I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 20

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I have a 'harmony' halo 


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Mo Wei was slightly confused about Mo Fan's attitude. 

He thought he would turn hysterical, angry and abusive, but he didn't expect Mo Fan to be calm. 

 It must be the work of a demon when something goes wrong. Mo Wei was not at ease, so he stayed at home every day to care for Mo Fan. Mo Fan suddenly returned to life with Lu Mingyuan. The other was well organised and meticulous in all aspect. Still, compared to now, the two are less distant and had a tacit understanding. 

 In Mo Wei's eyes, Mo Fan was at a loss and would wander off. 

Once again, he started to dwell when he was eating. Sometimes a meal can last an hour. The young man frowned, his mouth chewed unconsciously, and his eyes stare blankly in a particular direction. 

 In fact, Mo Fan has been thinking about it these days. If they were the same person as the protagonist, as the protagonist's lover, he would get the world power beyond the plot, right? There was no need to care about the development of the plot. 

 It was even approved by the System. Since learning that he could get more power as long as he raided the protagonist, the System doesn't care much about the plot anymore. Anyway, the plot of each world is toxic, and the world line would always deviate. 

 The so-called plot is nothing but the direction calculated by the System in the evolution of the small world. The world will not manipulate every detail of it. As long as the world doesn't collapse and the world power is continuously supplied, the world consciousness will not pay attention to the detailed development of the world at all. 

 Some world consciousness wouldn't even take the initiative to find the so-called protagonist. Instead, they allow the world to produce, not caring about the development at all. 

 Initially, Mo Fan was very dissatisfied with the restriction imposed on him by the plot. However, even without the suppression of the plot, he can't deviate too much from the character's personality. For example, an employee of an ordinary company suddenly become world-famous scientists or scholar. Such a loophole can be detected by the world without special attention. 

As for the character's personality, it is much less constrained. As long as he slowly changes the character's personality, the world consciousness will not notice the flaws. There are thousands of creature in the world. It wouldn't focus so much on a non-protagonist creature. 

These few days, Mo Wei has been sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Except for dinner, he basically wouldn't show up in front of Mo Fan, worried about irritating him. Mo Wei was more afraid of his ignorance than hatred, which would overwhelm him. 

 [System, is there any way to determine whether two people have the same soul?] 

"Yes, there is, but..." 

The System stammered, and Mo Fan gestured for him to continue to speak. 

 "As long as you incept the person's spiritual fluctuations and keep a trace of his's soul, that you can make a comparison." 

 [Would keeping it hurt the soul?] 

 "If the other party is willing, it won't have a big impact if you cut out a small piece of the soul." 

 [Then, help me save a copy of Mo Wei's soul data.] 

 "Uh... FanFan, Mo Wei is the protagonist. If you want to keep the other's soul, The power needed is more or less the world power. There is a possibility that you came to this world for nothing." 

 [En, using the world's power for an old gong is no loss.] 

 System: Eh??? What does FanFan mean? Does it mean that he wants to bind with the other party? 

 That's the protagonist! Binding to a protagonist is equivalent to binding a steady stream of world power. With such a thought, the system itch to act on it. 


 "FanFan, the previous world power has been used to repair your soul. There isn't any extra to intercept a soul piece. I can only do it when you leave."

[En.] Mo Fan expressed understanding. 

 With that in mind, Mo Fan still looks cold. 

 Was it necessary for him to take the initiative to seek peace? He wouldn't do that!

 Well, let's test the 'old gong' for now. Would it be useful? If the other doesn't fall in love, he will return the soul. It won't affect him, right? (唔,暂且试试这个“老攻”好不好用,如果对方移情别恋了,大不了就将对方的魂片归还,他也没有影响不是吗?) 

 As for his position, Mo Fan doesn't have much objection. His own soul doesn't belong to the world, and it isn't difficult as the one who inherits it. He isn't tired and can enjoy it, so why not? 

 After thinking about it, Mo Fan felt refreshed, got up early and prepared to go out. 

There was the sound of pots and bowls colliding and cooking coming from Mo Wei, preparing breakfast in the kitchen. In Fact, Mo Wei could have someone to cook for them, but he didn't want anyone to disturb their space, so he single-handedly took care of it. 

 "Where do you .... want to go?" 

 Hearing that someone was outside the kitchen, Mo Wei turned off the fire and walked out to see Mo Fan nearly dressed at the entrance. 

 Mo Fan didn't like to be called 'dad', so he stops calling him that. 

 "What? Are you going to stop me?" 

 "No, Not at all." Mo Wei hurriedly explained," It's just that you haven't had breakfast yet. Eat first, and I take you to wherever you want to go." 

 Mo Wei stumbled over his words, and Mo Fan couldn't help but curl the corner of his lips. The man who was vigorous and decisive outside was like a child who wanted to be appreciated and loved by Mo Fan. So simple that he's cute. 

 He wasn't a pretentious person. Since he had thought clearly, he won't pretend to be distant. However, it is impossible to ask him to reconcile. 

