Knights & Magic
Chapter 116 Part 4

Author: Amazake No Hisago
Source: Kuhaku Light Novel...

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“It’s just a bunch full of giants at the bottom. It’s not like we’re going to drop the whole ship down there.”

The Boss David yells at Dietrich’s murmur heard from Guairalinde.

Guairalinde, was now wrapped in an armor plate like a Movable Additional Armor Flexible Coat . It’s like heavy equipment like the First company’s aircrafts.

“I know. More than that, isn’t it about time?”

“Okay, it’s your turn!”

 The members of the Second Company respond vigorously. Their aircraft, just like Guairalinde, were wrapped in additional armor.

“Let’s do it. Give those giants a slap!”

 On the Boss’ signal, the bottom of the ship was released. With Guairalinde in the lead, the Second Company’s aircraft were dropped in turn.

 The Second Company was thrown into the middle of the swirling wind. However, there was one oddity. When dropping the Phantom Knight Silhouette Knight from an airship, it is common for them to be suspended by chains. If they fall without deceleration, even the most sturdy Phantom Knight will not be able to withstand it.

And yet, they jumped into the air without any support. They were not Flying Knights, but Close quarters Warrior-style machines.

Immediately, a reckless cry is heard.

“Let’s go! Additional Descent Armor Halo Coat , Deploy!!”

 In the next moment, the armor wrapped around Guairalinde spread out into a wing-like shape. However, no matter how huge the wings were, they could not support the weight of the phantom knight. The main goal is right after this.

“Source Floater Etheric Levitator , Start-up!”

A rainbow-colored glow leaked out, forming a weak floating force field Levitate Field . It doesn’t support the aircraft, but it’s enough to slow down the fall of speed.

The Additional Descent Armor was state-of-the-art equipment that gave the Phantom Knight an aerial descent function by using a simple source element floating device that was downsized and omitted the replenishment function.

 The spread-out armor caught the atmosphere. The momentum of the fall was converted into thrust and the Phantom Knights began to glide through the sky.

The giants become noisy when they see the Phantom Knight moving through the sky like a monstrous bird. Some of them even held their weapons.

While falling slowly, Guairalinde turns around its head. He couldn’t help laughing because of the turmoil on the ground.

“Jeez, it should have been exactly what we’re supposed to do. With this nothing can be done, as  we have come to play our role in the raid.”

“No, Di-taicho, this is just a side-dish.”

“Wow, there are a lot of giants out there.”

The Second Company was laughing-out-loud, rushing into the land controlled by the giants.

 They descend with the little mage as their landmark, and skated across the ground with their armor spread out like wings. Using its two legs to break and kill the momentum, they immediately became alert to their surroundings.

Holding up their weapons, they deployed their Rear Armament Back Weapons . The Additional Decent Armor is placed on the left and right sides, it plays a role for increased armor.

The second company formed a circle centered on the small mage and faced the giants.

Giants dressed in steel suddenly emerged from the sky. Unable to measure its identity, the clans were in tension and silence.

“Come on, Little Mage, you go ask for the rest. This is your role isn’t it?”

“I understand, Warrior Dee.”

The Little Mage walks past Guairalinde and stands in front of the Artel clan.

“Listen, clans! In place of the eyes we’ve returned, we have a new brethren. A warrior flying in the sky! Warriors of steel! Each one of them is a Brave, who has repelled the filthy beast! Not of the Giant’s tribe. They are Small Demons Goblins and their Phantoms.”  And her words were instantly drowned out by huge commotion.

Knights & Magic
Chapter 116 Part 4