Jun Ye Can’t Help But Tease His Wife
Chapter 106

Author: 凹凸蛮
Source: Babel Realm

Pei Yi walked forward, leaned close to Xiao Jing's ear and whispered: "My god, why are you meddling in this? Do you have nothing to do? Do you think your achievements are not good enough? "

Xiao Jing laughed bitterly: "I was really just passing by."

Pei Yi let out a long sigh and said to each of them by name.

"Instructor, are they the elites of Special Operation Force?" An excited voice sounded from behind them.

Pei Yi raised his head high up and looked back, seeing the posture of the female soldiers, he saluted and said: "Sir."

The female instructor also gave a respectful salute, then said to the female soldiers behind him who had starry eyes, "Don't be noisy, don't disturb the training of the officers of Special Operation Force, everyone retreat three kilometers."

Jiang Xin felt that it was time for him to get on stage. With a leap, he flipped two rounds in the air, turning 360 degrees at the same time, and landed steadily on the ground.

"So handsome." The crowd stirred again.

Jiang Xin turned his head high and waved to everyone.

"Pah!" Pei Yi immediately punched the back of Jiang Xin's head, emphasizing, "Return."

"Vice team, the number of people is here."

Pei Yi inspected the four of them one by one, then said, "Return to camp."

"The wind is howling, the horses are howling." Mu Xi Chi sang loudly, "What are you eating for lunch today?"

"Screw that." A group of passionate replies came out.

"What's for dinner tonight?"

"It's still a shitty situation."

"Screw your head." Pei Yi could no longer endure as she used the spear shaft to place it at his waist, and said: "You're screaming and screaming, do you believe that I won't give you up here today?"

Mu Xi Chi lowered his voice, "As you hold the head of the nest in your hands, there's not a single drop of oil in the dish."

The female soldiers looked at the troops that were leaving, and the sounds of playing could be heard from the crowd.

When Xiao Jing returned to the dorm, it was as if someone was repeatedly removing all the bones in her body. She laid on the bed and just paralyzed herself like that.

Night had fallen, outside the window, there was someone impatiently shouting, the noisy sounds were like a lullaby, but in a moment, Xiao Jing was deep in sleep.

"Boom, boom, boom!" The ruckus, shouts, and laughter echoed throughout the camp.

Xiao Jing woke up from her stupor and sat up. She looked outside the window and saw that it was already deep into the night.

Had she slept through the night?

That's not right, aren't we going to train today?

Why didn't she hear the bugle? Had he slept?

Xiao Jing hurriedly got up from the bed, put on her army hat and pushed open the door.

On the field, there was a flicker of fire and a sound of singing.

Xiao Jing doubtfully walked forward, and saw a group of shy female soldiers sitting around a group of rough men, all of them laughing uncomfortably.

She rubbed her eyes. Why did she feel that this scene was somewhat mystical?

"second lieutenant Xiao, you're awake?" Lin Qi carried a chicken leg that he had just roasted and walked forward, "officer has given the order, tonight will be our celebration of completing the mission."

Xiao Jing sat at the side as if she had not completely woken up. She asked confusedly: "Then what's up with these new recruits?"

"We are all comrade-in-arms, officer specifically invited them to participate." Lin Qi moved closer, pointed in the direction of two points on Xiao Jing, and said softly: "What do you think of that person?"

Xiao Jing looked in his direction, the female soldier had clear eyes, and upon seeing them staring at each other, she anxiously retracted her gaze.

Lin Qi continued: "She's been looking at me for a long time, should I take the initiative to head over and interact with her?"

"When did the school in the forest run into such a problem?" Xiao Jing pushed him to stand up, "Take out your man's spirit, go conquer her."

Lin Qi stood up, and after hesitating, walked over.

Xiao Jing took a sip of water and noticed that there was something hidden in front of her. She turned back, the man's back was facing the light, but from the outline of his body and his impenetrable clothing, she could immediately guess his identity.

Shen Cheng Feng also sat on the ground and did not say a word.

Xiao Jing shrunk her neck, the excitement that was burning in her heart was suddenly extinguished by the cold air.

"There's a mission tomorrow, a separate mission for you."

Xiao Jing's expression became serious, and her nerves tightened, "My mission alone?"

Yes, the envoy of Jia Ye Nation would come to Hua Nation tomorrow for a secret interview. For safety reasons, Special Operation Force needs to send someone to protect the entire process. "

"Why me?"

"The envoy is a woman."


"You are the only one who maintained your poise tonight. I am confident that you will be able to complete the mission well."