 Just now... Was Mo Fan smiling? Although the smile was quick, Mo Wei believes that he was right. Mo Fan looked at him with a gentle gaze as if the two had never changed. Mo Wei's heart beat fast, and he squeezed his sweaty palms, " I've made breakfast. Do you want to eat first before going out?" 

 He was cautious.

 Mo Fan nodded. As if afraid that he will back out, Mo Wei immediately went into the kitchen. 

 Mo Fan ate a pleasant meal, but Mo Wei was a little distracted and would glance in Mo Fan's direction from time to time. Mo Fan seemed to not notice it and was satisfied. 

 After tidying up the dishes, Mo Wei asked," Where do you want to do?"

Mo Wei didn't dare to question the other's sudden easing. No matter what it is for, as long as Mo Fan doesn't ignore him, he will be satisfied. 

 "To take care of some work-related matters." 

 Work? Mo Fan's work... 

 "What? I can't go?" 

 "No. It's just..."

"Just what? It's just that you and Xu Yi are hostile with one another, so it's inconvenient?" 

 Those words were like a thunderbolt that blew Mo Wei up. 

 Does Mo Fan know who he is? When did he know? Did he see what he had done all those years?

 Mo Wei's complexion changed. 

 When he discovered that the plot had gone off the rails, Mo Fan asked the System to carefully check Mo Wei's experience over the years. It can only be said that Mo Wei is worthy as the main character. It turns out that back during high school, he met someone who introduced him to this path. It is no wonder that his biological father took him away, and his power grew leaps and bounds. 

 "I..." Mo Wei suddenly didn't know what to say. Say, I did all this so that so I could be with you? Say. will you find such cruelty unacceptable to him? 

 "If it's inconvenient, I will go by myself." Mo Fan nodded with a finger to his lips, pondering. 

 "No." Mo Wei reflexively. 

 Could it be that he wouldn't come back after going? Before that, the intimacy between Mo Fan and Xu Yi was evident to all. 

 Thinking of this, Mo Wei felt sour. Could it be that he wanted to go back to Xu Yi? If Mo Fan insisted, will he stop it? Is he willing to stop it? Can he stop it again? 

 Seeing Mo Wei's tangled face shows pain and unwillingness. Mo Fan guesses what the other was think and couldn't help but laugh in his heart. Unexpectedly, Mo Wei has a rich emotional drama. It really doesn't match his rigid face at all. 

 "Do you believe me?" Mo Fan suddenly looked directly into Mo Wei's eyes and said solemnly. 

 In those eyes passed enough speculation to make Mo Wei happy. He had to restrain himself from the impulse to block the other, as if, if he did, all the hidden meaning would disappear. 


 "Then you will stay at home and wait for me to come back. I will settle the matter." 

"Ok." Mo Wei answered obediently. 

 The waiting process was too long. Mo Wei worries about whether the other would come back and when he comes back, whether he could achieve what he had in mind or not.

 After Mo Fan went out, Mo Wei began to walk around restlessly. FOr the first time, he was like an anxious child waiting for an answer and unable to suppress his inner excitement. In the end, he took a book and focus on it. However, more than half an hour passed, and the book in his hand was pinched and folded, but he remained on that page. 

 One day felt like a year.

 The door opened with a 'click', and Mo Wei immediately jumped up. At the door, the young man's pretty face smiled at him. 

 "Mo Fan." 

 This is the first time Mo Wei called Mo Fan by name. 

 The tall and handsome man rushed up and hugged him tightly in his arms. His voice began to tremble slightly," I'm not dreaming, am I? Mo Fan. Mo Fan. I like to call your name." 

 Mo Fan raised his hand and pat the back of the man's head soothingly. 

 "We will always be together, right?" 


 "As a lover?" 


 Mo Fan didn't reply, and Mo Wei became uneasy once again. Did he guess wrongly?

Pulling away slightly, Mo Wei's eyes fell nicely on the young man's face, spoke," Mo Fan, I don't want to call you dad anymore. I don't want you to be my father. I want to call you by name and make you my lover." 

 Mo Fan's eyes were gentle and generous. Filled with infinite tolerance and with a faint smile.

 Mo Wei's gaze shifted slightly down and stayed on the luscious lips. The softness and sweetness were clearly depicted in his mind. Mo Wei's mouth felt dry, and his throat rolled up and down.

 He pulled the other in, closing the distance slightly. Mo Fan didn't step back but instead narrowed his eyes slightly. 

 Their lips touch, and an electric current was generated where the two touch. Their heart was tangled and turned numb. Licking, sucking, rubbing and gradually besiege deeply. 

 Breathless, Mo Wei suddenly lowered his head and buried it on the other's neck. His body fitted perfectly, and every subtle change at the other's body was clearly visible. 

 Mo Fan breathed into the other's ear and whisper," if I said, I want to fuck you, would you like it?" 

 Mo Wei stiffened momentarily, then nodded slowly," You won't leave me, will you?" 

 "As long as you agree, I won't leave." 


 Mo Fan stretched out his hand," Carry me upstairs."



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I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 20