Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.5 Chapter 10

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Idle Translations

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The chief of the star rabbit tribe, and the representative of the village where various tribes gather… Carol, who had been selling information to the demon king as one of his pawns, suddenly exposed the fact that he is connected with the demon king. That impact was large, and the tribes that have gathered here are in chaos.

“Carol, you better have resolved yourself.” (Guruga)

The leader of the iron hog tribe – a tough, bipedal hog demon – raises a threatening voice. I had won over the iron hog tribe, the blaze horse tribe and the wind weasel tribe as allies from the start, and told them that the star rabbit tribe are traitors. Because of that, they are calmer than the other tribes.

“Of course. I said it earlier as well. Once everything ends, I don’t mind if you judge what to do with me.” (Carol)

Despite this situation, Carol is standing confidently. No, he is preparing to meet his fate.

“… Why? Why did you reveal it at this timing?” (Guruga) “Because it is necessary for beating the demon king down to hell. No matter what I do by myself, at this rate, I would not be able to defeat the demon king. Everyone’s cooperation is necessary. I understand how selfish I am being by saying these words. Even so, not for my sake, but for the sake of defeating the demon king with certainty, please lend me your strength.” (Carol)

The demons here become bewildered. They can’t forgive Carol who betrayed them, but they want to defeat the current demon king more than that and be released from persecution. Rather than taking revenge on Carol, they probably want to prioritise that.

“As the iron hog tribe’s representative, no, as the representative of everyone here, I want to you to answer my question. What made you do something like that? In the first place, why do you want to defeat the demon king. If you continued being a traitor, you should have been able to spend days of peace. I cannot trust a bastard like you without hearing that.” (Guruga)

A natural question. Carol said it was to reliably defeat the demon king with certainty, but in the first place, he doesn’t need to defeat the demon king. If he just thought about the star rabbits, it would have been fine if he continued betraying the other demons.

“… I cannot forgive the demon king.” (Carol)

Carol opens his eyes widely. His star rabbit tribe’s characteristic red eyes are bloodshot.

“I was made to cooperate because they took my daughter, Lapis, as hostage. To preserve my daughter’s life, who had contracted a strange disease, I was coerced to continue betraying to earn medicine. … Despite that, the true colours of that illness was poison prepared by the demon king’s subordinates. What I believed was medicine and went as far as selling out my comrades to gain, was poison that numbed her sense of pain and continued the effects of the poison.” (Carol)

The surrounding demons get their breath taken away. They have been affected by Carol’s hatred.

“With the belief that I was dirtying my hands for my daughter, I was just making my daughter suffer even further. I definitely cannot forgive the demon king. If it is to knock them down into hell, I don’t mind even if I am ruined. Please let me apologize to everyone once again. Until now, many people died because of my betrayal. I will atone for that sin with my life and by defeating the demon king.” (Carol)

I laugh in the inside. That’s a good speech. He has the resolution to offer his own life. That resolution engulfs the surroundings.

That being said, there won’t be any that approve of Carol without objection. The fact that their comrades died because of him is true. They can’t just forgive him. If someone were to make an impetus, it would be me.

“Carol’s words aren’t a lie. At the very least, the fact that Carol’s daughter, Lapis, had poison prescribed to her for a long period of time is true. As a healing magician, I could tell from examining her.” (Kearuga)

The attention gathers on me. I won’t let the flow Carol created go to waste.

“I approve of Carol’s plan. If we use him, a pawn of the demon king, the success rate of the plan will remarkably rise. There is already an overwhelming difference in fighting power, so we won’t be able to win without using what we can use. This plan is too attractive to deny just because of emotions.” (Kearuga) “… Kearuga, Carol hasn’t completely proven that he has severed connections with the demon king. Pretending to betray the demon king, he might be trying to trap us. Isn’t it too risky to trust Carol?”

The young man of the blaze horse tribe timidly suggests that.

“That isn’t true. In the first place, there wasn’t a single person who doubted Carol. In that situation, there would be no need to announce that he’s a pawn of the demon king. If Carol was trying to deceive us, he could have just been doing things like always. Above all, I know of the tears Carol shed when I saved his daughter. Those tears, and the hatred of his daughter being made into a toy are not lies.” (Kearuga)

Everyone here can at least understand that Carol’s hatred is genuine. People who approved of my speech began to appear. The flow that Carol made and I supported is already constant. Now all that’s left is to leave things to take their own course. Send false information to the demon king, and throw the god bird’s disease into them at the best possible timing.

