Manadeshi ni Uragira Rete Shinda Ossan Yūsha, Shijō Saikyō no Maō to Shite Ikikaeru
Vol.1 Chapter 1

Author: Rokushima Asa
Source: 7Sins TL

Author note : it s a new work, will be updated daily for the time being

The battle with the Demon Lord had reached its final stage.

[Die, Heroes!]

A beautiful woman in black robe        Demon Lord Yurisha swung down a jet-black sword.

I parried it with my longsword in right hand and then pulled out pistol with my left hand and aimed at Demon Lord's chest.


The Demon Lord retreated while shedding blood from her chest.

[As expected master Freed!]

The boy next to me smiled at me.

A refreshing smile on the blond hair with blue eyes.

His name is Lyle, we are like a son and father with my age at 42 years old. My companion and disciple who came to the top floor of this demon castle together.

[I'm gonna go to the right side. You gonna go the left side. Can you do it?]

[Yes, with my power now . . .]

[Get disappeared with my dark power!]

The Demon Lord shouted, interupting our briefing.

[Laguna Bomb!]

A jet-black energy ball was released from the tip of the protruding sword.

[Tsk, casting highest spell without chanting        ]

As expected of Demon Lord and her outrageous magical power.

[Magical armament "Gram" maximum magical interference deployment!]

I immediately raised the longsword i had.

Magical armament.

It was a sacred treasure given by god.

My "Gram" had ability to interfere with all magic, and has ability to  "block".

The black energy ball melted out before me.

[My magic is . . . misfired?!]

The Demon Lord was perplexed.

[If that was the case, then i'm gonna hit you directly!]

Then she drew her sword. I aldo held "Gram" to fight back.

Ability wise, we were roughly equal. I continued to receive fast and heavy slash with my longsword.

      Now, Lyle!

I sent a signal with my eyes to my beloved disciple who came around from the opposide direction.

[Howl, "Laevateinn"!]

Lyle raised a large sword with crimson blade and swung it down.

A vortex of flame gushed out.

[Such a flame       "Rune Shield".]

A defensive field that shined blue appeared in front of the Demon Lord who turned around.

[Magic interference, maximum deployment!]

However, i activated once again the magical armament and caused field to disperse without trace. It interfered with magic of the Demon Lord.

[SHIIT      ]

Lyle's flame exploded at the defenseless Demon Lord.


It seemed that Yurisha suffered a great deal of damage as she received the flames of "Laevateinn" which boasted the strongest attack power.

She staggered weakly and collapsed on the spot.

[Now    ]

I immediately followed up.

Using a longsword to decapitate the neck, then raid sprinkled like a bullet from the remaining torso.

[Lyle, another blow. If you leave ut alone, the Demon Lord will regenerate. Before the flame from the "Laevateinn" extinguished      ]


Suddenly, a hot impact ran on my chest.


For a moment, i didn't understand what happened.

When i turned around my view, what i see was a laughing smile. Lyle's sinister smile.


Lyle was thrusting his longsword on my back.

[If the battle is over, that means the Hero Freed and his disciple have defeated the Demon Lord, right?]

With flame around him, Lyle was laughing as if he was a demon.

[Teacher is a hero who has been passed down from generation to generation from a long time, and i'm only an extra         But, i think there will be different scenarios.]

[Different . . . scenario . . .?]

A blood clot was spewed out from my mouth when i asked. My conscious faded rapidly.

[The Hero Freed was killed before completing his task, and his disciple Lyle finished it            isn't this better story for the public? isn't it dramatic?]

[Yo . . . you . . .  What . . . ?]

I couldn't catch up to understand it.

He was a beloved disciple whom i had been raised by myself for ten years.

I wasn't married, i didn't have children. But i raised Lyle like my own son.

Lyle loved me like a father.

I believe it.

But why?

Why did you betray me          ?

[Now, blow everything, both Demon Lord and my teacher away, "Laevateinn"]

Lyle who talked coldly raised a crimson sword. The flame that gushed out from it wrapped me and Demon Lord together.

Then my conscious was faded.

My first recollection was a flame.

I remember when the demons attacked my village when i was a child. My parenst and all people who close to me were killed.

The hero rushed here, and i barely survived. I lived alone desperately, and eventually woke up hero aptitute.

I learned how to fight as hero at a national academy. I was stand out remarkably. And as one of the highest ranked heroes, i had fought against many demons.

I was proud at first. Became a hero of justice who protects people


However, soon i realized that, it was mistake. Ugly envy and power struggles swirled among the heroes.

A hero who pulled the leg of another hero who has better record than himself.

A hero who did collusion to the upper ranks of the country and received bribes.

A hero who prefer sought position and satisfied his desires than helping the others.

There were really a lot of ugly disputes and many betrayals between heroes or those around them.

The only exception was Lyle.

