I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 289: I've Come To Pay A Debt Of Gratitude

Author: Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground

Dragon City was the biggest city in the East Sea. Its territory stretched over thousands of kilometers, and its population was well into the hundreds of millions.

It was located deep below the sea and was shrouded in a gigantic barrier. This barrier simulated the day and night, as well as the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Right now, it had already entered into Autumn.

An Lin rode on Da Bai's back and arrived at this prosperous city.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. As expected of the number one city of the East Sea!

"There are all types of buildings and structures, and they stretch for as far as the eye can see. There are even natural landscapes such as hills and valleys. If I didn't see this with my own eyes, I would never have believed that such beautiful scenery could exist deep below the sea!"

An Lin marveled in admiration as he gazed at the undersea city. It was as if he had discovered a hidden land of peace and prosperity.

He could already move freely now. However, his body was still a bit weak, so he looked extremely exhausted and sluggish.

This was Da Bai's first time visiting Dragon City as well. His eyes were glowing with excitement. "That's not all! The chicks here are also amazingly beautiful! There are beauties from all the various tribes of the East Sea. Big Brother An, did you see that sea horse just then? The way she shook her hips, tsk tsk tsk…"

An Lin: "…"

What's so attractive about a sea horse shaking its hips?

Perhaps Da Bai really was more professional than him when it came to appreciating the beauty of other species.

Just like that, An Lin, Xiao Chou, and Da Bai wandered toward the Dragon Court leisurely.

The Dragon Court wasn't far from the location of the gigantic barrier where they had entered. They could probably arrive there in half a day, so they weren't in a great rush.

An Lin was filled with interest as he soaked in the local conditions and customs here. At this moment, two prawns walking next to them started talking.

"Oi, have you heard? The Dragon Court's eleventh princess is going to be betrothed to the Divine Guardian Squad's Xia Ze!" one of the large golden prawns said enthusiastically.

"Heh… Don't try to fool me. Two years ago, Dragon Princess publicly rejected Xia Ze's courting. That caused quite a big stir in Dragon City. Why would she suddenly change her mind now?" The other large prawn shook its head. It clearly didn't believe this.

"I'm not kidding you. As for why she changed her mind, I heard that…" There was a mysterious expression on the large golden prawn's face, and it lowered its voice before continuing, "In order to save a city of pearl people in the Pearl Kingdom, Dragon Princess went all out against a few Demon Emperors. Afterward, in order to save a human cultivator, she went as far as to sacrifice her own bloodline. Now, her bloodline is crippled! If it wasn't for this, do you think that the Dragon King would be willing to betroth such a brilliant daughter to the Divine Guardian Squad's squad leader? This news has already spread throughout the Dragon Court. They'll probably announce it in a day or two."

The other large prawn was a bit dazed after hearing this. "Why does this explanation sound even more suspicious…

"She forfeited her cultivation path in order to save a bunch of useless pearl people and a human cultivator that she had just met? Could it be that Dragon Princess has gone mad?"

An Lin slowly closed his eyes as the two large prawns walked off into the distance. There was a look of intense guilt and shame on his face.

"Da Bai, let's go. Fly over."

Dragon Court, Jade Pavilion.

"Sister Bei Lian, are you really going to leave?" There was an emotional look on Yin Yu's face as she held onto Bei Lian's wrists. She didn't want to part with her.

She knew that if Bei Lian left, it would signify that she was cutting off all relations with the Dragon Court. With the Dragon King's temperament, he wouldn't allow her to return to the Dragon Court either…

Bei Lian smiled faintly. She turned her wrists over and also clasped onto Yin Yu's hands. "There's nothing I can do about it. Father wants to betroth me to a person that I have absolutely no feelings for. I can't agree to this. Since I can't resist, my only choice is to leave."

The rims of Yin Yu's eyes reddened. She didn't know what to say.

She was well aware of Sister Bei Lian's character. She always stood by her words and no one could force her to do anything.

"Humph! It's all that human cultivator's fault! In what way was he deserving of your sacrifice?!" Yin Yu had nowhere to vent her grievances, so she directed all her anger toward the human cultivator.

