Knights & Magic
Chapter 117 Part 2

Author: Amazake No Hisago
Source: Kuhaku Light Novel...

     The questions asked by the Little Mage were accepted by various clans but the Artel Clan was not convinced. The Five-Eyed giant howled.

“Ridiculous! Needless to ask, Kaerleus! Your mistakes, let me clarify it here and now!”

“That’s good to hear. Well, I guess we’ll just have to prove it to ourselves anyway.”

     Dietrich also nods with a ferocious smile.

     At that time, he heard a laid-back voice coming out of the place from the Kasasagi floating in the sky.

“As I thought, It does have a ring to it. It kind of reminds me of the time I met the Brave one.”

“Um, Master Magister has answered the question brilliantly. If this is the case, everyone will be convinced.”

     Seeing the Little Mage nod, Eru secretly let out a sigh.

     Even in his encounter with the Caerleus clan, he had shown his power and was welcomed into the fold. It was an unnecessary fight, but he had to consider it as a rite of passage.

“Let’s go wild. Ernesti, I’m here…”

“Wait a minute, Di-taicho! Let me do it!”

     Just as Guairalinde was about to take a step forward, a voice interrupted him. One of the men from the Second Company had stepped forward.

“I’m counting on you. I’m quite curious to see how far these giants will do!”

“Muu. Since you say so, is there any chance of winning?”

“I’ll knock him down!”

“…Knight Captain, please say something to him.”

“Please do your best.”

     Guairalinde holds her head dexterously. Beside it, the member of the squad, who with the permission of the Captain happily proceeded.

“Ernesti. If we pull the trigger here, the conversation will get strangely complicated.” (Ed note: Di is stating if they fail, their plan will completely go south.)

“That’s the time. If that doesn’t work, the worst we can do is persuade them by raining Law Bullet Bombs down on them from the sky.”

“I don’t call it persuasion.”

     Aside from the disturbing conversations that are happening behind the scenes.

     Karangur proudly stomps the ground with great strength. Standing in his way is the five-eyed giant of the Artel clan.

     The giant is superior in terms of height alone. His eyes narrowed in displeasure looking at the steel doll with a red cross in front of him.

“What’s the point of the Small Demon’s style of imitating us?”

“It’s a good idea to see for yourself if it’s just an imitation. There are so many.”

     A vein emerges on the forehead of the giant.

“You fool. Know that there is no tomorrow for you to see.”

“Ha! That’s good. Well then…”

     Immediately after, Karangur did an unexpected action.

     He lowered the weapon that was held in his hand and carried on his waist. In addition, the Back Armament with the Auxiliary Arm is also released, and the Additional Armor for Descent Halo Coat was also separated. Smoke rose as the equipment fell to the ground one after another.

     Karangur, who became terribly light, took a stance with his bare fist.

“Show me your strength, no weapons! Fight with just your fists and body. Do you have any objections?!”

“No! Very well, that Phantom Beast will be crushed to dust!!”

     The five-eyed giant also threw his weapon and bared his fangs in a howl. The muscles in his body swelled up.

     There was no signal to start. The two “giants” clenched their fists together and began to run at a pace that gouged the earth.

     The five-eyed giant took advantage of his height to strike down from above. Dodging the storm of swirling and approaching fists, Karangur’s unit slipped inside the space.

     He then used his momentum to drive a fist into the giant’s stomach – but it was unsuccessful as the five-eyed giant twisted around.

     The giant then leaps off his feet and launches a counterattack and Karangur jumps back in time.

“It’s almost there! Go! Hit him!”

“Tsuka guy5, why did he choose to fist-fight with a Phantom Knight.”

“He was practicing his fighting skills in case he lost his weapon.” 

“What are you doing? Train your sword normally…”

“No, a club is more convenient than a sword. Heavy armor is also good.”

“You guys don’t get it, do you? The axe is good, smash it.”

“It’s a spear. It’s all about timing.”

“You guys are a little noisy.”

     Carrying the grateful cheers of the Second Company, Karangur stepped forward again.

     However, he was pushed back by the wielding fist of the five-eyed giant, and it was difficult to get in time.


Knights & Magic
Chapter 117 Part 2

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