I Adopted A Villainous Dad
Chapter 1

Author: Yoon Seul
Source: NovelMultiverse

Things happen in life

In life, there are days like this.

What’s the probability of finding my favorite character while walking down the street? What’s the probability of encountering my favorite character coincidentally from another country or another world who doesn’t live in the same country?

‘I thought I would be a failing maniac.’

So-called ‘Maniacs can’t get lucky’.

I thought there was the phenomenon of only maniacs can’t become lucky but that wasn’t it.

My body was trembling as my favorite character was speaking and breathing clearly in front of me.

‘Favorite character. Favorite. My favorite!’

I stared at man’s face while calming myself from becoming excited.

The face I imagined every day exists in front of me.

My favorite character which I encountered in my imagination through text is breathing and talking in front of me!

It is beautiful that it gives me goosebumps but he has eyes that will cut me if I touch them.

The eyes which look like glass beads staring at me didn’t have any emotions which appeared scary.

The shiny golden eyes seemed like starlight at night time in the sky.

It was a different beauty than I imagined and I lost my words.

Dear author, you didn’t mention that it is this beautiful!

“Who are you?”

A quiet voice spoke to me.

Oh god, his voice is great as well! It was better than I imagined. I instinctively began to make a sad face and the man seemed to be restless.

That face felt like he doesn’t prefer me crying.

How can he be so handsome?

I have confidence that I won’t get sick and tired if I see him every day. I prefer the middle-aged version of him, but with you I will love no matter who you are!

“I asked who you are.”

As I continued to not to give any response, the man furrowed his eyebrows.

I was out of breath as his face looked handsome even when he frowned his eyebrows.

I can’t help it. I try to keep it to myself but I can’t stand this feeling!


I ran towards the man at once.

In this world, I was never loved by someone nor gave love to someone. 

He is the most pitiful man.

Also, the only person who I love the most more than anyone in this world.

I felt the man who was sitting comfortably becoming stiff.

He was holding his breath instantly and appeared surprised.


“….Who are you calling dad?”

The man asked back in an absurd voice. It must feel quite absurd for an unmarried man.

I smiled gently and made eye contact with him. I felt a strong pressure in his golden eyes but even that was really fun for me.

“Hey. Dad.”

When I hugged the man, the man looked at me dumbfounded. 

It doesn’t work even if you look at me like that.

I will never give up.


I don’t know if he gave up at last but he quit getting rid of me.

I looked up at the man who was sighing quietly and I thought I wouldn’t regret if I died right now.

This is my first meeting with my dad who I love the most yet he will become a tyrant.

There are many things which happened that cannot understood in this world.

Yesterday, my cellphone broke and today I became 6 years old.

“It’s better to get the cellphone destroyed rather than becoming 6 years old when waking up.”

I’m experiencing the most ridiculous things in my life right now.

I put my face on a window ceiling and looked outside the window. It looked a bit odd but I couldn’t do much as I’m not tall.

The scene I see outside the window was completely different from the world I knew so far.

“Of course, it’s different! Here is a different part of the world!”

Wide field and blue sky. Even high-class guests entering from the main road along with small villages which can be seen afar.

Numerous people and cars did not invade the roads or tall buildings.

I was relieved and despaired at the same time as this wasn’t a dream while looking outside the window which differed from what I knew to be true.

“Already 1 month has passed! It won’t be realistic to dream vividly like this for a month.”

I was looking at the scene which was unique and unfamiliar then put my face away from the window ceiling. Afterward, I looked at my small hands.

At first, I was very confused.

I couldn’t understand the situation immediately so it hasn’t been long since I’ve been crying and wanting to go back.

However, one thing made me become conscious.


That’s seeing my favorite character.

It must be God’s will to meet my favorite character while trying to escape thinking that it is a movie set or the Truman show.

“God fulfilled my wish!”

It’s good that I go to bed after praying to God every night.

“The world with my favorite character.”

Then, there is only one conclusion.

I have entered inside a novel and I’m the main character of this novel.

‘Normally the main character will be very happy.’

Unfortunate news but this Mirror Without Light was a novel which makes the female character to suffer because the author wants to write so-called realistic fantasy.


There is no smooth pathway despite being the main character!

“Well it’s okay.”

Because my favorite character lives here.

“Crying. Light and salt….”

There won’t be any love like this.

While living my life, I don’t have any memories of waiting for updates on web novels nor waiting impatiently for a spinoff. It was the first time looking for author’s blogs and social media.

