Hitsugi no Chaika
Vol. 4 Chapter 4

Author: Sakaki Ichirou
Source: Imported

The neighborhood looked Falls nightmare.

Everywhere lay lacerated corpses of creatures similar to birds, and near the water lay dead fish. The air was filled with the smell of blood. Most likely the blood of all these bird carcasses.

In fact, these remains can not safely be called bird – their mutilated so that the bird they have nothing left.Some have chopped into pieces, others cut off the head, in the third gaped huge holes … It’s hard to believe your eyes when they show a number of unnatural-looking fixed carcasses.

It seems that there was heavy rain – soaked and earth and trees. The leaves glistened with drops, and under his feet now and then come across a puddle.

What happened here?

– Hmm … – held a large mercenary named Nicholas, his hands on his hips and looked around.

He, as usual, came in a sturdy leather armor and large komboklinkom, but not limited to – with him he took daggers, chains and so much more. In other words, he was armed to the teeth, as if ready at any moment to be on the battlefield.

The same can be said for all who came to him.

– What is the …

Alberic in addition to its usual sword hung two shorter blade on the belt, and the protection of vital organs plate shields. By the back he tied a helmet with a large nalobnik that could quickly put on after the start of the battle. In this mountainous area with heavy equipment is better not to move – perhaps if they were on the plain, he would and did come in full armor.

Vivi, at first glance, looked, as usual, but she had hidden under her clothes twice more tools than ever. Even Zita rarely wore combat gear, came to light armor and Gundo.

Alberic everyone else rushed here as soon as they got in touch with Matheus.

More specifically, one of the birds, which he took control, flew to the “April” with a note containing the text “we found Seagull” and the description of the terrain.

Troop Gillette hurry here with the intention this time still catch her.

Their heavy equipment showed determination and willingness to ensure that this fight can intervene dragoons.


– Kokatrisy … – Zita said dully, looking round the scattered remains. – To be honest, the first time I see them with my own eyes.

– Come in, feil … they are dangerous … but kokatrisy – especially – Nicholas added.

Let maddening “look” kokatrisov not fatal, but it is a very long-range weapons, effectively resist that people can perhaps with the help of magic. Besides kokatrisy hunt in groups, and to escape from them is very difficult.

Therefore, it was thought that most people can not survive the meeting with kokatrisami, and the only way to see them and stay alive – to look from a distance, without attracting their attention. However, this advice fits all Feil.

– I’m sure they ran Matheus – Nikolai sat down and took one of his fingers mangled carcasses. – They could not meet here by accident?

– That’s right – confirmed Zita.

– And … apparently, they won the very saboteurs? – Said Alberic, too, dropping to one knee.

He had some time frowning at the remains kokatrisov, and then …

– Nicholas.

– Yes?

– Something about those corpses of me …

– Yes. They are a little strange, – said Nicholas, taking his hand in one of the carcasses kokatrisov … or rather part of it.

– These wounds will not leave the stylet and hammer.

– What could it be? The incisions are surprisingly tough.

– Saw? Is this not.

Alberic and Nicholas looked at each other

Then it came back to the figure and examined the remains of …

– Most likely it Serpentblade – Vivi said. – I saw the wounds of such blades. They look exactly alike.

– Serpent Blade – it’s … – frowning said Nikolay, rising – a sword, a strange shape that is used for surprise attacks?

– Yes. they can not cut anything properly, but this is an extremely dangerous weapon in the sense that it can strike, which the enemy does not expect – Vivi replied with a sour smile. – Small blade used and Assassins.However, we often call them “cutting whips.”

– Hmm … – he handed Alberic, putting a finger to podborodku.- Then it turns out that the saboteurs used Serpentblade?

– Saboteurs using very different weapons. So it is quite possible.

The knights and swordsmen get used to something one.

But the commandos are ready to fight even chosen the path of a stone, if required.

– But … if you look at the other corpses, the visible and the wound from the stiletto, and injuries from hammers. Hammer – a two-handed weapon, and the wounds from stilettos obviously applied with two hands. In such a rapidly weapons are not interchangeable …

– Be that as it may, the fact that we were late.

Alberic stood up and looked around.

– It seems – Nicholas shrugged.

Whether those killed kokatrisov saboteurs on behalf of the Torah and Akari, or someone else, there is now no one is left.

There was no Mateus Leonardo who obviously came here.

– Even if one of them set off in pursuit of the Seagull, I thought, the second will be to tell us what had happened.

– But perhaps … – Zita thoughtfully bowed her head and put a finger to his forehead. – It took two objectives, and each pursued its …

– Even someone with snake sword? – Held Alberic.

– Sounds reasonable. Kokatrisov were many, and they were ambushed. Had only three opponents, they would have won – Nicholas agreed. – In any case, since it is still Matheus and Leonardo, they certainly left us with a message.

– Check the surrounding area. Zita, Vivi, you return to the “April”. They may send news there. We look for Nikolai something here and then come back.

– You get the idea.

Both girls squad Gillette nodded in unison.


She blinked a few times.

– Oh? What is that?

Question it sounded innocent … but he did not answer.

The people to whom she spoke, could not miss it, because they did not sleep, and even more did not die.That’s just they are so tired that did not want to answer.

Torah. Akari. And the red gull.

All of them were sitting on the curb of the street, cluttered with dilapidated houses. to them was “Svetlana”, still half covered with stones.

They, though with difficulty, still managed to beat kokatrisov and run … After the battle at the Falls has been more than half a day. Attack of birds using the stilettos and the hammer is not so simple. To win the dozen kokatrisov, they spent a lot of time.

Although she could not know about it.

– …

A girl by the name of Frederick in turn took in his interlocutors eyes red eyes.

Finally, she looked at the red Seagull and asked:

– Seagull, you hair cut?

– Hey … – angrily said Toru. – You do that, it seems as if it is the same gull that before?

– M? Well, because it’s seagull? – Frederick asked, puzzled.

– Ah look. It’s a different man.

– True? – Frederick again inspected the Seagull … but her face remained blank. – Same silver hair and violet eyes.

– So, yes, but …

– Legs two, two hands, too.

– All people like that! We, unlike you, do not know how to turn!

– Oh yes.

Frederick laughed merrily.

Then she closed her eyes and her nose, sniffing.

– And the smell is the same. I don `t understand.

– …What do not you understand?

– She did, and smells as well. And you say the other person. Strange coincidence.

– …

Thor frowned and was silent.

Silvery hair. Violet eyes. “The Seagull” name. Impostor, who has decided to impersonate the daughter of the Emperor of the Damned could somehow achieve this similarity.

But to change their smell? Is that possible?

Or “it smells the same” – another joke Frederica?

– But if this is not the Seagull, who will?

– You know … – Torah hesitated. Battle exhausted him so that indulge in long explanations he also did not want to. – Well, actually it … Seagull

– .. – Frederick sat down on all fours in front of the Torah and carefully looked into his eyes. – Thor, you’re holding me for a fool?

– No. I do not know how to express better – handed the Torah back, then turned to the red tea.

– Who do you still like this?

White Gull, Gull red.

Two girls with the same name, the same color of hair and eyes, the same smell … and the same amnesia.

Too much of a coincidence to chance. But if someone’s work, then whose?

Hard to believe themselves Seagulls planning something.

– I’m real … – said a seagull staring back.

Most likely she too knew almost nothing that did not concern herself. Or maybe she does not know about anything. But in the memory of the failure of hard to argue.

“By the way … what if …”

How red Gull insisted that it is “real”.

How hard white seagull looking “remains.”

Maybe all this is just due to memory lapses?

Maybe … they were not sure who they really are?

Therefore they hold for the acts or things that can validate their “I”?

In this case…

– Brother, – he broke in Akari, apparently recovered his breath. – We have no time for gatherings.

– Yes, I know.

Tohru sighed and stood up.

The battle took place in such a way that they simply did not have the possibility to apply the “Zheleznokrovie”, but now they even rejoiced that. If they used it, but now could not be a move. “Zheleznokrovie” supercharged muscles so that as soon as the effect of (or battle) ended, used his strongest person feel exhaustion.

In the case of detachment Torah they would simply collapsed exhausted.

And then … they would have certainly caught up squad Gillette. Though in the Torah, and there was no evidence, he had no doubt that the attack involved kokatrisov magician of this order.

– At this rate, we will catch up.

– That’s for sure.

Thor turned to the “Svetlana”.

They came back here, because they have run out of not only throwing knives, and other supplies, including medicines. The last time Akari brought quite a bit, and now it is absolutely necessary to stay inside the car meal to recover.

That’s just …

– We have that, and would have to leave her here? – Toru asked rhetorically, looking around the car.

No magician car will not go.

Yes, the Torah squad could make out the rubble, but would go on it did not work.

