I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 21

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I have a 'harmony' halo


Translated by Rau

"Don't you feel that there's something slightly off about Young Mo?" 

 "Slightly? It's very off, OK?" 

 "Young Mo has been staring at his phone and giggling for more than an hour. It's like he's in love." 

 Slamming the table: "That's right! Have you forgotten that Young Mo hugged a man last time?" 

 "No way... Our Sister-In-Law is a man... Young Mo actually likes men?" 

 "What's wrong with liking men? It's not like he's going to look at you." 


 Mo Fan wanted to wash his hands off his life as an outlaw, and Mo Wei naturally supports him. On the surface, there are one or two companies that exist to help cover-up. Having seized fundamental power, the business fell into Mo Wei's hands.

 The company's accounts are very clean, and many old employees didn't know the specific meaning of the company. With such a layer of protection, Mo Wei began to let go of the business in the black zones. 

 In fact, doing business isn't complicate. If you make a loss, you can sell it and leave if you don't want to do it. Power fascinates people. If someone were to let go of a large business, not to mention hesitation, they would refuse. But Mo Wei let it go easily, and those that were watching him from afar didn't know whether to believe it or not. 

 Putting a big piece of meat would inevitably cause a stir. After a day or 2 passed and nothing happened, others couldn't hold back, and suddenly it was in turmoil. 

 Mo Wei could ignore this. Even if he let go, his people would still be there. They wouldn't dare to pluck the hair on his head. What's more, he only let go of the dirty business, not the forces behind him that followed him firmly. 

 It wouldn't be easy to raise a large group of people without income, but who was Mo Wei? As early as junior high school, he could guarantee his own survival. Even if he didn't do anything, he accumulated enough for them to live a stable life. 

 "No work," Mo Fan felt slightly uncomfortable when he was suddenly idle. 

 What's a ruffian? It's the life of eating, drinking and doing activities they are fond of. There was no need to worry about life, and Mo Fan enjoys it.


 But it becomes a bit lacklustre. Soon Mo Fan began messing around with other activities. He prefers to stay at home than going out to gamble and hangout out like a hooligan. So online games have caused him much harm. For example, A shinning great god suddenly rose up in the game. 

 The game is an excellent way to pass the time. Sometimes when Mo Wei returned from the company, Mo Fan wouldn't even glance at him, causing him to sulk. 

 In a blink of an eye, another year passed. 

 Yu Lele has never seen Mo Wei on campus since he appeared in class. Similarly, her classmates have never seen that unique man again. 

 As graduation approaches, those who are out for internships and jobs are rushing back to school. Similarly, Mo Wei received a notice from the school. 

 In the beginning, he put up his school registration just to have a convenient identity. Without such a notice, he would have forgotten that he was still known as a college student. 

 "Let's go together, Xiao Fan." 

 The cold and tall man softened his voice and spoke to the young man staring at the computer. 

 Since Mo Fan became obsessed with games, Mo Wei felt that he had fallen out of favour. So he wanted to take this opportunity to take the young man out of the house and away from the computer. On weekdays, Mo Fan will look at him with those bright eyes whenever he raises an objection. It was as if it is an abhorred thing to not play online games. 

 Once, he spoke a little too much, and the young man replies directly," You work during the day, and I'm home all alone. Isn't it OK to play games?" Causing Mo Wei to be at a loss for words. 

 It is strange to say that the two are 16 years apart, but if they were to walk outside together, Mo Fan would seem younger. In itself, Mo Fan still has a young and tender face. It is unsure if it's because of his soul, but over the years, other than the fading of the teenage atmosphere, there was no trace of ageing. 

 No one dislikes to be young, so Mo Fan readily accepted the term "Xiao Fan"

 The 'Victory' sign pops up before Mo Fan was finally willing to look away from the computer screen and look at the man next to him. The man looked aggrieved. Mo Fan got goosebumps and said," Go, go, go." 

He wasn't used to the other's coquettish expression. 

 When he was a child, Mo Wei's face wasn't mature yet. His face was flesh, he was cute when he was coquettish, and Mo Fan couldn't help teasing him. Nowadays, the man is doing the same thing with a mature face. No matter how it looks, it isn't harmonious. 

But, who makes him the 'dad' of the other.

 When Mo Fan was playing games, he would get angry if he was disturbed. Seeing that he had finished the game, Mo Wei naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity and kissed him.


 The university campus was filled with vigorous faces with youthful breath.


 Mo Wei received his graduation certificate and stood waiting for Mo Fan, who had gone to the toilet.

 In fact, he didn't need to get his diploma. But when he thought that the two of them had never been on a date since they got together, Mo Wei had a thought.

 At the company, he heard employees discussing interesting stories when going on dates with their lovers. Mo Wei suddenly realises that the two had never gone on a date before.

 Mo Wei was planning the following itinerary when a girl leaned over, Yu Lele.

 The moment she saw Mo Wei, Yu Lele was happy. After receiving her certificate, the two might not meet again, so she met up her mind.

 "Mo Wei, Are you here to get your diploma?"

 The girl in front of him was slightly familiar, but Mo Wei never cares about side characters. Mo Wei cast a glance at Yu Lele and didn't say 'yes' or 'no.'

 Yu Lele's smiling face turn slightly stiff, and she barely pulled the corner of her mouth," You may not know me since you didn't come to school for so long. I'm Yu Lele, and we're classmates."

 Mo Wei nodded irresponsibly, Thinking: Why isn't Xiao Fan back yet, and this girl is so noisy.