Although the reason sounded a little strange, Xiao Jing felt as if she was being injected with a ferocious beast factor and her entire body was instantly set ablaze.

She held her head high and stuck out her chest, swearing, "I guarantee that I will complete the mission."

Shen Cheng Feng threw a small wooden stick into the charcoal fire, looked at the wooden stick that was instantly devoured, and said: "Although there isn't anything difficult about this mission, you have to be on guard at all times. After all, no one can guarantee that the three days of travel will not change at all."

"Yes, officer."

"Be careful."

"Yes, officer." Xiao Jing sat beside him and grinned widely, smiling with her bright eyes and white teeth.

The night was getting darker, and the outside and outside of the camp was enveloped in a thick layer of night fog. The burning charcoal was making crackling noises, and after the sun rose, the charcoal gradually turned into a pile of ashes.

Xiao Jing packed her luggage, and just as she opened the door, she saw Lin Qi mumbling to himself.

Hearing the noise from behind him, Lin Qi turned his head in a hurry, revealing a simple and honest smile, he said: "Are you ready to leave?"

Xiao Jing nodded, "The carriage will be waiting for me outside the camp area in ten minutes."

Lin Qi touched the back of his head, looking a little bashful, he said: "Be careful."

"I guarantee that I will complete the mission." Finished, Xiao Jing carried her own luggage and ran downstairs.

Lin Qi watched his back that gradually disappeared into the distance, and silently pressed on the position of his heart. Why was it that this place was not at ease, as if it was empty and empty?

Xiao Jing stood outside the camp, waiting anxiously for his own carriage to arrive.

Sunlight rushed out from the clouds and quietly fell all over her body.

"Pow, pow, pow." The sound of a horn echoed through the camp.

Xiao Jing turned her head, a light truck suddenly stopped, and the passenger window slowly rolled down.

"Get in." Shen Cheng Feng held onto the steering wheel with one hand and stared arrogantly ahead with his sunglasses-wearing eyes.

Xiao Jing opened the car door with some suspicions, and asked uncertainly: "officer, are you going to send me out?"

"I need to go out on some private business, buckle up my seatbelt." Shen Cheng Feng's foot stepped on the throttle, his sunglasses reflected the sunlight, he glanced at the serious face beside him and pointed to the stack of documents in front of him.

Xiao Jing was about to give it to him when he heard him speak.

Shen Cheng Feng said: "Take a look for yourself first, these are all things to pay attention to."

Xiao Jing looked at the A4 papers in his hands. There were at least ten pages full of words.

"Even though we have special identities, our bodies aren't made of steel. Especially you, just treat this as the Special Operation Force's training and learn from it. In the future, our missions will be ten or a hundred times more difficult than this."

"I will be careful and be on high alert. There won't be any loopholes." Xiao Jing stared fixedly at the words on it.

The SUV was parked outside the station. There were not many people at the bus stop in the early morning.

Xiao Jing saluted to the SUV that was driving away, and was about to step into the train station but realised that there were people curiously looking at her. She anxiously stood up, after all she was dressed in ordinary casual clothes, if she still walked forward, would she look like a lunatic?

According to the female lead's itinerary, she only needed to get to the Imperial Airport before 7 PM.

The coach drove on slowly. The sunlight was blocked by the trees, causing it to fall onto the window of the coach.

There were more than a dozen people sitting in the car. All of them were either playing on their phones or sleeping with squinted eyes.

Xiao Jing took out the old computer that he had been handed over for two whole years, and considered if he should turn it on. The car trembled, and each person held a blade, standing in front of her.

The man had a green dragon tattooed on his arm. He was chewing gum as he stared at her with a ruffian look and said, "Brat, hand over the money obediently. Otherwise, I won't guarantee that the blade in my hand won't fly onto your face with a swoosh."

Xiao Jing noticed that behind the man, there were also three or four people who were threatening all the passengers with their knives, but the driver just ignored them and continued to drive.

This was an ancient city far away from the city, and although there were teams stationed here, there were still rumors of snakes, worms, and mice everywhere.

As soon as these people left the station, they openly brandished their knives. It seemed like they had committed a crime.

"Kid, don't you understand what I'm saying?" The man saw that the young man didn't move and didn't seem to care about him at all. He emphasized his words as he brandished the blade in his hand.

Xiao Jing nodded her head, both hands in her pockets, as though she was preparing to take out some money.

The man leaned back in his chair, the corners of his mouth curled up. "Be good and listen to me so you don't have to suffer physical pain."

"There are 501, 502, and 503 squads stationed here. Aren't you afraid that you will snatch them away just like that?" Xiao Jing asked.

