Hypocritical Adonis

Qi Cheng, confident, unruly, elegant and unrestrained, was conferred the title No.1 Pretender of XX High-School by his dorm-mate.

One day, his peaceful life suddenly had many inexplicable options.

By a dark corner, with a body full of injuries lay a handsome young man.

[A Handsome Young Man From The Same School Was Detected 10 Meters Ahead. Do You Want To Help Him?] [A: Rescue and Flirt] [B: The Clothes Are Dirty, You have To Help Wash Them \(≧▽≦)/] Qi Cheng raised his eyebrow and happily choose B. first before proceeding to chose A.

In the school’s Conference Hall, excellent and indifferent student representatives hurry to the assembly hall. A speech draft falls to the ground.

[Two Meters Ahead, The Top Student Lost His Important Papers. Do You Want To Offer Him Help?] [A: Help When He Is Crying And His Eyes Are Red] [B: Still Want To See The Top Student Wail In Public] Qi Cheng bends down to pick up the speech draft from the ground and smirks.

The principal invited a popular boy group to boost the morale for the school’s 26th-anniversary celebration.

The boy group leader’s expression was very haughty, the curve of his mouth was flirtatious and somewhat aesthetic, the light hinting at his muscles.

[ The Handsome Superstar In Front IS About To Be Splashed With A Water Bottle By A Student In The Front Row. Do You Want To Help Him?] [A: Don’t Help, Dancing Like That Is Nice] [B: How Is One Bottle Of Water Enough] Qi ‘Serious’ Cheng narrowed his eyes, ”It’s a shameless option.”
SCORE: 100


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