Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.2 Chapter 12

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Idle Translations

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I have to give him the punishment for messing up my hometown and killing Anna-san after making her suffer. To do that, I set the plan for calling out the imperial guard captain in motion.

To be specific, I acted like a soldier that fled under enemy fire and sent a message asking if it could be overlooked in exchange for information. In addition, the meeting condition was to only bring a small amount of people to a place that’s empty of people. The information I prepared isn’t something the imperial guard captain could miss, so he will definitely be caught. After all, when I looked through his memories while using【Transformation Heal】on him, I found out his feelings to princess Flare was more than just a master and servant feeling.

That thing wasn’t something as pure as love. It was a darkish emotion. An unsightly desire to monopolize and greed to dominate her. That man desires to serve Flare, but at the same time hold her down and violate her. To him, it’s as if a heaven-sent chance had come.

The designated location that I chose was the bar in the poor people’s section. In this kind of unorganized place, it will be easy to escape when I need to.

I was watching the entrance of the shop, and men with good appearances unfitting of that place entered. Just as he promised, it seems he came in a group of five. Just in case, they had come in an appearance that fits in with this place and they aren’t stupid enough to make people notice they were knights in one glance, but I could tell from the way they walked and their atmosphere.

Just to be sure, I stayed alert for a few minutes and then enter the shop. I head towards a man who had wrapped his face in bandages, and while doing so, I confirm the location of this shop’s back exit. One big reason I picked this shop was because I could escape easily when I need to. I take a seat and the man wrapped in bandages opens his mouth.

“So you’re Ramuta huh. Who’s the magician that you were calling a noble?” (Renard)

That voice was a voice I had persistently heard in the past because that voice was my old voice. The man in bandages is the imperial guard captain. From the gaps of the bandages, I can see inflamed skin.

I see, so he probably burned himself because he didn’t like my face. Otherwise, there is the chance it’s from the torture he received from when he was thought to be the hero of healing. I restrain my feelings of wanting to immediately kill him; if I simply kill him, it wouldn’t be revenge. If I don’t let him taste the suffering Anna-san received… endure, I must endure. Okay, I’m calm. Now, it’s the start of my play. Why don’t I behave like the kingdom soldier Ramuta.

“Fir-, first off, please promise me that I can return to the kingdom if I provide information.” (Kearuga) (TL Note: Can’t really write “俺、いや私” in English, so I left it out. It literally means “I, no, I”, but he changes from casual to formal way of saying I.)

Just in case, because I’m acting like I’m doing this kind of trade, I have to put on a speech fitting of that. Ramuta’s objective is to be forgiven for deserting under enemy fire in exchange for providing information.

“Ah, that’s fine. If your information is right, I’ll remove the matter about you deserting under enemy fire using my authority.” (Renard)

The imperial guard captain said that while brimming with confidence. What I can tell from these words is that this man has been provided with a decent amount of authority. The crime of deserting under enemy fire is heavy. For the commanding officer to overturn that at his own discretion is usually difficult.

“Ho-, that’s good. In that case, I’ll talk about it. The certain noble I wrote about in the letter is princess Flare-sama. Although her appearance was slightly changed, I was able to tell. Without a doubt, it was princess Flare-sama.” (Kearuga) “Why were you able to tell?” (Renard)

He’s unexpectedly wary. Even though I thought he would come biting at the chance without thinking. Well, it’s fine. A few suitable reasons come to my mind.

“Once before, I was able to fight together with Flare-sama when we were making big progress against the monsters. There’s also no way I could have seen it incorrectly, because that was definitely Flare-sama’s magic. Also, I didn’t do something like deserting under enemy fire. Seeing magic that seemed like Flare-sama’s, I began searching for Flare-sama who should have been close by. Please believe me.” (Kearuga)

I desperately say those words, thinking that it would seem more realistic if I said an unsightly excuse.

