I Want to Be a Receptionist of The Magic World
Chapter 21 Part 2

Author: Mako
Source: Masakibluei Translation


Guard: “Please hand me your invitation and the credentials of your title. “

Before we enter the reception hall, there is a light physical examination. Even though it is called a physical examination, the guard actually casts magic to see the real face of the person attending the ball and checking up their identity. However, if the guard inspects me with the magic, they will find out that I am not the Duke’s relative’s daughter. Out of my expectation, the guard only say,” Oh”, and bow down to me when he sees my real face. Then he lets me pass through with ease.

………………How can this be?

After that, the guard asks for the credentials of rank. Before I can react, the Duke naturally hands over a credential that is most likely just had been made solely for me.

Duke Lockman: “Here, this is the Lady’s credential.”

Where does the credential come from?! As I silently thinking about that while staring at the Duke, the Duke just closes his eyes and laughs.

This is what people often say about parents and their child.

If the parent is a frog, then the child will be a frog too.

(It's a Japanese idiom, the same as saying the apple does not fall far from the tree)

Afterward, we safely arrive at the banquet hall inside the palace. The masks are swirling around the chandelier and lighting up the hall. The walls are decorated with sculptures of goddesses and angels, while the ceiling is made out of a mirror that makes you able to see your own reflection from below. For this reason, I can see the top of the head of the Duke.

Duke Lockman: “Ah…my hair is thinning because of too many concerns.”

What’s with that? As far as I can see, there is no sign of balding. Compare to my Dad, his hairs are densely rooted on top of his head. I’m so envious. I would like to give some of that hair to Dad.

Suddenly, my eyes met with the Duke’s through the reflection on the ceiling.

Oh no, he finds out that I am watching him.

Nanari: “By the way, is the Duchess coming too?”

Duke Lockman: “You mean Rina? She has arrived already. She was having a tea with Her Highness.”

Nanari: “With Her Highness……”

Nothing can surprise me more than this……

Duke Lockman: “That reminds me. You are a noble lady now. Can you dance?”

Nanari: “If it is the waltz, I can dance a little bit.”

I remember how to do it because Marisa forced me to learn it.

Duke Lockman: “Then you shouldn’t dance at the first half. The steps are intense so you can avoid them. “

This is a ball after all, dancing will definitely be expected. I completely forget that dancing is an essential part of the ball. Thus, I feel really grateful for his consideration. Dancing technique is unnecessary for me who is aiming to be a receptionist like One-san and normally, receptionists in general do not need to learn it.

Duke Lockman: “I don’t know what kind of mask that Alves is wearing, but take a closer look and search for him. “

It seems that both Duke Lockman and Alves are following the bet and as much as possible, Alves is wearing a disguise that makes him harder to be found. Does he really think that I will be able to find Lockman who puts up some trick to disguise and hide himself?

By origin, the ball is the place where single men and single women dance together. It’s not only for dancing, but the ball also serves another purpose to match a young woman with a young man from an aristocratic family. Marisa told me that at the debutante ball of an aristocrat lady, the ladies will wear dresses to find a future husband. The ball is also the place where everyone is dressed up beautifully. If this is the case, then tonight's ball’s main goal is to matchmaking those two people.

Duke Lockman: “It’s the standing ceremony now. You can get something to eat.”

Standing ceremony! Right in the direction of the Duke’s finger, the is standing up food. The delicious fragrance of the food instantly excites my sense of smell. I do not expect to have my dinner here. Therefore, the insects in my stomach immediately making a sound again after being repressed. Those various kinds of desserts look so delicious. After all, this is the King’s palace.  Those must be the most delicious food in this kingdom.

Duke Lockman: “Please enjoy yourself.”

After guiding me to the food tables, he then goes into a different group of aristocrats to socialize.

But even if he tells me to enjoy……

Although I feel scare to be left alone so suddenly for a moment, and I am confused about what I should do, my body immediately decides that satisfying my hunger will be the first priority for now. Thus, I walk straight toward the food area which is located at the end of the hall.  Around the food table, there are two people who seems to be the chef. People who are wearing the masks, which are the aristocrats, do not come closer to the food table.


Even though the food looks so delicious.


I Want to Be a Receptionist of The Magic World
Chapter 21 Part 2