I’m an Olympic Superstar
Chapter 2

Author: 干煸鱿鱼须
Source: Jinzeffect

Left with 10,000 worship points, Xiao Ran tearfully clicked on [Commerce City], [LoL] and saw plenty of exclusive merchandise.

[Dragon Steal Card]: Upon usage, smite will be automatically triggered during this game for dragon steal. It has a steal rate of 70%. Upon the usage of Bless Card, the success rate increases to 100%.

PS: Player character needs to have ‘Smite’ summoner spell equipped, it must not be on cooldown and be within the smite’s range.

Price: 10,000 worship points


[Last Hit Card]: Upon usage for this game, those minions which you can deal the last hit with your current attack will have a drop of blood glowing as a notification.

Price: 10,000 worship points


[Bless Card]: Upon usage, your luck value will increase.

Price: 10,000 worship points


[Disconnect Card]: Upon usage, the selected player will be forced to disconnect from the game.

Price: 30,000 worship points


[Auto Dodge Skill Card]: Upon usage, user will have a 70% chance to dodge all non-skillshot spells by using spells: Flash, Zhongya’s, or side-stepping. With the usage of the Bless Card, the success rate will increase to 100%.

Price: 50,000 worship points


[Auto Predict Skill Card]: Upon usage, user will be able to predict the enemy player’s retreating/attacking direction and non-skillshot spell direction (includes Twisted Fate’s Pick a Card spell). The success rate is at 70%, usage of Bless Card will increase the success rate to 100%.

Price: 50,000 worship points


[Room Disconnect Card]: Upon usage, all five enemy players will be disconnected and will not be able to re-login until the last 10 minutes before the game ends.

Price: 100,000 worship points


[God’s Vision Card]: Upon usage, the fog of war on the map will be lifted. Everything on the map will be within your vision (including the cooldown period of ultimate spells and summoner’s spells). User can also see all invisible wards and Teemo’s mushroom but is unable to attack it.

Price: 200,000 worship points


Xiao Ran fell into a state of shock.

What if he bought the whole set? What will be left of Faker?

(TL note: Faker is one of the top mid lane players from the Korean team SK Telecom T1)

Uzi? Also known as the world’s no.1 Vayne player? I won’t even show him any face.

(TL note: Uzi is one of the best ADC in the world from the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up)

Clearlove? TBQ? Their every move would be in my grasp, with me around, they will not be able to gank anyone!

(TL note: Clearlove and TBQ are both top junglers in LoL)

If I were to be the jungler, they would be food for me!

After the emotional outburst, Xiao Ran began frowning again.

These exclusive merchandises sure are imbalanced, but they are all too expensive!

For the next month, Xiao Ran started streaming on Douyu Live TV.

During this month, Xiao Ran relied on these tool cards to achieve great results. His created account went from level 1 to level 30 without a single loss and he accumulated a large number of fans.

Every time Xiao Ran streamed, there would be around 200,000 viewers.

Even though it was still a big difference when compared to top professional gamers of the LoL world. But without a highly ranked account and still being able to amass 200,000 viewers in one month is considered quite an achievement.

After streaming for a month, it allowed Xiao Ran to earn N amount of worship points.

But Xiao Ran realized that in order for him to keep his winning streak, he would be forced under certain circumstances to use the [Room Disconnect Card].

And the price of a [Room Disconnect Card] was 100,000 worship points!

Although every time after Xiao Ran used the [Room Disconnect Card] his worship points would have a frenzied increase, this was just a short term solution.

On the third day of Xiao Ran’s streaming, a task appeared from the ‘All-Round Olympic Star’ system.

Task: Become the overall Champion of a World-class competition within 2 years. 

Consequence of failing: ‘All-Round Olympic Star’ system will cease to function and user will be erased.


Do you understand what that means?

It means game over for this brother here!