 Mo Wei is an introvert, and it was difficult to read his emotions. Naturally, Yu Lele didn't notice Mo Wei's boredom. She glanced at the certificate he was holding and continued," Are you going back with your certificate? The class has organised a graduation dinner. Shall we go together?"

 Mo Wei looked at the distance," No time."

 Yu lele was about to speak when Mo Wei's eyes lit up and greeted a young man coming towards him. The young man glances at Yu Lele for a moment, and Yu lele subconsciously wanted to retreat.

 There is a feeling that all of her thoughts are clearly spread out in his eyes.

 Yu Lele saw the man who had been expressionless this whole time showed a pampered smile, bow his head and whisper something in his ears.

 [Is that the heroine?]

 "En FanFan. And the female lead wants to steal your man."

 Blackline appear on Mo Fan's face.

 Mo Fan could see through the sentiment in Yu Lele's eyes at a glance. Except for the original plot, when the two are finally together. He felt sour, but otherwise, there was no other fluctuance.

 What is worth paying attention to a future that doesn't exist anymore?

 Two figures, one tall and one short, gradually walked away. Driven by the heart, Yu Lele bit her lips and followed.

 She still had something to say to Mo Wei.

 The two of them walked on a small path at the edge of the campus. There was no one on the road. After turning the bend, Yu Lele saw the two people. In the next moment, she was filled with shock and covered her mouth.

 The tall man held the young man in his arms in a protective posture and lowered his head to kiss the other's lips.

 How could...this...

 Mo Fan swept him to the figure, eyes jokingly: That's your suitor, but you kissed someone in front of her.

 In response to him, Mo Wei deepens the passionate lips and tongue.

With lips parted, the petite figure disappeared from its place.

 In the dim cinema, the movie on the screen was unfolding, and Mo Fan turned his head to the person beside him," Why did you suddenly want to watch a movie?"

 Should he be thankful that Mo Wei didn't choose a romance movie?

 "I don't think we ever had a date before."

 Mo Wei raised his hand and took Mo Fan's slender hand to his palm.

Mo Fan found it strange. Watching a movie with strangers and sharing their intimacy. As long as the person in front of them turns their head, they can see their intertwined fingers.

 Mo Fan calmed himself down and watched the movie intently. It was a Hollywood action movie with a great plot and intense fighting scene, which allows for immersive feeling under the 3D effect.

 Once they left the cinema, the two got into the car and went to a restaurant reserved by Mo Wei.

 After the meal, the waiter served the desserts and retreated. Mo Wei stood up and sat next to Mo Fan. He bowed his head and tasted the cream at the corners of the other's lips. 


 "En." Mo Fan pushed away from the other's chest that was constantly pressing on him," Don't disturb me while I'm eating."

 Mo Wei let out a chuckle, "OK."

 After eating, Mo Fan leaned back on the sofa and rubbed his belly. Mo Wei chuckles and covered the back of the other's hand on the abdomen with his. 

 "Don't eat so much if you can't." 

 "It was delicious."

 The feeling of fullness was slightly relieved, and Mo Fan comfortably leans on Mo Wei's shoulder. With the palm of his handheld by the other warm palm. Mo Fan was too lazy to move and allow Mo Wei to toss it around.

 Mo Fan felt something cold place on the ring finger of his left hand, and he subconsciously looked down.

 It was a simple and elegant band with a diamond embedded in the centre.

 Mo Wei got up and knelt before Mo Fan one kees, "Xiao Fan, Will you stay by my side?"

 Mo Fan held the ring with a smile," Are you asking for marriage?"

 "Yes, are you willing?" Mo Wei looked at the young man nervously.

 "Wouldn't it be too easy if I just agreed?"

 "Then i...."

 Mo Wei prepared a bunch of things to say, but Mo Fan reached a finger out and pressed against his lips, making a 'hush' gesture. He played with the ring carefully before placing it back on his fingertips.

 How can men be so pretentious?


 The door opened from the outside with a loud 'bang', and two kissing figures stumble into the house. There were no lights switched on inside the house. Mo Wei lifted his foot and close the door with it. The action forced Mo Fan unable to retreat.

 Behind him was a cold wall, and in front was the man's hot body closely fitted without leaving a gap.


 The two of them flew abroad for their marriage license and held a wedding before travelling around the world for almost a year.

 It wasn't until the employees rallied a protest, did Mo Wei finally ended the journey, unsatisfied.

 Employees: BOSS, the company will go bankrupt if you don't come back!

 But the company won't go bankrupt due to a lack of a decision-maker. The employees thought that Mo Wei would come back and start working honestly. Instead, He shook his hand off a bunch of rights before taking Mo Fan to continue their honeymoon.

 Employees: Hello...

 Accompanying each other through the journey of life. Mo Fan sat by the window, looking calmly at the man who was no longer young.

 "Xiao Fan..."


 "I'm so greedy. The time I spent with you felt short. So let's be together again in the next life, OK?"

 "OK." Mo Fan replied, "I like your greed."

 "I love you."

 The corner of the man's lips was raised, his eyes closed.

 "Me too."

 It turns out that falling in love with you is an easy thing to do.

[Xiao Huan, Extract the soul fragments,].

 "OK, Fanfan." 

 A delicate golden light lit up from the man's body and, little by little, drilled between Mo Fan's brow.

 "FanFan, it's done!"

 [Then let's go."]


 The end of this life isn't the real end. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the next world.

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I Have a “System” Halo
Chapter 4 Part 21