I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace
Chapter 81

Author: Toudai
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After some time passed, I went back downstairs with Lunamaria-san and Lilia-san, and just at that moment, Rei-san and Fia-san came back with a slightly tired look on their faces.

[Miyama-kun, thank goodness you’re finally awake.]

[Yes. Thank you for your concern.]

[No, no, I’m glad you’re safe. What about Kusunoki-chan and Yuzuki-chan?]

[I think they’re still sleeping.]

After exchanging some small talk, Rei-san sat down with Fia-san on the sofa in the common room and let out a big sigh.

[Good gracious, the situation has become really complicated. Well, I guess it’s not impossible seeing Death King-sama’s wrath…… No, I’m really surprised. I didn’t know that Miyama-kun was acquainted with Death King-sama……]

[……It would have been great if it was just the Death King-sama though……]

[ [ Eh? ] ]

The reorganization meeting must have been quite a rough one. Both Rei-san and Fia-san have very tired expressions on their faces.

Then, after drinking the tea Lunamaria-san brewed, she leaks out a sigh before turning to me and mutters, gathering dumbfounded expressions from the others.

[Miyama-sama is also very close to Underworld King-sama.]

[ [ With Underworld King-sama!? ] ]

[On the other hand though…… He’s also blessed by God of Creation-sama.]

[ [ Huh!?!? ] ]

With the words that followed, Rei-san and Fia-san’s eyes widened.

Yes, seeing other people being dumbfounded like that, I can understand the abnormality of what happened to me.

I’ve been in contact with two of the Six Kings, the pinnacles of the Demon Realm, and the God of Creation, the pinnacle of the God Realm, and one of the Supreme Gods, which is just one step beneath the God of Creation.

[H- Hahaha…… In the time we haven’t seen each other for a while, Lilia-chan has learned  to tell some pretty unique jokes huh.]

[T- That’s right~~ I was also surprised.]

[……It would have been great if I was just joking…… Nowadays, I’ve even learned to bring stomach medicines no matter where I go.]

[ [ ……Seriously? ] ]


Yeah, how should I explain this……. Lilia-san kinda has a melancholic expression on her face. I don’t know what to say… It’s just, I’m sorry.

As Rei-san and Fia-san remained dumbfounded for a while, Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san courteously explained how I’ve developed such outrageous connections within the previous month.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I only looked at them……

(Kaito-san, do you like pets?)

Is this person not equipped with the ability to read the mood or even think about the flow of the conversation?

And also, isn’t it strange to ask “Do you like pets”? Wouldn’t you ask if someone likes animals first or something like that….. Well, anyway, Shiro-san’s asking me if I like keeping animals huh?

I like it. When I started living on my own, I couldn’t have a pet because the place where I was living at doesn’t allow pets, but my relatives had a dog and I used to take care of it a lot……

(Then, that’s great. I’ve “sent” it in front of the inn.)

……Huh? Wait a minute. What is this person talking about? Sent what? A pet?

How did we even get towards that topic? Shiro-san! Shirrrroooo-saaaaannnn!!!

(What is it?)

You don’t “What is it?” here, an explanation! Please give me an explanation!!!

(The pet I sent you is in front of the inn.)

That’s what I’m talking about!!!

I’m asking how this situation turned to something where you’re sending a pet to me out of the blue!

(There was one soul left. When I asked for its wish, it said that it wanted to serve Kaito-san, so I gave it a body and sent it towards you.)

…….I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I don’t think I’d get a good answer even if I asked, but what I’m more worried about is…… that pet that the God of Creation, Shiro-san, sent, is that a monster or something like that……

Feeling my head ache at Shiro-san’s words, I explained the situation to Lilia-san and the others and we all decided to move to the front of the inn.

Walking outside, when we reached the entrance of the inn…… a woman was standing there with a straight back and beautiful posture.

Her black hair, which is about the length of a short bob cut, though I guess it could be described as a shaggy cut huh? Anyway, combined with her sharp eyes, I could feel some gruffness from her.

She is a little shorter than me. Her clothes are all black, looking like a military uniform that would give the impression of someone sharp and always acts efficiently, but she has a black fur cloak on, which is severely unbalanced with her uniform.

And most distinctive of all were the ears peeking out of her black hair…… They’re obviously unlike the ears of a human, it kinda looks like the circular ear of a beast…… Is she a beastman?

[Good day! Master!]


When the woman saw my face, she put her legs together and greeted me with a salute so neat that it even sounds like a snap.

There are no other creatures around, and this woman is the only one in front of the in…… Does that mean that this woman is the pet that Shiro-san was talking about?

Hey, isn’t she clearly humanoid!? What the heck are you doing now, Shiro-san!? Heck, isn’t the only animal part of her, her ears!?

[E- Errr…… You are?]

[Hahh! My name is Anima! I am master’s faithful servant!!!]

The woman…… Anima-san replied to my question while keeping up her salute. Or rather, her voice is so loud……

[P- Please wait, I don’t really know what’s going on…… So, can you please elaborate?]

[Hahh! Roger that! But before that, I would like to ask you to do something presumptuous!]

[You want to ask something?]

[Yes! Please stop using honorifics and don’t add titles on my name! I am master’s servant, as well as your tool, please only call me with just Anima!]

[……Ah, o- okay. I understand. Then, Anima. Can you explain…… Ah, you can be at ease.]

[Hahh! By your command!]

I thought she just looks like one, but she really acts military-like.

Anyway, when I told her that I want her to explain the situation, Anima removes her salute as instructed and changes to an “at ease” posture, with her hands clasped behind her waist.

[I am the “damned beast” that injured master the other day! I was originally supposed to disappear like the other beasts, but I caught the eye of the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal-sama, and thus, she gave me a new body!]


[The disrespect I have shown to my master is unforgivable! So, with this fresh start I received, this life and soul, I will repay my master by dedicating these to his service! Diminutive I may be, please allow me to serve the great master!]


The explanation that Anima gave might be called an outrageous bomb that came out of nowhere.

The beast that injured me? A new body? That black fur cloak and those round beast ears…… Is she exactly what I think it is?

[Errr, does that mean that you’re…… Could it be that you’re the “Black Bear I fought against”?]

[Yes! That’s right!]

[ [ [ [ [ Eeehhhhhhhhh!? ] ] ] ] ]

Hearing the shocking words Anima told us, we let out a surprised shout at the same time.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Lots of things have happened one after another today, but it seems that the incoming troubles haven’t ended yet. I mean, regarding this trouble—– Isn’t this completely Shiro-san’s fault?


Author’s Notes

Wyvern-senpai, who is chilling in the after-life club: “What…… did you just say……”

T/N: 3/10

I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace
Chapter 81