Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.3 Chapter 12

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Idle Translations

*Unedited. The PV for tate no yuusha anime came out, but I just watched it without audio because I think it was for anime expo, and so it has a really lame english voice. I’m just going to wait until they make the proper japanese one. Thanks for reading~


I finished my shopping, so I started moving since I made a promise to drink with the merchant that sold the staff to me. At last, my trembling had stopped. With this, no one should think I’m suspicious.

Although it’s a drinking party, I can’t drop my guard, since it’s also a business discussion to earn travelling expenses in this town. In proportion to our numbers increasing by Eve becoming our comrade, our travel expenses also increase. One way or another, I want to earn a large amount of money.

This time, I’m bringing the three girls, Freya, Setsuna and Eve with me. Since the merchant told me to bring them all if they are cute girls, I depended on his good will. Incidentally, I made Eve minorly disguise herself. She’s wearing a wig, and the impression of her face was also changed with some light makeup. I also made her wear comfortable clothes so that her boastful wings can be hidden. When her wings are folded and her feathers are tightened, it becomes remarkably small so there’s no unnaturalness. Since a full body robe would be too conspicuous, I bought clothes that Freya chose for her. It’s cute and suits her quite well.

“Yo, lad. Thanks for coming.” (Merchant) “I don’t really have an eye for good shops after all.” (Kearuga)

Since the merchant revealed his face from a private room and beckoned us over when we entered the shop, I head that way and take a seat. In this shop, by paying additional money, you are able to use a private room. They say that the general admission seats are faster to use for drinking, but they are already overcrowded. I can guess the popularity of this shop.

“You really can’t be underestimated lad. Bringing along three extraordinarily beautiful girls like that.” (Merchant) “Yeah, they’re wasted on me.” (Kearuga) “Now, let’s immediately get to it. First of all, have a drink. It’s this town’s local alcohol. Nothing can start without drinking this.” (Merchant)

Saying that, the merchant takes out a bottle. Once we take a seat, he pours in plenty of it.

“This alcohol has the smell of fruit.” (Kearuga) “This alcohol was made by the crimson glory vine. It’s quite good. Before we toast, have a sip and taste it.” (Merchant) “Well then, I’ll take you up on your offer.” (Kearuga) (TL Note: Crimson glory vine is a species of grapevine, just in case you’re curious.)

The crimson glory vine’s bittersweet aroma is stimulating my stomach. I thought it would be sweet, but it’s refreshing with only a faint sweetness, and the sourness is moderate so it’s easy to drink.

“It’s not as sweet as I thought it would be. It seems like it’ll suit the cuisine as well.” (Kearuga) “That’s right. I don’t prefer ordering alcohol that can’t be drunk together with meat after all. I’ve prepared plenty of cooking as well.” (Merchant)

Once the merchant claps, different cuisine is brought in one by one. Cream stew that uses a whole duck with fat on it. Motsuni that boiled a cow’s internal organs with spicy condiments. A strange salad made from mashed up thickly green vegetables, which aren’t artificial, dressed with vinegar. I’ve never eaten them, but from just their scent and appearance, a menu I can confirm is delicious is lined up. (TL Note: Motsuni literally means guts boiled dish, so I guess you could say it means gut stew. Decided to keep it as motsuni because I’m not sure though.)

The gluttonous Setsuna has been drooling while her nose twitches, and Eve keeps glancing at me and the cuisine. It seems they are waiting very impatiently for it.

“Lad, let’s go for a toast. For our meeting, and to pray for the success of business after this.” (Merchant) “Yeah, let’s continue getting along.” (Kearuga)

The merchant and I knock glasses and gulp down the alcohol in one go. Seeing that, Setsuna and co who had been enduring the whole time reach there hands out to the food. I don’t even need to ask if it tastes good; I can understand from seeing there faces. I should eat as well, since it seems like everything will be eaten by them.

