I Am a Princess Responsible For Settling Circumstances
Chapter 1

Author: まめちょろ
Source: FujMosh

 Ahh, if only this was someone else's problem. 

If only my former self had witnessed such a scene as a passer-by, for example, in a deserted classroom or something.

Then, I could've just watched it contently.

It's sad, isn't it? When it concerns me, no matter how much of a fujoshi I am, my fantasies are always out of reach.

Ahh, at least, I had been able to catch a glimpse of a happy and embarrassing romance between two men during my secret trip around the castle. I wasn't able to help myself.

… one of them was a part of my family.

I narrowed my eyes.

Two men were making out in front of me, and it wasn't 2D, it was real life. But, both of them were good looking. It was like they thought they were the only two people in the world as their tongues collided with each other.

One of those two men was my brother, the first prince. Yes, the heir to the throne.

And this rendezvouz spot was located near the majestic and splendid royal castle, which is the pride and joy of our country of Esfia. Those who had been able to read the air seemed to have voluntarily avoided this place so as not to disturb my older brother. But, this is essentially where most traffic passes through. It's not just a corridor for royalty, it's open to the castle's employees and guests as long as they have permission.

...I thought it was strange, y'know.

Normally there would be more people here. I don't even see any maids or soldiers, who are typically on guard duty.

And the reason why… was because my brother and his lover were having a love scene!


I closed the fan in my hand with a 'snap'! 

In the corridor, the only sound heard was an obscene wet noise made by my brother and his lover, it was enough to convey what was going on. The lovers' lips suddenly parted, as if in shock.

"... Octavia."

My brother recognised me and called out my name.

"—Brother. It's fine that you and Sir Syl seem to have a nice relationship going on, but you really must think more carefully on where you're going to do such things."

Don't you dare make out when I'm right here in front of you!

And, I wanted to say that straight to his face. But I'm a princess, just like my brother is the first prince. As per royal customs, we need to keep our conversations civil and discreet.

Octavia, the first princess of Esfia. That's who I am. I'm sixteen years old. My brother, by the way, is nineteen.

My brother, prince Sirius, furrowed his eyebrows.

Crap! He's too handsome!

He has silver hair and light blue eyes. He's tall. He's the perfect man; he has an attractive face and figure, a sharp mind, and is overall, a flawless other-worldly person.

He reminds me of the aggressive game character I used to swoon over in my previous life. He was the most popular character, scoring first place in the character popularity contest!

"... forgive me."

My brother apologized. By the way, he possesses such a beautiful voice it makes my brain become dizzy.


When I replied, everything went silent.

Awkward… it's very awkward.

You see, my brother's lover, Sir Syl, also began to look uncomfortable. Noticing this, my brother grabbed Sir Syl's hand. They are very much in love, aren't they?

As if encouraged by his actions, Sir Syl opened his mouth.

"Lady Octavia."

Sir Syl is a handsome, indifferent man. Although he doesn't look like a woman, he appears very beautiful.

My brother and him are a beautiful couple (man and woman)... no, rather, a beautiful gay couple (man and man). He's from a baron's family, and after many ups and downs, he and my brother were finally able to be together.

—And, he's the protagonist.

"What do you mean?"

I was, on the inside, frightened by Syl's seriousness. But, I'm still a noble, even if I'm a fujoshi. I've got thick skin. I reacted in a calm manner.

"Lady Octavia, how can I make you approve of me?"

"... There's nothing for me to approve or disapprove of. What do you mean by that? I acknowledge that you are my brother's beloved. Isn't that enough for you?"

Sir Syl's face contorted into a sad expression.

Originally, Octavia was the first to congratulate her brother and Sir Sil on their love.

However, I'm not the same Octavia.

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I Am a Princess Responsible For Settling Circumstances
Chapter 1