Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.4 Chapter 12

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Idle Translations

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I open my eyes, and realize that I’ve been transferred outside of the white fog. I recognize this scenery. It’s most likely the same location we were in when we entered the white fog. I look around the surroundings, and breathe out in relief.

“Kearuga-sama, where is this?” (Freya) “Setsuna’s head is pounding. We were supposed to be inside the house, but we were suddenly transferred.” (Setsuna) “Kearuga-niisama, I am glad you are safe!” (Ellen)

Everyone who had been resting inside the building to avoid the disease snow is here. It seems the god bird is quite a thoughtful one.

“I’m glad you guys are safe.” (Kearuga)

If they weren’t here, I would have had to rush into the the fog again. Since they each ask how the trial was, I look towards this time’s leading actress.

“Kearuga, thanks. Because of you, I was able to obtain the god bird.” (Eve)

This time’s leading actress is Eve. After all, we came here so that Eve can use the god bird.

Eve’s silver dyed hair waves with the wind, and her pupils that became red engender a devilishness charm. Eve was not born with her silver hair and her red pupils. It’s the proof that she received the god bird’s power.

In my left eye, I have also acquired the god bird’s power. Just one side of my jade eyes changed into the different magic eye that I received from the god bird. That power isn’t even outdone by the jade eye. From now on, I can make use of two kinds of magic eyes. I’m looking forward to using my second magic eye later.

“I don’t need gratitude. I only took you along with me. It’s your power that overcame the trial.” (Kearuga) “Even so, thank you. If you hadn’t pushed my back, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come here. I keep receiving favors from you, don’t I. I should properly express my gratitude.” (Eve)

Eve smiles. Her face looks like she has broken through her doubts. Until now, it was only Eve’s ancestor that overcame the god bird’s trial. Her self-confidence is probably connected to clearing that kind of trial.

“If you want to thank me and want to do it, then I guess you can let me embrace you.” (Kearuga)

I’m teasing her like always. Since Eve’s reactions are amusing, I reflexively end up saying these kinds of things. I can’t stop even though I know it would make her angry.

“… If it’s you. Yeah, it’s okay.” (Eve) “Eh?” (Kearuga)

Since it was an unexpected answer, I turned back to my normal self. Seeing my reaction, Eve notices that she was being teased and turns bright red.

“Kearuga you idiot! It was a joke huh! Even though I specially resolved myself! Idiot! This is why, you, you!” (Eve)

While having teary eyes, she continuously strikes my chest. I closely embrace Eve. Eve entrusts her body to me.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you would really accept it. I was honestly perplexed. I’m happy. I’ll give you plenty of love today.” (Kearuga) ‘Uuu, I’m not going to do it after all. I don’t know anyone like you.” (Eve)

It seems she’s sulking because of my reaction from before. Well, for times like this…

“I really love you. I want to embrace you. Please.” (Kearuga)

I pile up sweet, simply honest words. Having done that, I should have overcome Eve’s weak resistance.

“… That’s unfair. That way of talking. But, yeah, it’s okay. I’ll give you everything.” (Eve)

Eve raises her face and stares at me intently with wet eyes. I steal her lips. Eve didn’t resist. We have an adult’s kiss and our tongues entwine.

I have my fill of Eve’s flavor. Kisses are interesting, as the smell, flavor and sensation differs with each girl. After I amply enjoy our kiss, I separate from Eve.

“Setsuna, sorry about tonight.” (Kearuga) “Nn. Just give love to Eve today. For her first night, just love Eve.” (Setsuna) “I’ll do exactly that.” (Kearuga)

Normally, at night, I have Setsuna – who requires her level limit to be increased – and one more person that has their turn that day, but Eve has finally joined in. At least for today, I’ll love just Eve.

“I’m glad. It’s my first night after all. I want you to only look at me.” (Eve)

*Eve is shyly delighted. I’m glad I decided this. With red faces, Freya and Ellen are excitedly chatting together about us. I’m glad they aren’t jealous. (TL Note: I feel like that didn’t make any sense, but I’m trying to write say that she’s feeling both things. イヴは嬉しそうにはにかんでいる。)

“That being said, why did you suddenly feel like letting me, Eve?” (Kearuga)

I had predicted that it would take a bit longer. Moreover, I thought she would have little by little, given up her body from losing to pleasure, not her emotions, and had I plotted to make it happen like that.

“… Since you were always kind. Besides, after coming to the kokuyoku race’s village, you showed me a lovely scene. That’s why I fell in love with you. Of course, your personality is bad, let alone being flirtatious, you don’t even think fooling around is fooling around, you’re indecent and you’re a pervert, but even so, I fell in love with you.” (Eve)

Eve smiles; it’s a smile with various emotions mixed together. I thought it’s pretty. … I’ll do my best to give her love tonight. My pure love finally bore fruit.

“Everyone, I guess we should return to the kokuyoku race’s village. We have to report that we’ve obtained the god bird after all. Miru-jii and Co. are worried as well. Apart from that, we’ll hunt on our way there. We should let everyone eat a feast again.” (Kearuga)

When I say so, everyone nods and raises their voices. Let’s return to the place the raptors have stopped at.

They are surely waiting for our return as well. Then, Eve suddenly fell on her knee, hugged her body tightly, and started trembling. Her black wings expand until the limit.