He was my companion, disciple and son.

But, in the end Lyle betrayed me.

Is there no one who i can believe?

Remorsefully, my life was over.


[Where is . . . ?]

When i woke up, i was in a large hall.

There are red carpets spread all over and luxurious furnishings. Apparently it looked like inside a castle.

But, is it somewhere in the Demon Lord casle?

It was different from the place i was fighting before.

[Why am i in such place?]

I felt throbbing pain in my chest.

[Thats it, Lyle did that to me . . . ]

[Are you awake, Demon Lord-sama?]

Turning around, a girl was standing there.

She wore a black costume millitary uniform-like on her slender body.

Silver hair was flowing down to the waist.

Purple eyes that radiated mysterious glow.

A girl who is beathtakingly beautiful.

She knelt at my feet.

[Call me Stella, a faithful servant who obeyed any command of Demon Lord-sama]

[You have been called me a Demon Lord sice a while ago, but what do you mean?]

I was confused and looked at my body.

It should have been wrapped in Lyle's flame, but there was no stratch.

Morever, my clothes, had changed.

Instead of leather armor, i wore a jet-black robe with flashy decoration,

A long purple staff was hung beside me.

[You are still have the feeling of being human. It is not suprising, because you just been revived.]

Stella smiled.

A incredibly beautiful girl who can said unequalled, stared straight at me and make me strartled.

Err, it is unbecoming for my age to feel embrassed.

Morever, the other party was not human. Although she was a demon.

[Someday, you will get used with the power of Demon Lord]

[I don't understand what you are talking about. What are you talking since earlier?]

I'm confused.

[Predecessor Demon Lord             Yurisha-sama possess revival ability.]

Revival ability, in other words, you can revived even if you die?

As expected of Demon Lord-sama, she has tremendous power.

[It seems that your magical armament interfered with Yurisha-sama ability and caused a malfunction.]

["Gram" magic interferance ability?]

[As a result, not Yurisha-sama, but you who are revived with the ability of Demon Lord.]

[I have the power of Demon Lord . . . ?]

Suddenly, my right hand became hot. When i looked at it, i saw a red emblem that looked like a hexagram on the back of my hand.

[That crest is the proof of Demon Lord.]

Stella said

Did that mean that i revived instead of Yurisha who should oridiginally revived? 

Moreve with the power of Demon Lord.

[Do you still can't believe it? then please see it yourself       "Display Status"]

Along with Stella's incantation, a series of glittering letters and numbers appeared in the air.


Name               : Freed

Class                : Demon Lord

Overall Lv       : 4702

HP                    : 35566

MP                   : 91005

Attack              : 70330

Defense            : 45200

Dodge              : 31785

Accuracy          : 55539


                - Champion's Robe

*TL Note :it can be translated to Supreme ruler's robe too, but i think this one is more fit to be equipment name.

                - Demon Lord's Staff


 - Coercion                             : Lv250

 - Miasma Wave                     : Lv536

- Demon army submission    : Lv1



After that, character strings are lined up in a row.

[Thi- This is              Amazing]

Stella's face was suprised.

I thought it represented the Demon Lord's ability in detail.

[Common demon level are around 50, our commander class demons are around 200, and previous demon lords-sama are around 500 to 700. But your level is more than 4000 . . . !]

It seemed literally unbelieveable.

[Please save us with that power, Demon Lord-sama.]


[The Demon world is on the verge of extinction. The heroes great offensive are being countered by demon army commanders, but they are being pushed. The vital point demon castle is in a situation where it could be attacked at any moment.]

Indeed, The heroes who invaded the demon world was playing an active role.

[I'm a hero, there is no way im gonna save the demons.]

[Demon Lord-sama . . . ]

[Don't call me Demon Lord. I'm a hero. I'm Freed, a hero who saves people from the demons.]

I said it.


Suddenly there was a roaring sound from afar.

[What  . . .?]

[It looks like an attack from human.]

Stella tightened her expression.


[Now, check the battle situation with a clairvoyant.]

A third eye appeared on Stella's forehead.

[I think in previous battle they intend to forestall the Demon Lord-sama to shoot. It seems the rest of the army has attacked the demon lord castle.]

Apparently Stella could detect the situation at the outside of the castle.

[The barrier of demon castle is no longer functioning. The castle guards are engaging them, but how long they can hold out? i have exhausted my magical power in the battle on the other day, and i have not recovered to the state where i can fight.]

She said and stared straight at me.

[Currently you are the only one who can oppose the human           

Please i beg once again, please save us, Demon Lord Freed-sama.]

I could not say anyword.

With sad eyes full of tears, for a moment                          

For a moment, i was fascinated by her.

Manadeshi ni Uragira Rete Shinda Ossan Yūsha, Shijō Saikyō no Maō to Shite Ikikaeru
Vol.1 Chapter 1