Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita
Chapter 43

Author: Ezo Gingitsune
Source: Imported

Even when he was just a severed head, the Vampire High Lord showed no signs of dying .

He glared at me .

“Now, what to do…”

“Do whatever you like . ”

The High Lord was not intimidated at all .

Shia picked up her sword and came forward .

“Shia . Let’s just kill him for now . ”

“Do you not have to question him first?”

“We can’t risk having him escape . Besides, we have to go back and help Goran and Eric . ”

“I understand . ”

I held the Devil King Sword above the High Lord .

And just as I was about to swing down on it,

“Wait a minute!”

“You’re getting ahead of yourself, Ruck . ”

Eric and Goran came into the room from behind us .

“You two came out safely!”


Shia and Gerberga said happily .

I sighed in relief and lowered the sword .

“That was fast . ”

“It’s you and Shia that were fast . We rushed in here in order to help you . And here you are, ready to deal a death blow . ”

“Goran . Maybe we need to train harder . ”

“There’s no doubt about that . ”

They said and then laughed .

“You two killed 5 Lords . That’s not too different than killing 1 High Lord . ”

“I don’t agree with that . ”

“Aye, not at all . Clearly, a High Lord is much more dangerous . ”

Goran and Eric declared .

Indeed, a High Lord was probably a little more dangerous .

But I didn’t think it was that big of a difference .

Goran and Eric inspected the High Lord’s head from a short distance away .

“So, this is the Vampire High Lord then . ”

“There’s still powerful magical energy coming out of him . ”

The High Lord looked at Eric and smiled slightly .

“I see . So the Hero King has come to visit me . And the Hero Ruck himself as well . Now I see why you were so abnormally strong . ”

“You seem very calm . ”

“There is nothing I can do to avoid death now . I have no intention of panicking . ”

I guess I should have expected as much from a Vampire High Lord .

His resolve was strong . I was almost impressed .

Of course, I would still not let my guard down . There was a chance that he was just waiting for a rescue .

I sharpened my senses and remained cautious .

Shia seemed to have sensed danger as well . She was nervous . Her ears were twitching .

On the other hand, Goran looked quite relaxed as he faced the High Lord .

“So, Mister High Lord . I have a question for you . ”

“Surely you do not believe that I will share any information with you?”

“Well, yes…”

Goran said with a slightly annoyed expression .

And so I asked,

“Hey . Was it you who created this protection of the god of the dark ones?”

“Hehehe… You will hear nothing from me . No, you must live in fear . ”

And then the High Lord said as if nothing had happened,

“Oh, it looks it is time to say goodbye . ”

And then he immediately turned into ash .

There was still magic remaining . In other words, he had chosen to die himself .

He had likely had such a spell ready inside of him for such an event as this .

Only the medal and the magic stone remained now . There were not many curses left inside of the medal .  

Eric looked serious as he said,

“Ruck . The protection of the god of the dark ones?”

“About that…”

I went over to the destroyed core .

It was made of a strange, crystal-like material that I had never seen before . And it was about as tall as a five-year-old human child .

I showed Eric and Goran the broken core while I explained .

It was the dark version of the protective barrier around the capital .

The barrier caused great pain towards strong people and made it difficult to move .

Eric and Goran gulped upon hearing this .

“That’s horrifying . ”

“Adventurers would go extinct if such a thing was placed in the dungeons . ”

“I never would have imagined that such a thing could exist . ”

“Indeed . It is a shock . ”

For a second, I thought that I was going to lose .

“It will be a terrible thing if the dark ones are able to use this protection freely . ”

“No, surely there are limits to its use?”

“Is that so?”

“If there weren’t restrictions, then it would have been used from the beginning . ”

“That’s true . ”

“Ruck . Do you have any guesses at what restrictions there could be?”

“Yes, let me think . First, the area of effect is small . It didn’t affect you two . Did it, Eric?”

Eric and Goran nodded .

“And they must be rare . None of the Lords I killed up until now had one . That means that not even Lords can acquire them . ”

“So they are difficult to create?”

“That’s a possibility . Or the materials are very rare . Or both of those reasons . ”

Eric and Goran looked a little relieved now .

“And this High Lord medal . It wasn’t filled with curses . ”

“Hmm? You’re right . The medals inside of the Lords we just killed had more than this . ”

“My guess would be that it is necessary to spit out all of the curses in order to activate the barrier . ”

“But isn’t it possible that he just hadn’t stored any curses from the beginning?”

“That’s unlikely . Curses are stored when you kill and drink blood . And vampires grow weak if they do not drink blood for a long time . There is no way that he avoided doing it . ”

“Hmm . I see . ”

“Besides, think of the timing . He only did it once he noticed Lord Gerberga . ”

“Ah, yes . That is right,” said Shia .

“Drinking Lord Gerberga’s blood would fill it with curses all at once . In that case, it would be no loss to lose everything he had gathered until now . That’s what he was probably thinking . ”


Gerberga clucked quietly against my chest .

“In any case, we will have to look into it further . ”

So saying, Goran and Eric began to throw the objects in the room into a magic bag .

It was a useful magic bag that had a expanded space within .

The weight remained the same, but it had a feature that kept the contents in the same condition .

I had one of those a long time ago, but I lost it during my decade long battle with the Devils .

“These bags really are convenient . I should get myself a new one . ”

As I muttered this, Goran turned around .

“Ruck . What is that?”

“Oh . ”

“I forgot all about that,” said Shia .

Goran was pointing at a cage with a giant wolf inside .

Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita
Chapter 43