Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.3 Chapter 10

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Idle Translations




After tidying up the people from the mad cow race who were under the demon king’s patronage, I return to the town in a refreshed mood. I feel good after doing something good, and with this, there shouldn’t be any attacks against Eve for a while now.

Of course, I will also attack the mad cow race’s cooperative workers, the night dog race and destroy them. From the information I gained by using【Recovery Heal】, I found out they were involved with the previous attack, so I can destroy them without any problems. On top of having the nature for being in charge of secret information, they don’t stay in one spot so rounding them up won’t be possible, but because they won’t just directly attack me, I know there’s no problem to just leave them alone.

They should stay quiet for a while, and even now, they’re probably calling a task force to replace the mad cow race, which is exactly my aim. The mad cow race and the night dog race were both just periodically receiving orders and doing the dirty work, but they didn’t have any necessary information to attack the demon king.

If the night dog race was in a situation where they were attacked by such a dangerous opponent that could annihilate the mad cow race, they should call for a suitably powerful force. The stronger they are, the more information they hold, so if I crush them, I should be able to find information related to the demon king. I can’t wait for those guys to come.

“Kearuga-sama, you look pleased.” (Setsuna) “It’s kind of like the feeling of taking a fish bone out of your throat. As expected, when I think about how the people aiming for me are hiding, it makes me tired. Besides, now we can go to an inn. I’m excited for tomorrow.” (Kearuga)

I have removed the impeding threat, and after thinking about how much time the reinforcements the night dog race called will take to come, I know that I can unreservedly rest at an inn. It will be more comfortable than the deserted house, and the meals will probably be better. It would be great if we are served delicious meals like the ones from that smashed tavern. While thinking about that, we rushed home.

“Wow, it’s a soft and fluffy bed. As I thought, a bed is better than a blanket.” (Freya)

Freya dives into the bed. Although we had only spent two days in the deserted house, it seems she had greatly longed for a bed.

“We’re lucky there was a good inn.” (Kearuga) “Yes, I can smell the sun from these sheets.” (Freya)

Once a night had passed in the deserted house, we went searching for an inn. While buying from shops, I had been informed of some inns they recommend.

“They are thorough with their cleaning, and they properly dry their sheets in the sun as well. Yeah, it’s worth the expensive amount of money we spent.” (Kearuga)

At least the room receives a passing mark. Now if the quality of the provided restaurant-cum-bar is good, it will be perfect.

“Kearuga-sama, what will you do from now?” (Freya) “Until we can go to the god bird that will become Eve’s pet, we’ll stay on standby in this town. During this time, I think we should gather information while gathering our travel expenses. Since our baggage was all stolen, we had to unexpectedly pay a large amount of money after all.” (Kearuga)

Our cloaks, tent and preserved foods we had prepared for our journey and various things we had left lying in our room had been stolen. Since my motto is to not be stingy about the necessary things for a trip and to buy the best things, it was quite a hard blow. I intend on buying them again in this town, but I need to make up for it.

“Let’s buy journey tools and a staff today. Freya’s staff seriously looks awful.” (Kearuga) “Exactly! My current staff has become seriously dangerous, and I have wanted a new staff this whole time.” (Freya)

Before coming to this town, Freya’ staff was already at its limit, and because she used magic to repulse the attack from a few days ago, it was further exhausted. We probably have to quickly buy a new one. Leaving our luggage in the inn, I transfer the valuables to my pouch before going out.

“Say, Kearuga.” (Eve) “What’s up Eve?” (Kearuga)

Eve from the kokuyoku race calls out to me with a timid look.

“So you actually only rented one room.” (Eve) “There are two beds, and with the wideness of the room, we should comfortably be able to live right?” (Kearuga) “… Do you have any intention of renting another room? Since, you guys normally do it even if I’m there, so it’s awkward.” (Eve)

This morning, this uncommunicative person once again went to the next room when I started my daily routine with Setsuna, pressed her ear against the wall and comforted herself. She probably isn’t lying when she says it’s awkward, but she most likely feels more troubled that she can’t comfort herself when we are in the same room.

“I don’t. Eve, even though we beat the immediate enemy for now, more assailants will still keep appearing. It’s easy to protect you if we are in the same room.” (Kearuga) “That’s true as well but” (Eve) “It will cost too much money to rent two rooms. I’m the one sustaining your life necessities. Without giving me any compensation, you are telling me to use extra money.” (Kearuga) “U-, it’s difficult when I’m told that.” (Eve) (TL Note: So the U- part means oof; ough; ulp​, but honestly speaking those look disgusting and I don’t think Eve would say that. Maybe ulp, but I’m just going to go with the romaji for now.)

Eve is almost penniless, and I am burdened with all of her livelihood costs. She has good sense, so this method of giving a warning beforehand is effective.

“If you’ll pay for it with your body, I might consider it. Do you want to immediately start from this evening?” (Kearuga) “That’s putting the cart before the horse right!?” (Eve)

Tsk, she noticed. Since she seems weak-headed, I thought it would pass.