– Who? The car, or what? – Frederick suddenly asked, pointing to the “Svetlana”. – Want me to drive?

– …A.

Torah and Akari looked at each other.

Frederick … could easily replace the magician. Magic logo on the neck serves as a “gateway” magical energy, it can easily be created using the transformation magic. Until now, they and had not occurred, that may be feil car driver.

– Ah … – Torah scratched his cheek, feeling awkward.

Usually, he behaved with Frederica as closely as possible, so now, when they needed her help, he felt at ease. Although it would seem, “benefit all, what you can” – one of the main principles of the saboteurs.

– You can count on?

– Of course. Just be sure to then fight me.

– There you go again … for her. Okay, okay – Thor said with a certain desperation in his voice.

Of course, the last thing he wanted to re-fight with Frederick … but now it is absolutely necessary that she led “Svetlana”. Besides, if she will address a huge dragon, and the debris they razgrebut instantly.

But … what’s next?

– What do we do when the get out of here?

Since the Torah squad and did not return the white gulls, they go nowhere special.

Where hid the Spearman – is unclear.

– Still have to torture ..!

– Still, you sadist.

– Not at all. I do not like torture – Akari shook her head. – I just love to look at my brother binds women, beat them, he looks glowing eyes and irregular breathing ..!

– Even if I do, you’ll be even more pervert.

– Do not call me that, brother, I’m embarrassed.

– It is not praise, – Thor squinted, looked at Akari … and then shook his head. – Yes, and she probably does not know.

– Well … that’s for sure, – has agreed to Akari.

The easiest way by which Thor unit can find out where their opponents – to squeeze information out of the red Gulls. But it knew and spear. Surely he did not want to fall into an ambush negligently … and then he moved such trails, which are red Chaika did not know.

– So what, brother? Maybe we go back to the initial plan, and a drive to Perimeralya?

– A? But how can seagull … I mean, a white seagull?

Troop Torah pointless anywhere to move without hostess saboteurs.

– But White Gull knows that we were going to Perimeral. And given the fact that our opponents were able to ambush, they also knew that we were going in the wrong direction. And as long as they behave as allies of the “Seagull”, they will have to avoid the possible pursuit by the Gillette group. But even in that case … – Akari looked at the red tea. – It’s not like they have decided to throw a red Seagull, otherwise they would not have agreed to the proposal to exchange hostages. In addition, our objectives are similar. And that means …

– … I Understood.

Because the other options is still there, go to Perimeral – the right decision, as Spearman and his companions can do the same.

– Other ideas … probably not.

– …

The views of the Torah and Akari agreed Seagull red, but she remained silent.

But, though she did not confirm nor deny, silence meant that she was not going to object.

Tohru sighed, then turned back to Frederick and said:

– Frederick. I beg.

– Uh-huh. Please – she nodded with a smile.

And then she jumped lightly.

The next moment there was a thunderous sound.

It sounded sharp pressure drop caused in the air. Suddenly rising wind picked up the body of Frederica and raised it even higher, enveloping clouds of dust. In girl’s body ran blue lightning, then a few rotating at tremendous velocity diagrams, after which it outlines began to change.

It all happened in a few moments.

The girl was gone, and instead fell to the ground a large dragon.

-?! – Red Seagull stunned eyes bulged. – Dragoon! ..

– Yeah … By the way, you do it the first time you see – the Torah scratched his cheek and smiled.

Given the fact that the red gull Frederick saw only the first time now, it surprisingly easy to understand. The rest of the squad Torah already so accustomed to it, “transformations”, do not be surprised … you can cool off everything.

Red Seagull looked at suddenly there was a huge silvery body in front of her, eyes narrowed and expressed their feelings, briefly dropped:

– Wow…


Run. Run. Run.

He rushed forward with such ease, as if weighed absolutely nothing … or slid over invisible ice. It seems incredible that someone could so confidently move in the highlands, where there is even a trail.

Leonardo – Blood.

In order to give it body, sharpened by the rapid movement and stealth, long before the birth of his exposed magical effect. Leonardo’s mother sold her unborn son’s army, leaving them at the mercy of it literally.

But now Leonardo did not want to complain about it.

Not so rare that parents kill their newborn children, not being able to nurture them. Priests and other bogosluzhiteli vengeance doing abortions in the villages, where pregnant women can not afford not to work in the fields … But there were some parents who sold their children into slavery, and they disappeared after the war. Rather, they became even more in touch with the efforts of the economic downturn.

Generally Leonardo was even grateful that was born half-breed.

His ability to ensure his well-fed existence even after the war, and work in the unit Gillette just confirmation.Anyway, it is better to live than a slave, doomed to a life of cattle and endless work.

But at the same time…

That is why Leonardo’s so attached to his force.

– Ty …

Tsoknuv language, Leonardo ran on.

He could not have imagined that lose sight of the common man, and even carrying the girl under his arm.Despite the chaos of battle, skills Leonardo was more than enough for the prosecution of the Lancer.

But … the enemy was surprisingly experienced climber.

Surely he knew that he was being followed. In any case, his partner mage carefully covered up all traces of him.

Periodically stopping at local destruction.

Regular blasts of magic not just pursue prevented – because of the heat and shock waves opponent immediately disappeared from sight. In the end … Leonardo had agreed to return to the place where he was waiting for Mateus.

And there…

– Mr Matthews.

Leonardo jumped nimbly and quietly landed on a huge stone near the road, on which sat Mateus.

But he sat, his head hanging, and did not answer.

Worried Leonardo tried to look him in the eye … and then briefly Matheus said:

– Failure.

– Failure ..?

– I missed saboteurs.

– And you?

– Hmm? You too?

After that Matheus still looked up and looked at the Leonardo.

Leonardo smiled feebly and shrugged. Matheus has for some time looked at him, and then …

– We have made so much effort to capture saboteurs, but nothing came of it.

There are several types of mind control magic.

You can simply give orders to target, then release. You can catch everything he sees or hears goal. Finally, it is possible to establish a link between feelings and manage their own body goals.

At this time, Mateus took advantage of the latest version.

He was sure that kokatrisy certainly be able to overcome the saboteurs. Taking full control over them, he could get them to work on tactics. Of course, he could confine and simple orders, but in this case stupid kokatrisy might miss the target.

However, the plan did not work ….

Saboteurs have decided not to run, and fight to the last.

Matheus, feelings that are associated with sensations kokatrisov on a very deep level, was forced to go through all their agony. As a result, it is so exhausted his mind, that he almost lost consciousness. Fleeing, Matheus weakened mind control spell, but the strength he had left so little that he could not pursue the saboteurs.

– I did not think that they will be able to overcome the already thirteen Feil.

– I think we underestimated their abilities?

– I have to admit that, yes, but not only … – Matheus folded his arms across his chest. – With them it was similar to Seagull girl. She fought serpentine blade.

– … Snake sword? – Leonardo muttered, frowning.

– Of course, he is called “blade”, but it is almost whip. Beat them can be very far away. I expected them to attack from a distance, to which not reach any stiletto or a hammer, but miscalculated.

– … – Leonardo sighed.

– And you what?

– I have…

Leonardo told briefly of how missed the Lancer mind.

Matheus listened to him in silence, and then …

– I guess you would expect that alone we pressed against the wall “allies Seagull” can not.

– It looks like …

In addition, they could not imagine that the two groups’ allies Seagull “, which pursues the detachment of Gillette will be in one place.

– … Probably, we have to wait for Mr. Gillette.

– … Sadly, but it is the best option.

Leonardo sat down with Matheus and let out a long sigh.


Perimeral proved a very busy city.

This especially applied to the main streets – one just was not there. Along the rows of shops there were men and women of all possible ages and nationalities, different from each other as the color of hair, eyes and skin and clothing.

A stream of people is so strong that it can wash away the unwary human.

– Wow … – squinting, whispered Torah.

He had never seen such crowds.

City leave guests in mixed feelings. On the one hand – a thriving market with endless visitors, and with another – lack of confidence in the ability of the city to maintain order. And yet … in comparison with most of the Ferbista still not recovered from the war, this place seemed very lively.

Manor lords were usually located in the middle of the largest cities of their land (and it concerned Delsoranta where Torah and Akari some time to live), but Perimeral different from other cities and in size and population.Suffice it to say that on the street, where there was a market itself, the day it was impossible to discern even its opposite end – so many people.

And once there …

– Well…

Toru some time wandering aimlessly.

Get to Perimeralya they had such a crowd … but they did not expect.

Even if the spear and the white gull really came here, found them to be very difficult.

But it is quite possible that the same thing and they think.

If both groups are searching for each other, the chances of meeting them is still there. Therefore, the Torah continued to wade through people.

– Oh, I wish we had something significant.

– Noticeable? – Repeated his marching side of Frederick.