There was a gentle expression on Bei Lian's face as she looked toward Yin Yu. Yin Yu was the little sister whom she was most fond of in the Dragon Court. "No, I'm very glad that I saved him," she smiled and said. "With regards to why, you'll find out very soon."

Yin Yu blinked her large bright eyes in confusion, and she stared blankly at her older sister.

However, Bei Lian didn't plan on elaborating any further. The reason she didn't divulge his name to the Dragon Court was to avoid causing him any extra troubles. Anyhow, the truth couldn't be hidden for much longer. After all, word of their actions had spread throughout the Pearl Kingdom already. Yin Yu would also find out sooner or later.

She sighed softly. Sometimes, this thing called fate truly is mysterious and wonderful.

If she didn't save that human cultivator, then that human cultivator wouldn't have appeared in the ancient battleground.

If that human cultivator didn't appear in the ancient battleground, then Yin Yu would most likely have lost her life there.

In other words, her saving that human cultivator was equivalent to her saving Yin Yu's life as well!

What goes around comes around.

M-hm, that was definitely worth it!

How is Yin Yu going to react when she finds out the truth…?

Bei Lian took a deep breath and started to stand up. There was a hint of serenity on her face. "I'm leaving. We'll meet again in the future."

Yin Yu also stood up. "I'll see you off!"

"What do you mean 'see me off'," Bei Lian huffed. "I'm not setting off to attend to proper matters… Your sister is fleeing from this place!"

Yin Yu pouted her delicate lips. "Then you mustn't forget about me in the future," she said stubbornly. "When I venture out to gain practical experience, I'll contact you through the voice transmission talisman."

"Alright~" Bei Lian's pretty face was full of affection as she rubbed Yin Yu's head. "Take care."

"M-hm, you take care too!" Yin Yu gazed at that beautiful figure as she nodded.

Then, that beautiful figure became a streak of iridescent light as it flew out from the Jade Pavilion and into the distance.

Bei Lian left her former home quietly.

Out of her many brothers and sisters, she only said goodbye to her little sister Yin Yu.

Apart from Yin Yu, there was no other person or matter in the Dragon Court that she was reluctant to part with.

Right now, she just wanted to find a place where she could enjoy the rest of her life in a leisurely and carefree manner.

"Uh… Where should I go?"

Bei Lian was at a complete loss.

Right at this moment, her voice transmission talisman suddenly began to flash.

This aura is… She was slightly dazed as she took out her voice transmission talisman.

Why is it him? Why is he still contacting me?

That's right, he said that he would visit the Dragon Court. He's probably looking for Yin Yu, right?

Bei Lian hesitated for a moment before picking up the voice transmission talisman. "An Lin?"

"Hi, Bei Lian, it's me. I've come to Dragon City. Are you in the Dragon Court? I'll head over there to find you."

"No need. I've already left the Dragon Court. If fate brings us together, then we'll meet again in the future."

"What bloody fate? Where are you? I'll head over to your location immediately!" A slight hint of panic had crept into An Lin's voice.

Bei Lian didn't reply. This was because she saw a dog-riding figure rushing over from ahead.

The dog-riding male was also startled.

Then, he started chuckling. "Hehe, nice use of the phrase 'if fate brings us together, we'll meet again'. It seems like the fate between us is quite strong."

This person was none other than An Lin. He was clearly also very surprised.

Bei Lian sighed softly in her mind. Her voice was aloof as always as she asked, "Is something the matter?"

"Yes, there's indeed a matter," An Lin nodded and said. There was a look on sincerity and guilt on his face.

"I'm sorry for coming so late. You've had to suffer so much because of me…"

Bei Lian was a bit perplexed. "What do you mean… Did you come just to apologize?"

An Lin shook his head. "No, I specially came to pay a debt of gratitude!"

Pay a debt of gratitude?

Bei Lian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Just as she was about to turn him down, she was transfixed to the spot by An Lin's next sentence.

"That um… I've come to help purify and reactivate your bloodline.

"Collecting the materials took a long time. I've heard about your situation. I didn't expect such things to happen… If I knew that such things would occur, then I would've told you about this earlier. Sorry…"

Bei Lian was still in shock. Only one sentence echoed around in her mind.

Purify and reactivate my bloodline?

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 289: I've Come To Pay A Debt Of Gratitude