“It’s a good shop. The alcohol is delicious, and the cooking is the best as well.” (Kearuga) “I always choose this place whenever I call over important business partners. I’ve never seen anyone feel worse after guiding them to this shop.” (Merchant)

Certainly, it does feel like various dealings would go well here. Since some time ago, Setsuna and Eve have been so engrossed in the cuisine that there cheeks are swelled up like a squirrel and it is very lovely. Probably because of a childhood habit, Freya is skillfully using a fork and knife to elegantly eat. Strangely, her appearance when eating is picture perfect. It must be the dignity of this princess.

“So, lad, what exactly is your get rich quick scheme?” (Merchant) “Before that, we should introduce ourselves. Since we are going to do business with each other from now, it would be inconvenient to not even know each other’s names. I’m called Kearuga. I’m on a journey and I work as an alchemist. The people with me are my attendants and slave.” (Kearuga)

I reveal my public social status. Since a healing magician would be associated with the hero of healing, I have always made sure to name myself as an alchemist in front of others.

“Kearuga… I’ve remembered it. It’s a good name. I’m called Caruman. As you can see, I’m a demon. Well, I coincidentally stopped by Ranalitta when I was aimless, and because of a certain chance, I learnt business and it became interesting. In short, I’ve completely gotten addicted to it.” (Caruman)

Apart from his black skin and tattoo like symbol, he isn’t any different from a human. If I trade with him, it might be more advantageous than with other demons.

“I see, then we better make a killing in this area.” (Kearuga) “I was also planning on that lad. Well, recently, rather than business being fun, I settle in human towns because I’m more about eating good food. … So, let’s get started on your get rich quick scheme.” (Caruman)

Seriousness dwells within the merchant… Caruman’s eyes. Now, I should also switch my mood. From now on, it’ll be a business discussion.

“Caruman, I looked through this town’s marketplace, but probably because there aren’t many alchemists, the amount of potions distributed is low, and the prices are high.” (Kearuga) “Well yeah, demons don’t make potions, and no one in this town can make potions that require high knowledge. The ones the peddlers occasionally bring from the other side of the gate is about enough to replenish the stock.” (Caruman)

What I noticed when I walked around the town this whole day is that there are hardly any potions compared to Ranalitta, and when I did see any, they were expensive. Furthermore, it’s not like there aren’t demands for them. While looking at the high price with discontent, humans and demons still buy them. In other words, because there’s no supply for the demand, it has abnormally increased in value. If we prepare potions at the normal price here, it should sell like it’s flying.

“I told you that I’m an alchemist right? Of course, I’m able to make these sorts of things.” (Kearuga)

I place a bag that I tightly packed specially made potions I stuffed into empty bottles that I bought at noon on top of the table.

“Are these all potions?” (Caruman) “That’s right. The two popular types of recovery power elevation and stamina recovery. I’ve prepared first-class goods for all of them.” (Kearuga)

If I feel like it, I can easily make these above the level of first-class goods, but I purposely restrained it to a first-class level. Once you overdo it, you become marked by various people, so I don’t want to be too conspicuous in a bad way. Caruman evaluates each type of potion.

“They are certainly first-class goods.” (Caruman) “You can tell huh.” (Kearuga) “You can’t stay as a merchant if you can’t even do this much. So, are you going to procure these?” (Caruman) “If it’s you, you should be able to sell it well.” (Kearuga)

By selling them as a street peddler, I can probably earn more than I will by entrusting it to Caruman, but even if a newcomer suddenly starts selling things, the customers won’t be able to believe the quality. Besides, I have no time, so I can’t just stay stuck to a street stall everyday. However, Caruman has earned trust as a merchant. If he says they are first-class potions, the customers will believe it’s first-class, and above all, it’s easier. Therefore, I decided to entrust the sales to him.

“… If I sell potions of this degree in this town, we will certainly make a large profit. I’m beaten. I didn’t think that lad’s get rich quick scheme would be this good. Excuse me, refill my alcohol. Bring out ‘that’ one. The treasure alcohol! I’ll also order more food that suits that alcohol. Sorry, it seems my hospitality was still lacking! Forgive me with this much.” (Caruman)

The merchant raises his voice. The alcohol I’m currently drinking is quite delicious, but it seems there was still a better one. Just by imagining cuisine that suits it is making me drool.