Naturally, she was in a girl’s appearance. Frederick kept his cloak Torah to be accidentally separated, because of what looked like his little sister. That’s just on each other, they do not like.

– Well, that could be, even in a crowd to understand the “ah-ah, where they won.”

– You want me to turn into?

– Do not. I beg.

Most Torah strained her tone – she said these words with such ease, as if offered to pat someone on the shoulder.

– But it will be noticeable?

– Too much. Here and before the victims could reach.

If in such a busy city suddenly appeared feil, especially dragoons, immediately rose to panic. And taking into account the density of the crowd will certainly arise crowd and several people trampled to death. In addition, the noise will be so many that come here immediately Gillette squad and several times complicates the situation.

– I was referring to something that could be seen only they – the Torah folded his arms across his chest.

And Frederick immediately clapped her hands as if she came up with a great idea.

– Maybe we cut off the red head Seagull, spread on a peak and will continue to go with it?

– Well, so do not miss it! But why kill a person, which we will change? And anyway, you are cruel – to chop off someone’s head in order to attract attention.

– But on the battlefield is all the time? – Did not embarrassed, he replied Frederick.

And really – in the battles of the head of defeated enemies they are often used to lift the morale of allies and the suppression of opponents.

– Because it is the battlefield. There can not be so.

– What are people confused manner. Varies depending on time and place.

– It’s more of you are too constant.

People can live in a society precisely because it takes into account the time and place.

Apparently, feil, especially dragoons, not living in flocks, and will not think about how to “assess their environment” and “feel the moment.”

– In short, as long as we do not save the white Seagull – no rash acts.

By the way, the red Seagull they tied again and left in the “Svetlana”. This time it fell to monitor Akari.

– Torah – suddenly turned to him Frederick. She looked at him thoughtfully, and continued: – I’ve been thinking. She, too, Seagull?

– Well, at least she had the – the Torah immediately thought of the girl in red.

Same hair. Those same eyes. The same name. The same odor. And the same amnesia.

Their clothes and direct the behavior of different … but for two different people too many of these girls total.

– And the purpose of her exactly the same?

– Well … in regard to the collection of the remains – yes.

Actually, the red gull and its allies attacked the detachment of the Torah is to steal “the remains”. Until now, the Torah only selected the remains of others and never thought about it, but if there are other people with the same goals, then they themselves may well try to rob.

But whatever it was …

– And as a result, the impact on human society, they have the same?

– What …? – Thor frowned and turned to Frederick.

And then the girl said with a nonchalant dragoons views:

– I’m talking about the fact that they may well unleash a new world war. Well, it was. You do, in principle, does not necessarily serve as a white Seagull?

– What are you talking about? – Toru asked dumbfounded at Frederica, but …

– You do need a purpose in life, and with it – the battlefield, where it can be achieved? – Frederick asked him, as if seeking confirmation of his words. – But you can achieve the same, if you will work together with red Chaika, is not it?

– …

Thor was going to respond to it immediately … but could not.

He must ivory gull.

Must for what it was she who gave him a reason to think about what you need to try to find a new purpose in life.

But he followed her and worked on her, not only because of the sense of duty.

Frederick was telling the truth. The meaning of the life of any saboteur – to leave their mark on the battlefield.And if the Torah will travel with Seagull, then, perhaps, on the battlefield, and will not, but after another on his way there will be more automatically.

In addition, the actions of seagulls may well unleash a new war … In any case, it is feared that Gillette squad and their rulers.

But all this is true for red Gulls.

Thor did not bother whether Seagull is who she claims to be. His belief in it had to do with it. And when they were in the “valley from which no one returns,” the Torah is fully felt.

And if so, then it is easy to conclude that the service of red Seagull, which has actively sought to engage the world in the next war – is the best choice, because they are from the Torah goals were almost identical.

– You’re talking nonsense.

– May be. Maybe I’m talking nonsense.

Toru forced himself to deny her words, and in response, Frederick bowed her head thoughtfully.

– Just the Torah, are you going to follow the white Chaika only because it is required for an allusion to the need to find new meaning in life? But does this not contradict the very same search for meaning in life?

– …

Once again, the Torah not found the answer.

He knew he was trying to tell Frederick. In fact, he himself on the margins of consciousness asked this question ever since he met with red Chaika, just did not feel anything.

White Gull collected the remains of his father to bury them.

Red Seagull collect them in order to avenge his father’s enemies.

Both of them acted the same way. Although, no … perhaps red Seagull can be called more farsighted.Collect the remains, using them as evidence to declare itself a successor, claim to the throne, to restore the country to avenge his father’s killers … Much more clear and understandable motivation, rather than “just a funeral.”


– I…

Toru senses dimmed so that he could not express them in words.

The desire to refute the words of Frederick.

The desire to confirm the words of Frederick.

Inside, both pulsed urge.

He treasured ivory gull … and at the same time realized that it can help to go counter to the search for a new purpose in life.

“What … do I want?”

Maybe he was so focused on the idea that “wants to fulfill the purpose of Seagulls”, which did not allow himself to think about it?

In this case…

– And … what is it? Looks interesting, – carelessly said Frederick.

Thor noticed that she stopped at one of the stalls and curiously looked at the exhibited products.

Realizing that he was thinking only of her words seriously, Toru long sigh.

Frederick – not the person. Although she was able to speak in a human, I thought very differently. If you seriously think about her every word, exhausted in vain.

Frederick ceased to be interested in the same topic raised her and enthusiastically drove a finger, staring at the carpet spread out on weapons and armor.

It looks like a kiosk selling things found on the battle field. You can admire the savvy trader trades in this, but at the same time is unlikely in peacetime such goods were in demand.


– You do not put the eyes on this girl? – A voice was heard, and with it stretched hand, something is compressed.

And Frederick, and the Torah immediately noticed that arm with a spear went to a very familiar body.

– …

Thor squinted and looked at their companion.

– Wow … and I thought you were just behind the weapon will suffice. Strong nerves you for your years – intrigued said Spearman.

– You’re not much older than me – said Tohru, still straining hands.

To be honest, he really had to overcome the desire to reach out to komboklinkam, hidden under the cloak.But the sudden appearance of a cold steel in such a public place would probably have led to panic.

Running around in all directions crowds not only hinder the fight, they are dangerous by themselves.Everyone knows that the crowd – a formidable weapon.

– Quickly you find me – Toru said.

A spearman was immediate:

– Magic. My partner found you.

Toru heard of the search of magic that can detect targets in a given area, suitable under certain criteria. The disadvantage of these spells is that if you do not configure the required settings carefully enough, you can get a lot of false positives … But the opposite is true – by setting clear parameters of appearance, you can easily find the desired target.

– By the way, what is this girl?

Naturally, the spear meant Frederick.

It seems that despite all their training before the ambush, they did not know about Frederick. However, given the fact that the girl-dragon, like a cat, and then disappeared, take it to the members of the “Chaika Trabant detachment” is very difficult.

– I think before it was not with you?

– Yeah …

Thor was not going to report it, and therefore said vaguely.

Warlord smiled and asked the following question:

– The new girl?

– I’m not a girl, – said Frederick. Her voice sounded fun … even joyfully. – I am your enemy.

– Shut up, you’re making this harder.

Toru Frederick held his hand and stepped forward.

Around them still scurrying noise and people.

they have not even looked at the Torah. Not glances and spearmen. Armed people are missing and without them. Of course, if they wanted to, and raised the hype, they would have noticed. Despite the peaceful time, the majority of these people still found the war.

– The last time we prevented … but we still want to get our tea. You, too?

– Also, – confirmed the Torah.

– So … The last time the meeting appointed you, so now is the time and place we choose us. Objections have?

– …No, i guess.

Of course, in terms of the benefits it would have to give up … but the Torah wanted to quickly deal with this difficult situation. We can therefore agree with the proposal and opponents. In the end, if they put too unfavorable conditions, it will be possible to refuse them.

– Tomorrow night … here – Spearman said, smiling strangely.

– …What? – Thor frowned, and then looked around.

The crowd still pretty tight.

Surely there will also be in the evening. Maybe people will become even bigger. Then here even walking becomes difficult, and I do not lose each other in the crowd – and even more so.

– Concerning the kokatrisov – Spearman said, as if remembering something. – Once they acted strangely.They have also some kind of magician managed?

– …Likely.

To be more precise – the magician of the order Gillette.

But the Torah is not going to share with them in such detail.

Especially since the spear, and generally he has already guessed what was going on.

– We do travel quite a long time to Chaika, – he said at a surprisingly cheerful voice. – And we imagine what was going on. You certainly are pursuing, and the special purpose unit. There are a lot of people … who is haunted by the fact that the Princess Empire Gas is alive and collects the remains of the Emperor of the Damned.

