I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess
Chapter 67

Author: Hoshimado Ponkichi
Source: Centinni

“Hmmm, ah, that feels good! The depressing and annoying Cosette who scurries around my Leonhardt is finally gone!”

I stretched out as far as I could on the couch.

It felt really good to be rid of Cosette, the source of my recent frustration.

That weird bug disguised as a lady was the reason why my intimacy with Leonhardt hadn’t been able to rise to the level it should have been!

“I’m glad you’re pleased. It won’t be long before it will be discovered that Remias was involved with kidnapping Miss Cosette. This will retire Remy from the Queen’s race. Are you satisfied?”

Alfred, sitting on the couch opposite me, smiled at me.

I’m glad that Alfred wasn’t affected by the Cosette bug.

I easily increased my intimacy with Alfred just by taking advantage of his past trauma and comforting him.

Maybe it’s because of my high performance ability.

I even learned some dancing and other stuff before the game started.

It’s easy for me, I’ve already cleared many rounds in my previous life.

I gave Alfred a big smile.

“Of course they’re going to figure out he had a hand in kidnapping Cosette! There’s no way Remy can become Leonhardt’s consort. I feel like an idiot for taking such a lie to heart.”

“Yes. It really is a shame, considering you’re the rightful heir to the throne and of noble blood.”

“But the search won’t really find out that we did it, right?”

I don’t think they’ll catch me, the main character, but we should still be careful.

It’s all about prudence, like carefully building a stone bridge and crossing it.

“The story now is that Remias received a suspicious letter and took Cosette to the duke’s house. One of our men took Cosette away from there, and Remias did not ever meet the man. The servants have agreed to pretend they never saw him ‘under the lady’s command,’ so it’s all right.”Alfred continued, “Some people ‘accidentally’ witnessed the carriage going into the duke’s house.”

“So, it will all be Remias’s fault! Ha-ha! Amazing!”

Apparently Remias himself was only trying to punish Cosette a bit, so he must be very worried now that this has happened.

But it’s too late now. Silly!

Now all we have to do is to take our time with Leonhardt.

But as I let out a sigh of satisfaction, Alfred shook his head apologetically.

“I’m sorry, but our base points aren’t enough at this point. It would have been enough to beat Remy, but because of this, she can’t participate in the queen’s race anymore.”

“What? What are you going to do then? Oh, come to think of it! I’m of noble status, so if I reveal it, my base score will jump!”

“That’s a tough one. If you reveal your identity now, you’ll be dropped from the race for lying about your identity when you first entered. It’s the ‘rules’ of the game.”

“Is that so?”

But I don’t think Alfred, who’s already been won over, would lie to me and…

Even in the game, my origins were revealed after the ending with Leonhardt.

It must be a specification of the game.

“Yes, but then I wouldn’t be able to marry Leonhardt. It wouldn’t mean anything to me.”

I looked up at Alfred with sad eyes.

“You can take over the throne, you know. And then you can name Leonhardt as your consort.”

“Me? What do you mean?”

“You are the rightful heir to the throne. All you have to do is overthrow the current king who usurped the throne and take back the throne. When you become king, everything will be at your mercy. You can have Leonhardt, too.”

“Why, of course! I can be the tragic princess who fights to regain her rightful place on the throne. During that fight, I’ll fall in love with Leonhardt. How wonderful!”

This must be a hidden narrative.

Because it’s so romantic!

Enemies who, in the midst of battle, fall victim to forbidden love.

“It’s wonderful. I want to help you be happy. Together, let’s overthrow the current king.”

“Yes! That’s right!”

Alfred said he is going to gather his troops and start a rebellion.

He told me that I was weak, so I should just be the flag-bearer.

This all sounds like Jeanne d’Arc! And I’m the hero, so everything will be fine.

Oh, Leonhardt, wherefore art thou Leonhardt?



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I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess
Chapter 67