I’m an Olympic Superstar
Chapter 3

Author: 干煸鱿鱼须
Source: Jinzeffect

After a successful matchmaking, Xiao Ran entered the standby area and got slotted into the fifth spot.

Fifth spot… The one with least human rights.

(TL note: LoL is an MOBA game played 5v5. So entering last into a team would normally mean that you have no rights to choose your role)

Xiao Ran hit on the keyboard and typed.

Kun Shen: Top four spots report your positions!

Pao Pao Zi: Hunan Changsha.

Closest Place to Heaven: 2nd spot only plays ADC or Top, I am now at Guangdong.

Ling Kong: Suzhou Nanjing.

Names are Hard to Come Up With 6 (Names 6): Jiangxi Jingde Town.

Reading this scene, countless audience members burst out into laughter.

(TL note: When Xiao Ran asked for their positions, they gave their actual locations. LOL)

“Kun Shen, these are monkeys sent here to play jokes right?”

“Did they form a team to troll you?”

“A bunch of retards. Host, your winning streak ends today.”

“Already lost.”

“If you can win this game, I will live stream myself eating poop!!!”

Xiao Ran was speechless too. But he had the [Room Drophack Card], thus, it didn’t matter to him as he began to troll around with them.

Ling Kong: Fourth spot wants top!

Kun Shen: Why are you so unmotivated? Shout it out! What role do you want!

Ling Kong: I want top lane! I WANT TOP LANE!!!

Names 6: Third spot claims top. Haha, I have a higher spot than yours.

Pao Pao Zi: First spot claims top.

Pao Pao Zi then began the banning phase.

No wonder he claimed top, he consecutively banned three top lane champions: Fiora, Gangplank, and Nautilus.

All three top champions who were slightly buffed in the current version.

The opposition then banned, Lulu and Gragas.

Pao Pao Zi then picked Poppy.

The opposition insta-picked Trundle and Lee Sin.

Back to his own team, Names 6 picked Zed and Closest Place to Heaven picked Kalista.

The opposition then picked Braum and Kog’Maw.

“I bet that the host will be left to play support!”

“What is there to bet? It’s a known fact that the fifth spot never gets a choice.”

“I feel that this match is still playable. The team composition is quite good. All the champions are of the stronger ones in this current meta.”

“I think it’s a bust. I seldom see Kun Shen play support. This round, he is bound for a loss.”

“Report, report! The opposing members are We1less and TBQ, who are playing with their smurf accounts!”

(TL note: Smurf accounts are typically used by highly ranked players to train their skills competitively. That way, it will not affect their ELO rankings.)

“What the f**k? Is this report reliable?”

“Kun Shen is damn 6! Actually going against ex-LGD Gaming mid and jungle players on his final ranking placement match!!”

(TL note: LGD Gaming is one of the top Chinese teams in LoL)

“Didn’t TBQ get fired by LGD Gaming? Why is he duo queuing with We1less?”

“You guys know sh*t, We1less and TBQ are gay partners. If not, why would TBQ never smite the wolves or wraiths camp and leave them for We1less?”

“Bring out the popcorn and prepare for the host to be tortured!”

“I bet for host to surrender at 20 minutes!”

“Kun Shen, let your luck value explode! Let all 5 enemy players disconnect!!”

Xiao Ran got shocked when he read the comments from the viewers. We1less and TBQ?

Damn it, is my luck so good?

Right at this moment, the fourth spot picked Elise.

Obviously, Xiao Ran got left with the support role.

Support was Xiao Ran’s least favorite role because nobody liked watching a support play as it had no excitement.

Everytime he played support, the amount of worship points awarded was always the least.

Xiao Ran thought about it, then started to type, “Third spot, you sure you wanna play mid? I have reliable information that the opposing mid laner is We1less.”

Names 6: …

Names 6: Who said I’m playing mid? Third spot claims support with Zed!!!

“Haha! What the f**k! LOL! Host, you better prepare to kneel for this match!”

“Damn your Zed support! This is the first time I am hearing this.”

“This despicable pattern is just like me in the past!”

“6666, meeting a loser teammate on your last ranking placement match. Kun Shen your luck runs out here!”

Everyone was determined that this match was a lost for sure. Xiao Ran shot a glare and continued typing, “Why not let me play mid? What support champions do you play? Let me pick for you.”

Names 6: After giving it a thorough thought, even after playing 1000 rounds of support, my effectiveness still isn’t that good. Help me pick Alistar then.

After swapping champions, the countdown began.

Xiao Ran was on the blue side: Poppy Top, Jungle Elise, ADC Kalista, Support Alistar, and Mid Zed.

On the red side: Top Trundle, Mid Talon, Jungle Lee Sin, ADC Kog’Maw, and Support Braum.

Both teams had quite a good composition. Now that everyone was playing their ranking placement matches, they were no longer rookies.

The reason why Xiao Ran wanted Mid was to see how far his gap in terms of skill was against a professional player.

No matter what, now that he had raised his skills to an average level of 8. It was time to test his abilities.

And his first testing target was actually We1less!

“Estimated to be a lost.”

“Host, there is still 10 seconds for you to back out from the game.”

“Kun Shen, you better quit the game now. If not, your undefeated legend would end right here.”

“Host don’t be afraid! Just do it! Put We1less down!”

“That’s right, We1less ain’t that good anymore. It’s all a bluff! Don’t you see why LGD Gaming changed their mid player?!”

“Go head on and solo kill We1less! I will throw 10 sets of 1314!”

“Go 666666!!”

Xiao Ran opened a can of red bull and took a gulp, then said, “My energy is exceeding my expectations. All those friends that say they will 1314, can now go top up their accounts. My axe is thirsty!”

(TL note: My axe is thirsty is a quote by champion named Olaf in LoL)

“Host, your courage is 6666! I will give you ten points!”

“Kun Shen is starting his Show-off mode again. But today, I shall grant you 99 points!”

“I shall give 82 points for this show-off. The rest will be given to you by using 66666!”

“Host is so courageous? Actually daring to go on the same lane as We1less?”

“Let’s see how my idol We1less will burst you apart!”

“You guys don’t know about our Kun Shen’s ability right? Go take a look at our Kun Shen’s battle records before you talk!”

As the game was loading, Xiao Ran took the chance to open up the [Commerce City] of the “All-Round Olympic Star System”.

[Dragon Steal Card], not buying. I am playing mid this match.

[Last Hit Card], let’s buy one.

[Bless Card], let’s buy one of these too.

[Drophack Card], mmm. Forget it, buy one of these too. If I don’t manage to solo kill We1less with my current skills, then I will use this [Drophack Card] on him and solo kill him!

I shouldn’t need the [Auto Dodge Skill Card] and [Auto Predict Skill Card]. My current skills are quite good and don’t need them anymore.

[God’s Vision Card]

This card is too expensive, so Xiao Ran has never used it before.

But he was going against the smurf accounts of We1less and TBQ…

Ahh… Buy it then, he is still left with 300,000+ worship points anyways.

After going into the professional league, there will be plenty of times where he will require [God’s Vision Card]. Let this match be the first time he tests its function.

I’m an Olympic Superstar
Chapter 3