Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife
Chapter 3 Part 2

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"There is no other way. The number of Guides are too small. Without Guides, the Sentinels who have made countless contributions to the Di Empire would die young and miserably. This will cause the Di Empire to lose the hearts of the Sentinels which would damage the Empire. Although this is unfair to the Guides, but in return they can enjoy special treatment which others cannot. As long as a person awakens their Guide talent, all their expenses would be borne by the Empire and they will be protected by the Empire. Since they get to enjoy their special rights, they must also fulfill their obligations. Besides the Sentinels are all outstanding talents in their own fields. The Guides are not losing out in this deal. "

Xi Zhaoyue nodded her head to show her understanding. There is no free lunch in this world. This fact is shown more cruelly in the cultivation world. "But there are Guides who are unwilling to be forcefully matched right?"

"Of course. This is the second place that Guides go which I wanted to say. In addition to the Guide Academy, Guides can also enter the one of the Di Empire's Academies by using their own efforts to pass the examinations. The First Imperial Military Academy, the Second Imperial Military Academy, the Financial and Economic Academy, and other institutes of higher learning. They can learn a myriad of knowledge from these Academies. These Guides will be able to delay the age of their marriage. Those with outstanding contributions will even be exempted from marrying a Sentinel for life. However, the entrance examinations of these Academies are extremely hard, with the requirements for Guides being even more stringent. In addition, even if a Guide wants to enter the Academies, they must also successfully pass the 18 courses."

As Xi Zhaoyue listened, her heart wavered a little. Perhaps she could also try to take the entrance examinations for those Academies

"There is no third option?" Xi Zhaoyue's intuition told her that things were not so simple. There should be some loopholes somewhere.

"Alright." February sighed, as it realized it could not fool Xi Zhaoyue. It said helplessly, "There is indeed a third situation. A Sentinel's mental sea riot is no small matter. It doesn't mean that as long as a Guide is around, everything will be alright. Throughout the millennium, there have been cases where the Guide was unable to calm their Sentinel's mental sea riots. Instead, they were dragged into the riot's vortex by their Sentinel. As such, both the Guide and the Sentinel went insane together. Moreover, this isn't a rare occurrence. Furthermore, Sentinels possessiveness and dominance is extremely strong. This has led to many Guides being unhappy for their entire lifetimes, causing them to suffer from depression. The number of Guides that commit suicide due to depression every year isn't small. Therefore, when many parents realize that their children have awakened their talents as Guides, they are very worried and do not report it. Instead, through hidden channels, they will acquire inhibitors to hide their children's identities as Guides. Of course, once it is discovered, they will be unable to avoid their fate of entering the Guide Academy.

After the lights in the room were switched off and February left, Xi Zhaoyue opened her eyes amidst the darkness, her temples hurting.

The Sentinels do not seem to be a very friendly group!

The next morning, Xi Zhaoyue got up very early. Once she woke up, she changed into a set of loose clothes and went to the yard to exercise. What she was practicing was a body refinement technique that was widely spread in the cultivation world. Besides being able to strengthen the body, it could also help refine one's bones and widen one's meridians. This was extremely suitable for her current physique.

"Madam, waking up so early to train your body, you are really diligent." February's square shaped head bobbed up and down in approval. "Guides physiques are too weak while the Sentinels physiques are too strong. Their vigorous exuberance in bed often cause their Guides to faint. To plan ahead and take precautions by training your body, you are far-sighted."

Xi Zhaoyue "......".

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Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife
Chapter 3 Part 2