Knights & Magic
Chapter 117 Part 1

Author: Amazake No Hisago
Source: Kuhaku Light Novel...

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Volume 8

#117 How to give an answer

     There was a moment of fleeting silence everywhere after Small Mage Parvati Marga’s declaration. Then immediately a big ripple spread through the giant race Astragali.

“Now… it’s a Small Demon Goblins ?! Well, are you going to cling to such a person?”

“That’s how you can sweep the Filthy Beast Cretovastia. Are you looking at the truth?”

“This is stupid. After all, Caerleus is still a clan with closed eyes…”

     Many of the words that flew around were negative.

     It’s not unreasonable, from the perspective of the giants, such as the small demons (and humans) were just a tiny part of their existence. No matter how many Phantom Knight Silhouette Knight you have, they don’t know what you are capable of.

     The Little Mage expected this reaction so she took a decisive step forward in response.

“Don’t underestimate! The Little Demons who follow these Phantom Beasts are not inferior to us! Moreover, here is a Brave man who has defeated the Filthy Beasts many times over!”

“Do you look away1! What a bunch of nonsense!”

     In the noisy atmosphere, it was the giant of the Artel clan who raised his voice loudly. The five-eyed giant overshadowed the small mage looking down from above.

“After all, the little ones are the little ones. Caerleus, before exposing your eyes more to shame, you better send it back to Hundred-Eyes Argos.”

“Do not get ahead of yourself, Artel Clan. You haven’t got the answer to the Question yet.”

     The five-eyed giant reached out his hand. It was at that moment, the Fraum Clan MageMagha, intervened between him and the Little Mage. Both five-eyes facing each other, they compete with each other with their imposing physiques that is as strong as those of the Artel Clan.

“Fraum Clan… No, no matter what! It’s useless to enlighten the question in the first place. Let’s match the numbers with the small demons. With such words, we will accept it well!”

     The five-eyed giant turned his attention to the Mage of the Fraum Clan. They glared at each other with their words.

     While hiding behind the Fraum Clan Mage, the Small Mage looks around gently.

     The clans were not voicing their agreement, but if anything, they were nodding in agreement with the Artel clan. The appearance of a flying fleet for the survival of the Caerleus clan. All of them were shocking, but they did not change the perception of the Giants themselves.

     For that purpose, it is necessary to change the “preconditions” themselves ――.

     When the Little Mage made up her mind she turned around to make a request. Almost at the same time, Phantom Knights lined up next to each other.

“Warrior Dee.”

“The avant-garde2 is changing. It seems that this is a scene where they are going to attack.”

    Guairalinde nods and looks at the giants. The Giants have many eyes. However, none of their gazes were directed at them. They were only looking within the Giants. It was necessary to move them first.

     Dietrich raises the output of the loudspeaker as he clears his throat.

“Apparently, these Giants have so many eyes that they can’t see very well in the distance.”

     The measures he took were quite simple. At the same time, it was extremely effective.

     The buzz quickly dies down. With a sharpness that as if it was shooting, the Giant’s gazes were focused on the Second Company.


     A giant with five eyes moves. He walked slowly and stood in front of the Second Company.

“Small demons, I thought that I’d look at you with tolerant eyes if you kept silent. But I can’t overlook those words. “

“I hope not! I’m glad to hear that your ears are in order.” (Ed note: LOL! Dee you devil!) 

     The expression of the five eyes is distorted by anger. It’s not just only him. Even among the other clans, a swordsman atmosphere4 spreads.

     The Fraum Clan Mage is curiously watching the proceedings with great interest.

“The Phantom Beast of the Small Demons. You think you can compete with us with such a mockery? It’s the Small Demon’s shallow wisdom3 after all.”

“Despite their great stature, it seems that the giants are incapable of making sound judgements. That’s not much different from a beast. Rest assured, we’re good at hunting beasts.”

     The Magic Conversion Furnace Ether Reactor growls and the intake noise becomes high. It’s as if they’re trying to intimidate their opponents. In fact, they probably intend to do so. On the other hand, the presence of the five-eyed giant has already gone beyond the swordsman atmosphere and was ready for battle.

     The signs of battle were growing denser between them.

“Are you against us, just like those Little Demon. Foolish… but as always these guys have been misleading. Let’s see the truth right away!”

     The whole body of the five-eyed giant, is filled with power. His fists were clenched tightly, and which will be shaken at any moment’s notice.

     Before that, the Little Mage shouted.

“Artel Clan! If you have any doubts, look at them with a hundred eyes. We are here to ask! Are the Small Demons truly not worthy of your company?”


     The Five-Eyed giant of the Artel clan was taken aback and stopped. The buzz has returned to the clans.

“Oh… the Question was released.”

“Before a hundred eyes. Make a testimony, Kaerleus. Then we shall see.”


1. As in day-dreaming

2. Avant-garde = are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society. Also the “vanguard” of an army/force during war.

Knights & Magic
Chapter 117 Part 1