I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 18

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I have a 'harmony' halo


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On the surface, Mo Fan seemed to be confused. Hearing Xu Yi's words, Mo Fan was visibly stunned.

"Mr Xu, haven't we been together this whole time?" The young man asked, puzzled.

"I'm not talking about this 'together' but as lovers." 

Xu Yi's voice was low and hoarse under the influence of alcohol. Revealing the unique characteristic texture of a middle-aged man. Xu Yi is used to the ups and downs of life. He had climbed to the top from the bottom. After years of sedimentation with ruthlessness and reliance, he developed a unique charm.

The man, who is nearly 50 years old, is resolute, bold and good looking. His man has succeeded like a crucian carp who crosses the river, but he doesn't see the slightest movement from him. He didn't expect to fall headfirst for Mo Fan. Xu Yi's eyes contained deep and expressive emotions that didn't seem to be fake. 

"Mr Xu, I..." 

Mo Fan was stunned. He has always known what's on Xu Yi's mind, but he thought Xu Yi had forgotten about it after many years without him taking any action. Who knows that he would suddenly confess. 

"Mo Fan, do you remember the first time we met? You were talking to the people at the side of the stage while smiling. I saw you at a glance. I thought it was just a momentary interest and that it would fade after a while. But after you arrived by my side, I couldn't move on even more." 

"I waited for you to be willing, but I didn't expect that you are so thick-headed. Everyone under me could see it, except for you. What did you think when you heard the rumours?" 

"I...it was just a rumour made due to other's jealousy." 

There was helplessness in Xu Yi's eyes. He raised his hand to touch Mo Fan's hair, but the young man subconsciously avoided it. Xu Yi held back and took it back. 

"I'm telling you this not to make you promise me anything. If I wanted you, there are hundreds of ways, but I didn't. Do you understand why?" 

Mo Fan looked at him seemingly understanding . 

"I want your willingness. Even if you reject me today, I won't do anything to you. I've been lonely for a long time and just wanted to talk to you. After today, you can pretend that you didn't hear anything." 

The strong man shows a trace of vulnerability for the first time. Xu Yi spoke a lot, maybe he had planned for a long time, or perhaps it was the influence of alcohol. He talked about his feelings that had deepened after their first meeting. 

Mo Fan was slightly distracted . he had always thought Xu Yi would not be a sentimental person. And wouldn't show his weakness. But this scene in front of him told him that he was wrong.

Xu Yi reminded him of those mens. 

Mo Fan hadn't thought of Lu Mingyuan for a long time. Perhaps, he subconsciously didn't want to think about it. He didn't want to admit that he was affected by his care. He was actually disappointed that the other missed the appointment. 

In front of his eyes, Xu Yi's mouth opened and closed, his voice faded away. Mo Fan knew that Xu Yi was saying something, but he didn't know what. 

He suddenly wanted to indulge. He didn't think or care too much. From the time that he came to this world, he had been waiting. For more than ten years, he had never done such a silly thing, but Mo Fan did it anyway. But the result let him down, Lu Mingyuan didn't appear. He didn't wait for him. 

His first serious commitment was thrown away 


Mo Fan let out a self-deprecating laugh. How could there be a possibility for him to travel one world to another to find him? He was actually emotional. 

Getting up and sealing his lips, Mo Fan clearly saw the look of surprise in Xu Yi's eyes. So be it. He has to admit it, Xu Yi is outstanding. If there was no Mo Wei, then the world's protagonist will fall on him. 

After abstaining for so long, Mo Fan felt intolerable. If it was Xu Yi, he could accept it. 

Thinking about this, he laughed at himself again: He actually becomes such a chaste woman and protects his purity. 

Xu Yi's kiss was mix with a faint smell of tobacco, but it wasn't unpleasant. Between the intertwining of their lips and tongues, the dishes on the table were swept to the floor. Xu Yi grabbed the young man his waist from across the table with dissatisfaction. 

 Xu Yi didn't think that he could get him. His heart beats fast. If he had known this, he would have done this earlier so that they could have more time together. 

The young man's lips were soft and sweet. His breath was long and clean, luring himself deeper into it. The soft and supple waist, which he had imagined so many times in his mind, was in his hand, causing Xu Yi to feel like he is dreaming. 

There was a faint commotion at the door, but the two drunken were in love with each other and didn't care. 

'Clang' The sound of the door violently smashed open and hit the wall. A young man with red lips was sitting sideway on the lap of a taller man from the door. The two were intimate, frowned and looked at the door. A handsome young man stood at the door, his face mixed with frost-like anger, and his sharp eyes were firmly locked on Mo Fan. 

If he came even slightly late, they would be even more intimate... 

Such an arrogant attitude caused Xu Yi to sobered from his ecstasy with a faint fear in his heart. This is his territory, but the young man entered a no man's land without changing expression. Behind him, there were more than a few people from the two sides, keeping the other in check. 

"Give me the man." 

Xu Yi frowned and looked at the drunken-eyed young man in his arms. Could it be that an enemy came to his door? But how could Mo Fan have such an enemy? 