It was the moment when I was crying in joy with the opportunity to meet my favorite character once again.

“Woman Saint Yeha! Why are you standing here again like this!”

I became conscious after hearing the familiar voice.

Luciana ran to me with surprise in her voice.

She moved my body away from leaning towards the window.

Luciana, who is my maid and takes care of me, looked at me with a firm facial expression.

It was strong but I gently smiled at Luciana.


“….It doesn’t work even if smile at me like that.”

Damn, it worked until yesterday.

I can’t believe she didn’t fall for my cuteness; she is strong!

As I stared at her with surprise, Luciana made a firm commitment and looked at me with a scary face.

“Please don’t look outside in a dangerous posture like that. Do you understand?”

I had to just nod to what Luciana was saying.

“You do realize that today is an important day?”

“I know, I know.”

“Then, have a seat. I will get you ready.”

As Luciana spoke, I sat quietly. Soon, there was clothing with golden thread with patterns in front of me.

That’s the clothes only ‘Woman Saint’ can wear.

“You will wear this.”


I just wore what Luciana gave me and I was recalling the most important problem right now.

‘I must survive.’

Pricilla, the main character of this novel and who is also myself is a tragic heroine who dies after being used by people for being nice.

‘I can’t live like that.’

I’m sorry to the author of this novel but I don’t want to live like Pricilla.

I don’t want to have a meaningless death like that.

In order to do so, it is important to survive safely.

‘I must carefully decide the family I will be adopted into!’

At last, today is decision day.

“Finally, today……”

The day has come.

When I arrived at the giant temple guided by Luciana, there was the Pope and 12 elders already.

When I entered the temple, everyone stood and bowed to me.

“Welcome, Yeha.”

It was hard for me to receive greetings from seniors who have grey hair since I’m from a society where it is required to respect the elders. 

I laughed awkwardly and nodded twice. This made elders smile in happiness.

“You look cute today as well.”

“It’s sad to send you off to elsewhere.”

“Tradition is tradition so we don’t have any choice.”

“May God bless Yeha anywhere she goes.”

After getting blessings from the elders I stood in front of the Pope. Pope Raphael is an elderly person as well.

“Welcome Saint Woman Yeha.”

“Yes, your Holiness Pope.”

The Pope laughed happily and asked me with a happy smile.

“Do you know what today is?”


Of course, I know. Today is the day where I decide my family.

All Saint Women must leave their religious body and return after seeing the big world. That’s why I must choose a family to look after me until I become an adult……

‘It’s not like choosing randomly from a box but I have to choose my family by luck.’

In original work, Pricilla failed her life because she chose the wrong people to be her family member.

That’s why in order to avoid Pricilla’s miserable life, I must choose the family ‘wisely’.

What an irrational situation.

‘Never the family which Pricilla chose.’

I was trembling my body as I was thinking of the family who fed me sweet potatoes every time.

Traditionally, the family who will stay with the Woman Saint was chosen by the Pope from the candidates selected by the Elders.

It is going through extremely complicated procedures so they were cautious and cautious.

“I’m glad that you seem happy, Yeha.”

“Yes, I feel great!”

I affirmed it by nodding and the elders were surprised as they haven’t heard my voice in a long time.

“You must feel very satisfied.”

“that you are raising your voice.”

“It was my first time hearing Yeha’s voice.”

It seems that few elders heard my voice for the first time as I didn’t speak at all because they were suspicious of my age since I spoke too well.

Leaving the surprised elders behind, I looked back at Pope, his holiness. When I made eye contact, his holiness graciously smiled at me.

“Then, shall we begin?”

With his holiness beginning to speak, I nodded my head and the candidates chosen by the elders came in one by one.

I didn’t know their face but I could recognize them by their characteristics.

‘They aren’t the right person.’

At last, the person who I was waiting to enter the giant temple.


I didn’t hear the elder calling me while being surprised at the back. I didn’t care if anybody said anything or looked at me.

I decided since I saw it for the first time.


I ran quickly and hugged Melkiade. 

It was the moment when Melkiade wanted to say something while frowning his face as he recognized me.

I spoke first before him.

“I will adopt you as my father!”

I can’t choose my family randomly!

“You! Become my father!”

Putting everything to become a maniac!

I’m certain. This will work! I’m putting all my wealth into this investment!

I Adopted A Villainous Dad
Chapter 1