So Gillette squad – not the only one.

– But they are on the secret mission and will not use force if there is a risk to draw uninvolved? Especially since the market here. Rumors are spread with great speed.

Empire Gas is destroyed.

The Allies affirmed that “Empire Gas was the root of all evil”, and that “her death at peace,” but if people found out that in fact the revenge-seekers still remain and are preparing to unleash a new war with the help of the daughter of the Damned Emperor probably begin unrest.

The unrest undermining the position of power. Is that bad.

Therefore, they can not carry out associated with the Chaika mission publicly. If this becomes public, it will play into the hands of revenge-seekers.

In other words, neither squad Gillette, nor anyone else would not flood the city flock Fail to suppress them by force. Naturally, Alberic, Nicholas and Vivi already dangerous fighters … but Knight and swordsman can not properly fight a crowd.

But Assassin – this is a problem. Such a crowd it is just at hand.

– Do you agree? – I appealed to him spear. – If yes, then by tomorrow.

Waved spearman turned his back on him.

To turn your back on the enemy, you need to be very confident … but maybe for Toru still watched the magician invisible. Maybe spearman just decided that the Torah would not attack in front of a crowd.

– Hey … – Lancer called the Torah.

He did not turn around, but stopped.

– How do you even call that? It’s hard to talk to you when you do not know this.

– David – thrown spear.

– Clear. I Torah.

– A surname as ACURE? Or Subaru?

– …

On this question the Torah could not answer.

If the enemy is well versed in the saboteurs, the surname could tell him more about how to fight the Torah.Do not give out valuable information to the enemy and gather as much useful information – also one of the tactics the saboteurs.

– Anyway. See you.

And not turned to David shrugged … then again I went ahead and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

– Frederick. You can fall off and go after him?

– But you said that if I turn into, rise noise?

– …

Indeed, even if it looked like a girl when she was suddenly reduced to the size of the doll, someone must have noticed it and start a ruckus. In such a crowded place is absolutely impossible to turn so that no one noticed.

And at the same time … if you try to just sit on the tail of the enemy, he will certainly understand.

– There’s nothing you can do.

Apparently, while it is necessary to share frankly Seagull. The battle will be then.

Thor went back to the “Svetlana”. Frederick, turned his attention to another shop, he had to drag the collar.


Troop Torah parked “Svetlana” in the country.

Under normal circumstances, it is more convenient to place the car on the city parking lot, but as David’s squad now knew what she looks like (and probably a detachment of Gillette, too), “Svetlana” could serve as a guide to their opponents.

Therefore, they are in any case stopped her in the woods and disguised, sprinkled on top of branches and leaves.

– Welcome back, brother – met Toru Akari, a fire near the “Svetlana”. – There are fruit?

– Yes, – said the Torah and looked around. – And as the red gull?

– All the same – Akari pointed at the car.

Red Seagull again paralyzed needles helplessly collapsed in the driver’s seat. She must have noticed that the Torah has already returned, but did not even look in his direction. Therefore, Akari …

– Surly – … I responded about it as follows.

– Look who’s talking – quipped Torah, and Akari little angry at this.

– What are you, brother? I am proud to be so friendly and charming saboteurs, like me, are very rare.

– Do not you just signed for that saboteur of you useless?

Supporting their familiar conversation, the Torah climbed up to the driver’s seat.

– …

Red Seagull finally squinted at him.

Thor sat down on all fours beside her and said:

– We have identified the place and time of your exchange for our tea.

– …

– The last time we prevented, but I think now everything will be fine.

With these words, the Torah drew from its sheath stilettos.

Now is the time to tinker with weapons, especially given the fact that Thor fought komboklinkami, arranged much more difficult normal dagger. They quickly fell into disrepair, if we forget about prevention. Pulling out of the box on the floor tools Torah dismantled blades laid out the details on a leather mat and began to clean them.

For a while, Seagull sideways watching him, and then …

– Weapons. Return, – she said.

– Do you think we will agree? – Said the Torah, without detracting from the repair.

He wore it Serpentblade with him under his cloak. Not that he liked it, just the easiest way to ensure that the blade will not appear in the red seagull – keep it to yourself.

– … – Seagull for some time angrily looked at the Torah, and then … – You. Torah.

– Hmm? – He stopped working and looked at the red tea.

If you think about it, still she did not call him by his name.

– The employer Torah. Impostor?

– … Do not call it an impostor, – he threw back the Torah.

He understood the feelings of the red Gulls, but could not escape the feeling that the word “impostor” it offends.

– I think it was you – a parody of it.

– … – Red Gull paused and pouted.

Toru her behavior seemed childish. Scratching his cheek, he continued:

– Well, yes. She, a white seagull – my employer.

– Offer. Compensation.

– …A? – Thor frowned for a moment, did not immediately understand the meaning of words.

A red seagull with a completely serious look, said:

– I’ll pay. More.

– …Hey, you.

From astonishment at Thor dropped his shoulders.

Roughly speaking, it generally bears?

Of course, from her point of view, monetary solution to the problem may be the fastest and most reliable method. With this you can not argue.

– Once reborn. Empire Gas, – she said clearly. – Compensation. As long as possible.

– You want me to betray it for money? – I asked the Torah suddenly sharp voice.

– …

Red Seagull immediately fell silent, as if unable to withstand the pressure.

She probably did not expect that the Torah angry.

Torah is understood that such behavior on his part can not be called an adult. Sighing, he continued:

– I mean, saboteurs live and die for the sake of money … in fact, we are ready for them at all. But this does not mean that we have no principles. Saboteurs betray those who hired them. This is what we are proud of … and what separates us from the common criminals.

– …

– And besides … – I said Toru more quietly.

He did not know why suddenly decided to tell about this red tea. Maybe he just wanted to recall in the first place itself why traveled with white tea.

– She told me again to find the meaning of life.

“Right now. Find. One more. Goal”.

These are not too skillfully spoken words.

They have changed the future of the Torah, the fallen spirit and lived by inertia.

Mere words. Just say they were at such time and in such a place, it turned out that each of gold more expensive.

– I was a saboteur, who lost his battle, lived without meaning. But she gave me a purpose. It’s not about the money. Frankly, this is not the most profitable work.

– Goal…

Red Seagull few races whispered the word as if imbued with its value.

– The Torah. With me. You. You will find her place – she said confidently.

– …What?

– Can be. Your hostess.

– …

Now came the turn of the Torah silence.

For a while, he looked at his blades.

– Now you expect me to flop?

– Flop?

– You know, Frederick … – Thor went back to work on stilettos. – That girl dragoons told me it does not matter whether I’m going to work on white Seagull or red … that is, you.

– Confirm – immediately agreed Seagull him.

Perhaps this confidence … but Toru seemed that she just did not think about the answer. It is not known whether the red gull thoughts about the Torah knew, but after that she said:

– I have. No uncertainty and hesitation.

– That’s for sure.

If the Torah just wanted to fight the red gull and the truth would be a better choice.


– Then let’s what I ask you. Those people that have been with you. One guy named David. And some kind of magician. If I agree to join you, you potrebuesh me to get rid of them?

– … A lot of followers. It is possible, – said the red gull as if it is quite obvious answer.

– This is something, of course, so, but … – he said with a sigh Torah.

– ..

Seagull frowned and tilted her head, apparently not expecting such a reaction.

Red Seagull is not plain white. She would not allow her to collect the remains.

But at the same time, the White Gull ready to collect them, not sparing the stomach. Anyway, she was aware that he could die in the process.

“So … if I primknu the red Seagull, I finally have to kill the white.”

Perhaps not with your own hands … but the result is the same.

Two Gulls, collecting the remains, opposed to each other.

They definitely will not be able to come to terms with time. But if they are both willing to do anything, everything may end, that one will kill the other, trying to steal the “remains”. If they could give up the collection of the remains, it would have long since done so.

Offer red Seagulls meant the elimination of the white, agreed that she would be killed. Rather, it is equivalent to the order of battle with a white Seagull for all collected her remains to the current time and kill her.

Is it red Seagull understand?

– Do you understand?

– I do not understand.

– … I Thought so.

Thor looked down at komboklinki and sighed.


Of course, in Perimerale, a city with a lively market, were major hotels.

Many visitors came to the wagons or cars and can sleep right in them … but people tend to after a long exhausting trip Make sleep not close the cabin and in the spacious room on a clean bed.

Of course, there were those who reached the Perimeralya on the chaise.

Therefore, in the hotels of the city is always crowded.

The hotel, which chose a squad of David, was detached and different from many others.

Given the size and decoration of the rooms may seem that it is unreasonably expensive, but neither the landlord nor the working people in it are not asking guests about who they are. The whole point of the hotel was built on this principle. Of course, everyone knew that here stopped people with dark secrets, which might during the night attack somebody and rob. Therefore, the night is still need to be solved.