“It doesn’t matter anymore! I’ll endure staying in the same room! But, wouldn’t it be fine for you guys to take a little care for me!? At least allow me to go out while you guys are doing the deed.” (Eve) “… Do you want to die? A woman who has her life aimed at is going to go on a stroll at night by herself? Night is the time when you absolutely have to stay with us.” (Kearuga)

What recklessness. Even though she had been so showily attacked, it’s surprising that idea would come to her.

“U-… in that case, you guys could endure for a bit.” (Eve) “Why would I have to endure for your sake? Besides… if I decrease the frequency, Setsuna and Freya would just be pitiful.” (Kearuga) “Nn. Even now it’s still insufficient, and Setsuna wants Kearuga-sama to give her more love.” (Setsuna) “I am most happy when Kearuga-sama embraces me.” (Freya)

They both blush and respectively grab onto my right arm and left arm.

“That’s how it is. Majority rules, and although I’m sorry, but you’ll have to endure. Don’t worry, sooner or later you’ll grow accustomed to it since Setsuna and Freya’s heavy breathing will start sounding like a lullaby.” (Kearuga) “I won’t though!?” (Eve)

As always, Eve’s retorts are pleasant. Someday, I do want to experience it with three people, including Eve. That day probably won’t be too far away. Well, I’ve played around with Eve enough, so let’s leave to go shopping.

We came to a shop to buy tools for our journey and a staff. I can feel a gaze that is observing us from far away. It must be a survivor from the night dog race. I wonder if they will come attack us, because I would prefer to be attacked here than inside the tavern.

“That tent looks great.” (Setsuna) “Oh, that’s nice. As expected of a town where humans and demons coexist.” (Kearuga)

The one that Setsuna pointed at was a fold-able tent. However, a monster’s skin and bones were used as materials for it. The cloth is thinner and lighter than a normal tent, but the strength exceeds it and it is hard to dirty and repels water well. The bones of the tent isn’t a metaphorical expression but are actually bones, and they are light with outstanding strength as well. Truly dream-like materials.

The technique of making the tent isn’t from the demons, but it’s from the humans. A combination of the demons’ knowledge concerning monster materials and the techniques humans have cultivated. When I look at this, I think that the coexistence between humans and demons is magnificent. It has a moderate price and it has a high evaluation. I unhesitatingly purchased it. This was so good that I might have thought of buying it even if we hadn’t lost our luggage.

“Kearuga-sama, there is a good staff. It fits in my hands well.” (Freya)

From a faraway place in the street, I hear Freya’s voice. That is a shop a demon opened, which deals with weapons, armor and medicine. Various things have been lined up.

“A staff made from a blood dyed tree branch and a monster’s feather huh. Moreover, I can just barely reach the price as well. Normally, it wouldn’t be possible to buy it at this price but… there’s no problem with the quality either. It’s nice. We should pick it up. I guess I’ll buy it.” (Kearuga) “Yes! This is my first time hearing of the blood dyed tree. Is it a great tree?” (Freya) “It’s a tree that uses blood as it’s nourishment. It was probably raised by absorbing plenty of monster blood. The blood dyed tree changes its growth course depending on the blood it absorbs. Blood that contains mana, and in addition, they probably chose to raise it while thinking of making it into a staff, so they must have chosen a monster that will make it grow into a staff that gathers mana well and makes the flow good.” (Kearuga)

If not, they wouldn’t have been able to make something this good. When I think about the time it took to make this, it feels too cheap. It’s a tree that isn’t seen in a human’s sphere of daily existence and the fact that they are nurturing it to become a staff is definitely an impossible feat that only demons, which can freely control monsters, can do.

“Lad, you’ve got quite good eyes. It’s just as you said! This staff is made from a tree that was nurtured by periodically receiving the blood of the Shakuya bird. When it absorbs a Shakuya bird’s blood, it can make the best staff that is durable and can temper magic easily. It’s a gem that is rarely seen anywhere else.”

Certainly, a staff of this level is quite a rare sight, and although most of the money I earned from curing the fatal disease has been used, I definitely can’t overlook this. … That being said, if I don’t genuinely earn travelling expenses, it will be bad.

“Alright, I’ll take it.” (Kearuga) “Thanks for your continued patronage!”

Handing over gold coins, I buy the staff.

“Thank you very much Kearuga-sama. I will take care of your present.” (Freya)

Freya delightfully hugs the staff tightly.

“That would be great. Freya, could you to put mana into the staff for a bit?” (Kearuga) “Okay!” (Freya)

Freya puts all of her mana into the staff. Even though Freya put all of her mana into it, it doesn’t seem like it’ll creak or be damaged. An average staff wouldn’t be able to do this. The demon merchant’s eyes open widely after seeing Freya’s incomparable mana. That’s how abnormal Freya’s mana is.

