I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 287: Reappearance Of The Nuclear Explosion

Author: Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground


The Holy Demon was sent flying by the Gundams' strikes. It crashed into a small mountain and caused half of it to crumble and collapse.

At this moment, An Lin had already spread his Wings of Wind and dashed before the Holy Demon. Without any hesitation, he slashed down toward the demon! A fierce expression appeared on the Holy Demon's face as it swung its fist toward An Lin.

The fist and sword didn't collide. The two of them were going blow for blow!


One of the Holy Demon's arms was cut off.

An Lin was struck in the shoulder, and the surrounding bone and flesh were instantly shredded by the gigantic force of the strike. His entire body was also sent flying back.

At this moment, Gundam One and Gundam Two once again charged toward the Holy Demon.

An Lin swallowed a first rank spirit pill—Vitality Regeneration Pill!


A white glow suddenly burst from his body, and the flesh and bone on his shoulder started healing at an insane speed. At the same time, the healing effect of the Evergreen Technique was also activated.

Not only did the Vitality Regeneration Pill aid in recovering vital energy, but it could also heal physical wounds speedily. Its effects were almost on par with low-rank immortal pills. The reason why An Lin swallowed such a pill without hesitation was because he wanted to exhaust the Holy Demon to death!

Based on power alone, perhaps he couldn't defeat the Holy Demon. However, he had a massive stock of pills and other goods!

When it came to swallowing pills and fighting in long, drawn-out battles, An Lin had never been afraid of anyone.

Just like that, the Holy Demon became more and more sluggish, and new wounds appeared on its body non-stop. However, An Lin remained just as energetic as before. Vital energy? Vigour? Injuries? None of these posed a problem!

Quickly, the Holy Demon descended into a terrible state.


It was once again wounded by An Lin.

"You've forced me to do this. Blood Offering to the Gods, five times power!"

There was a wild look on the Holy Demon's face. It never would've expected that it would need to sacrifice its vitality and potential one day. If it didn't do this, however, it would die from exhaustion under this human cultivator's barrage of attacks!

Blood surged through the Holy Demon's veins, and the purple halo above its head expanded to five times its original size.

As this halo radiated brilliantly, its aura also surged, reaching a level that terrified even An Lin.

"F*ck! This is more complicated than I envisioned!" An Lin's expression suddenly changed.

"Demonic dragon, attack!"

Six-Winged Dragon Emperor: "…"

Perhaps it was the power of the slave contract which forced the demonic dragon to move. It pulled its severely wounded body along and launched its most powerful attack—Flaming Crimson Blood Ball.

A fireball of a hundred feet in size hurtled out. Its devastating heat distorted the air and melted everything in its path.

The Holy Demon looked at this fireball and unleashed a fist toward it.

Ripples of energy fluctuated through the skies, and a mysterious power shattered the fireball instantly. Then, this power smashed into the demonic dragon and sent it flying back thousands of feet.

The Six-Winged Dragon Emperor lay on the floor like a dead snake. This time, it really couldn't move anymore.

"Spatial power… This Holy Demon's strength is already on the brink of the Return to Void Stage…" An Lin's heart sunk and he immediately put a stop to Xiao Chou and Da Bai's risky attacks.

There was a bone-chilling expression on the Holy Demon's face as it stared intently at An Lin with its pitch-black eyes.

Gundam One and Gundam Two leaped toward the Holy Demon. Particle sword, cannons, flames… One after another, their attacks rained down upon it.

However, the Holy Demon's speed was frighteningly quick this time, and it evaded every single one of the Gundams' attacks. In a mere few seconds, one of the Gundams had already crashed into a mountain after being smashed back thousands of feet. The other Gundam was beaten heavens knows how deep into the earth.

"You actually forced me to use Blood Offering to the Gods… I'm going to swallow your flesh, torture your soul, and have you suffer eternal damnation!" The Holy Demon slowly walked toward An Lin with an invincible posture. Its voice was like that of a sinister god, instilling insanity and terror.

An Lin spat to the side. "You're that arrogant? You think that only you have self-detonation abilities?"


An Lin's aura also started to climb rapidly. In a flash, it reached the Soul Formation Stage realm.

Origin Energy of the Netherworld!

Third technique—Hundred Sword Technique!

The Evil-Slaying Sword rang crisply, and it flew toward the sky. Ninety-nine celestial swords started to form in the sky. Each of them radiated with earth-shattering might.