“Eve, what happened!? Is it a side-effect of the god bird’s power!?” (Kearuga)

I rush over to her in a panic. Tears are welling up in her eyes. It’s obvious that something abnormal is happening.

“Everyone, everyone’s, souls are, pouring into, my wings. It’s not just one, or two people, many, many people, Kearugaa, it’s strange. Why, why.” (Eve)

While crying, Eve looks at my face. It’s understandable for Eve to have this reaction. … Eve possesses an ability called【Kokuyoku Summoning】.

It’s an ability to summon the souls of the kokuyoku race that dwell in her wings as familiars. And that means that the souls that die in regret and couldn’t die peacefully dwell in Eve’s wings.

From Eve’s words, it means that right now, at this moment, several tens of the kokuyoku race has been killed, turning into ghosts that couldn’t die peacefully and are clinging onto Eve for her to clear away their own regret.

“I don’t know the reason. However, the kokuyoku race’s village should be receiving an attack right now! Let’s quickly return. As quick as possible to the kokuyoku race’s village!” (Kearuga)

Most of the kokuyoku race is being killed by the demon king. The ones that barely survived have dispersed to various places. If that village isn’t being attacked, it’s impossible for several tens of people to die at once.

The people in that village are all good people. Even though I’m a human, moreover a hero as well, they accepted me. They trusted me enough to entrust Eve to me. There’s no way I could abandon them.

“That’s true, we need to do that, I shouldn’t be crying right now. I want to save them, even if I only save one.” (Eve) “It would take a few days on the raptor. Eve, can you call the god bird? That guy should be able to carry us. I won’t tell you to do the impossible. Tell me if you can or can’t do it.” (Kearuga) “I’ll do it. If I don’t use it here, there would be no reason for accepting the trial after all.” (Eve)

Eve stands up. And then, she closes her eyes and enhances her mana. The mana that Eve possesses surges.

This amount of mana would make anyone who possesses mana to be frightened. Eve opens her eyes. Her red eyes are shining. A gigantic magic square is made at her feet.

“I command you in accordance with the ancient oath. You who carries wind and death, the companion of my soul, Caladrius. Manifest right here and now!” (Eve)

A gate opens due to Eve’s words filled with power. The magic square on the ground projects to the sky, and from inside the magic square, a white, gigantic bird that is covering its body with its wings appears. And then, it expands its wings.

『This is a quick reunion, o young ones. You must know the significance of calling me.』(Caladrius) “ I know. I called you because it’s necessary! Carry us, god bird Caladrius.” (Eve) 『Hou, so that is how it is. Very well, I deliver you with my power.』(Caladrius)

Caladrius used some kind of magic. Starting from Eve and I, everyone, including the slightly far away raptors, is buried into its feather membrane when the god bird pulls us in. … To think it would even take the raptors, this god bird really is thoughtful.

『I will fly. Don’t lose consciousness.』(Caladrius)

Together with those words, Caladrius flies with all its power. It accelerates many times faster than the speed of light. This white membrane is most likely protecting us. Without it, we would have all died the moment it accelerated. God bird, you possess this much power huh.

Thirty seconds. It turned the distance that the raptor would have taken several days to travel to zero.

From the sky, we view the state of the village. It was hell. The kokuyoku race’s village is engulfed in flames.

Hundreds of demons and monsters are attacking the village. A one-sided fight. No, this much would just be a massive killing. In addition… it’s already finished.

What they are doing right now, is disposing the corpses and house-hunting to see if there are any survivors. We couldn’t make it. How misfortunate. If only we had been one day, no, just a few hours faster at clearing the trial. We might have met them while they were fighting.

『O small ones. There is no longer anyone who seeks help. There are only unsightly beasts. And the people here cannot be defeated by just you people. I advise you to go away from here.』(Caladrius)

I want to attack the enemy. However, that’s just a suicidal act.

Since before, I have been using【Jade Eye】. I saw the demons and monsters who are the assailants.

These guys are strong. If we challenge them, no matter how we fight, I can only see a future where we die. The current demon king has put in strenuous effort. Without a doubt, even among the demon king’s army, these guys are an elite force. If there were survivors, there’s a meaning to try the impossible. … However, that is hopeless. It’s not necessary to do the impossible. We should run from here.

“God bird Caladrius.” (Eve)

Eve lets out a cold voice. That cold voice is caused from her hatred exceeding her critical point. I know it as well. Once the flames of hatred exceed a certain point, it turns into ice.

『What is it, o young one.』 (Caladrius) “Use your power.” (Eve) 『Do you know the significance of that? Not a single person will be saved by just defeating those people. Despite the burden being big from just calling me, if I use my power-』 (Caladrius) “Just use it, Caladrius! It’s an order! Quickly!” (Eve)

Eve cries out. There is almost certainly no meaning to what she’s going to do now. No one will be saved. Far from that, a compensation for Eve using its power will be demanded.

Considering the loss and gain, there are only losses. However, I can understand Eve’s feelings.

She can’t forgive them. Even without something like a meaning, she needs to do it, or else she will break.

Therefore, I decided to let her do what she wants. No matter what Eve loses here, I’ll support her. I believe doing so is my role. The god bird moves just above the village and spreads its wings. And then, the god bird of fatal disease uses that power, the feared power that became a legend.

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.4 Chapter 12