Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.5 Chapter 12

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Idle Translations

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The carriage we are on is advancing towards the demon king’s castle town. As expected of a demon coachman, a monster is pulling it. Not a raptor that humans often use, but a huge wild boar with stone like skin.

It’s a monster the iron hog tribe had enslaved, and is pulling the carriage at a tremendous speed.

“At this pace, we’ll arrive in five days, just as planned.” (Kearuga) “Betting on the pride of the iron hog tribe, we will certainly arrive two days before the information sent to the demon king.” (Guruga)

I talk with the iron hog tribe’s chief about today’s schedule. The information we sent to the demon king via Carol stated that we will attack in seven days.

A decoy is heading to the castle town on the route and time that the demon king was informed of. Our route is a detour route that avoids the major city, and is a rough road. Normally, it would have been impossible to arrive faster than the decoy that’s going through the main highway, but I was able to assent to it from experiencing this wild boar monster’s pace. With this, we will be able to arrive faster than the decoy.

“The quickness is good, but the ride quality is the worst.” (Kearuga) “We’re travelling at this speed on this wasteland. Please endure it. To deceive the enemy, you have to do the impossible.” (Guruga) “That’s true.” (Kearuga)

‘It’s impossible to arrive at the castle town faster than the decoy by using a different route.’ Therefore, this surprise attack could be arranged. The problem is…

“Kearuga-sama~, the world is spinning round and round.” (Freya) “Rest, please let me take a rest, I am about to make a careless mistake in front of Kearuga-niisama.” (Ellen)

Freya and Ellen. The pink haired sisters’ faces are ghastly pale. Especially Ellen, as she is on the verge of vomiting. They are getting carriage sickness. It’s inevitable with this shaking.

“As expected of Setsuna and Kureha. You’re not perturbed at all from this shaking.” (Kearuga) “Nn. Setsuna is a warrior. Our ways of training are different.” (Setsuna) “I have also trained my semicircular canals. Fighting would not be possible if I became ill from slight shaking after all.” (Kureha)

With twitching ears, Setsuna replies proudly, and Kureha replies while pressing her silver hair down. Just as they said, both their ways of training are different.

“But, I’m surprised that even Eve is okay.” (Kearuga) “Fufufu, did you not know that people who possess wings don’t get seasickness?” (Eve)

That’s my first time hearing of that. Well, it wouldn’t be strange for her semicircular canals to develop since she has the ability to fly. For the time being, I’ll do something about Freya and Ellen.

“【Recovery Heal】” (Kearuga)

I cure their bodies.

“Thank you very much. You saved me.” (Freya) “Kearuga-niisama really is great!” (Ellen) “No need to thank me. By combining the medicinal plants I had on hand, I made an anti-travel sickness medicine, so make sure to drink it. It should probably work.” (Kearuga)

I said probably because there were only a few medicinal herbs on hand that had the efficacy to work on travel sickness. It should at least give them a peace of mind. Both of them drink the potion and say their thanks. After using【Recovery Heal】, they no longer have pale faces, probably because it was effective. Kureha fixedly watched me while I was doing that.

“Kearuga, I heard princess Flare… gohon, Freya and Setsuna were in that sort of relationship with you, but it seems they increased before I knew it.” (Kureha) “What are you saying all of a sudden?” (Kearuga)

A lot of time has passed since we met up with Kureha. We made self-introductions, and I told her about how I have sex with Setsuna alone in the mornings, but have sex with two people at night by rotation. I had sex with Kureha and another woman together.

“… I was desperate to get used to the environment, and it was difficult to ask.” (Kureha)

Kureha is blushing. That part of her is slightly cute.

“Eve is my lover, and Ellen is my younger sister.” (Kearuga) “Since niisama was talking about it, you probably expected it, but we had sex, you know?“ (Ellen) “I don’t think it matters as long as there is love.” (Kearuga)

Kureha’s face slightly cramped. However, Kureha arbitrarily made a compromise. Judging that we aren’t connected by blood from our appearance, she probably thought up a strange story.

“Let me set it straight. So, Freya is Kearuga’s cooperator, and is currently your attendant.” (Kureha)

Since Kureha knows that I am hiding her social position as a princess, she purposely used the expression ‘cooperator’, and it seems she remembers the setting that she was pretending to be an attendant when we met at Ranalitta.

