Maid’s Diary: Devil Master, Please Behave
Chapter 1

Author: Yi Wan Yue
Source: TapRead


The Abyss Devil spread out its black wings and smiled as it looked down at the slave in his hands.

Years later, Gu Yu Ze still remembered the first time he met Mu Nan. She smiled and said that he was "no good".


'"Gu Yu Ze, male, 18. SE International heir, England returnee, now studying at St Hua's College. I heard that his personality is strange, his hobbies are strange, he eats both men and women, and his nature is naughty."

As he read, Mu Nan fell into a long silence.

She had long heard that eight out of ten rich young masters had split personalities, and it was the first time she had seen someone as divided as Gu Yu Ze.

No wonder all of his assistants were "alive" for only a month. This yellow-robed Crown Prince was truly a difficult person to serve.

However, Mu Nan's starry eyes revealed an expression of determination. She must obtain the position of assistant!

The silver-white wings flashed across the blue sky. Through the cabin glass, she could see the rows of luxurious buildings in the Saint-Hua Financial District, the countless speeding cars on the broad roads, and the clear blue light in the sky. All of them revealed a luxurious and prosperous aura.

The plane landed, and the white sneakers landed lightly on the ground. Che's clear eyes were filled with curiosity and peculiar colors as he sized up this strange land.

Mu Nan wanted to take a taxi to the rumored SE International Group headquarters, but in the end, he strolled around for more than half of the time. His eyes were filled with colorful sports cars and buses, and he didn't even see a taxi. Mu Nan also lost his way after this stroll.

She looked around and pulled passers-by to ask for the address of SE International Building. In the end, these people all looked at Mu Nan with pity and regret, shaking their heads, lamenting that the handsome young man was not in his right mind.

Mu Nan searched blindly all the way. When she passed by a coffee shop, she pricked up her ears and heard the noise inside.

The coffee shop was in chaos, the glass fragments shattered all over the ground, and the dark light reflected a bloody and murderous aura. A dozen or so burly men surrounded him, their faces savage and savage, surrounding the black figures in the corner.

The coffee shop staff hid in the distance uneasily and exchanged glances with each other.

The leader of the hooligans had a ferocious scar on his right face. He cursed loudly, "You're quite capable. You're actually still alive. You're unlucky to meet a few brothers. Someone told us to teach you a lesson--"

"Do you know who I am?" The people in the corner curved their lips in disdain. The fine bangs blocked the arrogance and unrestraint in their eyebrows. The innate noble aura made him look exceptionally different from the broken walls and ruins in the surroundings, even if he was in a difficult situation.

The hooligan leader was stunned for a moment, and then he sneered, "Who cares who you are! I'm not afraid even if I'm here. Brothers, teach this kid a lesson!"

A dozen or so rough men had sinister smiles on their faces. With more enemies and fewer enemies, they had enough time to wipe their hands and prepare to give this person a good PE lesson.

Suddenly, a question came from the door, "Excuse me, how can I get to SE International Building?"

His voice was clear and crisp, carrying a strange curiosity.

The tension in the cafe instantly broke. The hooligan leader turned around and saw a handsome youth standing in the sunshine at the entrance.

The hooligan leader glanced at him, and his throat rolled as he shouted, "Motherf*cker, scram!"

Mu Nan frowned and scratched his ears with his fingertips. In this situation, with her rich fighting experience, she naturally understood that this was a bullying scene. There was a weak shadow sitting in the corner against the wall. The corner was dim, and the victim's appearance could not be seen clearly. The air was suffused with a faint smell of blood.

"Don't be like this. I'm in a hurry to apply for the assistant of the dude. Where is SE International Building?" Mu Nan had always maintained a smile on his face.

"Get this kid out of here!" The hooligan leader waved his hand, and before he could finish his words, crackling sounds suddenly came from the coffee shop. It turned out that the handsome youth directly threw down the black bag and clenched his fists to rush into the crowd.

He kicked, locked his throat, and fell over his shoulder. He looked at the thin, slender, and fierce wind in every move. Not long after, endless screams could be heard.

When the employees saw that there were experts present, their bones were also stirred up. Holding the wine bottle, they lifted the bench and greeted these hooligans.

Very quickly, these arrogant and strong men all fled like dirt-faced rats.

This entire process fell into the dark eyes of the person in the corner.

From beginning to end, his gaze was filled with playfulness and scrutiny, like a cheetah spying on prey. His eyes fell on the handsome young man who was carefree and capable.

Her thin lips curled up slightly, showing great interest.

Maid’s Diary: Devil Master, Please Behave
Chapter 1