Xiao Ran always had a love-hate relationship with the ‘All-Round Olympic Star’ system. But had no choice but to strengthen his skills.

Sooner or later he had to start playing in the professional world. When that time came, all the [Disconnect Card] and [Room Disconnect Card] would be useless.


Thus with a month spent on earning worship points, Xiao Ran increased all of his skills by quite a few levels.

Last Hit Tech: 5/10

Laning Tech: 9/10

Champion Knowledge: 3/10

Hand Speed’s APM: 8/10

Minion Wave Knowledge: 8/10

Gaming Sense: 8/10

Reaction Speed: 8/10

As last hit tech can be compensated with the [Last Hit Card], Xiao Ran temporarily maintained that skill’s level.

Champion Knowledge is a very redundant skill.

With 10 levels, that meant that the total number of champions in LoL were equally divided by 10.

Currently, LoL has a total of 130+ champions. This meant that with every level, the system would randomly pick 13 champions and transfer all the information regarding those 13 champions to Xiao Ran’s mind.

This was why after raising Champion Knowledge by 2 levels, Xiao Ran stopped adding points to this skill.

Now that [Champion Knowledge] is at level 3, Xiao Ran now had a deep understanding of 39 champions.

These 39 champions included Top, Mid, ADC, Support, and Jungle. Hence, this skill can be left till last to improve further and there was no need to max it out either.

As for the points required for each level, Xiao Ran had taken note of it.

Level 0 – Level 1: 1000 worship points

Level 1 – Level 2: 5000 worship points

Level 2 – Level 3: 10,000 worship points

Level 3 – Level 4: 20,000 worship points

Level 4 – Level 5: 30,000 worship points

Level 5 – Level 6: 40,000 worship points

Level 6 – Level 7: 80,000 worship points

Level 7 – Level 8: 200,000 worship points

Level 8 – Level 9: 500,000 worship points

Level 9 – Level 10: 1,000,000 worship points

To advance from level 8 to level 9 already required 500,000 worship points.

Advancing to level 10 was just crazy, that’s equivalent to the price of a lottery draw.

Xiao Ran’s streaming channel had amassed 200,000 viewers and accumulating so many worship points is quite a feat.

But today, the number of viewers may have a new breakthrough.

Because today was the tenth ranking placement match.

Xiao Ran remained unbeatable, be it before level 30 or the previous nine ranking placement matches. All of which, he was victorious in.

This was a great attraction, which was why the channel had attracted 200,000 viewers.

Xiao Ran turned on Douyu streaming and clicked on LoL. After logging in and waiting for a short moment…

180,000 viewers had already entered his channel in just this short moment. The numbers were still on the rise.

“Is Kun Shen going to play the tenth ranking placement match?”

(TL note: Kun Shen is the player ID of Xiao Ran)

“Hahaha, Kun Shen, this time there won’t be a case where everyone on the enemy team gets  disconnected when the Nexus is left with 50 Hp right?”

“Damn, that was the most satisfying match ever! I have played LoL for such a long time and that was the first time I witnessed such a weird phenomenon. Enough said, simply put, 66666!”

(TL note: 66666 is a slang from China to describe “good” or “great”)

“5555, a pity I didn’t see it. I am here to watch after hearing it from others and hope it happens again!”

(TL note: 55555 is to describe a crying sound like wuwuwu)

“I have followed Kun Shen’s channel a long time ago. Opposing players disconnecting is a very normal case. From my memory, there was at least a dozen times where all five players from the opposing team were disconnected altogether.”

“What the! If all the opposing team players get disconnected all together again, I will throw 20 sets of 1314!”

(TL note: 1314 means 1314 items worth 10 cents each. Thus 20 sets would mean $2628)

20 sets of 1314 ahhh!!!

Xiao Ran let out a burst of bashful laughter and instantly purchase another [Room Disconnect Card] worth 100,000 worship points from the Commerce City…

I’m an Olympic Superstar
Chapter 2