I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 19

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I have a 'harmony' halo 


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His head and his whole body were sore. It gives a feeling like it was indulged in.

The System slyly said," It's not 'like' FanFan, you were indulge in."

Scattered fragments of memories flashed in his mind. A warm chest pressed against him and Mo Fan suddenly felt a slight headache.

He and Xu Yi!


Mo Fan was shocked and immediately retreated, but the other's big palm tightly clasped him, causing him to be unable to move.

The palm was well defined, delicate and supple, unlike a fifty years old's palm.

The System covers its face when it saw the scene of FanFan sleeping with the protagonist once it left the black room. At first glance, it knew what he had gone through. The System was unable to bear to look when FanFan thought the person was Xu Yi.

His breath was long and hot as it sprayed behind Mo Fan's ear, making it slightly numb. Mo Fan tilted his head back and pulled his face away from the other's shoulder. His sight passed the sexy Adam's apple, stay slightly at the lower jaw until he could no longer move upwards.

It wasn't Xu Yi!!!

Mo Fan was shocked. He forcefully broke away from the embrace and sat up. The sharp movement made Mo Fan's face distorted for a moment.

Mo Wei! How could it be Mo Wei! Yi!

Mo Wei woke up as soon as Mo Fan moved, but he didn't dare to open his eyes.

What will Mo Fan think when he sees that the person beside him is him? Will he think that he's a pervert? The chaotic thoughts in his mind caused Mo Wei to pretend to sleep instead of opening his eyes.

Mo Fan's action was so significant that Mo Wei couldn't pretend to be ignorant. He pretends to wake up, opened his eyes and sat up.

[System, What the hell happened yesterday!]

How did he end up with Mo Wei and even had sex?

"FanFan, you locked me up in the darkroom yesterday, did you forget?"

Mo Wei was startled. Indeed after making his decision yesterday, he had the System left.

"Mo Fan....."

Mo Wei stared at Mo Fan with eyes filled with guilt and anxiety. Yet within, Mo Fan could clearly see an irrefutable love between lovers and not family affection.

But Mo Fan looked at him with incredulous eyes. He was his elder and guardian who raised him from childhood, yet Mo Wei had such thoughts about him!

"Dad? You call me dad? That's funny. If you really thought of me as a dad, would you look at me with such eyes? Would you do such a thing? Do you know what you refer this? You really are abnormal!"

Mo Wei tried his best to focus his gaze on Mo Fan's face from sliding downward.

"I'm sorry, Dad... If you don't like me calling you dad, then I won't. I don't know when did my feelings for you changed. You were so good to me since I was a child, and even if we aren't related by blood, how could I simply forgot. I really like you, please don't leave me, okay? Don't be with anyone else."

The pain that flowed from Mo Wei's eyes was genuine, and the vulnerability of the indifferent men made it all the more heartbreaking.

Mo Fan received this expression and looked at him, alienated in silence.

"Xu Yi doesn't want you anymore. He let you go in front of me, so don't think about him anymore. Okay?"

Mo Fan's silence made Mo Wei misunderstood. Mo Wei thought that Mo Fan was thinking about Xu Y. Before he appears, the intimacy between the two was vividly visible.

"I won't let you go back. He let you go, so you're mine."

Mo Fan:...

He was just a little weak. What was Mo Wei thinking so much in his mind to stage an "I love you, you love him' drama before him?

But with the situation of the plot now, it feels like it had gone off the cliff, and he knew that the plot isn't smoothly on the right track.

The System," Anyway, the protagonist's love would give you hundreds of times more energy than the plot. FanFan, you make the plot deviate every time. I already give up on the plot."

Mo Fan: Why are you blaming me? I'm helpless every time the plot goes wrong.

In the first few worlds, he could understand when the protagonist had feelings for him. In this world, he had the role of the protagonist's father. How could the plot develop like so? Could it be he has the so-called Mary Su halo that causes every protagonist to follow?

Mo Fan's long silence was taken as a default. Mo Wei closed his eyes in pain and ruthlessly said," Even if you don't love me, I won't let you go."

Mo Fan:...

Just as Mo Fan was about to say something, his eyes landed on the wound located on his shoulder. He paused, and after a long time, he raised his right hand and caressed the spot.

