Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife
Chapter 3 Part 1

Author: 初霁
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After eating the nutrient solution with the strange taste, her stomach no longer felt hungry.

Following the memory of the original Xi Zhaoyue and the guidance of February Xi Zhaoyue familiarized herself with some of the basic appliances in the house. Then, after soaking in a comfortable hot bath, she lied on the bed her bed.

"February, where did the Major General go? Will he be coming back soon in the near future?" Towards her nominal husband who was now like her owner, Xi Zhaoyue expressed her slight concern over his expedition.

February turned its head, its round eyes spinning. "Is Madam missing the Major General? But the Major General left hurriedly for the battlefield yesterday."

Xi Zhaoyue nodded and said, "I do miss him.". She had only heard his voice before. She had never once seen his face. How could she not have any curiosity towards him?

"The Major General has gone to participate in a war. It is very dangerous. Madam, your spiritual strength is too weak. It is for the best that you don't go." February lectured Xi Zhaoyue as if he was an elder disciplining a child, fearing that Xi Zhaoyue would run to the battlefield to chase after her husband.

Xi Zhaoyue stared at the ceiling speechlessly. She, who has always been regarded as one of Heaven's Chosen was being looked down upon by someone today!

However, to a soul cultivator like her, a battlefield which is filled with dead people is akin to a blessed land! If she has the chance in the future, she will definitely go to take a look.

"February, what arrangements do I have for tomorrow?" Xi Zhaoyue found that this robot is quite intelligent and much better than the ones she used to refine.

"According to regulations, Madam as a newly awakened Guide should enter the Guide Academy. However, you have married the Major General and became the Major General's companion. As such, it's up to you whether you want to go to the Guide Academy. If you do not go, you must go online to learn the basics of being a Guide, the Guide's code of conduct, the emergency treatment procedure when a Sentinels' mental sea riots etc. There are 18 courses. You must also pass the examinations at the end."

"Is it the same for the other Guides?"

"Under normal circumstances, no. It is different for you because you awakened much later than others. Furthermore, you also married the Major General almost immediately after you awakened and became the Guide of the Major General. Generally speaking, be it for Sentinels or Guides, the earlier one awakens, the higher their potential will be. Most people awaken before the age of 15. The Major General awakened his talent as a Sentinel at the age of 5."

Alright, she was being looked down on again.

"The Guides who are awakened will be recorded and be sent to two places. One is the Guide Academy under the Guide Guild where they will learn the 18 courses I mentioned earlier. Afterwards, under the arrangement of the Guide Guild, they will attend various balls and be married to the Sentinels that meets the contribution requirement of the Guide Guild. These people include military officers, political officers, and other outstanding personnel of various fields."

"It's a forced pairing?" Xi Zhaoyue's eyebrows furrowed.

"Guides are allowed to attend the dating balls to find a match themselves first. Only when they're past the stipulated age and still can't find someone they like will the system find a Sentinel with high compatibility to forcefully match them."

"Isn't the Di Empire promoting human rights? Democracy? Is this not a violation of these two standards?"

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Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife
Chapter 3 Part 1