“, circulate your mana, similarly to how you fire spells.” (Kearuga) “I will try it.” (Freya) “Fumu, as I thought, there is resistance. Pass your staff over here for a bit. I’ll reform it.” (Kearuga) “Please take care of it!” (Freya)

When she circulated mana, I perceived a few spots that had resistance towards the mana circuit. Not only does the resistance attenuate the strength, it causes damage to the staff.

To increase the ability of the staff as well as to make the staff last longer, I need to remove the resistance. I receive the staff from Freya.

Magic circuits take form in the staff itself for staffs that are made from mana possessing trees like this one. I tune the magic circuits with alchemy magic to make them easy to flow through, and alter it into the most suitable one. Alright, the resistance has disappeared.

“Freya, circulate mana again.” (Kearuga) “Yes! It is amazing! It is much smoother than before! With this, I should be able to handle any type of magic.” (Freya) “That’s good. Well then, let’s go to the next store.” (Kearuga)

As I thought, an alchemist’s ability, alchemy magic, and knowledge is useful. As one would expect, it was useful to use【Imitation Heal】on the best alchemist in the Dioral Kingdom. It’s helpful in various situations. We’ve obtained a staff, so while we buy tools for our journey, we should earn travelling expenses. At this rate, we will run out of money by just staying here for a week.

“Wai-, lad, please wait. Could you show that staff to me as well?” “I don’t really mind though?” (Kearuga)

I am called to a halt by the merchant, and I tell Freya to hand over the staff.

“Hou, this is amazing. It really has become a special grade article. Lad, even at such a young age, you’re an owner of astonishing skill.” “If you’re done, I want you to return that but” (Kearuga) “Wait. Let’s negotiate. There are two more staffs here. If you can tune them like this one, I’ll return one third of the money from before.”

For a while, I think. I’m happy that one third of it will return. And if I were to make an inference from those words, the other ones lined up here are probably second grade items. Countless branches that can make staffs can be taken from one tree, but they must have been divided into classes by their magic convergence and cyclicity ability. It seems the items here have been judged as second class because of their bad cyclicity ability.

No wonder their prices were too cheap when compared to the materials used. And since they would be sold as special grade articles if their cyclicity ability was improved, the merchant offered this suggestion.

“I can’t do it for just one third. Half of the price. If you pay back half of it, I’ll see to your remaining two.” (Kearuga) “Lad, aren’t you showing too much of your greed?” “As if, you would still gain profit even if you paid it all back. Half of it is still plenty of profit, but only returning one third of it is overcharging me.” (Kearuga) “… So you’re a customer that understands that much huh, alright then, I’ll give you back half.”

My demand for half was to let the merchant save face. Anymore and the merchant would have had a chance to prioritize his pride. Quickly tuning the two staffs I received, I return it to the merchant to let him confirm the staffs’ condition. He’s a wary merchant. I have a favorable impression of him.

“You really do have admirable skill. Lad, who are you?” “I’m just a humble traveller.” (Kearuga) “There’s no way that’s true.”

While laughing, the merchant tosses a sack of gold coins. It’s half the amount of gold coins I paid earlier.

“This one’s a freebie.”

And then, he throws a thin sword to me. When I pulled it out of its sheath, a beautiful mithril sword blade was exposed.

“I earned a bit too much. If I send you away like this, my reputation as a merchant will fall. The one that’s on your waist is already screaming. I won’t say anything bad, so just use the blade I gave you.” “You’re a fine one to say that, even though you were trying to overcharge me at the start.” (Kearuga) “It’s fine to overcharge a dumb amateur, but it’s a different story when I let a worker that understands it. Just silently accept it.” “I’m grateful for this.” (Kearuga)

The sword I’m using right now is the one I borrowed from the imperial guard captain, so I had always continued using it. It was already a bit worn out from the years, and since I had used it unreasonably, weariness accumulated in the metal, so it was around the point where I couldn’t falsify it anymore. A new sword is extraordinarily helpful.

Afterwards, I chatted with the merchant a bit. We were also able to join together in a few negotiations. Like that staff, there were a few items that we could mutually earn money from. Our conversation became lively, and we promised to drink together tonight. It seems he’s going to introduce me to a shop with good local alcohol and delicious meals.

It was an unexpected, but good meeting. Above all… I’m pleased with him. He’s good-natured, and as a merchant, he’s honest. It was fun to talk with him. If he was to be killed, I should be able to feel sad. He might be able to be my friend. (TL Note: Kearuga isn’t gay, but the ‘I’m pleased with him’ part is basically just taken as a non-romantic ‘like’.)

As I think about those sorts of things, the town becomes noisy. Something has come from the central highway. I head to that direction. Thereupon, I see several hundred knights riding horses that have splendidly assembled while marching, and in the center, there’s a carriage with the crest of the royal family on it.

“The younger sister princess… she’s finally arrived huh.” (Kearuga)

The person that arrived is the person that appears to be the mastermind behind the attack against my village. She is the most merciless and sly evil woman in the whole Dioral Kingdom. The tactician I fear the most in this world. Her name is, the Dioral Kingdom’s second princess, Norn Kurattalisa Dioral.

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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.3 Chapter 10