“I’ve enjoyed myself plenty, so don’t mind it. But if you’re trying to entertain me, then I’ll quietly take it.” (Kearuga) “Sure. My motto is that there’s no one more important than the person that will let you profit. However, there’s nothing better than this.” (Caruman)

He really is a good person. Even if we go drink without making negotiations, I will surely enjoy it.

“I’m relieved by hearing that. I guess we should return to our negotiations. Because the knights showed up in big numbers just before, the citizens are uneasy. Potions should be able to sell well in these types of situations. I want to decide on a price based off of that.” (Kearuga) “You’re good at business lad. Okay, I understand. I’ll add a bit of colour to the cost price.” (Caruman)

Afterwards, we started our discussion on the price negotiation and cost price. As a result, he bought it from me at a price that even I think is quite fair. He probably prioritized not losing this ideal business opportunity.

Not only the potion sales, but I also ordered goods that I couldn’t find even after looking through a few stores. It seems he’ll use the merchant colleague’s networks to search, and will hold onto it if he finds it. *That’s Caruman’s consideration from neglecting profit. I’m thankful. It’s a good thing I met this person.Therefore, I’ll be a bit meddlesome. (TL Note: そっちは採算度外視の、カルマンの気遣いだ)

“This town will probably become a battlefield. This is a business opportunity right now, but it’ll be dangerous unless you escape early. It’s better to make preparations so you can immediately leave when you feel danger. It’s a *species that exists solely because of life.” (Kearuga) (TL Note: 命あってのもの種だ) “Ha, who do you think I am. I’m wouldn’t do something that unskillful.” (Caruman)

Caruman drinks his alcohol and happily laughs. At that timing, he drank the newly brought in alcohol and becomes speechless. I see, so it means that it’s quite treasured. The cooking is also one rank higher. Setsuna and co is really pleased. … It might not have been a good idea to let them feel luxury.

After that, we got excited over some chatting. What’s surprising is that even Setsuna, who has an extreme fear of strangers, was able to normally converse with him. Once we had plenty of alcohol and food, we split up for the day.

Caruman payed the bill for all of us. Since having him pay for anyone other than me would be awkward, I told him I’ll pay for today, but he didn’t yield while saying it was investment.I’ll let him earn plenty of money as thanks for today. After splitting up with Caruman, I returned to the inn with everyone else.

“Kearuga-sama, it was very delicious.” (Freya) “Nn. it was fantastic. There were still plenty more delicious looking meals from the menu.” (Setsuna) “Yeah, I was also curious. I definitely want to eat a specially made shin meat stew.” (Eve)

The three of them are getting excited from talking about the cooking. By the time I knew it, Eve has also blended in with us. How did they become friendly? I’ll ask Setsuna about it later on. I also want to become friendly with Eve.

“I guess we’ll head to that shop for dinner for a while. We made money, and I also have things I want to eat from the menu as well.” (Kearuga)

All three of them innocently laugh. It’s a happy night. And then, there’s something I absolutely need to decide on here. To take revenge on the hero of the sword, I need to decide whether I’ll use Eve and Setsuna as bait, which could injure them.

“Setsuna, Eve. You guys are cute.” (Kearuga)

My real feelings unconsciously slipped. I thought that when I saw the two of them happily laugh after eating such delicious food.

“… it’s embarrassing to suddenly hear that.” (Setsuna) “I won’t be fooled by that kind of thing! You’re probably thinking of something lewd anyways.” (Eve)

Because their reactions were interesting, I start laughing. These girls are truly cute. I don’t want to injure them. I ended up thinking I want to protect them. That’s why, I’ll stop. I won’t use these girls as bait. I can’t use them as a sacrifice. However, it’s not like I’ve given up on my revenge against the hero of the sword. I will definitely achieve that. I’ll just prepare a different bait for her, which is myself. For my revenge against her, albeit for only a while, I’ll throw away Kearuga… and be reborn as a cute flower, Kearura.

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.3 Chapter 12