– Exchange of hostages tomorrow night – returning declared David put in charge of the spear into the wall. – Well … now should be fine.

On the bed she sat against a wall with their hands tied Seagull. to her sat still and Selma.

– Hail, – said David Seagull, smiling. – Soon you’ll be back to your saboteurs.

Face Seagulls instantly brightened.

Following this, she jumped out of bed and ran over to David.

– Thanks!

– Come on … it is not necessary – with a smile said David, scratching his cheek.

Since it all started with the fact that David’s troops captured the white gulls, thank him she does not have.And yet, a white seagull seemed truly happy. It seems that it is not even considered a detachment David enemies.

– And … somehow … – David shrugged his shoulders, as if not stay in one place. – How to say so … something that “The Seagull”

They tortured a white seagull and not beaten.

We can say, they treated her very politely hostage. But of course, this does not mean that the gull and a detachment of David is no longer standing on each other’s way.

– Whether naive, or careless.

He grinned even Selma.

– It may seem that it is not similar to our Seagull … but the similarities they have, not only in appearance.True, it is difficult to say what exactly.

– Hmm? – David mused, looking round white Seagull.

The same was with absolutely distraught, as if do not understand what it was about.

– And yet, what is it – “The Seagull” ..?

Though David’s detachment and heard rumors that the girls representing the “Seagull”, a few more, they knew almost nothing about it. This Seagull – the first, which had met them after meeting with a red tea.

– Probably, the other of “The Seagull” is also somehow different.

– Other … “Seagull”.

David’s words as puzzled white Seagull, she blinked a few times.


The most lively, the most central street Perimeralya.

Straight as an arrow road crowded with stalls on either side, running along them people, the endless noise.All shops are open from morning to night (and some at night), and visitors they have always … but all the same rush hour traffic occurs in the evening.


– …

– The crowd, as always, impressive.

Torah and red Seagull walking along the side of the road.

Red Seagull, as usual, seemed dissatisfied.

By the way, from paralytic needles it has saved. Do not become her and tie, so as not to attract the attention of people hurl. Only … little fingers of her hands bound the same wire, which is attached to the arm komboklinok. Of course, this is not the best of the chains, but the Red Seagulls are limited.

– Offer … – quietly dropped the red gull on the fly, as if remembering something.

– Hmm?

– Sentence. Ponder. Change hostess.

– Oh … you’re talking about it.

Thor went straight for the red Seagull looking forward.

Forward looking as she did. They did not see each other’s faces.

Near the Torah was Akari and her face was as usual … but it’s been a long time did not say anything. She had to hear their conversation, but did not react to it.

– I’m sorry – Toru said. – Still … if I’ll be for someone to fight for the sake of it.

With these words, he looked into the distance.

The opposite side of the street.

Toru saw her clutching Gundo white seagull and a figure of David.

Magician satellite again was not with them. Either he kept the Torah squad at gunpoint, or went in search of the empty “Svetlana” in order to steal the remains.

– Why? – I asked the red gull with amazing for her overbearing.

It would seem that it was too late to penetrate the Torah to warm feelings. Maybe he was, oddly enough, she started to like it. Perhaps their skills saboteur may have something else.

– Me … unhappy? – She said, looking askance.

She seemed a bit offended … and Tohru felt a little guilty. In the end, he refused a man who has accepted it for what it is.


– I would be fully satisfied, if you were my mistress.

And it is – the truth.

As a spy, he would be fully satisfied with the work on the red tea.

– And in general, the work on this straight line, the person seeking revenge, like you would give me navoyevat enough.

– Then …

– But. How can I put it … – Torah scratched his cheek and smiled tightly. – I can not leave her. She, unlike you, is extremely vulnerable.

White seagull.

The man gave him a chance to start living again.

This duty, he always remembered.

But at the same time…

– You’re strong. Both physically and mentally. You could even survive without this type with a spear …

Ability to handle serpentine blade.

A clear mind, focused on the brutal objectives.

This is the power of the red Gulls.


– You know, she … To be honest, I have no idea how to do it as much lived after the fall of the Empire Gas.

Unbending perseverance.

And at the same time … a rare credulity.

That is why it is so vulnerable.

For example, if a red Seagull required to kill or injure someone to pick up the “remains”, she would not have hesitated for a second. This is not callousness and ruthlessness … just extreme focus on their purpose for which it is ready to sacrifice everything.

But the White Gull doubt every time.

And with Dominika Skoda.

And with Simon scans.

It penetrates even to the feelings of the people who were going to rob. But at the same time … I could not stop to collect the remains. We can say that it has, in contrast to the red seagull, no willingness to bring other people to sacrifice for the sake of his goal.

But … but that’s why …

– If I need someone – Toru smiled again – then I better selling to whom I most needed. Like that.

– …

Red Seagull suddenly stopped.

Toru nudged her in the back.

– See you.

And then he unleashed a steel thread on her fingers.

Since then, the red gull became free again.


– I also…

Toru heard that she tried to whisper something.

But, judging by the fact that she was still looking forward (and even slightly tilted her head), these words were meant not for him. Even a great rumor Torah caught only a few words.

– Hmm? What did you say?

– Nothing, – he threw red seagull somehow dissatisfied tone and went forward.

Torah … stood on the spot.

He saw that their opponents did the same – David still stood, and the white seagull popped up in their direction.

Two seagulls walking towards each other, and then disappearing into the crowd.

Thor looked at them. It does not move and stood next to him, Akari.

They did not know where the magician hides. Careless movement can lead to the fact that he shot a white seagull. Of course, the use of large-scale spell in the city will rise panic, but the opportunity to use highly directional sighting spell there.

Gull and Gull.

White and red have been next to each other.

White Gull looked puzzled and uncertain, while the red seagull staring impassively ahead (although the Torah does not see her face and I could not verify this).

If the red seagull going to do something with the white, it is – her chance.

Toru though was at ease, but tensed, ready at any moment to rush forward.

– …

– …

Seagulls missed.

According to their view, they were not going to do anything with each other.

White Gull walked toward detachment Torah, slightly shaking his big Gundo and red went to David, even without looking like a detachment of the Torah it is no longer interested.

And then…

– Seagull! – I called it Torah.

White Seagull trembled and froze. Red stopped too.

Thor looked at the movement of the crowd around him, waiting for the moment when between it and the red Chaika nobody left.

– …

He raised his right hand … and threw the sword.

In response to this movement, David immediately tried to come forward, but he obviously did not have time because of the crowd.

Abandoned Torah sword flew right on red back Seagull, and then …

– ..

… Gradually declined and fell at her feet. Several people turned to the sound, but quickly lost interest and went on about his business.

– …

Red Seagull turned and looked at the sword at his feet.

Serpentblade. It is still in its sheath.

She bent down to pick it up. For a moment she looked at the Torah.

But only for a moment. She again turned back and continued to go to David.

And then…

– Torah, Akari.

White Gull ran toward the Torah.

Along the way, she several times I almost ran into passers-by, but still was able to run to him. Toru had to smile. Though it took only 3 days, it seemed to him that he had not seen a white Seagull for a long time.

Perhaps he was just so used to being with her.

– Are you okay?

– Mmm.

– That’s nice – summed up the Torah.

And looking at him …

– …

White Gull suddenly assumed a disgruntled mine.

– What?

– The Torah. Reaction. Sluggish – resentfully said several white seagull.

– What is it? You need me here to cry bitterly?

– Mmm.

Seagull immediately nodded, forcing Thor drawl breathe.

Something told him that such a reaction would have seemed even more fake.

– Maybe he saith, – whispered Akari Seagull, stooping. – But the Torah is very worried about you.

– Mmm? I look forward to the details – Seagull replied, leaning forward itself.

– It very much and very carefully sharpened weapons. Usually he does not.

– M?

– Looks like he could not be quiet without you.

– I see. Quite I understand.

– Look after the Torah never says directly about their feelings. That capricious – that he wants to fight, it would not be desirable. Although in reality he wants to fight. Always cunning and keep back, huh?

– Even more understanding. Strong I understand.

– So now it is … whatever it’s called? Shy?

– Very understanding.

all whispering Girls.

– So! Well enough to carry stuff!

– A. Just shy.

Akari grinned. Chaika also looked happy.

And in response …

– Yes, I do not hesitate! – I exclaimed Thor, blushing a little.


– Yes … right now you’re vulnerable of all – Selma whispered and put his finger on the trigger.

The sight she saw a white gull, the Torah and Akari.

Gundo Selma can not be called new. But she carefully looked after him, and the accuracy of it is not inferior to the latest model. With this and its own skills Selma could shoot very accurately, even from a great distance.

Right now she was on the roof of the building, on two streets distant from the place where the Torah was detachment.