Carol will surely be killed. No matter what reason he has, it makes no change to the fact that he sold out his comrades. And, he desires that. From seeing his speech and attitude right now, I am confident. He is a good person at his roots, so selling out his comrades pained his heart. Even if he’s no longer here, his daughter’s life will be saved. He wants to to atone for it by dying.

The demons of this village follow him. Before he was used by the demon king, he probably was a good chief. If not, he wouldn’t have been able to gain this much trust, and his subordinates wouldn’t have followed him.

A helpless story. It’s not like I haven’t thought about wanting to save him, but Carol himself doesn’t desire that.

There is only one thing I can do. Carol and Lapis were both toyed with, so all I can do is kill the demon king with certainty. I will dispel his resentment. Of course, I haven’t forgotten my own objective. I will obtain the demon king’s heart, the【Philosopher’s Stone】. If I have that, I can start over when I really need to.

Thanks to that incident, today’s meeting continued until late at night. Apparently, the tribes other than the star rabbit tribe that were pawns of the demon king were captured and isolated.

As accomplices of the star rabbit tribe, they are going to be isolated until this strategy is carried out. And, as Carol wished, everyone apart from Carol in the star rabbit tribe will be forgiven. His ability to be able to save his tribe by sacrificing himself was tremendous. Normally, not only Carol, but the whole star rabbit tribe would have been purged. Using both emotional aspects and theory aspects, he was able to let it end with just his punishment.

After the meeting, we came to forest at night. It’s because I received such a classical way of calling me, having a letter affixed to an arrow. Because the star rabbits became like that, there were no eyes observing me and I was able to easily slip out. I become surprised from seeing the sender. That person is someone that shouldn’t have been able to appear. The other party has come alone.

“Even though I especially came to meet you, it’s unfortunate. You have changed your appearance just like they reported. The former you is cuter, and I preferred it by far.”

A large, dark skinned man calls out to me with a stickily voice. The one who called me, is….

“The hero of the【Gun】, Bullet. From Kureha’s story, you either died, or changed into a monster that’s not human, but you sure seem healthy.” (Kearuga)

Yes, my last target of revenge. The hero of the【Gun】, Bullet. Carrying the divine gun Tathlum, with his well trained body covered in priest clothing.

“Don’t let out so much bloodlust, it’s useless releasing it. After all, I am already dead, and dead people can’t be killed. I didn’t come here to to fight you, Kearu.” (Bullet) “If so, what are you trying to do?” (Kearuga) “I came to give advice so my cute Kearu doesn’t die. You are mine. I can’t let you die over something foolish.” (Bullet)

What is he planning. I usually can’t see his thoughts, but it’s even more so this time.

“An interference will appear when you attack the demon king. You should be ready for that. … Don’t be killed by anyone other than me. Aah, Kearu. You really are cute. It gives me the chills. It seems you call yourself Kearuga right now though. I love making cute boys like you, surrender. Not only your appearance, children who have personalities similar to yours are the best.” (Bullet)

After saying just that, he leaves. My hand starts trembling. My past trauma has been resurrected. I had continued being violated by him.

“… An already troublesome guy just had to acquire a troublesome power. He might have purposely been caught to gain power.” (Kearuga)

Bullet was clad in black miasma. And, there are large differences to the knights I fought previously. While having his reason, Bullet is immortal. Such a strong man is immortal. On top of that, unlike other heroes, he properly investigated into my ability, made a counter-plan and is lying in wait for it.

It seems my last revenge won’t be able to proceed easily. But, I notice myself getting fired up at the same time. In this second world, he hasn’t gotten involved with me, so he is not a target of revenge. However, he is interested in me. I can tell from looking at those stickily eyes. If he has something to do with this interruption or whatever, I will immediately take revenge.

He still doesn’t know. He doesn’t know that my【Recovery Heal】can even kill the immortal. We are both prey and hunters against each other. The one that shows a chance will be hunted. I definitely won’t lose. I will definitely fulfill my revenge. For Bullet, I will thoroughly give him pain to the utmost limits. My last revenge will be showy.

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.5 Chapter 10