Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love
Chapter 1083: Don't Believe In Love, Believe In Me (1)

Author: Ye Fei Ye

Even though she was supposed to drink away her sorrows that day, in the end, it was Lu Qiaochen who had a beer, and Su Yiting only had three big glasses of fruit juice.

The beer and fruit juices brought Lu Qiaochen and Su Yiting down memory lane.

There was still one month until the start of the new semester at senior school. After that night, everything seemed to return to normal with regards to Lu Qiaochen. He would contact Su Yiting every two or three days for various reasons. One day it was to play snooker, another to go camping, Monday to go swimming, Friday to go hiking.

The remainder of the summer holiday was jammed pack with activities arranged by Lu Qiaochen. Before Su Yiting's 'broken heart' had the chance to heal, she had already completely walked out from the presumed sadness due the end of her first relationship. On September 1st, she rode on Lu Qiaochen's bike as she entered another phase of her life, once more sharing the same school with Lu Qiaochen.

Su Yiting didn't shake her habit of reading romance novels even when she was in senior school. Her mind was still filled with images of love stories that were hers alone. However, since her experience with Liang Yang, Su Yiting adopted a see no devil type of policy to the many love letters that she would receive at her locker.

In her second year of senior school, Su Yiting fell in love with the main character from a series that was circulating that summer. She endeared herself to Lu Qiaochen before demanding that he take her to Huan Ying Entertainment so that she could take a picture with the male celebrity.

On the third day after the new semester began, a male student from their adjacent school confessed to Su Yiting with 99 red roses. The student looked rather similar to the male celebrity, and he was wearing the same shirt as the male character in the series on the day of confession, so in an instant, Su Yiting fell in love with him.

Similar to how it was with Liang Yang, the moment the new boyfriend appeared around Su Yiting, Lu Qiaochen, who was practically her shadow, suddenly disappeared.

However, unlike her first love, this relationship ended sooner than she thought because Su Zhinian got himself involved.

Su Zhinian didn't mind his daughter being in a relationship, but he minded greatly if she was tricked or bullied. After his precious daughter was 'dumped' by Liang Yang, even though his daughter didn't seem to be that affected, Su Zhinian, as soon as he found out that his daughter was in a relationship, purposely found time to meet the boy in person.

After Su Yiting's second boyfriend left with a polite smile, Su Zhinian pulled Su Yiting into the car and seriously told his daughter, "Break up with him as soon as you can. He only confessed to you due to a bet with his friends; he doesn't sincerely like you."

Su Yiting had discovered at a young age that her father had a mind-reading ability. When she heard this news, she was saddened for a while before she pulled out her phone to write a Dear John message to her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

The boy replied, telling her how heartbroken he was, and there was regret written between every line, but with a pout, Su Yiting blacklisted the boy.

Three days later, when Lu Qiaochen heard this news, he approached Su Yiting with her favorite yogurt drink with a bright smile, asking her to join him at the carnival that weekend.

Su Yiting thought that after sending the bad ones away, the good ones would finally come, but who would have thought who the boys that came after her managed to be worse than the ones preceding them.

Her third boyfriend treated her like an ATM machine.

Her fourth boyfriend only wanted her as an accessory because she was pretty. He thought that he would look great if he brought her out with him.

Her fifth boyfriend was already dating eight other girls when he approached her.

Her sixth boyfriend mainly wanted her for her body.

Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love
Chapter 1083: Don't Believe In Love, Believe In Me (1)