She was lying in the arms of Gundo, trying not to attract attention. Selma was hiding here in the morning waiting for the exchange of hostages. During this time, she even learned a little to anticipate the movement of people. The crowd would not have prevented her fall spell.

– Although I do not really want to, but …

Selma placed in the center of the sight white Seagull.

In the end, as the first goal, she chose her.

Without the host, saboteurs will not “work”. Despite their loyalty, saboteurs – not one of those people who continue to serve the deceased owner. Anyway, among the saboteurs that Selma knew, there was no such.

Therefore, it needs to kill a white seagull.

So I decided to Selma. Of course, if after the death of seagulls saboteurs decide to fight, then she was going to kill them as well.

– Another Seagull … – she whispered.

Another woman, who identified herself as Chaika.

Although Selma and knew that white and red Seagull – different people, it still felt uncomfortable. Different, but still something similar people. It seemed as if killing a white Seagull, she does something irreparable.

But Selma is not one of those people who can stop such vague feelings.

“Forget about your heart” – remembered the words of a retired military Selma, whom David called “father”.

No need to get violent. You do not need to become ruthless. We just need to learn how to temporarily disable the disturbing emotions, such as compassion and conscience. That is what the military taught Selma and other villagers who were children of hunters and woodcutters.

Taught carefully. Taught time.

Of course, not all were able to follow his advice … but people quickly died.

Selma believed that she and David were able to survive it because diligently followed the words “father”. You could even say they believed their commandments.

– …

Selma took a deep breath.

And here…


The world went black before my eyes suddenly.

Once Selma realized that something appeared in front of her eye and closed the review, she instantly jumped back and landed on his knee, exposing the forward Gundo.

And then…

– Uh ?! – Selma dropped in amazement.

Before her stood Akari with a hammer at the ready.

It’s impossible.

Another moment ago, she saw the figure of diversantki in sight. Yes, it is fast, but not enough to suddenly be on this roof.

And that means …

– Fake ?!

– The one another.

With these words, Akari swung the hammer.

– Appear, “Bow!”

Selma defused prepared spell.

Of course, the magic – this thing before use must be carefully set up, taking into account the provisions of the energy flow, temperature, humidity, distance and so on. The spontaneous magic shot suddenly arisen on the nose of the enemy makes little sense. Spell will not be able to express themselves in full force.

But still…

In the air, there were magical diagrams and flared, as if resisting the forced activation.

They shone so brightly that could blind the enemy.

Akari immediately took her left hand with a hammer and covered her one eye.

Instant and at the same time a very wise decision.

Bright lights from a distance for a little while, but blinding the enemy, and the loss of vision in combat almost equivalent to defeat. And even if you manage to cover her eyes, she would have blocked the view.

Akari therefore decided to donate one eye and the other cover.

But because the one hand engaged in the protection of eyes, hammer, too there was only one.

In addition, because of the closed eyes, it was not able to estimate the distance …

– M ?!

Hammer Akari slid through his hair Selma and stuck in the roof.

At the same time Selma jumped back, rolled … and fell off the roof.

She flew to the ground … but stopped halfway. Her body hung in the air and crashed into the ground.

Saved her insurance, rather, pre-wound on the body of the rope.

Tied to the edge of the roof line has absorbed the momentum and the fall broke. But it was enough – Selma specially chosen thickness and length of the rope, counting on that. Because of this it does not even have to cut the rope itself. Deftly he landed on his feet, ran to Selma Gundo in an embrace.

In close combat, the mage there is absolutely no chance against the saboteur.

That is why magicians often acted either with bodyguards, able to protect them in melee or prepared any method of rapid retreat.

Selma chose the second option.

Of course, the point of the escape is only when the enemy can not catch up with you.


– Come on, catch up, – Selma whispered, looking into the alley.

In contrast to the major streets, this lane – just a gap between buildings, where even during the day the sun is missing. According to it, barely held even one person, but two people would be very difficult to disperse.

And that’s why …

– M ..!

Selma heard behind me a voice of Akari, also jumped off to set off in pursuit.

Most likely she saw the trap. But it was too late.

Without stopping, Selma bared cutlass and ran the blade across the wall. This is how it cut the number of pre-stretched ropes … and on top of the alley flew blades.

Selma had prepared a trap on the route of retreat. She hung on the ropes with two dozen blades – a rain proignoriruesh not at all desire.

– Ki … – he heard an irritated voice, and behind it – the ringing of metal.

Rather Akari struggled against falling hammer blades. Of course, to kill saboteur suspended arms had neither the power nor the accuracy, but it could give Selma enough time to escape.

“The battle begins even before the blades meet …”

That is why pre-treatment – is not a waste of time.

Dropped another quote his teacher, Selma ran through the alleys.


– Welcome back – welcomed David Seagull red, approaching it.

Until the pile, he also spread his arms as if offering it to jump into his arms.


– …

Red Seagull in response said nothing.

She passed her companion, completely ignoring him.

– ABOUT? And what a touching reunion? – David grinned after leaving Seagull.

Yet for a while she was walking in silence …

– …

But then he stopped and looked back.

Not David.

She looked over her shoulder to the other side, where there were white seagull and the Torah.


David looked to the same place she was.

He has repeatedly looked at the squad Torah, then the red tea. Finally, he broke into a smile and looked into the eyes of the red Seagull.

– Seagull?

– …

– What? You love?


Either she did not expect such words, whether David landed right in the bull’s-eye.

Red Seagull rolled her eyes and froze.

It is a natural reaction for her age, but she never showed her being held captive by the detachment Torah.Perhaps, in spite of their callousness, she still allowed herself to relax a little in the presence of David.


– Hey, you. Are you serious? – David said ruefully. – Do not tell me that in love at first sight.

– …

– You do not accidentally raped?


Continuing to look over his shoulder, red seagull caused sudden and ruthless elbow to the side of David.

Naturally, he did not expect. David immediately doubled over and moaned:

– Fx-x … at …

– Ham! – I threw him a red seagull. – Servant of ham. re required.

With that, she grabbed the collar just crouched to the desired level of David and pulled him along.

– And, hey, kha, wait …

Coughing David forced to go after her.

Seagull resent quickened her pace.

More towards the detachment Torah she was not looking.


Thor leaned against the “Svetlana” and looked at the night sky.

It has already begun to be painted in dark colors and sunlight illuminated only horizon. If you listen, then by Perimeralya still hear the noise of the crowd, just the same as during the day … but still here the night silence was felt clearly.

– …

Seagull first of all went to the “Svetlana” to change. Akari went along with it.

Chaika did not change clothes and underwear for several days … but Akari going to check whether they have left the opponents of any surprises.

For example … they could soak her clothes evaporative slow-acting poison. Actually, the Torah, and he offered to do so. However, the idea was rejected – a poison used in the crowded precincts Perimeralya good.

Whatever it was, the male part of the detachment Torah – that is, he – lay in wait outside the vehicle.

Akari explained that “it will be unpleasant, if my brother lost his head on the kind of a miniature chest Seagull”. Of course, the Torah would argue with her about these words, but he was lazy, so he stood silently outside.

And then in his face …

– So did you …

… Suddenly I looked golden-haired girl leaning out the side.


During the exchange of hostages it has helped them in becoming Akari and played saboteur, but has now returned to its normal shape. By the way, it is gone somewhere on the way back, but apparently decided to return again.

She appeared and disappeared … In general, really behaved like a cat.

– Do not gone over?

– A? – Thor frowned, not understanding the meaning of the question. – What are you?

– About your mistress.

Frederick, simulating the Torah, too, leaned against the wall of the machine. This behavior seemed a bit childish … the Torah is about as children imitate the actions of adults. Although, if we consider the biological age, you certainly older than Frederick.

– I told you that no matter which of the Gulls join.

Torah thought was that she was silent, but Frederick spoke again.

– Yah you. How is it not important? – I said with displeasure the Torah.

Frederick quite nodded.

– Clear. Hence, the Torah, from the same white gulls do you like more?

– … Well, like.

Frederic, the monster in human form, there is no shame.

Therefore, the Torah simply agreed with her.

But then …

– M ?!

– A…

Toru dumbfounded looked at the driver’s cab “Svetlana”.

There stood bewildered gull, apparently at some point began to listen to the dialogue and Frederica Torah.Surely she did not understand, about what still “white” and “red” Seagull general question.

– White – it’s you, Chaika Trabant – for some reason, commented Frederic.

And then another, and he added:

– It seems that among the gulls it draws only white … only you.

– I did not say that!

Surprised Seagull numb and Toru cried.

– Eh? So, that red you still like?

– No! But there was no question that I was someone draws, and some do not, here goes!

– I can not miss it by ear, brother.

In conversation intervened face that promised to confuse him even more.

