I Adopted A Villainous Dad
Chapter 1 Part 1

Author: Yoon Seul
Source: star-gazer

    As I live my life, I've never expected that this day will ever come.

    What are the chances of coming across your bias while on the street? You don't live in the same country, never mind country, much more what is the probability of meeting your bias in another world?


    ‘I thought “non-fans blessed encounter” only exists.’


    I believe at the phenomenon that ‘only non-fans are blessed with occasional lucky encounters with idols’ but I was wrong.

    I was explicitly shaking emotionally at the sight of my bias, who was breathing and talking in front of me.

    ‘It's my bias, my bias. It's my bias!'

    Controlling my overjoyed heart, I looked at the motionless man’s face.

    The face that I’ve been imagining every day was right in front of me.

    My most favorite character that I’ve only met in my imagination is breathing, walking, and talking in front of me!

    The chillingly beautiful and glassy eyes that looked at me did not show any emotions.


    The golden eyes were like the starlight that embroidered the night sky. I was lost in the beauty that was completely different from what I had imagined.

    You've never said that he was this beautiful, Writer-nim!

    “Who are you?”

    A low voice asked me.

    Oh, my God, even his voice sounds so nice! It was way better than my imagination.

    Instinctively, I could feel the man got agitated when he felt that I was about to cry.

    How can he be so handsome?

    I’m confident that I wouldn’t get tired of seeing his face every day. What I liked was a much older middle-aged figure, but if it was you whichever age you are, I love you!

    “I asked who are you.”

    I kept showing no reaction, so the man frowned.

    He looks so handsome even when frowning, I almost forget to breathe.

    I can’t do this. I tried to suppress it in, but in the end, I can’t hold down this feeling!


    I rushed at once at the man flinging myself to him.

    The poorest man in the world who has never loved anyone and has never been loved.

    And the person that I liked more than anyone in the world.

    I could feel the body of the man sitting awkwardly stiffen.

    The man got so surprised that he momentarily forgot to breathe.


    "······Who do you say is your father?"

    The man asked back in an absurd voice. For a man who is unmarried, the suddenly sprouting of a child is insanely absurd.

    I chuckled and made eye contact with the man. Though I felt a lot of pressure while looking at his gold-colored eyes, I felt extremely happy.

    “Heh heh. Dad.”

    I hugged the man and he looked at me with a puzzled look. It’s no use doing that.

    I will never give up.


    I don’t know if he really gave up but eventually, the man stopped trying to tear me apart from him.

    Looking up at the man sighing low, I thought me too would be breathless at this rate.

    This is my most favorite character. The first time I met my father who will be a tyrant in the future.

*    *    *    *    *

    There have been a lot of absurd things in the world that I cannot understand.

    I accidentally broke my cell phone yesterday, then I turned 6 years old today.

    "Still, I'd rather have my cell phone smashed than be six years old when I open my eyes.”

    I was now going through the most ridiculous phase of my life.

    I looked out of the window with my face on the window frame. I looked terrible, but I couldn't help it because I was short.

    The view from the window was different from the Earth I had known so far.

    "Of course it's different! This is another world!"

    A broad plain and a deep-blue sky. From the small village in the distance to the large streets where the customers pass languidly.

    The high buildings and the automatic cars that occupied the road, were replaced by countless people.

    Looking out of the window which was completely different from the landscape I knew, I was both devastated and relieved that today too was not only a dream.

    “It’s already been a month! It wouldn't be realistic to dream the same dream for a month."

    She took her face off the windowsill after looking at the strange and unique scenery outside the window. Then she looked down at her tiny hands.

    At first, it was very confusing.

    It wasn't that long ago when she cried and went crazy because she couldn't figure out the situation right away.

    Then something suddenly came to her mind.


    That is to see her most favorite character.


I Adopted A Villainous Dad
Chapter 1 Part 1