Invincible Kungfu Healer
Chapter 522: Defeat Of The Sacred Flame Sect


"I don't believe that at all!" Zhu Lanhuo bellowed and gave up on the assault against Chen Zikuang.

The difference was too great, it made it hard for one to accept it. Zhu Lanhuo turned into a ray of flaming light and appeared before Chen Wuhui in the blink of an eye.

In mid-air, a ray of brilliant light flared and a burning wave rolled down. The people around it felt as if they were burning on a volcano. Zhu Lanhuo's flame technique was incomparable.

At the same time, Chen Wuhui also unleashed a ray of white light. The two rays of light collided forcefully in mid-air.

Crash! There was a loud sound and the wind blew wildly while the earth and mountains shook. A hurricane like force swept by and a few warriors were blown away by the strength of the wind.

The two figures began an intense fight in the air. The force from the center of the fight flowed out and even warriors in the Embryonic Breathing realm could not bear it.

Mo Wen stepped on the air and strolled idly over to Chen Zikuang's side. "What exactly is happening?" he asked.

Chen Zikuang looked at the scene with wide eyes. Even though he was a little excited, he could not understand what was happening all.

Hadn't Mo Wen told him earlier that the old master would not recover so quickly? Furthermore, what had happened regarding Li Zhuoying's death? Now that he thought about it, Chen Zikuang realized that he had been kept in the dark.

"Old Master Chen has fully recovered. Once he had done so, we set up a trap and lured Li Zhuoying into it. It's that simple." Mo Wen shrugged.

Under normal circumstances, Old Master Chen would indeed have needed many days to recover. But that was only in normal situations. With Mo Wen's ability, there was a way to solve this problem. However, there was a small price for it. Mo Wen did not have to pay the price, but old Master Chen did.

He had only done this after seeking old master Chen's agreement.

"Good one, Mo Wen. You dare to hide such a thing from me. So, I have always been in the dark. I thought…" Chen Zikuang gritted his teeth furiously. He had been worried for so long and ended up discovering that things were not what he had thought. He was pleasantly surprised and also annoyed.

"It was a decision made last night. With Old Master Chen's injuries, it was not that easy for him to fully recover." Mo Wen glanced at Chen Zikuang and then said lightly, "It cost ten years of his life."

Chen Zikuang's body shook and his expression froze. He closed his mouth tightly and did not speak for a long while. He understood what Mo Wen meant. The old master had used ten years of his life in exchange for his quick recovery.

He felt a little upset. Even though practitioners in the intermediate Golden Elixir realm could live for a long time, the old master was almost 200 years old. His lifespan was already not long. After deducting ten years of his life, he feared that the man might not be able to live for much longer. The price was too high.

But he knew that for Intentionless Sect to survive, the old master would even be willing to die. That was why the choice was not a requirement to get them out of a helpless situation.

The battle in mid-air grew even more intense.

"Impossible…!" Zhu Lanhuo kept bellowing. His face grew more and more twisted. He had no choice but to believe that the old man in front of him was indeed Chen Wuhui. And it was also Chen Wuhui at his peak. He did not have any injuries on him at all. Even though he found it hard to accept it, the truth was laid before his eyes.

Below him, a group of pale-faced Sacred Flame Sect warriors, some who had stopped fighting, stared up dazedly at the battle between the two in the sky. Everyone knew that the result of that battle would determine which sect won.

Those from Intentionless Sect grew more and more excited. After being frightened for so many days, their worried hearts could finally be at ease.

It was hard to determine the victor in the fight between Zhu Lanhuo and Chen Wuhui. Their cultivations were similar and both were leaders of their sects. They each had many cards in their hands and it was impossible to immediately determine the result of the battle.

Zhu Lanhuo shouted and used his palm to block Chen Wuhui's punch. Then, he caught the force of the rebound and backed away forcefully. He immediately appeared on the ground. Right in front of him laid Li Zhuoying's body.

Zhu Lanhuo squatted down examined the corpse. He determined that it was indeed Li Zhuoying and he was indeed dead. He took a deep breath and then flew up forcefully. However, he no longer fought with Chen Wuhui.

"I Retreat. I admit defeat this time. But Old Chen Who Won't Die, don't get too full of yourself. I, Zhu Lanhuo will make a comeback. Don't think that Intentionless Sect will have such good luck next time."

Zhu Lanhuo looked ferocious, but he had a strong ability to endure. The Sacred Flame Sect could no longer continue to fight, much less destroy the Intentionless Sect. Sacred Flame Sect might find it hard to end the battle and they could not afford to pay a heavy price. Even though Sacred Flame Sect had suffered heavy losses, having lost almost half of their forces, they might suffer even more severe losses if they did not retreat.

Zhu Lanhuo was not an indecisive person. Even though the scheme that he had worked on for many years had failed, and Sacred Flame Sect's century-long hopes had been dashed, should they not leave now, then it would not be as simple as failing to destroy Intentionless Sect. The Sacred Flame Sect might instead be destroyed.