– Brother … – continued appearing from behind Seagull Akari serious voice. – I always knew that we should ever sit down and thoroughly discuss your sexual preferences.

– And here all this ?!

– I understood everything. Attraction is there, but does not get up, right?

– Yes, anything you do not understand!

– The Torah. Impotent?

– Yes, you are kidding or what ?! – Said Toru … at the same time being aware of how he is used to this atmosphere.

“Red Seagull …”

If he wanted a fight.

If his goal was only that.

That’s probably the Torah really should join it.

She looked into the future clearly and confidently. He would have waited full battle. And then, after the completion of the mission – a generous reward and satisfaction. If the Torah was thinking exclusively as a saboteur, he would not even hesitate.



For the sake of what he wanted to fight?

For the sake of killing someone, trample the earth?

To give vent to all the learned techniques?

No. Certainly not for the sake of it.

He wanted to leave his mark in the world. He wanted to feel in your hand is evidence that was not born in vain. He did not want to become a man, who just carried down the river of the world, like an insect.

And, on the other hand … it meant that by themselves are meaningless battle.

On the contrary – the murder in order to help with retaliation if only selected the future of the human being in the same position, and nothing more. Of course, the Torah could be put on the scales the enemy’s life and its purpose, and if the past outweighed, he would not hesitate … But he did not like the idea of how to live for such a purpose.

She just wanted to bury his father.

Perhaps the red gull would call objective and motivation of a white seagull “naive.”

But the Torah wanted to think that it was shy of her desires meant that it would be the meaning in their performance. If the battle is inevitable, then he wanted to fight under the Gulls. In addition, he believed that they desire greater coincide with each other.

– So, brother.

Akari jumped to the ground and walked over to him.

– What?

– I think now is the time to find out … vypyt sexual preferences of my brother.

– You’re going to say “elicit” yes?

– Of course, if you prefer the torture, the ACURE Akari, your obedient servant, willing to torture whip and candles struggled.

– I’ll manage! Why have you got them all ?! – I exclaimed the Torah, referring to Chaika and Frederica, who found somewhere in the bowels of the “Svetlana” sled whip and lighting candles.


In the end, the search in Perimerale and have not been significant results.

Information misinterpret, precisely because of the excess of people. Quite often come across unverified rumors, to distinguish truth from falsehood that was not possible.

The only thing that was able to find out for sure – in Perimerale no “heroes” no.

So, and stay in this city more than is no need.

After a three-day stop Torah squad once again hit the road.

It is clear that the expected new information on Guy too lightly. They did not know who he is, and therefore trust him – a mistake.

– Thor … – suddenly spoke seagull sitting in the driver’s seat and controls the “Svetlana”.

The weather was good, so that the Torah sprawled in a nearby chair and dozing.

Something at the sight of the road, illuminated by the bright midday sun, scolding him sleep. For some reason, they did not come across any travelers, no carts, no other cars – the silence broken only by the quiet hum of the engine, “Svetlana”.

On both sides of the road surrounded by rows of trees. On the ground, not lying around or pebble.

They have not had time to really pull in from Perimeralya therefore still rolled on well-groomed road. Long time they did not go somewhere during the day, and there was a sense of security involuntarily relax.

– What? – Thor said, stifling a yawn.

– …

Though Seagull and tied this conversation, it seems she does not think about what will be speaking. For a while, she tensely silent, and then …

– I … Chaika Trabant, – she said.

– I know. What’s gotten into you?

– Gull … a lot.

– … It seems – Torah vaguely realized that she was trying to say.

At least, girls, presents “The Seagull”, the daughter of the Emperor of the Damned – somewhat.

And some of them – perhaps even all – looking for the remains of the emperor. These included the Red Seagull. Perhaps not all of them as sincerely believed themselves to be real, like her, but …

– My … memory – Seagull whispered.

In memory of a white seagull gaped space.

And that means …

– I … false …

– You – Chaika Trabant – cut her Torah. – Yes, no more. But not less.

– …

Seagull looked at the Torah with some surprise, but then nodded, agreeing with him.

– But your desire to bury his father – now, right?

– … Mmm.

– And this is enough – with the push of the Torah he said, as if these words, closing the subject. – This you Seagull gas or not – does not matter.

– Torah ..?

– You – the first seagull I met. You – the one seagull, I wanted to serve. And then, Seagull Gas it or not – it tenth.

– Um … – Seagull shyly nodded, blushing slightly.

Toru yawned again.

And then…

– Therefore…

Thor sat with the back of his chair and reached for the soles.

Near them lay in its scabbard komboklinki.

– Seagull. I am ready to fight with all the enemies that stand in your way. Even the enemies will also call themselves tea.

– …

Seagull slowly shifted her gaze to where watched the Torah.

And when, as in the center of the road smoothly wrapped trees came two.

Red Seagull.

And David Spearman.

Surely somewhere nearby, as always lurking unseen magician. White Gull told that this magician was dark-skinned girl.

– … – Gull with a busy person stopped “Svetlana”.

– Good morning, – Thor grinned.

Red Seagull … silent.

Instead, David said.

– Repeat. Give “the remains”.

– No, – I replied instantly Torah.


– Furthermore – he continued David, as if ignoring the words of the Torah. – Our princess somehow become attached to you.

– … – Thor squinted and looked at the red tea.

But the girl with snake sword looked at him with indifference.

– If you will join us along with your remains, do without the battle, – David said without much enthusiasm.

Surely he did not believe that the Torah would agree to that.

– Can you and your sister to seize, we do not mind. Based on a story by Selma, it is a good fighter. Oh yeah, because you and the dragoons there, huh? I do not know where you get it … but it also can capture.

In other words, it offers all of them go on their way.

By the way, Akari has not yet got out of the “Svetlana”. Of course, she had to understand what is happening.Most likely it expected when it will be possible to jump out of the car without fear of attack unseen magician.

Neither Thor nor Akari not going to repeat the same mistakes. They discussed a plan of action in advance in case of re-encounter with a group of red Gulls. Akari assumed the magician. She had fought with her, but because the Torah is better understood, with whom he was dealing.

– What about our princess? – Toru asked, glancing at him sitting next to Seagull.

David answered shrugged.

But instead spoke Seagull red.

– Seagulls … – she said quietly. – Two … not needed.

– ..

White Gull started.

In the red seagull voice of hatred it was even more than cry. Not anger, namely hatred. Not explosive violent feelings, and soaked with cold determination.

– Clearly, – Thor grinned like a beast of prey. – So, I’ll fix you.

– … – Red seagull silently removed the snake sword from its sheath.

And at the same time …

– Appear … “Intruder”! – Released a spell white seagull.

Between units Thor and red Seagull was an explosion with flash and a roar.

It signaled the beginning of the battle.


Basically, the spear mightier than the sword.

This is partly due to the destruction zone … but the main thing – it is heavier and therefore more powerful.And classic stabbing attack, and swings like the rotation of the hammer Akari have impressive momentum due to the weight of guns.

– * I!

Exhaling, David threw the spear forward.

Thor leaned to the side, dodging the blow, but …

Then David put the spear back, and made it even faster.

As lunge speed determines the attack power and speed of the spear returning defines protection. The elongated body of the fighter after the outburst completely defenseless … and that’s why its rate of return allows you to determine the strength of the Lancer.

And besides …

– Ty!

Blade scratched armpit Torah.

Lance David had a “Garden”. Like garde sword, it was intended to reflect enemy attacks … But guard David spear itself was a sword, and, if properly deployed weapons during its return, it can be used to inflict another blow.

And then the Torah …

– There is no hope!

… I stepped forward, catching the spear returning David.

Over the spearmen standing back to back, you can make fun, as much as necessary. In addition, between the spear attacks can not attack. The same “kick Garden” – nothing more than a parody of a real attack.Stepping to the enemy at the right moment, you can almost completely avoid damage.



Komboklinok Torah could not reach the enemy – it stopped the spear. It seems that David is not only a spear tip, but the staff was metallic. However, apparently hollow.

– * I!

David swung his spear.

Komboklinok knocked out of the hands of the Torah, and he lost his balance.

By making a half-turn, the enemy attacked the Torah with the blunt end of the shaft. Toru shock protection komboklinkom left, but could not completely suppress the impulse, and the spear flashed very close to his temple.

“… And he is strong.”

It might seem that it is simply not collected too mercenary, but it is only the reception, whose mission – to lull the enemy.

And besides …

– …

David immediately returned the spear.

And then … out of his hands flew another attack.

Serpentblade red Gulls.

David is completely concealed her tiny body. In such circumstances, it is unclear where she strike next.Excellent use of the serpentine blade, which does not necessarily attack the enemy in a straight line.


– * I! – Dropped the red gull, and Serpentblade again changed direction.