“Yes, that is correct.” (Freya)

Freya just nods. Freya doesn’t think of herself as princess Flare. She is under the impression that she has deceived Kureha with her princess Flare acting. Freya is my property (toy) that takes delight in serving me with her body and heart.

“Setsuna is Kearuga’s slave, right?” (Kureha) “Nn, Setsuna is Kearuga-sama’s property (toy). Setsuna serves Kearuga-sama.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna triumphantly says something that might make someone frown, depending on the person. What a good girl. I’ll give her plenty of love later.

“And then, Eve is Kearuga’s lover. Only your treatment seems strangely nice.” (Kureha) “Fufufu, well yeah. Since Kearuga said ‘no matter what’, I became his lover. Despite how he looks, Kearuga does have his cute parts.” (Eve)

That somewhat irritates me. I’ll take care of her in a different meaning than Setsuna and make her cry out in plenty.

“And, Ellen is Kearuga’s younger sister right?” (Kureha) “Yes. I am given plenty of love from Kearuga-niisama.” (Ellen)

With a red face, she shakes her head. … I occasionally have times when I doubt whether Ellen really was that princess Norn. The gap was intense for Freya as well, but Norn’s was even further. However, she does show her strategist nature sometimes.

“I get the gist of it. … What am I to you, Kearuga?” (Kureha) “A lover. Just like Eve.” (Kearuga)

I embrace and kiss her. An adult kiss, that is. Kureha blushes. Despite how she looks, Kureha loves me the most among everyone here, and her sexual desire is particularly strong.

It’s because I brainwashed her by using drugs, magic and some hypnotism when she was getting angry over her life that had always been austere. My women each responded differently while staring at my kiss with Kureha, and the iron hog tribe leader averted his face.

Since he’s a straight laced person, he isn’t good with these sorts of things. They are concentrating on speed in this journey after all, so even we restrained ourselves from sexual activities, but I’m almost at my limit and the girls’ dissatisfaction keeps appearing.

Tonight, I’ll put up the tent I bought just in case and enjoy myself. Sound will probably leak, but he can endure that much. Normally, I would love two people, but everyone has been enduring for so long, so I’ll give everyone love in one go.

As expected, it’s my first experience with everyone in one go, but I’ll enjoy that in its own way. I should drink my specially made energy increase potion. It can’t be helped that there’s only my one thing, so I guess I’ll have Setsuna and Freya who have learnt various techniques to take care of the other girls.

It was right when I was thinking about that. Guren, who had curled up into a ball and was sleeping as if assuming that she had nothing to do with this, jumped up to her feet.

“Smelly, it’s really smelly.” (Guren)

It wasn’t a simple insult. If a divine beast like Guren says it smells…

“Everyone, put yourself on guard and get ready to be attacked.” (Kearuga)

They should have come close. I take my head out the window and check the surrounding presences. They’ve come. Doll-like knights that have no expressions jumped out while riding raptors and are chasing after us.

“Kearuga, what are those guys? It’s almost as if they are dolls; I don’t sense any life.” (Guruga)

As expected of a warrior, the iron hog tribe’s leader has sharp discernment. He saw through the fact that those knight weren’t normal humans.

“They’re something that was originally a human, but was warped by someone close to the demon king. Even if you cut them or burn them, they will immediately regenerate. Fighting them is useless. Can we outrun them?” (Kearuga) “Don’t be absurd, we are holding this much baggage. Even Carol Boa is no match for a raptor’s legs.” (Guruga) “I see. In that case, leave it to us.” (Kearuga)

Since I had been given a warning from Bullet, the hero of the【Gun】, I was prepared for an intervention from the Dioral Kingdom, but to think an attack would come this quickly.

“Freya, Guren, follow me. Everyone else should stay in the carriage. We’re up against immortal opponents, and you don’t have the abilities to fight them.” (Kearuga)

Everyone obediently nods. There aren’t any that have any dissenting opinions here. … No, wait.

Since Freya is a four attribute magician and can use ice magic, I judged she could stop the immortal soldiers. However, I overlooked something unthinkable. Setsuna is from the ice wolf tribe. The impression of her freely using claws of ice to fight hand to hand was strong, but if she can make that sort of thing, she should be able to use ice magic.

