. And with such force, that these streams can pierce the skin of a human or animal.

But the main thing … this “poison” had a terrible effect.

In the affected human or animal swapped feelings of pain and pleasure. Apparently, something mixed up in their brains. This condition can be compared with the sudden intoxication, but it is much, much worse. Every breath felt suffocation, every sip of water gives a feeling of unbearable burning. The sensation comes chaos.

Naturally, in such a state, even a person or animal to stand still will be difficult.

In the end, kokatrisy raid on an exhausted and fell unconscious prey and tearing her flesh their weak beaks.It is said that the pain of gradual anguish felt pleasure and ecstasy, and the victim dies with a smile, tears of happiness, and dripping with saliva.

The behavior of fish can also be explained by the fact that in their heads water and air are reversed. They began to jump out of the water, for fear of “drowning”.

By sheer destructive power of magic much more powerful than other Feil.

But perhaps worst of all for the victims – fall under the impact of this particular magic.

– I think he can evade them. Let this “look”, the Rays still do not consist of light.

– But a lot of them. It is unlikely that he will be able to dodge forever. Kokatrisov The beauty is that they can not play too long and accidentally kill the enemy.

By itself, the magic kokatrisov not cause fatal injuries.

Of course, the shock that accompanies the mayhem in sensations, could cause a heart attack or the victim may bite his tongue, but in practice this rarely happens. Let the victim of this spell, and will writhe in agony, but do not lose a drop of blood.

– And it’s perfect. Since we kill them we can not, then to crawl on the ground and weep, – said Mateus with a sinister grin.


– Ty!

He clicked his Torah and raised komboklinki.

“Views” kokatrisov aimed precisely at his face, caught in stilettos and sprayed.

From the previous attack, he jumped.

However, dodge attacks, flying from all sides, it is impossible.

And then…

– ..

Red Seagull shrank his shoulders.

Directly in front of her nose flying “look” kokatrisa.

“If I do it is stuck …”

If he tries to protect the red Seagull … then evade attacks will become even more difficult. And if you miss at least one beam, it can no longer fight.

Naturally, the Torah is not obliged to protect the red tea. I not obliged to, but …

“These kokatrisy …”

Tohru glanced in the direction of the waterfall.

On the fish jumping out of the water at its base.

Magic kokatrisov need them for hunting. So, immediately after this volley must run against vyprygnuvshy fish … but sinister figures Feil next to them was not.

The ability to use magic meant that kokatrisy not stupid baby.

Either they thought the Torah and the rest of the “obstacle” that prevented a meal … Or …

“They are run?”

There are spells that can take control of the mind objective.

Using them is quite difficult, because they do not work against those who has a fairly high level of intelligence … But if you lower it drugs, alcohol, fatigue or any other way, then you can take control of even the human mind.

Kokatrisy perfectly suited to the purpose for submission. So … probably somewhere nearby hiding man to aim them in the Torah and ignore the fish ashore.

“Alberic Gillette! ..”

The detachment of the knight at least two magicians.

If one of these magicians capable of managing kokatrisami and attack with them, went in front of the detachment, the detachment of the Torah no time to lose. The magician, able to subdue the beasts for battle, and can use them in order to alert the rest of the squad.

And Alberic, and Nicholas, and Vivi – strong fighters. If the battle and they will intervene more chances of winning squad Torah disappear meet.

– Thor! – Yelled the white gull, which lancer immediately drew her to him.

Thor was too busy evading toxic “views” kokaktrisov … but it seems that it is engaged, and they are. Anyway, kokatrisam obviously do not care what kind of Seagull shelling. Neither of which the exchange of hostages can now be no question.

– Heck!

Warlord immediately caught Seagull with one hand and prepared to run.

Auta, Maag, photochemical!

Iridescent eyes flew back to the Lancer.

Whatever may be the miniature gull, the man never would and could not dodge a volley, and to keep it …

– Seagull! – Exclaimed the Torah.

And in the next moment …


The explosion of water beneath them responded in the abdomen.

In the air soared clouds of steam. Spilled splashes.