Right now, he was using the Hundreds Sword Technique after having activated the Origin Energy of the Netherworld. Thus, the power possessed by this technique was numerous times more fearsome than when he used it against the Overlord Whale.

Upon being unleashed, the sword intent of these one hundred swords filled heaven and earth with killing intent. Even the smoke and dust drifting through the sky was obliterated into nothingness.

The Holy Demon stopped in its tracks. A look of shock and terror appeared in its eyes.

It sucked in a deep breath and stabbed one of its hands into its heart. "Holy sacrifice, Calamitous Spiral of the Purple God!"


With the Holy Demon as its eye, a purple cyclone suddenly appeared. The center of this cyclone was sinister and dark, like a black hole that could swallow all matter. Exterior-wise, this cyclone was alike a whir of invincible blades that could shred apart heaven and earth.

The celestial swords moved. They possessed a supreme sword intent and boundless might, and they shot toward the Holy Demon like streaks of devastating meteors.


Each of these white celestial swords possessed enough power to slay the Six-Winged Dragon Emperor. However, they were all shattered by the purple cyclone's formidable wind blades.

The Holy Demon continued forward as the ninety-nine celestial swords crashed toward it.

As the purple cyclone tore the celestial swords to shreds, it also started shrinking in size.

Unexpectedly, the celestial swords weren't able to crack open the Holy Demon's Calamitous Spiral of the Purple God.

An Lin could only place his hopes on the last remaining sword.

The Evil-Slaying Sword had already charged up fully, and it dragged out a destructive black path in the sky. Bringing with it a heaven-shattering sword intent, it hurtled toward the purple cyclone like a comet blasting toward the moon!

"Shatter!" An Lin roared.

The black sword projection was unstoppable, and it pierced through the purple cyclone. Even the black hole that was contained within the center of the cyclone was shattered!

Purple halos appeared around the Holy Demon's arms, and it viciously slapped toward the black sword which was stabbing toward its heart.


The shockwaves of the sword intent tore into the ground a ravine which was thousands of meters in length.

Blood spurted from the Holy Demon's hands, and the sword tip stopped a mere three inches from its heart…

A cold chill gripped at An Lin's heart. It blocked it?

There was a time limit on how long he could use the Origin Energy of the Netherworld for, and he had originally planned on defeating the Holy Demon with this strike. This was also his most powerful attack. To his surprise though, the Holy Demon actually managed to block this attack!

A sinister look appeared on the Holy Demon's face. "You gave me quite a surprise there! I admit that you're indeed frighteningly powerful. However, how much longer can your mystic technique last? How many more times can you perform such a technique? You've lost!"

An Lin knew that he was facing despair right now. Even if he used the Hundred Sword Technique again, perhaps he still wouldn't be able to slay the Holy Demon.

Is there any technique… that can guarantee my victory…?

His mind whirred, and he finally thought of a particular spell.

The Origin Energy of the Netherworld is still activated… Using that spell will probably kill me…

Seeing the Holy Demon draw closer and closer, An Lin gritted his teeth and made a decision.

F*ck it!

He placed the Shield of Promised Victory onto his chest. Then, lightning appeared in his left hand, and a golden glow appeared in his right hand.

The lightning and golden glow slowly fused together and the Darkness of Origin intent realm also started to seep in. The raging bolts of lightning were manipulated and pulled by wisps of black aura, and they gradually became silent. A suffocating might started to spread into the surroundings.

The Holy Demon's eyelids twitched when it saw An Lin's fists, and it immediately charged toward him.

"Nuclear Lightning Fist!"

An Lin roared loudly and unleashed a golden fist.

A gigantic golden lightning fist of thirty feet in size smashed toward the Holy Demon. Within the fist, wisps of black aura bloomed like dark lotuses. These wisps of black brought with them a feeling of rage and destruction, and they pulled at the fist like thin threads. This made the fist shrink uncannily.

The Holy Demon didn't hesitate at all, and it immediately retreated frantically!

Everything became still and silent. A series of fractures appeared in the sky as even the surrounding void was almost unable to contain that terrifying fist. Then, the fist exploded with a deafening rumble.

The destructive lightning blast swallowed the Holy Demon and also swallowed An Lin. It annihilated the earth and caused the island to fracture and split. Eventually, a ginormous mushroom cloud billowed up from Venerate Demon Island and illuminated the entire heaven and earth.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 287: Reappearance Of The Nuclear Explosion