“Setsuna, can you freeze each of them in ice?” (Kearuga) “Setsuna hasn’t tried it because killing is faster. But, with this level, it’s most likely possible.” (Setsuna) “Alright. In that case, follow me.” (Kearuga) “Nn. Setsuna will try hard.” (Setsuna)

I hold Freya in a princess carry, and Guren climbs on top of my head. In that position, I jump off the carriage. Setsuna softly jumps off as well and follows. I let Freya off. The seven knights riding raptors chase after us. All of them are immortal knights.

“Freya, freeze them all with ice magic.” (Kearuga) “I understand!” (Freya)

Freya starts chanting. The mana quantity increases. By calculating backwards from the mana quantity, it’s a rank three magic. An average magician would have taken quite a lot of time to chant, but Freya can activate rank three magic in seconds. Being the hero of【Magic】isn’t just for show.

“Rank three magic,【Ice Cage】!” (Freya)

Countless icicles grow from the ground. And then, everything stabbed by the icicles start to freeze.

Even though they are immortal, they cannot move if they are frozen. My inference was correct; those immortal knights can’t even move an inch. It’s the ice of a tip-top magician, so it won’t melt for a few days.

However, it seems they weren’t annihilated. The knights on both ends jumped off from their raptors and escaped outside of the【Ice Cage】range. They have drawn their swords, and are drawing near us.

“Setsuna on the right, Guren on the left. I’m counting on you guys.” (Kearuga) “Nn, leave it to Setsuna.” (Setsuna) “Goshujin is so wild with using his familiar.” (Guren)

One jumps out. First is Guren. She somersaults and pushes out a hand after changing her appearance into a fox-eared beauty. A ball of white flames manifests.

“Smelly, disappear. Guren hates that smell.” (Guren)

As if throwing away trash, she fires white flames. The moment the white flames touched the knight, he burst into flames at once. I also tested incineration, but that time he regenerated from the smoke. However, the white flames aren’t a physical phenomenon, and is like a conceptual attack that burns up all the impurity. Guren has crossed her arms and is making a triumphant face. The immortal knight was annihilated. I can rely on this power.

I look towards Setsuna. She made claws of ice on both hands, and has entered the knight’s bosom. No way, is she going to break my order and cut it up like always?

No, that’s impossible for Setsuna. Setsuna dodges the knight’s attack, and violently thrusts her claws of ice into its chest. Then, the knight freezes from inside the body. It seems Setsuna purposely challenged it in close combat to efficiently freeze it. The immortal knight becomes unable to move.

“Setsuna, Guren, and Freya, good work. That was a good experiment. Even against the immortal, you guys are able to fight them.” (Kearuga)

To the end, the counter plan against the immortal knights was only an abstract theory. It’s great that I was able to gain actual proof here.

Besides, if they can be dealt with this way, I can also use Eve and Kureha. I’ll ask them to protect Freya and act as a support. Even if they can’t kill the knights, they can gain time for Freya to freeze them. By chopping them up, or making them full of holes, their movements will be stopped during that time. We can give them redemption by using the flames of purification or freeze them with a piece of mind.

“Words alone aren’t good enough! Guren demands a reward! Specifically, meat!” (Guren)

She’s as cheeky as ever. Well, it’s a request from my cute pet, so I can at least comply with that much. When I take out Guren-use dried meat from my pocket and throw it, she dive catches it while still in her girl appearance and deliciously eats it while waving her tail. … This is a surreal scene.

“We won this time, but… this is bad.” (Kearuga)

We can’t be getting delighted. Although we should have been taking actions while outwitting the demon king, we were attacked by immortal knights, and it was a complete ambush. This truth is heavier than anything else. Where did the information leak from. I’m surprised that there were not only the demon king’s things in that village, but there were also spies from the Dioral Kingdom. This time’s attack on the demon king’s castle town has become quite troublesome. However, since we have already started moving, we can’t stop. No matter what happens, I will fulfill my objective.

Author’s Note: Thanks for all the support! I started a new novel. 【Sono Ossan, Nishuume Play wo Mankitsuchuu】 A middle-aged man that is hard working but isn’t rewarded has his life suddenly changed from realizing one thing and having an encounter. A story of seizing everything with knowledge and experience! I am confident in this one!

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.5 Chapter 12