I Will Become the Ex-Wife of the Beast

I possessed a 19+ novel character.

Unfortunately, I became Bella, the younger sister of the first wife who was traumatized by the beast.

What is this obscure position?

No! It can’t be!

If it goes like this, my eldest sister will have an affair and my life will come to an end.

In the end, I voluntarily sell myself as his bride instead of my sister, but I have a different goal.

My goal is to safely become the beast’s ex-wife!

I tried to become the best-divorced woman in the empire with beauty and wealth by receiving alimony from the devastated land that later emerged as a site for the reconstruction of the imperial palace, but this beast is not an easy one.

He said, “Why do you think I’m going to give you a divorce?”

“Yeah? Of course, that’s-”

“… I think my wife is misunderstanding something.”

The Grand Duke slowly smiled and approached me. The face behind that mask was a decadent and charming smile that was unbelievable for a ferocious beast.

“I am a beast. I am not s*upid.”

… Did you think I would give up if you said that?

Did you say we can’t get a divorce now that I managed to take care of the land, raised my younger sibling, and had a good life?

Excuse me, Mr. Beast.

I’m Bella, the legendary “soil-spooner”*! I think you got the wrong person!




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