The man was stunned. He tapped his blade lightly with his finger and said coldly, "Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and take out the money."

Everyone obediently took out their wallet.

Xiao Jing took out a piece of clothing from her bag, and while the man was in a daze, she used the clothes to wrap around her opponent's hand. Then, she jumped out of the chair, and with a kick with her right leg, she kicked the man out of the window.

BOOM! The car lurched and the man rolled down the window and lost consciousness.

The rest of the comrades regained their senses and raised their blades in preparation to attack.

Xiao Jing grabbed onto her clothes, and fiercely stabbed her watermelon knife into his clothes, following that, she twisted and twisted, using her knees to kick the man in the stomach.

"Ah!" The man's expression changed. Pain assaulted him, and he cried out loudly.

Xiao Jing retracted her hand, grabbing onto the other party's wrist, her fingertips pressing onto his palm, the hand holding the blade instinctively loosened its grip.

With a palm strike, the man shook and fell straight to the ground.

"Thud." The car instantly turned into a mess.

Xiao Jing looked at his accomplices who were constantly retreating, and crooked her fingers at them, "I have a lot of money here, do you want it?"

The other two people gritted their teeth and attacked together.

The inside of the car was blocked, there were too many people, so Xiao Jing had to control the direction in time, so as to avoid harming the innocent citizens during the battle.

"Ah!" The golden-haired man rushed forward, but before he could even slash his blade down, he saw Xiao Jing jump high up with both hands on the luggage rack, and as he flew, the bottom of his thick shoes heavily hit his face. In the next moment, he staggered a step, and directly fell onto the ground, unable to get up for a long time.

"You, don't come over." The last man ran to the driver's seat in a panic. "Stop the car, hurry and stop the car for me."

The driver stepped on the brakes.

Because of the sudden stop, the man didn't have enough time to stand firm. His body was hit by the inertia on the front windshield. Unsurprisingly, when he came back to his senses, a silhouette stood innocently in front of him.

Xiao Jing twisted her wrist, causing the air to congeal, the sound of finger bones closing softly resonating.

The man swallowed, the weapon in his hand clattering to the ground.

Xiao Jing punched down, and the man fainted.

The chauffeur didn't dare to say a word and just sat expressionlessly in the driver's seat.

Xiao Jing looked at him, similarly not saying a word.

The driver felt his blood run cold as he was stared at. He turned his head and asked, "Can we continue?"

"I can see that you've been robbed by them many times. You're heading towards the Northwest Police Station." Xiao Jing went straight to the point.

The driver stepped on the accelerator and controlled the speed of the car. He said in a neither fast nor slow voice, "They are a group."

"Does this count as breaking the law at the feet of the Son of Heaven?" Xiao Jing squatted down and touched the unconscious man's body. She took out a plan, on which was written the exit time of each car. The plan was even very clear.

"We are all ordinary people. If we don't listen, we will get our revenge." The driver was about fifty years old, he should have had a family background.

Xiao Jing nodded her head, "It seems that I have stirred up quite a bit of trouble."

"Stinking brat, it's best if you don't stay in Ancient River City. Otherwise, I'll chop you into pieces every time I see you." The golden-haired man spat on the ground viciously and roared.

Xiao Jing picked up the watermelon knife on the ground, looking at the reflection of her shadow on the surface of the blade, she said with a smile that was not a smile: "Then why don't I take care of this hate point of yours, so that I don't have to guard against walking on my own path at night?"

The golden-haired man took two steps back in fear. "What are you trying to do?"

"Kill you!" Xiao Jing raised her blade and cut down.

"Ah, ah, ah." The golden-haired man's body trembled as his pants became wet.

Xiao Jing squatted in front of the man and smacked her lips, "Look at this backbone of yours."

The blonde man was so scared that his face turned green and white. He put down his words, "I am the local leader of this area. If you dare to bite me, sooner or later, I will bite you to death."

"Hmm, what a coincidence. I'm a snake catcher." Xiao Jing grabbed him by the collar, the blade's edge cold pressed against his neck, "Don't move recklessly, I'm afraid that if I shake my hand, I'll see blood."

The man stiffened, not moving at all.

The car drove all the way to the police station. When the officers who were going to work at the police station saw the car, they were all on full alert with guns in their hands.

It's not like they've never met before. A while ago, there really was a driver who drove a car straight in, bringing a bandit along with him!

"Everyone in the car, put down your weapons." The policeman's words had just escaped his mouth when the door opened.

Xiao Jing got off the car, and with a sonorous and powerful voice, she faced the police officers and spoke: "Comrade Police officer, the robbers have all kneeled down."