Now its tip, izvernuvshis like this serpent, swept straight to the Torah …


There was a strange sound, and Serpentblade strayed from the path.

– Thank you … – whisper Torah thanked her mistress.

He was supported by Seagull.

She fought off the tip of the blade snake spell to protect the Torah.

White Gull stuck on the “Svetlana”. She stared toward the Torah, clutching Gundo hands. Despite his usual absent-mindedness and carelessness, at critical moments in White Gull showed remarkable concentration.

Facing each other were the Torah and David.

From the back they kept red and white seagulls.

A bit unusual, but still fight two on two.

At the same time, Akari had to chase one knows where hiding magician. Thor felt that at the very moment when the burst “intruder” white seagull, Akari jumped out of the “Svetlana”.

Since the magician has fought against cancer, she needs to know that it can not be underestimated. Most likely, it will not attempt to intervene in the parallel battle.

“If the contact was Frederick …” – thought the Torah edge of consciousness.

Even if she did not fight in the battle, the mere presence of a monster like dragoon, can make an inexperienced opponent to linger. This advantage is enough to win with ease.

However, after they left Perimeral, Frederick again gone somewhere.

Specifically, in this case her behavior resembled not just another whim, and the conscious avoidance of the fight against red Gulls. It is difficult to say exactly what she was up to, but maybe she did not want to fight against the “Seagull and its satellites.”

Circumstances may arise so that by Fredericks, to win back the role of Dominica, his rider, with the requirement to give the remains could come and detachment of the red Gulls. From this point of view for Frederica did not exist much difference between the Torah and David.


– Bad, – David said, grinning. – And I thought that saboteurs in face-to-face battles useless.

For a time, until he uttered these words, he first tried to pierce the Torah spear, and then cut the flick. From the first stroke dodged the Torah, the second reflected the stylet, and then said:

– I will not deny.

No doubt David’s strength comes from the real battle experience.

Torah has already clearly feel it. Not that their skill levels so different, but David has always worked, leaving a small margin. He always laid out no more than 80% in order to have time to react to changing circumstances characteristic of these battles. And whatever was trying to take the Torah, the remaining 20% lacked the opposition of his tricks.

– I do not have a lot of combat experience.

– And yet, you’re holding up very well.

David again accelerated the movement.

He’s fast. Thor’s eyes did not have time to follow the tip of the spear.


Blade scratched side Torah.

David was obviously a master of combat with a spear.

His attacks – not just a translational movement spear. He deftly drove the shaft so that the tip is described in the air spiral arc. From the attacks on the already hard to avoid and protect themselves (because they are uncertain blocks punch), but the complex movements of David even harder to predict.

And besides …

Past the face Torah flying Serpentblade.

Blade, running red Chaika, rounded David and approached in an arc. She hoped to catch off guard the Torah, because he had to completely focus on David, and he could not always expect the blade side.

Naturally, red seagull could make a mistake and hurt the snake sword of David.

Both of them – melee, but the fact that David was fighting ahead, and the Seagull supported him from behind, saying that they knew how to fight a pair.

– If you’re hoping that favorable princess attitude means that I will have mercy on you, then nothing.

– Yes, I hope not! – She exclaimed Thor, fighting off enemy attacks stilettos.

But as has been said, David attacks are too strong, and fight them off, make the path easy to change. On the body of the Torah as more and more wounds inflicted by the David, the snake sword red Gulls.

Bad. At this rate, he will not be able to move normally because of the blood loss.

– Thor! – Exclaimed a white seagull.

In terms of the contact battle reckless assistance could harm the Torah. Therefore, even though the white gull and could shoot down prescribers complex arc Serpentblade, nothing else she could not help him.

In addition, David and red Seagull purposely stood in line with the Torah and the ivory gull. Thus, the Torah was standing in the way of a white seagull and would not let her attack.

And he tried to jump back in the side as the red gull would be floated Serpentblade.

The situation has turned stalemate.


– First! A meeting! Against a unicorn! Same! – Awkward … but surely she said. – The situation is reversed …!

– And what?

David frowned.

Naturally, he was not supposed to understand these words. I did not understand them and red Seagull. Most likely they did not catch the meaning of even Akari. This “code number” could make out only the Torah and the White Gull. Only two of them were unforgettable memories of that battle.


– Appear, “Sverkatel”! – Seagull cried, and the Torah in the same second fell to the ground face down.

– What?! – David said in surprise.

He did not expect to cast a spell seagull in a situation where it can touch the Torah.

The place where the spin of the Torah, a beam of blue light pierced a moment ago. But David dodged, not allowing him to get to you. In addition, dodging, he knocked down the red foot Seagull that she fell and did not get a magic attack.

Yes, he was ready for the unexpected.


– What kind of magic do you …

Flown through the air beam is entered into the ground.

And in the next moment I turned into the flash and roar.

– Blind ?! – David exclaimed.

But he realized too late.

Seagull Spell did not cause fatal injuries. Therefore, the Torah would not have died if it had hit him in the back. This magic has created a strong light and crashing.

But for what?

Of course, for …

“I am the steel.”


One of the secret clan techniques ACURE saboteurs.

This technique, focusing consciousness, awakening the body, strengthens the muscles and accelerates the reaction – a double-edged weapon. For a long time it can not be maintained, and after the commandos expect strong exhaustion, almost guarantees defeat. In addition, the use of corporal reserves dramatically enhances the bleeding.

In other words, the Torah has just set himself a hard “limit.”

“Steel no fear,” “doubt become unknown”, “standing in front of the enemy, I will not hesitate,” “I have a gun, carrying your death …”

The heart leapt.

Tohru felt a light headache. Before his eyes reddened, and in the consciousness of a sharp stream gushed feelings.

But he suppressed their willpower and pushed off from the ground.

Of course, he realized that he conceived the white gull, when I heard her words. When they met for the first time, the situation was reversed – just in time for the Gulls won the Torah.

So, now she was going to give him a chance to read key “Zheleznokroviya”.

If she was going to do it by magic … you probably would have chosen a non-lethal spell safety for the Torah.That is something that would immobilize enemies with light or sound.

That is why the Torah closed one eye for a moment before the spell worked. With his ears he could not do anything, but one eye should be enough for the battle.

– Oh you…

Though to David and began to return eyesight, he had not yet had time to clearly recover.

Torah is running hard.

Then David attacked with such force, as if he was trying to cut through the air. In addition, he put into it all the momentum from running.

– Tx!

David raised his spear, taking them a blow.

There was a drawn-clank of metal.

David set a spear at an angle to attack the Torah to slide on it. Indeed, stiletto blade passed through the shaft, striking sparks from it and losing momentum.

Somehow, half-blind, David was able to capture the motion of the Torah and feel its angle of attack. He tried to block the kick, and komboklinok Torah would simply cut through the spear.

Yes, this spear a true master of his craft.


– * I! – Thor gasped and continued to bring down upon him a flurry of attacks.

He in turn threw komboklinki forward, aiming at the blatant armor portions of the body of David. He struggled twisted spear, defending against attacks, but not really recovered from view to keep up with “Zheleznokroviem” Torah could not.

In total there were some shallow, but the bleeding of cuts for a few moments on his body.

The situation is turned on its head.

Although in reality the Torah was an even greater danger than David.

Given his own bleeding time had almost gone.

“We must at all costs take at least his” – thought the Torah.


– Thor! – I heard a scream, and in front of him suddenly appeared blade snake sword red Gulls.

Surprisingly well-aimed blow to a blind person.

“Enhanced feelings because komboklinka ?!”

Komboklinki enhance perception and become the owner of a part of his body.

Tip of the blade can even tie shoelaces – to manage it as easy as with your fingers. Rather red Snake Island Seagull felt the blade of air movement, guessed the position of the Torah and sent to the alleged attack side.

Torah rescued Serpentblade stylet.

David felt that a flurry of punches for a moment weakened.

And then…

– Heck!

David something out of his pocket and threw it on the ground.

And then this “something” loudly exploded.

Light and heat was not … a roar and a lot of smoke.

– Ki …

Thor tried to strike up in smoke, but the blade does not hurt anything.

Surely David previously thought about the plan of retreat in case the battle goes according to plan.

After all the battles in which he and his companion participated mage, this science they comprehend thoroughly.

Neither Knight nor the hireling, and not knowing when to retreat, do not last long.

– In our hands knapsack run?

Smoke curtains and other similar methods of escape – a specialty just saboteurs.

But the Torah did not think deeply and quickly ran out of the smoke.

Now his strength he does not help. Even devoid of red gull had the advantage of being able to feel the edge of the serpentine blade.


– … To run away, or what? – Toru whispered, looking at the way the smoke is.

When he recovered his sight, neither David nor red Gulls were gone.

Hitsugi no Chaika
Vol. 4 Chapter 4