Isekai Surgeon

Inflictions that can’t be cured with healing magic are called “curses,” and a healer’s healing magic is helpless against them.

In this world, where healing magic is very developed, medicine, on the other hand, was not. And pharmaceutics are regarded as part of folk remedies. Therefore, those who are under “curses” can only get well by themselves. And if the “curse” is strong, no one can do anything about it.

Shuji, an S rank healer, was said to be the best among the adventurers in the Western City Levantein. He suddenly decided to retire as an adventurer and emigrate to Yggdrasil on the other side of the continent.

Shuji, when he was in Yggdrasil, met an adventurer who was afflicted by a “curse.”

「That is not a curse…」Shuji told Lennah, a mage who accompanied him. 「…It’s acute appendicitis. I can treat it with surgery.」

Shuji’s real name is Miyagi Shuji, a surgeon in Japan, and he came here to build a hospital in the town of Yggdrasil to perform surgeries with magic.

This story is about Shuji, a former S rank healer, who uses his previous life knowledge to build a hospital in the town of Yggdrasil to carry out various treatments.

Author’s disclaimer: The medical knowledge that appears in this isn’t supervised by a third party expert. Fictional medical materials will also be introduced. If you try to apply it in real life, there may be a conflict of opinions and knowledge, so please keep that in mind.



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Isekai ni Ten'ishita Boku ha Mahou de Shujutsu wo Okonau Byouin wo Taterun'desu, I was transferred to another world, so I’ll build a hospital to perform surgeries with magic., 異世界に転移した僕は魔法で手術を行う病院を建てるんです。
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