Little Terrified Bun
Chapter 35

Author: 暗香漂浮
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Inside the quiet, brightly lit classroom, only rustling sounds of the pencil movements could be heard.

Wei Zhe’s brain was operating at a speedy pace. He wrote every answer with no hesitation, as if he had the assistance of a heavenly deity.

The two proctors sat together, their occasional soft murmurs were only audible to each other.

“His speed is really fast.”

“Are kids this smart these days? I wish the one at my house could be half as good as this one.”

“Don’t dream about it, this knowledge is all accumulated through money, do you have that much money?”

“That’s true.”

The sun slowly shifted its position. After answering the last question, Wei Zhe put down the pencil in his hand and looked up at the two proctors who looked to be thirty-ish. “Teacher, I finished the first part, please provide me with the next section.”

“Oh!” The person stiffened. After showing a reluctant smile, he said, “It’s pretty late already, go have lunch first! You can take the rest of the exam in the afternoon.”

“Ok, got it.” The teenager nodded reservedly and added, “Thank you for your time and effort this morning.”

The two people shook their heads, greatly shocked. “Not at all, not at all.”

He was truly a child raised in a wealthy family, his manners were outstanding! Thinking of his own brat, who was fourteen but only knew how to play games, he felt slightly exasperated at his son’s failure to meet his expectations. Indeed, restricting the use of electronic devices was the key.

The child who was unaware of his father’s intention to take away his cherished treasures was probably still enjoying his life obliviously. Please allow him to mourn his loss.

The heat of the afternoon sun was the strongest, providing people with warmth when it shone upon one’s body.

Wei Jing stood in front of an ink wash painting. Clear and light strokes defined the continuous chain of mountain ranges, the mixture of the fiery red and jade green depicted the emergence of the sun from behind the clouds, and a few migratory geese flew high in the sky with their wings spread out, displaying surging vitality. One couldn’t help but praise the artist’s outstanding talent.

“Second brother, you like this one?” Wei Min idled aimlessly behind the child with boredom. God knew he had no interest in these things, they all looked pretty much the same!

“En.” Wei Jing nodded with great force. “Master Xu’s art is very good, I like it a lot.”

He was already contemplating whether he should use his piggy bank to buy a couple of the paintings. Currently, Xu Jiaming might not be as reputable as he used to be, but after a few more years, he would really be a master, and the price of his paintings would surge with his increased popularity.

“It’s getting a little late now. Would the young masters want to have lunch first before seeing continuing to see the other artwork?” Uncle Li couldn’t help but speak as he noticed it was almost time for lunch; they were still kids and their fragile bodies could not tolerate hunger.

Lu Tianyou was also impatient from the start, but he had to pretend to be immensely drawn to the paintings. Now that someone had asked if they would leave, he, of course, took the opportunity to second the other person’s suggestion.

Seeing this, Wei Jing replied regretfully, “Fine.”

The art exhibition was pretty spacious so Wei Jing and the rest of the group didn’t retrace their original route back. Instead, they went in a loop so that they could see different paintings. The other three people also didn’t have any objections since they were about to get out of this place and didn’t care about the few extra minutes.

After heading forward for some distance, a glimpse of fiery red glimmer suddenly caught the corner of Wei Jing’s eyes. Ink wash paintings, ink wash paintings, the majority of the pigments used in them were all black, but they were varied shades due to the difference in the pressure of the artist’s brushstrokes. Now he was suddenly caught. A strong curiosity arose inside of Wei Jing and he couldn’t help but turn around to walk back to where he was.

After arriving in this corner, colorful oil paintings blossomed unexpectedly in front of the people within the small space.

Right across from the corner, an artwork hung on the wall. On the verdant and spacious grassland, a girl wearing a straw hat smiled so brightly that her eyes were narrowed to crescents. A wind blew, lifting the hemline of the girl’s light blue dress at a nice looking angle. Her black hair was tied into a long braid, a few playful strands fluttering over the girl’s face. In this painting, the artist bravely used all bright colors, but just looking at it would produce a smile.

What attracted Wei Jing’s attention was that by the painting’s side was a portrait of a month-old child with skinny limbs, so skinny that it made him appear pitiful.

These two were probably Xu Jiaming’s wife and son, Wei Jing thought to himself.

Different from the artworks placed in the noticeable areas outside, the paintings within this small space all delivered a sense of warmth, just like sunshine in the winter that shone on one’s body, making one feel at ease.

Even Wei Min, who didn’t know anything about art, couldn’t hold back his praise, “I like the paintings here, they look good.”

“I’m a vulgar person and I don’t understand anything about these paintings, but they indeed…look better than the ones outside.” Uncle Li added on.

If they were really to compare the sophistication of the technique, these oil paintings weren’t better than the ink wash paintings outside since Xu Jiaming was originally reputable for his ink wash artwork. However, the artist rendered these pastels a different sentiment, those warm, cheerful, and gaiety sensations rushed to its audience.

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Little Terrified Bun
Chapter 35