"Where did this come from?"

Mo Fan's voice was warm and soft. Mo Wei was overjoyed, and he looks at Mo Fan's fingers. It was a bite mark that looked old, with clear teeth marks.

Mo Wei, worried that Mo Fan would misunderstand, quickly explained, " This appears suddenly. It wasn't bitten. I had never touched anyone except you. You may not believe it because I didn't believe it too. It suddenly appeared on my shoulder when I become an adult."

Mo Fan's expression was a little strange, and Mo Wei had a hunch that the mark is related to Mo Fan's attitude towards him. He immediately held his breath and raised his expectation.

Mo Fan inched closer as if to see the shape of the mark clearly.

Mo Wei froze and didn't dare to move. Mo Fan was so close that he could feel his breath on his shoulder. A soft and warm sensation was felt. It was his lips!

His heart seemed to jump out of his chest and surged in ecstasy.

What...does this mean?

Mo Wei vaguely anticipated.

"En," A sharp pain came from his shoulder, caught him off guard and causing Mo Wei to muffled a grunt.

A sweet-fishy taste filled his mouth, and Mo Fan retracted the teeth embedded in the flesh.

The fresh tooth marks fit so closely to the spot as if the same person had bitten it.

Mo Fan was in a trance. He had also left such a bitemark on Lu Mingyuan. It was when they were excited, and Mo Fan couldn't stand the other's malicious teasing but the man's right shoulder. He bit it too hard that it bled out at once.

Afterwards, he encourages Lu Mingyuan to treat it, but the other refused. Lu Mingyuan said that it is a brand he left on him, and he wanted to keep it. He wasn't sure what method the other use, but the bite mard didn't fade even when the two were old.

Why is there the same bite mark on Mo Wei's shoulder? Mo Wei had said that he didn't know where it came from, and it had simply appeared on him out of nowhere.

"Wouldn't it good to keep it? If you don't know recognise me, just take a bite and see if it's the same. Then won't you know that it's me?"

His jokes echoed in his ears, and Mo Fan couldn't tell whether the person beside him was Lu Mingyuan or someone else?

Is it really you? You really did appear and stayed by my side, but I just didn't expect that it was you.

Mo Fan's eyes reflected Mo Wei's figure.

"Let me be alone for a moment."

Mo Wei glanced at Mo Fan worriedly and said before leaving," Call me if you anything."

Mo Fan was troubled.

Mo Wei felt the other's confusion, but he couldn't help him. He only felt thankful that Mo Fan was shocked and confused but not disgusted as he expected.

Does this mean that there is a slight possibility that he will accept him?

The expectation was too good that Mo Wei didn't dare to think about it anymore, Fearing that he would be more disappointed in the end. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. He has prepared for the worst, hasn't he?

"Fan Fan."

The System quietly emerged feeling worried for Mo Fan, who had been sitting in a daze all morning.

[System, is it really impossible for one person to appear in different worlds?]

The System was torn," The possibility is too small."

[But is it possible?]

"Impossible, unless...." The System suddenly paused.

[Unless what?]

"Unless...ah, I'm going to crash." The System panicked.

After the System spoke, it suddenly disappeared. Mo Fan called the System several times in his head, but there was no response.

[Xiao Huan?]


The System sounded very tired. It was the first time that this had happened, and Mo Fan was worried. The System has always been over-energetic every day and has never seen such exhaustion.

"I'm fine. It's just that I received a large data. FanFan, this may be something I can't explore, but the data is telling me that the situation exists."

[En, it's okay. If you don't know, then you don't know.]

"FanFan, this is the first time you are gentle with me." It said tearfully.

[Was I never gentle with you before?] Mo Fan squinted.

"No, It's just that FanFan is even more gentle today." The System mediated the situation.

[Humph.] Mo Fan snorted coldly and accept the answer.

Simply knowing that the possibilities exist was good enough as for why, if the System suffered for the sake of finding out, Mo Fan is unwilling to see it happen.

In the kitchen, Mo Wei absentmindedly prepared some food.

What is Dad thinking? Is he accepting him? His surprise doesn't seem fake. How could he accept him so quickly? But why wasn't he angry? There was even a faint tolerance.


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I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 19