Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.8 Chapter 10

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Kuhaku Light Novel...

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Episode 10: [The Sword Saint] Sends a Love Letter

 The march of the Black Monsters has begun.

 The peace treaty between the Grantsbach Empire and the Jioral Kingdom was broken by the Grantsbach Empire.

 Their arrogance came from their overwhelming power.

 However, the Jioral Kingdom had anticipated that surprise attack.

 To be fair, Ellen, who was in charge of the Jioral Kingdom, had anticipated it.

 It was because she had anticipated the situation that she had taken sufficient countermeasures to minimize the damage and played her cards right.

I’m sure Brett has already guessed that I’m anticipating his betrayal and taking countermeasures. If that’s the case, why did he force me to do this?

 Ellen was deep in thought.

 There are many unexplainable points.

 First of all, the way he did it was too out of character.

 If I were in Brett’s position, I would take steps to crush the Jioral Kingdom first, as it is the only one that can properly compete with the Grantsbach Empire.

 For example, I would suggest surrounding countries to help destroy the Jioral Kingdom.

 In that way, the Jioral Kingdom would have to deal with both the black monster and the human nation, and we would have struggled even more than we did now.

 However, they didn’t do so.

 On the contrary, the Grantsbach Empire has been attacking all the human countries, which has united the human countries together, while the Grantsbach Empire’s forces are scattered all over the place.

It’s a difficult situation. Are they simply licking our chops? Or is it a strategy to make us think so?

 I glanced at the map.

 Ellen closes her eyes.

 At times like this, she goes back to basics.

 Her basic thought process. Her approach as a military strategist is simple and clear.

 She detaches herself from all the emotional elements of her opponent’s thoughts and ideas.

 There are times when reading the enemy’s mind can bring great results. However, it is always uncertain.

 It is hard to read the thoughts of any person, no matter how empty their minds may be, and a person’s mind can change at will depending on the environment and people around them.

 This is how it should work. This is what he is thinking. It’s a convenient way of thinking because it’s based on something you can’t see: their minds. This is how many military strategists end up in ruins.

 That’s why Ellen looks at the other person’s abilities instead of their minds. She does not think about what they want to do, but only what they can do.

 She keeps looking at the facts.

“I see, that’s one way to do it. …… If you can do this, then you’re an outstanding man, Brett.”

 If that is the case, then this would make the situation even worse.

 I will not overlook this. I started thinking about countermeasures.

 This kind of countermeasure is useless in nine cases out of ten. But if you overlook one, it’s over.

“Freya-san and Kureha-san. I hope they come back safely.”

 I thought of the friends I had sent off.

 If Freya was defeated, we would not win at that point, and we will need to see how much damage we could reduce.

 As a military strategist, it is frustrating that I can’t prepare a second or third plan, but I have to admit that this is the only way I can move forward.

 The war commences.

 The military strategist continued to stare at the board with cold eyes.

The meat is delicious. But the more delicious the meat, the faster it disappears. It’s strange.

 In the background, the little fox had finished eating the top quality meat that Ellen had prepared and was sucking on the bone with regret.

 A plane made of dragon material is flying in the sky.

 It was heading straight for the point that Ellen had designated.

“So far, so good.”

That’s what Ellen-chan told me.

 There hasn’t been a single attack since we left the Jioral Kingdom.

 This is because I deduced that there are only a few black monsters that Brett can use that can fly.

 A vessel that can accept black power requires a strong soul.

 The strength of the soul is proportional to the strength of creatures’ intellect.

 Only creatures with the intelligence of a human being can receive the black power and become a monster.

I’m sure that’s true.

Isn’t that strange? It would reduce the success rate of the bombing.

We’re expected to both destroy the enemy’s main force with air strikes and destroy their air power. 

 If Freya unleashes strategic grade magic from the sky, it will be enough to destroy an army.

 On the other hand, an army of black monsters can overrun us just by dropping black monsters from the sky into castles and towns protected by solid walls.

 Even a turtle covered with a hard shell can be devoured once the enemy has burrowed into the shell.

 That’s why both sides want to crush the other’s air power first.

“When do you think Ellen will use her last trump card?”

“You mean Eve-chan, right? I’m sure she’ll use it at the very last moment, when everything turns upside down.”

“That would mean we’re in a desperate situation. I hope not.”

“You’re right, that sounds tough. So much for the …… chatter. Here it comes.”

 The black monster ……, pterodactyls, are coming. It’s a little bigger than an airplane, but it’s small enough to be a dragon species.

They are covered in black power, and their skin and muscles are raised and grotesquely deformed.

There are sixteen of them. 

 It also proves that Brett has been considering air power to be important for quite some time and has been preparing for it.

Can I leave it to you, Kureha?

Yes, I’ll cut it down.

I can’t use high level magic while flying, but I’ll cover you as best I can.

No, that won’t be necessary. I’ll jump down and intercept them, and you can continue bombing the target. The enemy’s only air power is the dragon here.

 Kureha assured her because of the behavior of the dragons.

 Some of the demons have synesthesia, which allows them to communicate with their flock without the use of external means such as cries.

 When they do this, the air they breathe changes slightly depending on whether they have a companion in the back or if the whole pack is hunting together.

 Kureha, who has been fighting on the front lines, can tell that they are hunting as a whole pack.

Well, I’m off.

 Kureha jumped out of the plane.  

 It is a simple magic that allows the user to solidify the air.

 The dragons fly at subsonic speeds, but the [Sword Saint] is faster than them.

 It was created solely for the purpose of killing the black monster, and was entrusted to Kureha.


 The dragon that had its wings cut off crashed down.

 The wings that were supposed to regenerate, but it did not.

 This magic sword has an engraving on the belly of the sword that closes the gate that the black monsters draws its black power from.

 As a result, the slash of this sword has the power to close the gate.

 But that’s not all.

 It is weak on its own. The secret to making it impossible to regenerate with a single blow is the fact that the blade is less than a few millimeters in diameter, and there are dozens of engravings on it in micron units.

 That’s why when you cut with this magic sword, the mark is engraved on the opponent’s body.

 This is not something that is humanly possible, but it can be done with Keyaru.

 Kureha stepped on the sky and turned around.

I’m not going to let you go from here. I have two powers that were entrusted to me by someone I love. It’s ……, so I can’t lose even if I die.

 The absolute strongest dragon is frightened.

 Kureha fluttered her silver hair and stepped in the air.

 Killing one dragon would make someone a hero. But there are 16 of them, and they’ve all been enhanced with black power.


Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.8 Chapter 10