Mo Wei saw that Xu Yi was unmoved, took a natural stride forward, and took the young man's arm. The gun in his hand was not insured, and the dark hole was pointing directly at Xu Yi's forehead. 

"Let him go." Mo Wei said coldly in response to the resistance. 

Xu Yi usually carried along his owns weapons with him. But since he was in his own territory, he was at ease, yet someone dared to barge in like this. Without a weapon in hand, he was at a disadvantage if he doesn't let go. 

The hole was pointing straight at him, and from the man's expression, he was determined that if he didn't let go, the other doesn't mind shooting. The force on the hand loosened. He likes Mo Fan but not to the point of giving up his life for the other.

Although the other showed that he doesn't mind shooting, in his position, he wouldn't gain anything if he dies today. By causing such a big commotion, even if one can retreat, they would definitely leave a handle. These people might have lots of blood on their hands, but not many lives had actually fallen on their hands. Unless it's a last resort, they will not do it themselves. 

Mo Wei showed a mocking look to say that your love for him is nothing more than that. 

His people restrained Xu Yi, and the group of people smooth withdrew from the opponent's sphere of influence, got into the car and left. 

"Mr Xu." 

The crowd watching from afar saw Mo Wei leave, and only then did they come forward. Xu Yi waved his hand to say he was fine, but Mo Wei's face kept coming to his mind. 

That face look particularly familiar. Who it it? 

The first thing Mo Wei did when he got back was to find out about Mo Fan's whereabouts. When he learned that the two celebrated Xu Yi's birthday at his private club, uneasiness forced him to the front door regardless of the consequences. Sure enough, the image he saw was enough to drive him crazy. 

The thumb was constantly wiping on the young man's red and soft lips as if it would wipe away the stained breath of others. 

Before that, has he done anything more excessive... 

Thinking of what might happen, Mo Wei suddenly regretted not shooting him. He came in a hurry and didn't do much preparation. If he really shoots, it would certainly leave some evidence and would cause problems. Of course, if the other didn't let go, even if there were severe consequences, he didn't mind shooting his forehead. 

"Young Mo, Who is he?" 

"Your future lady. Remember that." 

The man who asked the question was shocked and didn't dare ask another. Obviously, he is a male, but since Mo Wei said so, there is no room for questions.

After Mo Wei left with his biological father, he lived according to the other's arrangements. Still, secretly, he didn't give up his original power and gradually grew, intending to replace it. 

Mo Fan always thought the reason for Mo Wei's late return to high school was due to love, but in reality, it wasn't. In the first year of high school, Mo Wei had accidentally saved someone. Before he left, he promised that Mo Wei could find him if he needed help in exchange for saving him. 

At the time, Mo Wei didn't care. Later, he suddenly found the man to understand what Mo Fan is doing. After getting the answer, he wasn't content and asked the man to take him. 

The man has seen tons of people and knew at once that Mo Wei was an extraordinary kid and agreed to Mo Wei's request. Mo Wei began to work for him, improving his abilities and even had his own people. The man felt threatened and began targeting Mo Wei intentionally or not when Mo Wei's biological father approach him. 

When Mo Wei found out his 'father' true identity, he had an idea. 

Once Mo Wei entered the industry, he discovered his true identity. It could even be said that the man found him with his assistance. He didn't agree in the beginning because he wanted to see his status in Mo Fan's heart. 

As a result, he was disappointed. 

However, it didn't matter. This way, he can let go and used another method to get him. 

After living under his 'father' for a year and preparing from the previous years, he made rapid progression and aimed for the man's business. He grows, develops and enlisted people. Now his 'father's power is all under his control, and the power of the man he had saved was owned by his people. 

The man wanted to use him to seize his 'father's power but was used by Mo Wei and become a tool for Mo Wei. 

Before, Mo Wei would never think that he would be exposed to these things or be a part of them. But Mo Fan got involved, and he wanted to protect him. The water runs deep, and the danger is too great. He wanted to do something about it. He would worry that there would be a day where Mo Fan would never come back.

When he arrived at the residence, Mo Wei carried the dazed man upstairs and placed him on the bed. 

Mo Fan wasn't pretending to be drunk this time. At first, he was sober, but later, he decided to drink a few more glasses. Only Mo Fan could never have imagined that there would be such an unforeseen event. 

Mo Fan still had a tract of sobriety when Mo Wei appeared. But while on the road, he immediately lost consciousness from the after-effect of the wine. 

I'm sorry. Forgive me for being mean. I couldn't think of any other way to get you except this. If you want to hate me, hate me... It's better than letting someone else appear in your eyes. 

The sea of knowledge floats and sinks, the heat waves surge. When the initial pain faded away, Mo Fan completely lost himself in the bumps. Faintly a familiar gasp sounded in his ears. 

Lu Mingyuan.... 

Did you finally appear?

 As if time had gone back to the time the two were together. Mo Fan was in a dream. The one night of intent and love, whispering loft softly in his ears. His senses came like a tide, and Mo Fan hugged the person on his body tightly. 


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I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 18