“Hou, and so” (Renard) “I was able to find a female magician who was in a location quite far away from the area. Although her appearance and figure had changed, I was able to tell that the princess had appeared from her beautiful voice and the kind atmosphere around her. Chasing after her, I was able to find out the whereabouts of the princess in Ranalitta.” (Kearuga)

The imperial guard captain was broadly grinning. Although most of his expression is covered, his sensibleness was slovenly drooping.

“Good job! Guide us to that woman’s whereabouts immediately. Let alone overlooking you deserting under enemy fire, I’ll give you a promotion.” (Renard) “Th- thank you very much.” (Kearuga)

As if he feels like Flare has already become his, the imperial guard captain has a vulgar smile. As I thought, with that face, he probably doesn’t plan on obediently returning princess Flare to the castle. He might be thinking of using this chance to keep her to himself.

I was only able to predict that he was going to do that because I know his memories. For this reason, I’m using this method. All the members that followed him were all his subordinates. He probably had secretly brought them over to hide the fact that he was going to obtain the princess. In other words, this information hasn’t been revealed to the other knights and soldiers. There’s nothing easier to manipulate than a man that driven by greed.

“Well then, it’s this way.” (Kearuga)

Hiding my inner emotions of joy, I guide the imperial guard captain’s group. The place I’m guiding them to is…

The place I guided them to is a room inside a smashed inn in the poor people’s section.

“A person seeming to be Flare-sama is in the room next to this one.” (Kearuga) “That Flare-sama is in this run-down place?” (Renard)

There’s no way I would guide these guys to the inn that the real princess Flare… Freya is in. Freya is my property. As if I would give her away. Although they are corrupt, they are still an elite force of imperial knights. Until they came here, they stayed on guard and were being cautious about the surroundings so they could stop any surprise attacks.

“She most likely doesn’t have enough money on hand. She’s living with another man, and although I don’t even need to say it, that man is the swordsman that appeared at the ice wolf race’s village. The man goes out to earn money during the day and doesn’t come back until sunset.” (Kearuga) “I see, that’s convenient.” (Renard)

That man is right here though. The walls are thin, and we can hear daily life noises from the room next to ours. Of course, there’s no way someone actually is inside there and it was just me making daily life noises using magic together with a mechanism.

“Right now, it should be just princess Flare by herself. If we are going to break in, we should do it now.” (Kearuga) “Yeah, I guess we’ll go in. We will ‘save’ princess Flare.” (Renard)

While saying something he doesn’t mean, the line of knights with the imperial guard captain at the front pushes into the room. And then, they thoroughly searched around everywhere to look for her.

“Oi, you, there’s no one here… gu-, what, is this?”

The five knights that entered the room all of a sudden fell on their knees in pain. Then, I enter the room a bit later. Now there’s no need for them to be afraid.

“Good grief, it seems the drug has finally done its work. It seems the circulation of the drug is slow on fools.” (Kearuga)

In this room, I was burning incense that was an odorless paralysis poison. It’s a poison that I had saved for today that I made by hunting monsters with paralysis poison and mixing it after withdrawing the toxin. It’s not a poison that can be endured by humans. I have no problem because I have an antibody for this, but these men can’t do anything against it.

“Ba-, bastard, what are you planning. Whe-, where is Flare-sama!?” “Pu, ahahahahaha, you still think that Flare is in here huh. There should be a limit to stupidity. Ah, have you knights still not realized? … You guys were set up by me. You guys are all idiots aren’t you? You knew that I could change my appearance, but it seems your sense of danger isn’t enough.” (Kearuga)

While laughing, I perform【Transformation Heal】. I purposely exposed the appearance of Keare, the hero of healing.

“Bastard, you bastaaaaaaaaaard” (Renard) “Long time no see Renard imperial guard captain.” (Kearuga) “Killlll, I’ll kill you. Keare, you bastard, because of you, I, I ammmmm.” (Renard)

Without being able to take action because of the paralysis, he could only make an angry voice with no force behind it. That being said, as expected of the imperial guard captain. Although the others can’t even raise one finger, he went all the way to his knees.

