Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.8 Chapter 11

Author: Tsukiyo Rui
Source: Kuhaku Light Novel...

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Episode 11: The Brave of the [Jutsu] Burn to the Ground

Freya proceeds with the plane while Kureha is dealing with the dragons that have been affected by the black power.

It’s not that Freya is heartless, or that she’s abandoned Kureha.

Kureha said she didn’t need assistance, so it means she probably didn’t need it.

That [Sword Saint] never underestimates or overestimates her power.

The sound of the sword and the sound of the dragons became more and more distant.

“I feel like I’m the one in danger. I’ve lost my escort.”

The only danger in the air is the dragon that Kureha is dealing with, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to target the plane from the ground.

You would need someone as strong as the three heroes combined to be able to shoot down the plane, but you can’t deny the possibility that such a strong person is in the mix.

The plane was already approaching the target point, which is above the enemy’s main force.

If this place is destroyed, the Jioral Kingdom will lose its upper hand.

In other words, if their main forces enter our borders, defeat is almost certain.

Freya is lowering her altitude while using the magic of exploration.

From the current altitude, it’s impossible to aim.

She lowered to the very edge and confirmed that there was a large army within her search range.

She memorized the coordinates and used wind magic to ascend rapidly.

Anticipating an attack from above, the enemy forces sent magic and arrows at her, but they never reached her.

Freya’s searchable range was nearly 500 meters. It would be difficult for the enemy to reach 500 meters upward, much less hit the target.

The plane climbed to its highest altitude to buy more time…

What should we do now? The order was to freeze it and stop it from moving, but it’s better to defeat it, right? I’ve been given permission to do that if I can. Let’s do it……. I’m sure that’s what Keyaru would say!

As soon as the plane comes to rest at its highest altitude, I start chanting.

This is a power that I developed to use against the black monsters.

Just as Keyaru had given Kureha the power to kill black monsters, he had also given Freya the power to do so.

Freya acquired a [divinely created armor], and the divine staff Vanargand.

It has two abilities.

One, it improves the power and accuracy of all attributes. Ordinary wands only enhance one attribute.

For Freya, who uses all four major attributes, this is a very useful ability.

Secondly, it can save a tremendous amount of magic power in it.

It is very difficult to store magic power externally. But with Vanargand, it is possible.

For a person who mainly uses magic, running out of magic power is a situation that must be avoided at all costs. It is very good to have a reserve, and by releasing the stored magic power at once, you can use magic beyond your limits.

It’s a bit of a shot in the dark, but I’ll make it!

It would take time to activate, but the accuracy and power would increase.

The plane accelerates as it falls.

This magic has a long-range, but I can’t just fire at the ground.

I need to get down to a very dangerous altitude.

In the past, Freya would have been distraught if she tried to fall at this speed, but she has become stronger. While she was chanting, she was able to maintain the balance of the plane with great control.

Six hundred meters to the ground.

Freya’s eyes widened as the chanting entered its final stage.

“Flame of divine power, consume my power, and burn up the unholy ones. Seventh Rank Flame Conjuration Magic [Hephaestus].

At last Freya’s spell was complete, and from the tip of her wand, flames shot out toward the surface of the earth, and at the same time, the plane soared.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing. But this flame is different. Gurren’s flame is eating Freya’s flame and enhancing it.

Freya had arranged her magic so that this would happen.

This is not the work of a normal human.

Tuning one’s own magic power to increase its affinity with the flames of a divine beast is something that no ordinary person would ever imagine.

The flames that were spat out ran across the earth and formed a formation.

On the surface of the earth, a formation of flames, with a radius of several hundred meters, shined.

From above, I could see that it was an imprint that sealed the gate that drew out the black power.

This is not just large-scale destructive magic.

This is a great seal drawn with flames.

The combined effect of the flames of the divine beast and the mark of the divine bird is immense.

Even if they are burned up and turn into smoke, the black monsters that are restored will not be allowed to regenerate at all and will disappear without leaving even a trace of ash.

“Well, I managed to succeed. With this flame barrier, I’m not afraid of the black monsters anymore.

Freya wiped away her sweat.

I was confident that my theory was correct.

I really wanted to practice this magic, but it was such a large scale magic that it was difficult to practice in secret.

Especially in a situation where there might be spies in the Jioral Kingdom.

That’s why Ellen forbade practicing it and made sure that I would use it in a real battle, in a situation where I could deal a heavy blow to the enemy.

And now was the time.

It’s great that we were able to make the right decision here.

If the main force of the Jioral Kingdom is destroyed, the war situation will become more unfavorable, and if it is known that this kind of magic exists, the enemy will not attack with a large army.

It’s a good thing that Kureha is back. That’s great. Not a scratch on her.

Kureha was flying through the sky, heading towards us.

She is trying to get rid of the dragon and join us.

Freya collects Kureha.

You’re done.

Yes, it’s done. The enemy army has been destroyed. How about you?

Of course, we cut them all down. There are no enemy dragons left.

In order for the enemy to make that mistake, Ellen had concealed the fact that she had received the imprint from the divine bird to seal the power of the Black Gate until now.

This miscalculation created an opening for her to take advantage of.

“Shall we not go back to the castle and attack them?

“Don’t do that. I think it would be better to leave before the news gets out that we have the Mark.”

“That’s true. I’m sure you’re not the only one who has a problem with this. If it’s ……, I’ll go back as fast as I can.”

“I wanted to collect the dragon material to make another plane.”

“That’s a good idea. If one of our planes is destroyed, it will be the end of us. Having more than one would expand our strategy. But, we needed to leave as soon as possible.”

The plane made a large turn and turned its course toward the Kingdom of Jioral.

The two of them returned with great enthusiasm.

Now, the Jioral Kingdom has the advantage.

Now, Prince Casta can use that move without worry.

This is because that strategy is based on the premise that only the Jioral Kingdom has an advantage in the war.


Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal
Vol.8 Chapter 11