The elders and disciples of the Sacred Flame Sect did not hesitate at all after receiving the order from their sect leader. They turned, retreated and fled. Everyone understood that if they stayed on now, leaving alive would become a problem.

"Everyone can leave except for you, Zhu Lanhuo. You've bullied Intentionless Sect. If I don't keep you here, I will feel aggrieved." Chen Wuhui looked at Zhu Lanhuo coldly. He could perhaps ignore the others from Sacred Flame Sect but he would definitely not allow Zhu Lanhuo to escape. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to have peace in the future.

Furthermore, if Zhu Lanhuo was killed, Sacred Flame Sect would just about be defeated. If the two sect leaders were killed, the rest of Sacred Flame Sect could be slowly taken care of.

"Old Man Chen. When could you ever keep me behind? Even if you and your good-for-nothing son come at me together, I will come if I wish and leave as I please."

Zhu Lanhuo laughed coldly. Chen Wuhui did not have the ability to kill him at all. It was not that there was not a single person who could definitely kill him in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, but there were not many. Intentionless Sect did not have someone like that. Even if Old Chen and his sickly son struck together, he would be able to leave without any injuries.

"Li Zhuoying also doubted that I could kill him earlier, but he's dead," Chen Wuhui said emotionlessly. His words were bland but they rubbed salt onto Zhu Lanhuo's wounds.

Zhu Lanhuo had already had some misgivings. He felt anxious and doubtful as to how Li Zhuoying could die at Chen Wuhui's hands. He knew that it was almost impossible for Chen Wuhui alone to kill Li Zhuoying.

Even though Li Zhuoying was slightly weaker than him, it was not by much. There were not many intermediate Golden Elixir realm warriors in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, and they were not easy to kill. The Sacred Flame Sect ranked forefront in the Eight Major Influences because they had two warriors in the intermediate Golden Elixir realm. It could be seen how important and powerful warriors in the intermediate Golden Elixir realm were.

That was why Zhu Lanhuo suspected that Intentionless sect might have a hidden expert. It was impossible for Chen Wuhui to accomplish that alone. Furthermore, ten elders had mysteriously disappeared and even news of Chen Wuhui being grievously injured was false. He had always been in his current peak state. Zhu Lanhuo was doubtful that Chen Wuhui could do this alone.

Such odd incidents had happened one after another and were simply not normal. This was also a reason for his decisive retreat and the abandonment of this attack.

"How did you kill Li Zhuoying?" Zhu Lanhuo asked darkly.

"You'll find out how I killed him later. Because I plan to use the same method to kill you," Chen Wuhui said as he looked at Zhu Lanhuo.

"That's a joke, Old Chen. You think that you can kill me just because you managed to kill Li Zhuoying? Don't be childish. Even though I don't know what methods you used to kill him, I'm sure it is not a righteous method. It is the same plot, and someone has already fallen for it. Do you think I'll continue to fall for it?" Zhu Lanhuo asked, his expression dark. His gaze landed on Mo Wen who was standing next to Chen Zikuang. He had seen Li Zhuoying going after the youth earlier but he had not paid attention to it. He had not expected that Lu Zhuoying would die moments later while the youth would leave strolling slowly.

It was almost certain that something was up with the youth. It was possible that he had something to do with everything that had happened.

However, Zhu Lanhuo had no choice right now. He could not do anything to the youth. Zhu Lanhuo thought to himself that later, he must capture and torture the youth.

"What are you looking at?" Mo Wen saw that Zhu Lanhuo kept looking at him, and his lips immediately formed a playful smirk.

"Brat, I will remember you." Zhu Lanhuo's expression was dark. There was definitely something wrong with this lad. An ordinary youth would not be so daring when he saw Zhu Lanhuo, the sect leader of the Sacred Flame Sect, a peerless powerhouse. He would at least have some misgivings.

"You don't have to remember me because you're about to die. It is meaningless for a dead person to remember anyone," Mo Wen said lightly. He stepped forward and strolled toward Zhu Lanhuo as if he was not afraid of him at all.

"You brat, you're seeking death!" Zhu Lanhuo bellowed angrily, his body immediately flaring up. The flame flickered and he charged at Mo Wen at a startling speed.

Even though he bellowed angrily on the surface, there was a hint of joy in Zhu Lanhuo's eyes. The youth was reckless. He had dared to leave Chen Zikuang's side and had swaggered up to him. Wasn't he seeking death?

At this distance, it would be too late even if Chen Wuhui wanted to save the lad. He had just been considering how to capture the youth and now it seemed that he did not have to worry about it. Since the youth was courting death, then he would help him.

However, Zhu Lanhuo had not realized that Chen Wuhui and Chen Zikuang had not reacted at all. It was as if they had not seen him act as they stood on the spot, not moving at all.

Zhu Lanhuo's attention had remained on Mo Wen as he attempted to kill him in one strike. He would not have been so confident if he had seen Chen Wuhui and Chen Zikuang's reactions at this moment.

Invincible Kungfu Healer
Chapter 522: Defeat Of The Sacred Flame Sect