“Ahyahyahyahya, I was desperately trying to hold in my laughter since you guys get tricked so easily.” (Kearuga) “I’ll ki-, I’ll kill you” (Renard) “Hm? How would you do that? With that body which is frozen because of the paralysis poison? More like I would kill you.” (Kearuga)

Taking out a knife, I rest it against the nape of his neck.

“By just pulling my knife a bit, I could kill you.” (Kearuga)

Renard’s eyes opened widely. He had the premonition of a definite death. In front of that fear, his anger disappears.

“That being said, I won’t do something like killing you.” (Kearuga) “So you’re planning to offer a trade with me huh. That will be fine. If you overlook me, I’ll send a false report saying that the hero of healing wasn’t in this town.” (Renard)

Hou, his brain unexpectedly works. To think he would give that suggestion while throwing away his shame and honor to survive.

“A false report? That kind of thing is unnecessary. I’m not so foolish to be found by you guys. If I get rid of you guys here, that would be the end.” (Kearuga) “Wa-, wait, if it’s money” (Renard) “Unfortunately, I have no problems on that side either. … What I desire is you guys feeling fear, despair and agony. I’ll avenge Anna-san.” (Kearuga) “Anna?” (Renard)

As I thought, there’s no way he would have separately remembered their names. However, that’s fine. Each time he mentions her, her name becomes dirty.

Staying silent, I directly pour in a drug into the blood of the unmovable subordinates with a utensil that uses a hollow needle. The method of directly pouring it into the blood is a groundbreaking technique that a wise man in the Dioral Kingdom thought of. It would be fine to call it a revolution for pharmacy. I had called this tool that uses a needle an injection.

The inserted drug is something I strengthened with the aphrodisiac I used against the sword saint, a physical strength increasing medicine, a stimulant, I also mixed in an ingredient that has the effect of increasing physical strength, and to top it off, I strengthened it with enchant. (TL Note: I think I called it magical bestowment or something before)

If this drug is used, the target’s sexual desire abnormally increases, becomes unable to feel fatigue and is in an extremely excited condition. In other words, a beast that has lost reason. Although the soldiers still can’t get up from the paralysis poison as the effect only just started, their crotches were stretching to a dangerous extent.

Just by squirming around, the space between their legs on the trousers got wet. Their eyes had already lost reason and were full of lust.

From now, these guys are probably going to taste supreme pleasure, but the compensation for that is their humanity. If such a concentrated drug is administered into a body that body will definitely become crippled. Until they die, they will probably continue swinging their back as they taste supreme pleasure.

“Bastard, what did you do to my subordinates?” (Renard) “I gave them medicine to make them energetic. You know, I think that if you are able to do cruel things to others, it’s because you don’t know other people’s pain.” (Kearuga)

I talk to the imperial guard captain as if I was gently remonstrating him.

“Yeah, you guys are always the perpetrators. You don’t know the grief, fear or sorrow of the weak people. I think that if you know how terrifying and tough it is for a frail woman to be forcibly held down, you wouldn’t do these cruel things.” (Kearuga)

That is not something that can be understood through words. Therefore, I have to make his body understand it. Of course, because he’s an idiot that didn’t realize what terrible things he was doing even when I gave him a chance to switch with me in the prison and instead assaulted my village out of resentment, my expectations are low. If he could obediently reflect and replace his heart, he could have survived without having to go through this. What an idiot. I’ll make him pay for that foolishness.

“Bastard, what are you saying, what exactly are you planning to do?” (Renard) “I think I want to make you realize the pain and fear of the weak.【Transformation Heal】” (Kearuga)

He had my appearance, but the imperial guard captain was changed into a frail, beautiful girl. His clothes tear up, and his white skin gets exposed. The imperial guard captain whose appearance was turned into a beautiful girl became dumbfounded.

To that girl, I administer a drug. Of course, it isn’t the specially made aphrodisiac I used on the other knights. If I made it feel good, it wouldn’t be revenge. It’s a muscle relaxant drug that is weak, but is long lasting. With this, in accordance to his appearance, he is a frail, beautiful girl. And then, I use powerful smelling salts. (TL Note: Smelling salts = chemical compounds often used to arouse consciousness.)