Thor did not know to which class it belongs to, but most likely, it’s the magic of the explosive type, directed into the lake. And it forces a lot invested.

Magic support.

Naturally, the couple has not touched the invisible kokatrisov and served as a veil.

Surely the magician that has performed in tandem with the lancers could shoot a couple kokatrisov, but instead decided to block their view, to protect his friend. Kokatrisy was fired poisonous spray exactly where watched. Magical aiming worked very well, but immediately becomes useless as soon as the review is deteriorating.

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language! Auta, Maag, photochemical!

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language! Auta, Maag, photochemical!

Aam, tedey, Haytham tandem Amto language! Auta, Maag, photochemical!

The air flashed iridescent line.

But the fog of steam still did not give them to aim. Looks kokatrisov then fell into a falling drop, it is not clear where all flew away.

– I Escaped already .. – muttered the Torah, hearing the tramp of feet receding.

He wanted to throw himself into the chase, but no time for it.

Kokatrisy like mad and let the views in all imaginable directions.

Thor barely dodged them, and then by the use of stilettos, when suddenly …

– Weapons! – There was a loud cry of seagulls red. – Return … required!

– …

Thor has sent one of the stilettos at her and waved to them.

And snare her rope and cord from the backpack immediately loosened and fell to the ground.

And at the same time …

– Akari! Exploding!

– Well, – she responded to the cry of the Torah.

At the same time Thor grabbed the cord, which stretches from the backpack red Gulls, and yanked it.

Wham !!!

Backpack severed.

But the explosion was very weak. For a moment, a backpack … and then ballooned out of it escaped no flames and a lot of white smoke. This veil has turned several times more dense fog.

Initially, they were going to take this veil if the exchange of hostages go wrong, but …

– Weapons!

– …

Thor took from his belt Serpentblade and threw his red tea.

Now it is all the same.

At the Lancer is a magical support. If the magician and will hide a mercenary out of sight, he will be able to escape without a fight. But a detachment of the Torah could not leave this place without defeating kokatrisov. If they managed to Gillette squad, they will not let them precisely.

– Thank you … – Seagull threw red and smiled over his shoulder.

And it was the first clear smile, which is the Torah saw on her face.

And in the next moment …

– ..

She twirled in place and activated Serpentblade.

Unusual weapon dramatically lengthened several times, and like a jigsaw blade spun together with the hostess. Then he flew to the Torah as if to wrap around it and cut through.

– ..

Toru almost reflexively raised komboklinki, intending to reflect the impact.

But … snake attack blade suddenly changed its direction and flew past him.

This is one of the techniques generated a link between komboklinkom and owner. Wind in the air komboklinok struck one of kokatrisov, just to break through the veil.

Photo … BHO-oh-oh-oh ?!

I do not have time to read kokatris spell as blade blade snake wound around it.

And in the next instant the blade sharply uzhalsya to its original size, severing kokatrisa into many slices. In the air rose feathers and bird feil fell to the ground with a wet sound.

Killing with one blow. And even wound, inflicted such a blade is very difficult to mend.

– For now. Fight. Temporary truce – said Red Seagull persuasive voice.

I’m sure she thought she had saved the Torah.

– …As you say.

Torah could only nod.

An unexpected battle within a smokescreen.

Smoke protected them from kokatrisov concentrated attack, but at the same time not give to see where these kokatrisy appear. So, can only wait and watch closely, to bring down kokatrisa appeared before he has time to put things on them “look”.

– Damn … well, a mess, – said Thor, throwing komboklinki.

Then he peered from whence came the last “look”, and really – seemed new kokatris which Torah deftly cut off the head.

– Brother! – Akari exclaimed, looking at the veil.

Torah. Akari. And Seagull.

They stood back to back with arms to throw up.

– We need to get out – threw Torah Akari over his shoulder. – But the type that manages these Feil, we will not release. Therefore, we can only pereubivat them all. And for that … we have a truce with red Chaika.

– …Good.

For a moment, Akari frowned, as if to say something, but quickly realized that this is no time to argue, and nodded.

Hitsugi no Chaika
Vol. 4 Chapter 3