The policeman looked at Xiao Jing's ID and let go of his heart. Then, he started to drag the people who had been knocked out one by one out of the car.

The driver checked the car and prepared to leave again.

"Pow, pow, pow." An SUV was parked in front of the police station.

Xiao Jing recognized the license plate, he jogged over and stuck it on the window, then laughed: "officer, why are you here?"

"Get in." Shen Cheng Feng spat out two words in a concise manner.

Xiao Jing opened the car door and pointed at the four people in front of him who were controlled, and asked for a reward: "My uniform."

Shen Cheng Feng glanced at him, and said: "Very glorious?"

"officer thinks I didn't handle it well enough?" Xiao Jing lowered his voice.

"Yes, glorious." Shen Cheng Feng stepped on the throttle, turned the car around and continued: "Recently, this city has been in chaos. You have handled it well, protecting the people's interests, and also successfully struck the crime, but you forgot, you need to keep a low profile during the mission."

"But I only have two hundred yuan on me. If I give them all the fare, how will I come back?"


"Officer, I feel that my funding is a little low." Xiao Jing stared at the side of Shen Cheng Feng's face, her eyes blazing with fire.

"..." Shen Cheng Feng silently took out his own wallet from the small locker and threw it onto his body.

Xiao Jing opened the wallet in high spirits. Other than a few pieces of steel coins, there was nothing else.

"See, you are richer than me." Shen Cheng Feng said in all seriousness.

Xiao Jing opened her mouth wide, once again angered like a puffer fish.

Shen Cheng Feng cast a sidelong glance at the small figure who suddenly did not make a sound, and leisurely said: "I will send you to the imperial capital."

"This is a military vehicle. Don't you want me to keep a low profile?"

"In case you get into trouble on the way." Shen Cheng Feng drove onto the highway.

Xiao Jing was startled, she had some suspicions in her heart, and could not help but ask: "officer, how did you know I was here?"

Shen Cheng Feng pointed to the car broadcast, "This is a group of people, they have already targeted you, for safety's sake, I will send you over."

"I have the confidence to destroy them in one fell swoop."

"Yeah, should I still give you an award and publicize your achievements?"

"This is my duty, to serve the people." Xiao Jing patted his chest, and spoke with righteousness.

"Do you know what punishment you get for leaving your post during the course of your mission?" Shen Cheng Feng asked.

Xiao Jing blinked his eyes and laughed bitterly: "A week of confinement, deducted one year's salary."

"This matter will be handed over to the 503 team."

"Yes, sir." Xiao Jing leaned on the back of the chair, the car swayed, and she couldn't help but squint.

Shen Cheng Feng turned on the audio system and played a light tune. Facing the rising sun, they merged into the traffic.

A group of people sat around a table in a dark room under a dim yellow light. There were a few lethal weapons on the table.

One of them said, "Distribute him and kill him!"

"Thud." The tightly shut door to the warehouse was kicked open from the outside. Light poured in in an instant. Everyone in the room looked at the figures standing outside in disbelief. Each of them seemed to be holding a submachine gun.

Xiao Zheng stepped on the pieces of wood on the ground with his military boots, and without thinking of it, he kicked a few meters away, then said: "I heard that you guys have been planning to kill who?"

"Comrade Military, Military officer, we are all lying. We don't have any bullets. If you don't believe us, you can give it a try." Trembling, the leader threw the fake gun on the table onto the floor.

"Yes, you woke up quite quickly." Xiao Zheng slowly walked forward, "Coincidentally, my group of 138 is currently recruiting new recruits. All of you have strong and robust bodies, which are suitable for training."


Xiao Zheng patted the leader's shoulder heavily, and laughed out loud, "Rest assured, I will personally say it, we will get them all in one fell swoop, and make sure everything is settled."

The leader's legs went soft and he couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat. The funniest joke he had ever heard was: Soldiers and Thieves in the same room.

"Take them all." Xiao Zheng picked up a gun from the ground and casually fired.

"Clang!" The mirror on the wall shattered into cobwebs and then fell off bit by bit.

"..." Swish! True spear!

"I really am not suited to being reasonable. Just beat me up first."

"Comrade officers, Comrade officers, Comrade Comrades." The mournful scream reverberated in the night sky for a long time.

Xiao Zheng threw the gun straight into the hands of the aide behind him. He said: "Rectify everything for me, snatch who is not in a good position to snatch our Xiao Si, I am not willing to bully even our Xiao Si, is that something you can bully?"


Jun Ye Can’t Help But Tease His Wife
Chapter 106