“Wo-, womaaaaan.” “Rape, raaape.” “Pu〇〇y, pu〇〇yyyyy.” “Waoooooon.”

That’s good. It seems they’ve taken a liking to her. In case he wasn’t their type, I was about to reuse【Transformation Heal】. ‘That’ is attached to it and although I was worried that ‘that’ wasn’t there, it seems the beasts that have gone mad from sexual desire don’t mind. Well as long as there’s a hole, anything should be fine.

“No-, no way, you, are you” (Renard) “Yeah, I thought you would know how it feels to be a victim if the knights forcibly raped you. It’s almost about time the paralysis poison wears off as well. To say the truth, one of the effects in the drug I administered into them could negate paralysis poison.” (Kearuga)

A few minutes after I said those words, the guys who couldn’t move from the paralysis poison rose. In addition, the other one was getting up with a terrifying force.

“Help, help meeeee, I’ll d-, I’ll do anything. I’m begging you. Please.” (Renard) “Until now, what did you do to the women who said that?” (Kearuga) “Yo-, you bastard, do you not have blood and tears!?” (Renard) (TL Note: Not having blood and tears = heartless/has no feelings. Kept it that way because it’s convenient.)

He’s desperate. Well, he must be afraid of getting assaulted by men. I know it well too.

“Blood and tears? I did have it, things like that.” (Kearuga) “Then!” (Renard)

The imperial guard captain’s eyes light up. Is he thinking I will save him or something? In that case, I will correct his misunderstanding.

“Because of you, all of it was drained and now I’m empty.” (Kearuga)

The imperial guard captain face dyes in despair. And then, one of the knights grabs the imperial guard captain’s slender arm.

“Sto-, stop it, you bastards. I, imperial guard captain Renard, I, if you touch me” (Renard)

His desperate appeal didn’t reach the beasts as well. These guys aren’t human, they are just beasts. To a beast, social status doesn’t matter. Now, I’ll have you do something worthy of your name.

“Gunuooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” (Renard)

The imperial guard captain starts screaming, and I watch that with cold eyes. The other guys start gathering around him one by one. Well, I’ll have them violate him to their heart’s content.

I am a bystander. I am only watching him suffer. Although his appearance is a beautiful girl, I don’t intend to mix in with them. In the first place, I don’t want to touch that man. So dirty.

And with cold eyes, I continued watching the imperial guard captain being devoured by beasts. It seems the drug I used on the knights was stronger than I had expected. They are being too extreme. If it continues like that, he will immediately die. I won’t forgive him to faint because of the drug I used on him. His pupil are dilated, but he is still breathing. (TL Note: Don’t know what this means: 瞳孔が開ききっていた Thanks Zen~)

After half a day passed, the imperial guard captain whose appearance had changed into a beautiful girl was covered in various things and had vacant eyes that seemed like he was going to die. Even then, the beasts didn’t stop indulging in their bait. A few hours later, Renard, the imperial guard captain was no longer able to move. It was death by suffocation. Ah, it must have all gotten stuck in his throat. As I was considerably bored of it, I leave the room while yawning.

Those knights are probably going to do that until they die. It’s quite a suitable end for them.

Sprinkling plenty of oil on the smashed inn, I set fire to it with alchemy magic. I have to get rid of the guys violating the dead body. They will either die from burning or getting worn out from violating him. Which one will they die from? Well it doesn’t matter to me.

“Did you watch it Anna-san? I gave them the despair you felt. Were you delighted even by a bit?” (Kearuga)

I pray to Anna-san who is in heaven. Please peacefully sleep. I should also finish the other matter in question. Although the imperial guard captain was at the top, just because I got rid of the top, that doesn’t mean the execution of the people from my village will be interrupted. Therefore, I am going to give pain to this country itself. I look up at the sky. Today, the moon is beautiful.

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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.2 Chapter 12